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11.3 - Netherbeasts
Release date: March 19, 2024
Bonus Update: Netherbeasts Bonus
Client version: 11.3.7948.3
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New God Skins

New Voice Packs


  • Cross-Gen Pass: Oni Slayer (600 Gems)
  • Cross-Gen Pass: Oni Slayer Plus (1200 Gems)
  • Paid Track Items:
  • Wandering Blade King Arthur
  • Dark Supreme Nu Wa
  • Dark SupremeAvatar
  • Cutesy Dark Minion Avatar
  • Curse of Darkness Global Emote
  • Spirit Title
  • Dark Supreme Announcer Pack
  • Wandering Blade Jump Stamp
  • Oni Slayer Level Up Skin
  • Free Track Items
  • Wandering Blade Avatar
  • K.O. Death Stamp
  • Dark Crystals Recall Skin


The Community Celebration Event is back! Make sure to log in and play 1 match every day for the next two weeks to claim a reward! Claim 6 days of the Community Celebration event and unlock the Embalmed Anubis Skin!

  • Event Items
  • Bellona B-Day Avatar
  • Thor B-Day Jump Stamp
  • SMITE B-Day Loading Frame
  • With a brand new Embalmed Anubis Skin for FREE!


Welcome to the Netherbeasts Event!

You are able to direct purchase the new event Skins or roll them from the Netherbeast chest! Any three Netherbeasts event purchases will unlock the Death’s Rain Chaac Reward Skin!



  • Celestial Syndicate Loading Frame
  • Fixed an issue where this Loading Frame was displaying incorrectly.

General Gameplay

  • Resolved an issue where this item could sometimes heal unintended targets. Note: It is expected, and intended, that this item may heal the Titan.


  • Corrected several VGS lines that were misconfigured.
  • Fixed an issue where Crashing Comet could not hit targets that it could not predict (eg. invisible targets).
  • Fixed an issue where Convergence could hit a target multiple times from the initial shot if they were standing at a very specific angle and distance from Nut.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sound Effects and Animation of Convergence could double up at the end of the cast.
  • Fixed an issue where Through Space and Time would be immuned by targets standing in a Secret Shop.
  • Fixed an issue where hitting a Lancelot who is mounted on his horse with Huntress of Bast would not correctly pull him to Bastet.


  • Stacking Items
  • Fixed an issue where Gods that cannot proc items such as Telkhines Ring or Death’s Toll with their basic attacks, could also not properly stack the updated stacking items such as Transcendence, Book of Thoth, and more.


Game Modes


  • Nut is now available in all ranked modes
  • All ranked modes have been soft reset


  • Domination is making a return to SMITE!
  • Domination has received a scoring rework and numerous changes to make the mode better than ever!

We wanted to make the scoring and capturing processes more intuitive, so our first step was to adjust these systems to reward capturing points versus pushing minions.

  • Scoring Revamp
  • Old
  • Tickets were subtracted from the enemy team when minions made it to their goals on the other side of the map
  • This method of scoring was unintuitive for many players and did not justly reward teams that held many capture points
  • New
  • Each capture point held subtracts 1 ticket from the enemy team every 3 seconds
  • Holding all 3 capture points now gives Total Domination to the team holding them, and subtracts 4 points each scoring interval from the enemy team
  • Kills subtract 2 tickets from the enemy team
  • Shutdowns subtract 5 instead
  • Minions now give 3 Global Gold and 1 XP per minion for entering their goals
  • Capture Point Revamp
  • Capture points are neutralized once a Sand Guardian is defeated, so players need to stick around to capture it after you clear a Sand Guardian
  • Standing on the capture point will follow the same rules as the Stygian Beacon capture point, i.e. the number of players standing on the point affects the rate it is captured
  • Once the capture point is taken, a Sand Guardian allied to the captors spawns
  • Speed Orbs
  • We wanted players to be able to get to the action more quickly, so we added new pickups across the map: Speed Orbs
  • These pickups give additional Movement Speed for 5 seconds
  • Collision Pass
  • All of the collision on the map has received a tune up and should much more closely align to the visuals
  • Balance Changes
  • Gold Spooling has is now 7 per second
  • Sand Guardians received a balance pass to make them more durable as the match wears on, scaling up every minute from start, up to 15 minutes for max scaling
  • Now uses Wave Spawning (like Arena)


  • The pre-match time has been increased from 45 seconds to 60 seconds


Out with the old and in with the new! For this patch’s Duel banlist, we’ve banned every god from SMITE’s alpha and beta phases! We’re excited to see how these gods face off head to head, and we’re also interested in observing how a slightly larger ban pool affects the mode.

