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  • Double Favor/Free Gems Promotion Turned On. Will be turned back to normal on Monday, June 30, 2014, at approximately 05:00 US Eastern.
  • Fixed an issue with Auto Purchase where items would no longer be purchased.
  • Item store sorting has changed to prioritize price first, and then item name.
  • EXAMPLE: Consumable potions are now sorted as (Healing Potion -> Mana Potion -> Multi Potion) instead of (Multi Potion -> Healing Potion -> Mana Potion).
  • Fixed the minimize button in borderless windowed mode.
  • Fixed the missing TSM Apollo sales counter from home page.


Ancile T3.png Ancile[]

  • Can no longer be purchased in Assault.


T Ram Default Icon.png Rama[]

  • Icons Ram A01.png Astral Strike
  • Fixed an issue where Rama would have infinite arrows.
  • Fixed an issue with ranks 1-4 slowing for 2s instead of 1s.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability can't be toggled with less than 9 mana.
  • Icons Ram A02.png Pick Me Up
  • Rama's allies can no longer pick up his arrows for him.
  • Icons Ram A04.png Astral Barrage
  • Fixed rank 2 applying a slow.