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11.2 - Goddess of the Sky
Release date: February 20, 2024
Bonus Update: Goddess of the Sky Bonus
Client version: 11.2.7915.4
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T Nut Default Icon New Egyptian Goddess: Nut: Goddess of the Sky

Nut Promo

Icons Nut Passive Flux

When Nut hits an enemy god with a damaging ability, she gains a stacking Attack Speed buff for 5s. Nut may gain multiple stacks from a single ability.
  • Attack Speed Buff: 2 + 0.1% per level
  • Max Stacks: 10

Icons Nut A01 Convergence

Nut enhances her Basic Attacks, firing 2 additional damaging projectiles from her sides at a converging angle. All projectiles pierce enemies but not walls, with the center dealing Basic Attack damage and the sides dealing ability damage. Nut always shoots at least once, but may fire up to an additional 4 shots by gaining stacks when damaging enemies with Basic Attacks. Nut gains 2 stacks for damaging enemy gods. Nut may cancel this ability to refund any unused shots as stacks.
  • Range: 55
  • Center Damage Reduction: 55/50/45/40/35%
  • Side Damage: 3/7/11/15/19 + 15% of your Physical Power
  • Stacks per Shot: 4
  • Cooldown: 13s
  • Cost: 45/50/55/60/65

Icons Nut A02 Crashing Comet

Nut calls down a comet from the sky, which crashes in a circular area, dealing damage. After it lands, it sends out a damaging shockwave in a larger area. Enemies hit by the comet take a second instance of damage and are Rooted, while enemies in the shockwave are Trembled.
  • Range/Radius: 55/25,10
  • Damage: 35/55/75/95/115 + 35% of your Physical Power
  • Root: 0.9/1/1.1/1.2/1.3s
  • Tremble: 0.25s
  • Cooldown: 15s
  • Cost: 65

Icons Nut A03 Warp

Nut warps in the direction she is currently traveling. After she warps, she automatically fires 3 homing projectiles that spread out among nearby enemies, prioritizing gods. These projectiles deal damage and apply a stacking Slow to enemies. Additionally, Nut resets the cooldown of Convergence after using this ability.
  • Range/Radius: 15/45
  • Damage: 15/25/35/45/55 + 20% of your Physical Power
  • Cooldown: 14/13.5/13/12.5/12s
  • Cost: 40/45/50/55/60

Icons Nut A04 Skyfall

Nut becomes Crowd Control immune and gathers all her energy, flying high into the air and becoming untargetable for 3s. Nut then may move and aim before firing a massive black hole toward the battleground that lands after a short delay, dealing damage to all enemies. After the black hole lands, a gravity surge extends outward, damaging and pulling all enemies toward the center. Nut then lands, returning to her initial location.
  • Radius: 20,40
  • Initial Damage: 200/260/320/380/440 + 80% of your Physical Power
  • Surge Damage: 80/100/120/140/160 + 40% of your Physical Power
  • Cooldown: 100s
  • Cost: 100

New God Skins

New Voice Packs


  • Cross-Gen Pass: Gleaming Valor (600 Gems)
  • Cross-Gen Pass: Gleaming Valor PLUS (1200 Gems)

A new SMITE Update means a new Cross-Gen Pass! Gleaming Valor is shining down upon the Battleground of the Gods, and you can bask in its radiance today.

  • Gleaming Defender Ares
  • Gleaming Archer Hou Yi
  • Gleaming Archer Announcer Pack
  • Gleaming Defender Avatar
  • Gleaming Archer Avatar
  • And More!


  • General
  • Added “Pick your God” and “Select your God” voice lines by Suehyla El-Attar (Lore Lady) that play when it is your turn to pick in the pre-match lobby.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where items were missing from the Recommended Item Builds Section in the Item Store for many Gods.
  • Fixed an issue where the Joust Ranked God Leaderboards for Year 11 were not loading correctly.
  • Fixed and Updated the Year 11 Ranked Rewards page so that it no longer includes Year 10 data or information.

General Gameplay

  • Updated the previously temporary Buff/Debuff Bar Icons in relation to the Teleporters.
  • Fixed an issue where towers were not rewarding Gold or XP when killed by the Beacon Barrage.