  • The following gods are now unbanned:
  • Amaterasu
  • Ao Kuang
  • Baron Samedi
  • Bellona
  • Cernunnos
  • Danzaburou
  • Erlang Shen
  • Heimdallr
  • Hera
  • Izanami
  • Maman Brigitte
  • Morgan Le Fay
  • Olorun
  • Pele
  • Ravana
  • Set
  • Skadi
  • Sol
  • Tsukuyomi
  • The following gods are now banned:
  • Anhur
  • Anubis
  • Aphrodite
  • Apollo
  • Ares
  • Athena
  • Bacchus
  • Bakasura
  • Bastet
  • Chaac
  • Chang’e
  • Cupid
  • Eset
  • Fenrir
  • Freya
  • Geb
  • Guan Yu
  • Hel
  • Hun Batz
  • Kukulkan
  • Mercury
  • Neith
  • Nemesis
  • Nu Wa
  • Odin
  • Ra
  • Scylla
  • Sobek
  • Sun Wukong
  • Thanatos
  • Thor
  • Tyr
  • Ullr
  • Vulcan
  • Xbalanque
  • Ymir
  • Zeus
  • Zhong Kui


  • Conquest’s Jungle Shop is receiving a color change to differentiate it from another existing effect further

Item Balance

EnvenomedExecutioner EnvenomedExecutioner Envenomed Executioner

With its arrival onto the battleground, this Executioner Glyph definitely made its mark. While we are happy that hunters feel like they are more readily able to opt into antiheal should they need it, the speed at which it provides a strong debuff was too high.

  • The antiheal and antishield effects now stack
  • 4 stacks
  • 10% antiheal per stack
  • 12.5% antishield per stack

Starter ManikinScepter T1 Starter ManikinScepter T1 Manikin Scepter & Starter ManikinMace T2 Manikin Mace

The Manikin starters have always felt a bit behind its jungle counterparts in terms of sustain, which, despite its very aggressive passive, made it very lackluster. We are adjusting the way Manikin-users get their sustain, but it will still be less than its competitors.

  • Now always heals when killing jungle monster, regardless of if the burn was applied

WindShard Relic WindShard Relic Wing Shard

These two active Shards have fallen a bit to the wayside with the introduction of the new passive Shards in 11.1. As such, we’re drastically dropping their Cooldowns to allow for more frequent power plays.

  • Decreased Cooldown from 120s to 90s

VisionShard Relic VisionShard Relic Vision Shard

  • Decreased Cooldown from 120s to 90s

SoulEater T3 SoulEater T3 Soul Eater

Even with the adjustments to Lifesteal in 11.1, Soul Eater has been strikingly underutilized. We want to emphasize its early potential, and encourage players to play around the power spike from its evolution.

  • Increased Physical Power from 25 to 30
  • Increased Physical Power on evolve from 15 to 20

BookofThoth T3 BookofThoth T3 Book of Thoth

Since the removal of class passives in 11.1, mages have fallen behind others in terms of their early potential and have even felt slightly behind in the late game. Many have felt that the build path has been very limited to Book of Thoth, which is something we want to attempt to break away from. As such, Book of Thoth is taking a small nerf, while we are spreading out Magical Power and Penetration buffs across many underutilized items.

  • Decreased Magical Power from 70 to 60

EnchantedSpear T2 EnchantedSpear T2 Enchanted Spear

  • Added 5 Penetration

SpearofDesolation T3 SpearofDesolation T3 Spear of Desolation

  • Increased Magical Power from 70 to 80

DivineRuin T3 DivineRuin T3 Divine Ruin

  • Increased Magical Power from 70 to 75

RadiantOrb T2 RadiantOrb T2 Cursed Orb

  • Removed 5% Penetration
  • Added 5 Penetration

DoomOrb T3 DoomOrb T3 Doom Orb

  • Increased Magical Power from 90 to 95
  • Removed 10% Penetration
  • Added 10 Penetration

