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10.10 - Protector of the Dead Bonus | October 10, 2023


New God Skins

New Voice Packs

  • T Mulan Hellfury Icon Hellfury Mulan


Item Balance

BountifulBao Bountiful Bao

After being the featured dish on the menu for the past few patches, it’s time to bring Bountiful Bao down a notch to allow the other recipes a chance to shine too!

  • Decreased Cooldown Reduction from 1.5s to 1s

Starter Compassion T2 Starter Compassion T2 Compassion

While we appreciate how much Supports are looking out for their allies, Compassion has become a clear outlier in its performance. While we think that Compassion’s effect is important to preserve, it has some room to go down while remaining extremely effective.

  • Decreased Mitigation from the Passive from 15% to 12%

FlameforgedHammer FlameforgedHammer Flameforged Hammer

This item was always intended to gain the debuff buff that we gave its non-glyphed version last patch but was unfortunately not due to a bug.

  • Increased Damage taken debuff on Enemies from 10% to 15%

God Balance

T Ares Default Icon Ares

The God of War brings an interesting conundrum to balance, being that he often spikes up in value for both ends of the skill spectrum and fades somewhere along the middle. To combat this, we are shifting the cooldown of Shackles to be higher in the early game to diminish his clear and kill potential, but only slightly. Should players decide to level this ability first, they’ll be back in action by level 9.

  • Icons Ares A01Shackles
  • Increased Cooldown from 13s to 15/14.5/14/13.5/13s
  • Icons Ares A03Searing Flesh
  • Decreased Max Health Damage to Minions from 5% to 4%

T Athena Default Icon Athena

Athena has seen her popularity and win rate continue to rise since her buffs at the beginning of the Season of Celebration. While we are happy that players are enjoying the slight change in kit flow, her success at all levels needs to be addressed. Defender of Olympus gained a new component that makes it feel significantly better, but also made its existing components more powerful than before. We are bringing down those numbers slightly to account for this.

  • Icons Athena A04Defender of Olympus
  • Decreased Base Damage from 350/430/510/590/670 to 340/415/490/565/640
  • Decreased Damage Mitigation from 35% to 30%

T Chernobog Default Icon Chernobog

Chernobog remains dominant in the carry role, which we are glad he showed the potential to do after his long term absence before his spicy changes. We’re ready to knock the Lord of Darkness down a few notches.

  • Icons Chernobog A01Crystallized Curses
  • Decreased Slow from 25% to 20%
  • Icons Chernobog A04Living Nightmare
  • Decreased Clone Slow from 4% per stack to 3% per stack
  • Decreased Movement Speed buff from 25% to 20%

T Freya Default Icon Freya

The Queen of the Valkyries is a strong carry pick that brings a decent level of safety thanks to her aptly named ultimate. She is truly a character whose core design embodies risk and reward, so her foes will now have slightly more opportunities to catch her unawares.

  • Icons Freya A04Valkyrie's Discretion
  • Increased Cooldown from 90s to 100s

T MamanBrigitte Default Icon Maman Brigitte

Maman Brigitte certainly made a flashy entrance to the Battleground of the Gods! We are happy that players are engaging in the Passive focused gameplay loop, but finding that targets are taking a little too much damage as they get lower. Her early game clear and fight potential is also slightly above intent, so Party Trick is receiving a nerf that should help address that. Finally, Spirit Seize is an incredibly potent ability that comes with significant risk. We want to make sure that the damage it provides isn’t a primary focus of the ability. This change plus the Soul Spikes nerf should noticeably reduce the amount of damage players take from a Madame’s Mark enhanced Spirit Seize in the late game.

  • Icons MamanBrigitte PassiveSoul Spikes
  • Decreased Damage Cap from 70% to 60% of Target’s Missing Health
  • Icons MamanBrigitte A01Party Trick
  • Decreased Damage per Tick from 8/16/24/32/40 to 6/14/22/30/38
  • Icons MamanBrigitte A03Spirit Seize
  • Decreased Initial Hit Damage Scaling from 20% to 15%

T Olorun Default Icon Olorun

While most may not think of Olorun as a very early-game focused god, his lane clear is one of the best out there. We are very pleased with his late-game performance, especially as a god with no mobility, so we are simply addressing his early laning pressure.

  • Icons Olorun A02Overflowing Divinity
  • Decreased Base Damage from 70/85/100/115/130 to 50/70/90/110/130

T Pele Default Icon Pele

This goddess continues to be a hot pick! We’re keeping an eye on Assassins in mid in general, and Pele is one of the premiere selections for the job. By nerfing her main clear and poke, we’re expecting to see just a little more magic back on the battlefield!

  • Icons Pele A01Pyroclast
  • Decreased Damage Scaling from 70% to 60%
  • Increased Cooldown from 14s to 15s
  • Icons Pele A04Volcanic Lightning
  • Increased Basic Attack Damage Reduction from 40% to 50%

T Susano Default Icon Susano

Everyone’s favorite katana-wielder has proven to be too effective at getting damage out. Gathering Storm is a free source of damage that is hard to predict as an enemy, and Typhoon is proving to be up too often in relation to how fight changing it can be. These two nerfs are intended to make Susano players have to think a bit more carefully about when and where to strike.

  • Icons Susano PassiveGathering Storm
  • Decreased Damage Scaling from 40% to 30%
  • Icons Susano A04Typhoon
  • Increased Cooldown from 90s to 100s