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T NuWa Default Card

T NuWa Default Icon Major God Update: Nu Wa - Guardian of Heaven | August 5, 2014[ | ]

General[ | ]

  • Nu Wa has undergone a total visual makeover.

Icons NuWa Passive Strength Of Wood (Passive)[ | ]

After 5 successful basic attacks, Nu Wa's next basic attack will root enemies for 1.5s.

Icons NuWa A01 Mysterious Fog[ | ]

Nu Wa condenses moisture into fog at her location which then rolls forward away from her. She and all allies are stealthed while inside the fog, and have 10% increased movement speed. Attacking breaks the stealth effect. Enemies that run into the fog take 50/100/150/200/250 (+50% of your magical power) damage, and continue to take 20% of that damage again every second they are in the fog.
  • Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana.
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds.

Icons NuWa A02 Clay Soldiers[ | ]

Nu Wa conjures 1/2/2/2/3 Clay Soldiers from the earth that last up to 10s. These soldiers have health equal to 200 plus 20% of Nu Wa's maximum health, and deal 20/30/40/50/60 damage with basic attacks. Enemies hit by their initial charge will take damage and have their magical protections reduced by 5/10/15/20/25 for 2s.
  • Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 mana.
  • Cooldown: 18 seconds.

Icons NuWa A03 Shining Metal[ | ]

Nu Wa launches a mass of shining metal, dealing 90/140/190/240/290 (+50% of your magical power) damage to all enemies it hits. If it hits one of her Clay Soldiers, it explodes, dealing 30/60/90/120/150 (+50% of your magical power) additional damage and stunning enemies for 1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5s.
  • Cost: 60 mana.
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds.

Icons NuWa A04 Fire Shards[ | ]

Nu Wa flies up into the clouds, gaining visibility on all enemy gods, and summoning fire shards from the sky to deal 100/175/250/325/400 (+50% of your magical power) damage to each of them.
  • Cost: 100 mana.
  • Cooldown: 110 seconds.

T Zeus Default Icon Major God Update: Zeus - God of the Sky[ | ]

General[ | ]

  • Model, Skins and Loading Screen Cards have undergone major revisions.

Skins[ | ]

Thunderhead Zeus The Survivor Ullr Nuclear Winter Ymir Derpules Hercules Lunar Tango Chang'e
Thunderhead Zeus The Survivor Ullr Nuclear Winter Ymir Derpules Hercules Lunar Tango Chang'e

T Ullr Survivor Icon The Survivor Ullr[ | ]

  • Ullr is surrounded by the undead and all alone.. but he knows no fear. Celebrating the newest Ullr skin "The Survivor" we introduce to you our newest SMITE Comic!

T Ymir Radioactive Icon Nuclear Winter Ymir[ | ]

  • This skin is available only as an exclusive treasure box reward.

T Hercules ShrunkenHead Icon Derpules Hercules[ | ]

  • This skin is available only as an exclusive treasure box reward.

T ChangE LatinDancer Icon Lunar Tango Chang'e[ | ]

  • This skin will initially be available only for special promotions related to the new Latin American servers.

New Voice Packs[ | ]

  • T NuWa Default Icon Nu Wa
  • T Zeus Default Icon Zeus
  • T Ullr Survivor Icon The Survivor Ullr
  • T Ymir Radioactive Icon Nuclear Winter Ymir
  • T Hercules ShrunkenHead Icon Derpules Hercules
  • T ChangE LatinDancer Icon Lunar Tango Chang'e

Ward Skins and Player Icons[ | ]

Wards[ | ]

Satellite Saci Treasure Chest Quetzalcoatl
Satellite Ward Icon Saci Ward Icon Chest Ward Icon Quetzalcoatl Ward Icon

Icons[ | ]

  • Screaming Mouth Player Icon (Treasure Chest Exclusive)
  • Zeus
  • Nu Wa
  • Zeus (retro)
  • Nu Wa (retro)
  • 2 Brazil Player Icons
  • Blood Eagle / Diamond Sword Symbol
  • Pantheon Icons (Treasure Chest Exclusive)

Updated Cards[ | ]

Default Nu Wa Amethyst Nu Wa Golden Nu Wa Default Zeus Golden Zeus
Default Nu Wa Amethyst Nu Wa Golden Nu Wa Default Zeus Golden Zeus

Auto Purchasing / Leveling[ | ]

  • The Item Builder has been renamed to Character Builder as it allows for custom ability leveling again.
  • The default Auto Purchase profiles for some Gods now purchase a few extra consumables at the start of a match.
  • You are now able to purchase and sell consumables while in Auto Purchase Mode.
  • You are now able to purchase and upgrade Actives in Auto Purchase Mode.
  • If you create a Custom page in the Character Builder, you are now able to use that as your Custom Build.
  • Consumables selected for the build will be purchased at the start of the match.
  • Consumables allow a quantity selection
  • Actives selected for the build will have rank 1 purchased at the start of the match.
  • Items selected for the build will be bought from left to right.
  • After all Items are maxed out, the Actives will buy additional levels.
  • The ability tab of the Character Builder allows you to create a custom order of skills to level up.
  • Lobby Store Featured Banner updated to (Nu Wa, Zeus, The Survivor, and Treasure Chest) with represented images
  • Each level the player can set a specific skill or to skip spending their skill point for that level
  • Any level can have up to two skill points spent on it, assuming you have skipped a previous levels skill point.

