Smite Wiki

Version 0.1.1272.0 was released on Friday, December 28.

Additional balance changes are currently expected to go in soon.

This patch includes the following.

General[ | ]

  • Additional UI improvements and bug fixes have been made to the GOD screen.
  • Several bugs have been fixed in the item store, including one that would prevent players from purchasing the allowed number of consumables in some conditions.
  • Fixed a condition that could cause a crash in the match-making system. Also made changes so the user interface would handle a crash condition in the match-making system more gracefully.
  • Fixed a bug in the PLAY screen so that if you are in party and not the leader, when a queue is joined (by the leader), the current selection updates to reflect the chosen queue as expected.
  • Ranked matches have returned

Stats System[ | ]

  • The Stat System has been modified. For each level, you gain one “Stat Point” (up to a max of 20 Stat points). Each time you make a stat purchase, your Stat Points are decremented by one. You cannot purchase Stats if your Stat points are currently at Zero. The # of Stat Points you currently have should be displayed on the “Tab” in the Item Store -- i.e., Stats (4). It is also be displayed prominently inside the Stats Tab.
  • All stats remain normalized at a base price of 300g, and the price continues to increase by 10% with each additional purchase of the same stat. (Pricing is the same as the release deployed to live on December 27, 2012).

Gods[ | ]

  • Cupid
    • Fields of Love
      • This ability properly mesmerizes again.
  • Hel
    • Repulse (Inspire)
      • Updated the description to properly say +2.5 per Focus for the healing contribution.
  • Xbalanque
    • Poison Darts
      • Updated the description to properly display the increase in the slow duration per rank of this ability.
    • Darkest of Nights
      • Fixed issue with hitching when activated.
      • Addressed stun going off too early. Still need to visually improve timing with last stone locking in.