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T HouYi Default Card.png

T HouYi Default Icon.png New God: Hou Yi - Defender of the Earth | January 14, 2015[]

Icons HouYi Passive.png Suntouched (Passive)[]

After taking a critical hit, Hou Yi can't be critically hit again for 3s.

Icons HouYi A01.png Ricochet[]

Hou Yi draws back his bow for a powerful shot that deals 70/110/150/190/230 (+60% of your physical power) damage. After firing, if this arrow bounces off of a wall it gains +70 units distance and +50% bonus damage per bounce up to a maximum of 2 bounces. This arrow will stun for 1s if the target has Mark of the Golden Crow.
  • Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 mana.
  • Cooldown: 14 seconds.

Icons HouYi A02.png Mark of the Golden Crow[]

Hou Yi marks an enemy with Mark of the Golden Crow. Marked enemies take extra damage for every 10% of their missing health from Hou Yi's abilities and basic attacks. At rank 3, marked enemies are visible to Hou Yi on the minimap including stealthed gods. At rank 5, Hou Yi gains +15% penetration against the marked enemy god.
  • Cost: 50 mana.
  • Cooldown: 18 seconds.

Icons HouYi A03.png Divebomb[]

Hou Yi launches into the air, holding his bow above his head as he glides forward. After a short time Hou Yi quickly dives to the ground dealing 70/110/150/190/230 (+30% of your physical power) damage to any enemies in the immediate area. If the target has Mark of the Golden Crow they are knocked back.
  • Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana.
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds.

Icons HouYi A04.png Sunbreaker[]

Hou Yi shoots nine arrows into the sky, striking one sun with each arrow. The nine suns come crashing down one by one, dealing 80/90/100/110/120 (+25% of your physical power) damage in a target area every 0.5s for 4.5s. A target with Mark of the Golden Crow will have their movement speed slowed by 20% for .25s on every hit.
  • Cost: 100 mana.
  • Cooldown: 90 seconds.

View the Developer Insight to learn more about Hou Yi's design and development process.

New God Skins[]

Sunbreaker Hou Yi Solstice Hel Lucky Baby Fuwa Cupid Golden/Legendary/Diamond Nox
Sunbreaker Hou Yi Solstice Hel Lucky Baby Fuwa Cupid Golden/Legendary/Diamond Nox

New Voice Packs[]

New Ward Skins and Player Icons[]

  • Ward ChineseFirecracker.pngChinese Firecracker Ward
  • Icon Player LunarNewYear PV.pngLunar New Year Icon

New Emotes[]

  • Agni Furious
  • Fenrir Wave & Clap
  • Freya Clap
  • Hercules Wave & Clap
  • Hou Yi Wave & Clap
  • Kukulkan Wave & Clap
  • NuWa Wave
  • Odin Wave & Clap
  • Poseidon Wave & Clap
  • Rama Wave & Clap
  • Sun Wukong Wave & Clap
  • Serqet Dance
  • Tyr Wave & Clap
  • Ullr Wave & Clap
  • Vamana Clap
  • Ymir Clap
  • Zeus Clap
  • Zhong Kui Wave & Clap

Updated God Cards[]

Bright Moon Chang'e Loverboy Cupid Forest Nymph Cupid
Bright Moon Chang'e Loverboy Cupid Forest Nymph Cupid
Master Guan Fu Guan Yu Default Ra Divine Protector Vamana
Master Guan Fu Guan Yu Default Ra Divine Protector Vamana

New God Rotation[]


  • New Spring Festival Chest


  • Show Mana Usage option has been added to the User Interface. Enabling will show mana cost per ability on the HUD.
  • The Scoreboard has been updated with new art, and changes to the way stats are previewed.
  • Basic Tutorial has had a few updates for clarity.
  • Time stamps have been added to chat tabs.
  • If you mute a player, emotes (i.e. laugh, taunt, etc) will also be muted.
  • Fixed the spectate timeline failing to refactor after 45 minutes.
  • Fixed an issue with buff camps sometimes not animating after attacking.
  • Fixed a minor issue where Queue Type filter in god history would show blank.
  • Fixed a god filter display issue after selecting emotes.
  • Fixed some misc text errors for the ‘Gold and Items’ help tip.
  • Game Tips at the match loading screen now change transition every 10s.
  • Minor fix for queue names not displaying in match history.
  • Removed the landing panel slider on the home page.
  • Updated the Panama flag.
  • Removed VGS flood protection for solo practice matches (except for Conquest Practice).
  • Eula font has been updated. Boom.
  • Removed dimming effect when HUD editor is open.
  • Added labels to the HUD editor grid.
  • Fixed an issue with mini-map reveal tech not updating properly in certain rare conditions.
  • Fixed the Fury camp respawn timers briefly showing full, immediately after defeating the camp. Silly Fury.
  • Fixed auto purchase appearing to not turn off in PvP matches.
  • Fixed dropped players still getting TP if their team wins during league matches.
  • ​Added threshold limitations preventing highly rated players from entering a match with players who are still qualifying for a league.
  • We've made several performance improvements to character models when playing on low graphical settings. This change degrades visual quality in order to improve performance.

