Smite Wiki

Misc[ | ]

  • Fixed issue with players not getting rewarded level up favor bonus.
  • Fixed minor typo in bundle purchase dialog.
  • Fixed incorrect party information in Curse interface.
  • Fixed ntdll.dll crash when clicking HOME at EOML.

Custom Matches[ | ]

  • Fixed pause not working on non-GM accounts.
  • Fixed large parties fitting into smaller sized rooms.
  • Fixed issues with player icons sometimes showing incorrectly.
  • Disabled 5v5 Siege because it was causing an issue in the map. Will be re-enabled in the next patch.
  • Fixed DC players don't clear from the room list. (still appears in chat, will be fixed in the next patch)
  • Fixed improper headers for match invites.
  • Fixed some localization issues, removed ELO sorting option.
  • Fixed blind pick match lobby countdown timer.

Gods[ | ]

T Serqet Default Icon Serqet[ | ]

  • Icons Serqet A01 Deathbane
  • Tooltip showed 30% scaling instead of 50% in the description.
  • Icons Serqet A02 Cobra's Kiss
  • Madness Physical Power Scaling increased from 30% to 45%. (Working, but tooltip and K screen will still show 30%)
  • Icons Serqet A04 Last Breath
  • Damage increased from 150/275/400/525/650 to 228/342/456/570/684 True Damage over 5s. (38/57/76/95/114)
  • The first tick of damage now happens on application, rather than 1s later.