RodofTahuti T3 RodofTahuti T3 Rod of Tahuti + Glyphs

  • Increased Magical Power from 110 to 115

CharonsCoin T3 CharonsCoin T3 Charon's Coin

  • Increased Magical Power from 65 to 75

SoulGem T3 SoulGem T3 Soul Gem

  • Increased Magical Power from 70 to 80

SpearoftheMagus T3 SpearoftheMagus T3 Spear of the Magus

  • Increased Magical Power from 75 to 85

DemonicGrip T3 DemonicGrip T3 Demonic Grip

As many magical ADCs do not end up buying many of the above items, we want to make sure some love is spread their way as well.

  • Increased Magical Power from 65 to 75

SphinxsBaubles T3 SphinxsBaubles T3 Sphinx's Baubles

Items with drawbacks are inherently an interesting mechanic, but we feel that they are holding Sphinx’s Bauble back more than we intended. This item is meant to be slightly weaker stat-wise already, so having another layer of drawback on top of that makes it too challenging to fit into a build.

  • Removed Protection and healing self debuff

God Balance

Standard God Balance

T Chronos Default Icon Chronos

While magical items are receiving a significant bump, Chronos was falling the furthest behind his magical ADC peers in terms of his potential. A small bump to his early game, where he lost a good deal of power due to the removal of class passives, will help him better transition into the late game powerhouse he was once known to be.

  • Icons Chronos A01Stop Time
  • Decreased Cooldown from 18/17/16/15/14s to 16/15.5/15/14.5/14s

T Serqet Default Icon Serqet

Despite huge changes to Critical Strike in 11.1, Serqet did not find much success throughout the patches since. As such, a small decrease in Cooldown on her main fight-starter will allow her to get a bit more active!

  • Icons Serqet A02Cobra's Kiss
  • Decreased Cooldown from 14s to 12s

T Hel Default Icon Hel

Even though her class is not doing the best at the moment, Hel is truly struggling. A small bump to her late game utility will help her with a variety of builds and roles.

  • Icons Hel A02Hinder
  • Increased Protection reduction from 5/7.5/10/12.5/15 to 5/10/15/20/25

T GuanYu Default Icon Guan Yu

When it comes down to it, though Guan Yu’s “healing” ability is quite good when he is surrounded by his team, by himself in the laning phase, it really isn’t much sustain, even with the bump from his passive. By adjusting it upward, we’re hoping he is able to better match the pressure other warriors bring to the table.

  • Icons GuanYu A01Conviction
  • Increased Healing from 20/40/60/80/100 to 40/60/80/100/120

T Bacchus Default Icon Bacchus

The party is back in action! Though Bacchus is an early game machine, he gets a bit too tipsy toward the end of the battle. We want to make sure that when he is committing to a fight, his enemies will feel it!

  • Icons Bachus A02Belly Flop
  • Increased damage from 90/130/170/210/250 to 90/135/180/225/270

Quality of Life God Adjustments

One of our goals for 11.3 is to give a large number of gods quality of life or otherwise exciting updates. Our number one priority is that the adjusted characters have a more exciting loop, a new tool for their kit, or just generally feel better to play! Some of these changes are intentionally vague or subtle, so we highly recommend trying out the changes on PTS and comparing them to the live client to get a better jist of them.

We completely understand that some of these changes will have big impacts on balance, or that some of these gods are perceived to already be good and don’t need more “buffs.” We are keeping a very close eye on these changes and are fully prepared to be more heavy-handed with nerfs if some gods need them for bonus balance.

We also plan to continue to do periodic QoL passes like this in the future, so we would love to hear community suggestions and what YOU are most excited about!

T Chiron Default Icon Chiron

Chiron can fire Basic Attack arrows during Giddyup, so why not his Masterful Shot arrows as well!

  • Icons Chiron A03Giddyup!
  • Chiron may now fire Masterful Shot while charging
  • Icons Chiron A04Centaurus
  • The firing timing of each shot now better matches the animation

T Kali Default Icon Kali

  • Icons Kali PassiveMarked for Death
  • Kali may now move while her passive UI is up

T Heimdallr Default Icon Heimdallr

  • Icons Heimdallr A04Through The Realms
  • Reduced the time Heimdallr is locked out of performing any action on missing this ability, allowing him to act sooner

T Charon Default Icon Charon

While Charon is a very recent release compared to many others on this list, we heard many requests for “infinite stacking” mechanics from throughout the community. While we unfortunately can’t give players infinite Health, it is certainly a lot of fun to aim to get that “high score” – which in this case, is as much Health as you possibly can!