Gods - Balance/Updates/Fixes[]

T Anhur Default Icon.png Anhur[]

  • Icons Anhur A01.png Shifting Sands
  • Bonus damage is no longer removed from targets immune to the slow effect.

T AoKuang Default Icon.png Ao Kuang[]

  • Icons AoKuang A04.png King of the Eastern Seas
  • Fixed passive not consuming energy from using this ability.
  • Updated tooltip to reflect that he replenishes his passive meter after landing from Dragon form.

T Athena Default Icon.png Athena[]

  • Icons Athena Passive.png Reach
  • Fixed the spear throw graphic not appearing.

T Awilix Default Icon.png Awilix[]

Awilix gets a number of fixes in this patch, as well as some dramatic improvements to Moonlight Charge.

  • Icons Awilix A01.png Summon Suku
  • Fixed the strafe movement penalty not applying to Suku while jumping.
  • Icons Awilix A02.png Feather Step
  • Fixed where this ability would become available after using certain active items.
  • Fixed the area of effect ground targeter incorrectly showing after using an ability.
  • Icons Awilix A03.png Moonlight Charge
  • Increased Suku run speed by 50%.
  • Fixed an issue where Suku was not filling up the entire targeting area, causing him to miss targets he should have hit.
  • Suku will now knock up enemies hit from the side, as well as from the back.
  • Fixed an issue where this ability wasn't properly caching the players aim direction, creating a delay in where Suku charged versus where the player was aiming.
  • Icons Awilix A04.png Gravity Surge
  • Fixed not being able to pull Chaac while dashing with Torrent.
  • Fixed the ability not going on cooldown if immediately interrupted.

T Bakasura Default Icon.png Bakasura[]

  • Icons Bakasura A04.png Reguitate
  • Fixed rank 4 applying a 60% slow instead of 30%.

T Chaac Default Icon.png Chaac[]

  • Icons Chaac A02.png Torrent
  • Fixed the dash not going on cooldown if passing into cripple.

T ChangE Default Icon.png Chang'e[]

  • Icons ChangE A03.png Moonlight Waltz
  • Fixed being able to cancel ability and not take cooldown or mana cost. This ability can no longer be cancelled.

T Kumbhakarna Default Icon.png Kumbhakarna[]

  • General
  • Fixed getting stuck on collision after being executed by Ao Kuang.
  • Icons Kumbhakarna Passive.png Sleepy
  • Fixed missing buff tooltip.

T Nox Default Icon.png Nox[]

  • Icons Nox A04 Old.png Night Terror
  • Updated tooltip to clearly state that cooldown reduction doesn't apply to this ability.
  • Updated tooltip to clearly state what the bonus damage is, and when tethered targets use abilities.
  • Updated tooltip from Ground Target to Line Attack.

T Ra Default Icon.png Ra[]

  • Icons Ra CelestialBeam.png Celestial Beam
  • The ground targeter now extends behind Ra to be more visually accurate with the existing damaging area.

T Thanatos Default Icon.png Thanatos[]

  • Icons Thanatos A02.png Scent of Death
  • Fixed the bonus speed not applying when facing an executable target.
  • Icons Thanatos A04.png Hovering Death
  • Fixed the default skin playing Archon voice over on execution.
  • Fixed basic attack animations not properly syncing after landing.

T Thor Default Icon.png Thor[]

  • Icons Thor A04.png Anvil of Dawn
  • Fixed an interaction issue with Serqet's Last Breath that would cause his basic attacks to use Anvil of Dawn instead. Whoa.

T Tyr Default Icon.png Tyr[]

  • Icons Tyr A01.pngIcons Tyr A01 Stance2.png Fearless
  • Fixed being able to cancel early and not taking cooldown or mana costs.

T Ymir Default Icon Old.png Ymir[]

  • General
  • Updated the Obsidian Shard icon.

T ZhongKui Default Icon.png Zhong Kui[]

  • Icons ZhongKui A01.png Expose Evil
  • Fixed crowd control immunity removing the card and damage over time.