  • Fixed an issue where Loki’s decoy on his base skin was not animating correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Slow on her Spear Thrust ability was slowing enemies through slow immunities.
  • Fixed an issue where he was not correctly gaining the instant shield from his Mount Up ability.
  • Fixed an issue where, when mounted on his horse, could sometimes go through Janus’ portals (or similar) when he should not be able to.
  • Fixed an issue where Arondight’s extra damage would not apply for his abilities while mounted.


  • Removed mention of “Cooldown” in the short description.
  • Fixed an issue where this shard could be put on Cooldown by pressing the associated relic keybind.


  • Fixed an issue with the Skull Eyes Recall would leave behind glowing eyes when canceling the channel.
  • Fixed an issue where the ColorForge Dyes “Gray Haze” and “Well Oiled” were clones of one another.


Game Modes


With the removal of class passives in 11.1, mages have had a tougher time than usual taking down their assigned buff. As such, we wanted to provide a bit more leeway for magical mid laners to farm efficiently without having to take all of their health and time!

  • Red Buff
  • Decreased the Manticore’s base Magical Protection from 16 to 10

On a similar note, mid harpies were taking slightly too long to kill, so a small reduction to their health will save an auto or two each!

  • Mid Harpies
  • Decreased base Health from 600 to 550

We are so happy to see that the new Stygian Barrage reward is being received well, but we want to make sure the late game damage increases are feeling impactful, so we bumped up the damage by just a hair to help players really notice it!

  • Stygian Beacon
  • Increased Stygian Barrage Second Capture damage from 650 to 700
  • Increased Stygian Barrage Third Capture damage from 800 to 900

It’s been exciting to see players work around the new Effigy mechanic, but it’s just a bit too tanky for our liking!

  • Fire Giant Effigy
  • Decreased base Health from 850 to 600

As many players reported, players became unable to Lifesteal at all from jungle bosses like Gold Fury, Fire Giant, etc. This was an unintended side effect of our Lifesteal changes from 11.1, so we are adjusting the Lifesteal blocking debuff that is inherent to jungle bosses, with our new rule being that players should heal half the normal amount from them.

  • Map Bosses
  • Decreased Lifesteal blocking debuff from 50% to 25% on all map bosses


This patch’s Duel rotation will be allowing some top tiers back into the format! We are going to be carefully monitoring their stats moving forward to see how they fare against the rest of the pool.

  • The following gods are now unbanned:
  • Anhur
  • Anubis
  • Apollo
  • Bakasura
  • Bastet
  • Camazotz
  • Fenrir
  • Freya
  • Gilgamesh
  • Hachiman
  • Hou Yi
  • Medusa
  • Nemesis
  • Raijin
  • Ullr
  • Vulcan
  • The following gods are now banned:
  • Ao Kuang
  • Arachne
  • Artemis
  • Baron Samedi
  • Bellona
  • Danzaburou
  • Hera
  • Hercules
  • Loki
  • Maman Brigitte
  • Morgan Le Fay
  • Ne Zha
  • Pele
  • Set
  • Tsukuyomi
  • Vamana

Item Balance


Starter WarriorsAxe T1 Starter WarriorsAxe T1 Warrior's Axe

With our huge shifts to solo lane itemization right before worlds, we gave a huge boost to the Physical Power of Warrior’s Axe that we normally wouldn’t have in order to guarantee that mages would be out. We are looking to realign these numbers and reassess as we move forward!

  • Decreased Physical Power from 20 to 15

Starter TheAlternateTimeline T2 Starter TheAlternateTimeline T2 The Alternate Timeline

Timeline has had a pretty decent showing compared to its other half. Players may be expecting an even greater nerf, but (spoilers) with upcoming changes to Conduit Gem, we decided to only nerf it a bit.

  • Decreased Physical Protections from 40 to 35
  • Decreased Magical Protections from 40 to 35

HorrificEmblem Relic S9 HorrificEmblem Relic S9 Horrific Emblem

With the big additions to Horrific at the start of the year, it was unsurprising how much this Relic was picked up. While we want to make sure its antihealing application is still strong, we do note the importance of making sure the effects it has are not too crazy compared to its peers.