  • Basic Attacks
  • The firing timing now better matches the animation
  • Icons Charon PassiveFerryman of Souls
  • Max Health gain per match increased from 350 to 998
  • Icons Charon A01Ferryman of Souls
  • The firing timing of this ability now better matches the animation

T Sobek Default Icon Sobek

When Sobek uses his ultimate, he lurks into the water, which puts him below the ground. If Sobek can simply swim through the ground… why not player-made walls too?!

  • Icons Sobek LurkingWatersLurking in the Waters
  • Sobek may now pass through player-made walls while this ability is active

T Poseidon Default Icon Poseidon

Between Poseidon and Kukulkan, there have been countless instances where enemies have appeared to be in their AoEs but just narrowly escaped unscathed. We have very slightly adjusted these two abilities to match a bit closer to their visuals, which should result in less instances of surprising misses.

  • Icons Poseidon A03Whirlpool
  • The time to activate now better matches the FX

T Kukulkan Default Icon Kukulkan

As Kukulkan has been doing very well as of recent patches, his adjustments will be tempered with a preemptive nerf.

  • Basic Attacks
  • The firing timing now better matches the animation
  • Icons Kukulkan 01Zephyr
  • Increased Cooldown from 7s to 8s
  • Icons Kukulkan 03Whirlwind
  • The time to activate now better matches the FX
  • Decreased scaling per tick from 17% to 15%

T Ymir Default Icon Ymir

Ymir can see… Ymir can fight!

  • Icons Ymir A02Glacial Strike
  • The camera is now unlocked while Ymir is firing this ability
  • Icons Ymir A03Frost Breath
  • The camera is now unlocked while Ymir is firing this ability

T Skadi Default Icon Skadi

With the addition of the unleashed jungle camps, Kaldr has drawn the ire of many jungle beasts. As such, not only does he steal aggro from Skadi, he very quickly reverts back to his spirit form since he takes so much damage. Now Kaldr will be able to fight jungle camps on the same level as lane minions – what a good boy!

  • Basic Attacks
  • The firing timing now better matches the animation
  • Icons Skadi PassiveKaldr, The Winter Wolf
  • Kaldr can now take 5 instances of damage from any minion source before losing Health
  • This does not include jungle bosses

T Cupid Default Icon Cupid

  • Icons Cupid PassiveLovestruck
  • Cupid now gains two stacks when hitting enemy gods

T JingWei Default Icon Jing Wei

Jing Wei gains a substantial buff when knocking herself up with Persistent Gust, but many players avoid doing this as it can feel very awkward to want to CC yourself in the midst of a team fight or objective. By taking down the knockup height for only Jing Wei, it allows her to more freely have access to this buff without as much clunk. And don’t worry, she still has plenty of reaction time to dash – or get Awilix pulled!

  • Icons JingWei A01Persistent Gust
  • This ability now knocks Jing Wei up less than enemy gods

T Fafnir Default Icon Fafnir

  • Icons Fafnir A03Icons Fafnir A03 BUnderhanded Tactics
  • Fafnir’s lockout time while landing has been reduced
  • Also affects his transformed ability

T Tiamat Default Icon Tiamat

Generally, Tiamat players would ideally prefer to start fights in Flying stance due to its flexibility and movement potential compared to Ground stance, but previously, she would always respawn in the stance she died in. Now, Tiamat will be better prepared for any fights coming her way right after she respawns!

  • General
  • Tiamat will always respawn in Flying stance no matter which stance she died in

T Bastet Default Icon Bastet

When clearing buffs as Bastet, she often needs to use her leap to supplement her damage. However, because Pounce can be refired, it would cause her to either waste precious seconds refiring the ability to put it on cooldown, or she would have to wait out the refire time. In order to eliminate this inefficiency, she can now cancel it without having to reuse it!