Treasure Boxes[ | ]

  • Now introducing Treasure Boxes!
  • Treasure boxes allow players to purchase a roll for a chance to receive exclusive and rare items! (skins, icons, ward skins, etc.)
  • There are 4 tiers of item rarity inside the treasure box.
  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Uncommon
  • Common
  • Players can receive skins for gods that they do not currently own.
  • Players will never receive treasure that they already own.

Custom Games[ | ]

  • The Invite button now allows you to invite multiple people at once as well as invite players directly from your friends list.
  • Whenever a player leaves the lobby, they are returned to the lobby list screen.
  • Players switching teams in room causes the match lobby pick order to change.
  • Joining a team of 5 will appear to move over 2 players from the other team, and leave a top slot empty.
  • There is a new indicator that specifies who the room owner is

Misc[ | ]

  • Your new free god rotation is Zeus, Hades, Tyr, Ullr, and Loki! Sweet!
  • Fixed global scale not saving correctly per session.
  • Purchasing the bundle via the Heli ward will not appear to give the ward until relog.
  • Pending party invites are able to be canceled by the party leader (This is done by kicking the pending player)
  • Boosters: Always get at least 1 worshiper
  • Fixed an issue with 1st win of the day not playing the acquisition accolade.
  • Siege has had performance optimizations.

General Gameplay[ | ]

  • If a player leaves during a surrender vote and has not voted, then the count is reduced to only those still in the match.

Items[ | ]

BumbasMask 128 Bumba's Mask[ | ]

  • 10% bonus power vs jungle mobs is now appropriately being added to pets.

Aoeminiondamage Hand of the Gods[ | ]

  • Improved tooltip description.

Gods - Balance/Updates/Fixes[ | ]

T HeBo Default Icon He Bo[ | ]

  • Icons HeBo A02 Atlas of the Yellow River
  • No longer able to jump over part of the scroll.

T Janus Default Icon Janus[ | ]

  • General
  • Base health increased from 380 to 400.
  • Icons Janus A01 Portal
  • Cooldown reduced from 15s to 12s.

T Kumbhakarna Default Icon Kumbhakarna[ | ]

  • Icons Kumbhakarna Passive Sleepy
  • Remaining hits indicator now properly updates if he reaches a level that increases the number of hits to down him while he’s napping.
  • Fixed a bug where the passive was not providing an extra required hit at level 20.
  • Fixed a bug where Kumbhakarna could be healed while sleeping.
  • Icons Kumbhakarna A03 Mighty Yawn
  • Fixed a bug where the radius was too large while he was downed.

T Neith Default Icon Neith[ | ]

  • General
  • Ms. Diagnosis targeters have been updated (For realsies).

T Ram Default Icon Rama[ | ]

  • General
  • Fixed an issue with his ability targeters starting out faint and loading in over a short time.
  • Icons Ram A01 Astral Strike
  • Slow now stacks up to 3 times, changed from 20/25/30/35/40 to 10% at all ranks.
  • Now costs 25 mana per shot.

T Serqet Default Icon Serqet[ | ]

  • Icons Serqet A03 Ambush
  • Jump distance increased from 55ft to 65ft.
  • Time before Serqet can leap after activation decreased from 0.3s to 0s.
  • Icons Serqet A04 Last Breath
  • The 1s grab on this ability is no longer affected by diminishing returns, or CC Reduction.

T SunWukong Default Icon Sun Wukong[ | ]

  • Icons SunWukong 02 Master's Will
  • Cooldown decreased from 12 to 10s.
  • Mana cost reduced from 60/70/80/90/100 to 50 at all ranks

T Thanatos Default Icon Thanatos[ | ]

  • Icons Thanatos A04 Hovering Death
  • Changed “pounce” to “dive” in his tooltip. Boom.

T Vamana Default Icon Old2 Vamana[ | ]

  • General
  • Divine Protector skin now has a proper CC Immunity glow.

T Xbalanque Default Icon Xbalanque[ | ]

  • Icons Xbalanque A02 Poison Darts
  • Fixed German futbol skin showing black futbols when Particle Detail was below max.