  • Decreased Slow from 30% to 25%
  • Increased Cooldown from 130s to 140s

GreaterHorrificEmblem Relic S9 GreaterHorrificEmblem Relic S9 Greater Horrific Emblem

  • Decreased Slow from 30% to 25%
  • Increased Cooldown from 110s to 120s

EmblemofIncreasingPeril Relic S9 EmblemofIncreasingPeril Relic S9 Emblem of Increasing Peril

  • Decreased Slow from 30% to 25%
  • Increased Cooldown from 110s to 120s

ProximityWard Consumable ProximityWard Consumable Proximity Ward

Seeing players use the brand new wards has been awesome, but what’s not awesome is walking into lane and getting hit with a big Slow before having points in any movement abilities. We are limiting the purchase of Proximity Ward to level 5, just to prevent this laning phase fright.

  • Now may not be purchased until level 5

DemonBlade T3 DemonBlade T3 Demon Blade

With the introduction of Devoted Deathbringer, Critical Strike builds have been on the rise. We understand the concern around the strength and well-roundedness of the build, so we are continuing to slow down its stat bloat while still keeping it a viable strategy.

  • Removed passive Attack Speed

DevotedDeathbringer DevotedDeathbringer Devoted Deathbringer

  • Decreased Crit multiplier from 1.25x to 1.2x


Starter ConduitGem T1 Starter ConduitGem T1 Conduit Gem

Conduit has been on the back burner compared to Sands for quite a while now, and one of the big reasons we believe this is happening is due to how slow it can feel to use it efficiently. We are now going to be allowing both the starter and the upgrade to stack faster!

  • Decreased time per stack from 1s to 0.5s
  • Decreased True Damage per stack from 2 to 1

Starter ArchmagesGem T2 Starter ArchmagesGem T2 Archmage's Gem

  • Decreased time per stack from 1s to 0.5s

Starter DeathsTemper T2 Starter DeathsTemper T2 Death's Temper

Having to be around 10 minions or an enemy death in the late game is very difficult, so we are paring down the amount of stacks while keeping the stats the same. Also, 75 Health on an upgraded item at level 20 felt like it was simply too underwhelming.

  • Decreased max stacks from 10 to 5
  • Increased Basic Attack Damage from 3.5% to 7%
  • Increased Health from 75 to 150

RejuvenatingHeart T3 RejuvenatingHeart T3 Rejuvenating Heart

The Lifesteal changes have made a pretty positive impact across the board, and though this buff looks scary, the majority of Magical Lifesteal abilities were already suffering a 33% AoE penalty. So, Rejuvenating Heart was granting 33% of 33% for many characters, which just didn’t feel like enough. We’re very excited to see how this affects build paths for Magical Lifestealers.

  • Shared healing increased from 33% to 75%

VibrantShard Relic VibrantShard Relic Vibrant Shard

Out of our new Shards, Vibrant has been the clear weak link. We’ve given it a bit more scaling in order to make sure it can keep up as players near the level 12 mark.

  • Increased Physical damage scaling from 15% to 20%
  • Increased Magical damage scaling from 10% to 15%

CannoneersCuirass T3 CannoneersCuirass T3 Cannoneer's Cuirass

Cannoneer’s is SO close to viability, but it’s just a bit inefficient stat-wise compared to its counterparts for Supports. With a smidge more Protections, we hope to see some experimentation!

  • Increased Physical Protection from 25 to 30
  • Increased Magical Protection from 25 to 30

BlackthornHammer T3 BlackthornHammer T3 Blackthorn Hammer

Out of our returning items, Blackthorn has not performed to the level we had hoped. The game HAS changed quite a bit since it initially left, so we want to make sure it’s still feeling like it’s a viable option among the other Hammers.

  • Decreased cost from 2350 to 2200
  • Increased Health from 250 to 300

TitansBane T3 TitansBane T3 Titan's Bane

Late game ability damage versus tanks has been appearing on the low end of the charts with the huge meta shakeup in 11.1, so we’re giving Titan’s Bane just a bit of love to help that sixth item slot pickup feel a bit better.

  • Increased Physical Power from 35 to 40
  • Decreased passive cooldown from 6s to 5s

God Balance


T Athena Default Icon Athena

Athena has been ever-resistant to nerfs, maintaining a high pick and ban rate across the board. As such, we’re taking down the efficacy of her global utility, as those high impact moments can often be game changers or enders.

  • Icons Athena A04Defender of Olympus
  • Decreased Damage Mitigation from 20% to 10/12.5/15/17.5/20%
  • Decreased Movement Speed from 20% to 10/12.5/15/17.5/20%

T MamanBrigitte Default Icon Maman Brigitte

Slowly but surely, Maman’s damage has been creeping down to a more reasonable place. However, she needs just one more push to get her in a comfortable spot.