  • Icons Bastet A01Pounce
  • Bastet may now cancel this ability while it is active to put it on cooldown

T Freya Default Icon Freya

  • Icons Freya A01Irradiate
  • Freya may now cancel this ability while it is active to put it on cooldown
  • Decreased Cooldown from 11s to 8s

T HunBatz Default Icon Hun Batz

  • Icons HunBatz A03Sacred Monkey
  • Improved teleport responsiveness
  • The firing timing of this ability now better matches the animation

T Artemis Default Icon Artemis

  • Icons Artemis FateTransgressor's Fate
  • Artemis may now spawn traps slightly faster

T ZhongKui Default Icon Zhong Kui

  • Icons ZhongKui A03Book of Demons
  • The damage and stun timing now better matches this ability’s animation

T Medusa Default Icon Medusa

  • Icons Medusa A02Acid Spray
  • The firing timing of this ability now better matches the animation

T Sylvanus Default Icon Sylvanus

  • Basic Attacks
  • The firing timing now better matches the animation
  • Icons Sylvanus A03Nature's Grasp
  • The firing timing of this ability now better matches the animation

T Cernunnos Default Icon Cernunnos

  • Basic Attacks
  • The firing timing now better matches the animation
  • Icons Cernunnos A02Bramble Blast
  • The firing timing of this ability now better matches the animation

Major God Changes

T Eset Default Icon Eset

The Goddess of Magic has upped her spellcasting efficiency! Her iconic Wing Gust, while powerful, is often her downfall, as many channeled abilities have a fine line when it comes to keeping up in DPS and safety compared to traditional burst abilities. A slight increase in her animation speed has done wonders to make her feel much more fluid, and like her damage is able to stack up in comparison to her rivals.

  • Basic Attacks
  • The firing timing now better matches the animation
  • Icons Eset A01Wing Gust
  • This ability animates and fires approximately 25% faster
  • The projectile speed of this ability has increased by approximately 5%

T Terra Default Icon Terra

Terra has always had an awkward early game in Conquest, as her dash really unlocks the rest of the potential in her kit. As such, she has frequently needed adjustments to help her early game, despite being touted as an extremely strong late game selection. With this adjustment, we are now able to allow players to use the exciting parts of Terra’s kit while also feeling freer to put more emphasis into her specialization.

  • Icons Terra A01Force of Nature
  • Terra now has access to this ability from level 1
  • This ability deals no damage unless Terra has a point in it
  • This ability has a 20s cooldown unless Terra has a point in it
  • The mana cost between ranks is unchanged

T Cthulhu Default Icon Cthulhu

The Great Dreamer may be one giant, intimidating creature, but we don’t want to equate size with sluggishness and clunk. One of Cthulhu’s greatest weaknesses is the speed at which his abilities take to get going – and it still will be. However, we wanted to allow Cthulhu players to have more agency over their combo potential, which has felt like a breath of fresh air for this hulking horror in our playtesting!

  • Icons Cthulhu A02The Mire
  • Cthulhu no longer channels this ability, meaning the portal will grow and fire on its own
  • Cthulhu’s cast time has been reduced by approximately 75%

T Agni Default Icon Agni

Agni is here to bring the heat! This adjustment is intended to improve the flow of his kit, making him feel more fluid and modern. Though Agni is a SMITE classic, we want to be open to revisiting them when it feels appropriate. He still is significantly slowed when casting, so we truly believe that this will feel very similar to how he is now for enemies, while significantly improving the experience for those playing him.

  • Basic Attacks
  • The firing timing now better matches the animation
  • Icons Agni A04Rain Fire
  • Agni is no longer rooted while casting this ability
  • Instead, he is slowed by 50% for the duration

T Zeus Default Icon Zeus

At last, one of the most popular Zeus suggestions is finally here! Players have been asking for more control over their shield cooldown and positioning, so we are excited to finally be able to provide. Additionally, hitting the Aegis throw will now grant a charge as a thematic adjustment – as all of Zeus’ other lightning attacks do. We understand this will increase the consistency of his combo, so we are keeping a close eye on how this change will be affecting his overall damage output as well as his other, more standard stats.

