Smite Wiki

General[ | ]

  • The maximum party size that can join the match queue has been increased to 4.
  • If a novice player (less than Level 6) teams with a Level 6+ player, the team may now join the Normal Match Queue (the higher ranked player must be the one that forms the party and joins the match queue).
  • Players leaving the Match Lobby before a match starts will now incur a deserter penalty.
  • Match invite changed to improve visibility. This particular implementation is temporary and will be replaced in a future update with a better treatment.
  • Other deserter handling tweaks.
  • Players that have been idle for 3 minutes are now kicked from the match and incur a deserter penalty.
  • In Match chat size and position tweaked.
  • Earliest time to surrender has been changed from 15m to 10m.
  • Reconnecting to a match now remembers the number of stacks from your items.
  • Mute functionality has been added.
    • Toggle button that allows players to mute/unmute individual players.
    • Mutes VGS, pings and in match chat.
    • Mute lasts only the duration of the single match.
  • Back button has been added to the video streams menu option.
  • Spawn locations now damage enemies considerably.
  • A targeting line has been added to all ranged gods basic attacks.
  • Coins now fly into the air to give you feedback when you get the last hit on an enemy.
  • Matches no longer crash after 60 minutes has elapsed.
  • Exit button on the Escape Menu now says “Exit Game” to be more clear during a match.
    • It also makes the player aware that they will incur a deserter penalty.
  • Tooltips now appear when you hover over your abilities while in a match.
  • Logging in to the same account twice now properly disconnects the original client.
  • Furies have now moved in to some of the jungle camps in the practice map.
  • A new bar has been added to the top of the screen during a match.
    • Shows your current values for your primary stats.
    • Shows the 6 items you have purchased from the store.
  • Death Recap and God Stats shortcuts have been added to the hud bottom bar.
  • Friends list is now sorted by online players first.
  • You no longer continue moving in a direction automatically after using the voice command system.
  • In the End of Match Lobby, the scoreboard now has 3 new buttons available next to each players name:
    • Add Friend
    • Add Blocked
    • Report Player
  • Favor changes:
    • All gods have been priced at 5500 favor and 520 gems.
    • Each player level gained gives players a bonus of 1000 favor.
  • Enemy teams no longer get notified of surrender vote failures.
  • Players that are immune to stun/fear/silence/root based on an ability being used now show an fx to indicate to players of their state of immunity.

Key bindings[ | ]

  • Free Mouse has been moved from Alt to Spacebar.
  • Suppress Help has been moved from Spacebar to H.
  • Surrender votes have been shifted from F5 and F6 to F6 and F7 to make it less likely to be pressed accidentally while training skills.

Jungle[ | ]

  • HealthRegen 01Health and Protection 01Defense camp locations have been swapped to make early game jungling easier.
  • FireGiant 01Fire Giant applies a 40% healing debuff when hitting enemies with his Flaming Boulders.

Item Store[ | ]

  • Qin's Essence has been renamed to Spear 02 Rank1Qin's Blades to sound more "stabby".
  • Heaven’s Will item has been removed from the game.
  • Art pass on icons for the items.

Gods[ | ]

T Arachne Default Icon Old Arachne[ | ]

Icons Arachne Cocoon Cocoon
  • Has been changed to deal physical damage.
  • Now scales off 50% of her physical power.

T Artemis Default Icon Old Artemis[ | ]

Icons Artemis Passive Still Target (Passive)
  • Now working properly.
  • Reduced the number of stacks to 3.
Icons Artemis Fate Transgressors Fate
  • Now scales off of physical power properly.
  • Reduced the physical power contribution to 30%.
Icons Artemis Boar Kalydonian Boar
  • When the boar spawns, he delays 1s before stunning his first target.
  • The boar only stuns the same person once. He will still stun 2+ enemies one after another.
  • Now has a ground target proximity to let you know how far the boar will run.

T Kali Default Icon Old Kali[ | ]

Icons Kali SiphonBlood Siphon Blood
  • Has been changed to deal physical damage.
  • Damage and healing now scales off 30% and 20% of physical power, respectively.
Icons Kali Frenzy Frenzy
  • Has been changed to deal physical damage.
  • Now scales off 15% of physical power per hit.

T Odin Default Icon Old Odin[ | ]

Icons Odin Lunge Old Lunge
  • Has been changed to deal physical damage.
  • Now scales off 40% of physical power.
Icons Odin RingofSpears Old Ring of Spears
  • Has been changed to deal physical damage on the outer edge of the ring.
  • Now scales off 10% of physical power.