  • Icons MamanBrigitte A01Party Trick
  • Increased base Cooldown from 6s to 8s
  • Icons MamanBrigitte A03Spirit Seize
  • Decreased initial hit damage scaling from 15% to 10%

T Thoth Default Icon Thoth

A shining star of the new mid meta, Thoth’s performance has been quite good, and we understand he can be quite a frustrating god to play against in the right hands. As such, we’re taking down the damage from his most skillful shots.

  • Icons Thoth A01Hieroglyphic Assault
  • Decreased bonus scaling on subsequent hits from 15% to 10%
  • Icons Thoth A04Final Judgement
  • Decreased damage scaling from 125% to 120%

T BakeKujira Default Icon Bake Kujira

The whale has been making the waters rough for all around him, so we’re doing a couple big shakeups to his abilities to slow down his laning phase and tone down the damage for those stuck in his wake.

  • Icons BakeKujira A01Rough Waters
  • Shifted max stacks from 6/7/8/9/10 to 8 at all ranks
  • Decreased Protections per stack from 2/3/4/5/6 to 1/2/3/4/5
  • Icons BakeKujira A02Sonic Wave
  • Decreased damage from 80/125/170/215/260 to 70/115/160/205/250
  • Icons BakeKujira A04Yokai's Lament
  • Shifted Damage Increase debuff from 5/7.5/10/12.5/15% to 6/7/8/9/10%

T Kukulkan Default Icon Kukulkan

This little serpent has been wiggling away from far too many fights unscathed! His ability to maneuver teamfights has been exceedingly impressive after Slipstream became fully Slow immune, so we are toning down the frequency and effectiveness of the ability.

  • Icons Kukulkan 02Slipstream
  • Decreased Movement Speed from 60/65/70/75/80% to 50/55/60/65/70%
  • Increased Cooldown from 15/14/13/12/11s to 15/14.5/14/13.5/13s

T Hachiman Default Icon Hachiman

Hachiman is a jack-of-all-trades style hunter who has remained at the top for a while. It’s time to take the banner down a notch by slowing the frequency of his clear and his ability to hop on his horse and ride into the sunset!

  • Icons Hachiman A02Heavenly Banner
  • Increased Cooldown from 13s to 14s
  • Icons Hachiman A04Mounted Archery
  • Increased Cooldown from 100s to 110s

T Anhur Default Icon Anhur

Anhur has leaped back into relevancy after a recent buff to the Slow of Shifting Sands. We’re reverting that change, as it is one of the core frustration points when playing against him.

  • Icons Anhur A01Shifting Sands
  • Decreased Slow from 20/25/30/35/40% to 15/20/25/30/35%

T Charon Default Icon Charon

We’ve been seeing the boatman turn up in mysterious places lately… but we’re excited to see him try a variety of build paths! We understand that a lot of Charon’s viability comes from his ability to have a huge contribution of shielding in teamfights, so we want to be cautious when adjusting this value downward, even though he definitely deserves it!

  • Icons Charon A02Damnation
  • Decreased Shield from 2.5% of Charon’s Health to 2% of Charon’s Health

T Vamana Default Icon Vamana

Vamana has swung straight back into meta relevancy after being considered one of the worst characters in the game ever since his last set of nerfs. As such, we wanted to reassess what was so strong about him, and really, it has been his ultimate. Big baby mode is getting toned down quite a bit, so we’re hoping this will make fighting him less frustrating.

  • Icons Vamana BigBabyColossal Fury
  • Decreased Power from 35/45/55/65/75 to 25/30/35/40/45
  • Decreased Lifesteal from 37.5% to 30%


T Hades Default Icon Hades

Despite huge changes to Lifesteal, which one would expect would be right up Hades’ wheelhouse, the Ruler of the Underworld has been missing from play. A small nudge to strengthen his ultimate, combined with a couple of the above item buffs, will be sure to help!

  • Icons Hades PillarofAgonyPillar of Agony
  • Added 10% Protection debuff

T HeBo Default Icon He Bo

He Bo is a god that is very temperamental to keep balanced, but we noticed with the removal of Bountiful Bao and the mage class passive that this character was really struggling with early clear.