  • Icons Zeus ChainLightningChain Lightning
  • The firing timing of this ability now better matches the animation
  • Icons Zeus AegisShieldAegis Assault
  • Zeus may now refire this ability while it is active to put it on cooldown
  • Any enemies hit by the initial shield damage now also gain a charge

T Odin Default Icon Odin

Odin’s Bird Bomb is an iconic and defining combo that is core to his identity. However, it has a little-known mechanic that grants bonus damage if his shield is full, which it rarely ever is – especially in lane. As such, we want to give Odin a more reasonable and consistent way to access this potential damage.

Additionally, we have felt over the years that in general Odin’s third ability rework has been good for the overall consistency of his kit. However, one thing that has stood out is how infrequently the second rune is used. As such, we are cutting out the middle rune, giving him a much more clean and concise ability.

  • Icons Odin A02Raven Shout
  • This ability no longer deals bonus damage if the shield is full, instead always dealing the bonus damage if it is active when Odin lands from Lunge
  • Icons Odin A03Gungnir's Might
  • This ability no longer has the second rune, which would cause Odin’s spear to home onto enemy gods
  • This ability now only pulses twice, which either provides the Attack Speed buff or the Stun when the spear is thrown
  • The total damage from the pulses has been split evenly among the two
  • The spear throw now provides minion knockback
  • The firing timing of the spear throw now better matches the animation

T Arachne Default Icon Arachne

While Arachne was a recipient of past “spicy” changes, we wanted to revisit our adjustments because we felt we could make the ability even more intuitive. As such, we have reverted back to requiring 3 successful Basic Attacks on a single target, but we have further adjusted the ability to allow for non-consecutive hits.

  • Icons Arachne A02Cocoon
  • Arachne no longer needs to hit consecutive Basic Attacks to Stun an enemy
  • Now requires 3 successful Basic Attacks on a single target to Stun

T XingTian Default Icon Xing Tian

Though Xing Tian has received many “normal” buffs, we felt like his kit had more potential when looked at from a more broad angle. As such, we have introduced a brand new mechanic, temporary Max Health, to his passive. This, alongside granting him the ability to truly opt into crazy HP5-oriented builds, will surely allow for some pretty unique build paths and his own sustain-tank style.

  • Icons XingTian PassiveSmouldering Rage
  • Xing Tian now gains 5 + 1 per level temporary Maximum Health per stack
  • Xing Tian now inherently has uncapped HP5

T Shiva Default Icon Shiva

While Shiva is a fairly recent god, there have been many awkward interactions with Pillar of Dawn and walls. We aimed to solve this awkwardness by adjusting how the dash functions. However, we understand that many high level players will use this ability as a pseudo-juke, considering its Damage Mitigation properties, so we wanted to ensure that as long as you’ve used your dash, you will still be able to have that same level of safety as before.

  • Icons Shiva A03Pillar of Dawn
  • The first part of this ability functions like a regular dash, allowing Shiva to slide along walls but no longer stop short
  • Shiva now gains the Damage Mitigation while dashing in addition to when he is inside the pillar

T Athena Default Icon Athena

Athena has been iconic for her block stacks, but we wanted to make the loop of gaining and maintaining these stacks more exciting. With her current kit, she’s really only going to have one, maybe two block stacks if she’s used Preemptive Strike on minions before running into anyone that would hit her with a Basic Attack. Now, she will be able to better juggle being in the thick of things by staggering her abilities and will be rewarded for successfully hitting Reach.

Additionally, because we understand that Athena is currently a mainstay of the ranked and casual metas, her change is being paired with a preemptive nerf.

  • Icons Athena A01Preemptive Strike
  • Hitting an enemy no longer grants a block stack, instead granting a stack of 60% Damage Mitigation against the next instance of enemy Basic Attack damage
  • Reach also grants a Damage Mitigation stack when hitting an enemy god, once per attack
  • Icons Athena A03Shield Wall
  • Decreased Slow from 20% to 15%


  • Dark Supreme Nu Wa: Chantelle Barry
  • Slasher Loki: Jack Ayers
  • Death’s Rain Chaac: Alastair Murden
  • Shadow Sentry Cerberus: Oliver Smith
  • Headhunter Cernunnos: Erik Braa
  • Nightstalker Neith: Jenna Sharpe
  • The Fallen Zeus: Karem Erdinc
  • Cosmic Executioner Thanatos: Jonathan Cox
  • Bionic Overlord Odin: Oliver Smith