  • Icons HeBo A01Water Cannon
  • Increased Damage to minions from 15% to 20%
  • Decreased Mana cost from 40/50/60/70/80 to 40/45/50/55/60

T HouYi Default Icon Hou Yi

Even amongst a Crit meta, Hou Yi has been struggling. His early game clear is especially difficult, but it’s important to acknowledge how even a small buff to this ability multiplies out over its ability to double or even triple tap.

  • Icons HouYi A01Ricochet
  • Increased Damage from 90/140/190/240/290 to 95/145/195/245/295

T XingTian Default Icon Xing Tian

The Relentless is certainly suitable for poor Xing Tian. Despite a number of buffs over the past year, this guardian has yet to see much success. These are some big changes for him, so we’re hoping this may finally move the needle.

  • Icons XingTian A01Furious Roar
  • Increased Damage Reduction from 20/27.5/35/42.5/50% to 30/35/40/45/50%
  • Icons XingTian A02Hook Slam
  • Decreased Cooldown from 14s to 14/13.5/13/12.5/12s

T Cerberus Default Icon Cerberus

Though one might expect Cerberus would be having a field day with the shift to Lifesteal, he actually is not doing too hot. This patch, we’re throwing him a quite interesting bone by giving him a chance to refresh his mobility if he is able to get active!

  • Icons Cerberus A03Soul Expulsion
  • New effect: Killing a God’s soul grants 2s reduced Cooldown on Soul Expulsion

T ZhongKui Default Icon Zhong Kui

Though these shifts may seem small, they will accelerate how quickly Zhong is able to earn his tankiness. We’re also excited to see how the slight increase to his Attack Speed gives him a bit more synergy with the extra “basic” he gets from Book of Demons.

  • General
  • Increased base Attack Speed from 0.86 to 0.95
  • Icons ZhongKui PassiveDemon Bag
  • Decreased max stacks from 40 to 30
  • Increased Protections per stack from 1.2 to 1.6

T Kali Default Icon Kali

The basic attack assassins not traditionally associated with Critical Strike have been seeing little success lately, so we’re looking to give a little bit of love to Kali to get her back in fighting shape!

  • Icons Kali A03Incense
  • Decreased Cooldown from 15s to 14s

T Horus Default Icon Horus

This supportive warrior has been struggling a bit in the duo lane, as he has always been at a strict disadvantage stat-wise compared to his guardian counterparts. We’re bringing him just a bit closer in line to their stats, though he will never truly match them.

  • General
  • Increased base Health from 679 to 683
  • Increased Health per level from 88 to 100
  • Icons Horus PassiveResolute
  • Increased Heal from 1 + 0.6 to 4 + 0.8

T Hercules Default Icon Hercules

The days of Hercules meta are long in the past, having taken a couple solid nerfs within the past year. With itemization opening up for warriors again, he has just not kept up among his peers. A smidge more damage will help his late game threat.

  • Icons Hercules A02Earthbreaker
  • Increased base damage from 90/140/190/240/290 to 90/145/200/255/310

T Nemesis Default Icon Nemesis

Nemesis has always been best utilized in a constructed, competitive environment. Even in high levels of ranked, she can still struggle without impressive levels of coordination. We’re giving her a bit more leeway to get active with some extra shielding, while smoothing out the Movement Speed curve of Divine Judgement.

  • Icons Nemesis A03Retribution
  • Increased Shield from 100/180/260/340/420 to 150/225/300/375/450
  • Icons Nemesis A04Divine Judgement
  • Increased Movement Speed from 10/10/15/15/20% to 10/12.5/15/17.5/20%

T Chiron Default Icon Chiron

Even though Chiron has the unique ability to fire Basic Attacks while charging, the dash itself has felt rather weak and surprisingly costly.

  • Icons Chiron A03Giddyup!
  • Increased base Damage from 70/95/120/145/170 to 75/105/135/165/195
  • Decreased Mana cost from 70/75/80/85/90 to 70 at all ranks


  • Nut: Suehyla El-Attar
  • Cosmic Thrawn Hades: Will de Renzy-Martin
  • Gleaming Defender Ares: David Autovino
  • Gleaming Archer Hou Yi: Jason Yang
  • KissMeXOXO Aphrodite: Sura Siu
  • Onyx Blade Susano: Bradley Gareth