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11.6 - Mid Season
Release date: June 11, 2024
Bonus Update: Mid Season Bonus
Client version: 11.6.8041
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All Patch Notes

New God Skins

New Voice Packs



  • Removed the HUD Editor option from Adventures (Odin’s Onslaught) as it was unintentionally available due to these types of modes having bespoke UI elements.


  • Fixed an issue where Through Space and Time could proc Alternate Timeline even if the target had immuned the damage with Aegis.
  • Fixed an issue with Bastet’s Honey Bunny skin causing the targeter of Ensnaring Claw to be much larger.


  • Updated description to correctly state that the 25% Bonus Damage scales from the hit itself, instead of Basic Attack Power.
  • Fixed a rare issue causing this item to proc on each instance of damage, instead of once per ability.


Game Modes


A fan-favorite system is getting a big update this patch! We are adding new features to the Shaman Camp to allow for players to continue to upgrade their Spirit totems throughout the match, and we are also improving feedback around invading! With these changes, we hope to see additional macro-level play around these camps, as their buffs become more powerful the more players are able to diligently play around them!

  • NEW: Spirit Totem Upgrade System
  • The Shaman Camp now continues to cycle through its rotation without limit
  • Each time players clear the Shaman camp, the corresponding color Spirit Totem will spawn or upgrade an existing Spirit Totem up to 3 times per match
  • Note: The first spawn in this camp’s location will remain as Harpies
  • Players can now invade and steal Spirit Totems for their team
  • When a Spirit Totem Camp is killed, regardless of which team kills it, the rotation continues
  • Added clarifying help tips in the Guide system
  • Totem Effects
  • Azure
  • T1: 10% Cooldown Reduction
  • T2: 12.5% Cooldown Reduction
  • T3: 15% Cooldown Reduction
  • Golden
  • T1: +5 Penetration and +5% Penetration
  • T2: +7 Penetration and +5% Penetration
  • T3: +10 Penetration and +5% Penetration
  • Violet
  • T1: +10% Attack Speed
  • T2: +12.5% Attack Speed
  • T3: +15% Attack Speed
  • Crimson
  • T1: +10% Lifesteal and Physical Ability Lifesteal
  • T2: +12.5% Lifesteal and Physical Ability Lifesteal
  • T3: +15% Lifesteal and Physical Ability Lifesteal
  • Verdant
  • T1: +8% Max Health and Mana
  • T2: +10% Max Health and Mana
  • T3: +12% Max Health and Mana
  • Back Harpies
  • The Fire Giant side Harpies no longer apply an Attack Speed debuff


Over the past several months, we have rotated through a variety of Duel banlists, but we understand that this system has been somewhat confusing or disappointing for players more unfamiliar with the mode. We have not seen significant change in the player population of Duel from this system, so would like to return to having focus be on player choice in the mode.

  • All gods are now unbanned

Item Balance

Starter EyeoftheJungle T1 Starter EyeoftheJungle T1 Eye of the Jungle

Ever since the removal of this item’s Attack Speed, it has struggled to find a home amongst many jungler archetypes. As such, we’re giving it a brand new effect to really hone in on its “in the jungle” theming!

  • New effect: While in the Jungle, gain 3% Movement Speed

Tier Two Item Pass

In 11.6, we are making huge sweeping changes to Tier 2 items across the board. Our goal is to adjust the importance of certain power spikes throughout the game, as well as to further differentiate the items and their purposes. To achieve this, we are adding many new Tier 2 items and adding passives to existing Tier 2 items! In addition, many items have seen a variety of balance changes to really mix up build paths.

We understand the concern that this change may add quite a lot of strength to many of these items – and in some way that reflects our goal of switching up and smoothing out power curves. However, our intention is that there should almost never be a situation where a Tier 2 item is stronger than any of its upgrades throughout the entire game. As this is such a big pass, we will be monitoring the items very closely and adjusting them accordingly in Bonus Balance and beyond.

Physical Damage

BoundGuantlet T2 BoundGuantlet T2 Bound Gauntlet

  • Now builds into Soul Eater
  • NEW: PASSIVE – Your abilities heal for 4% of the damage dealt
  • Increased Cost from 1050g to 1250g

CursedGauntlet T2 CursedGauntlet T2 Cursed Gauntlet

  • Now builds into Crimson Claws, Bloodforge, and Devourer’s Gauntlet
  • Decreased Cost from 1400g to 1300g
  • Increased Lifesteal from 6% to 9%

Bloodforge T3 Bloodforge T3 Bloodforge

  • Decreased Cost from 2600 to 2500

ShortBow T1 ShortBow T1 Short Bow

  • Decreased Cost from 650g to 550g

ChargedBow T2 ChargedBow T2 Charged Bow

With the removal of Golden Blade, we have seen players adapt by purchasing Charged Bow to assist with clear. We would like to further lean into this niche by making it more widely available for the early game, but nerfing its strength slightly to compensate.

  • Decreased Cost from 1200g to 1000g
  • Decreased Damage from 15 + 30% of your Basic Attack Power to 5 + 25% of your Basic Attack Power

HuntersBow T2 HuntersBow T2 Hunter's Bow

  • Increased Cost from 1200g to 1250g
  • Added 5 Penetration

Stormseeker T3 Stormseeker T3 Stormseeker

  • Increased cost from 1900g to 2100g
  • Increased Physical Power from 25 to 30
  • Added 10 Penetration

MorningStarofSpeed T2 MorningStarofSpeed T2 Piercing Morningstar

  • Builds into Heartseeker
  • PASSIVE – Every 5s, your next ability deals 2% of the target’s Maximum Health as Physical damage
  • 1550g
  • 25 Physical Power
  • 150 Mana
  • 10 MP5

ShortSword T2 ShortSword T2 Short Sword

  • Now builds into Rage and Deathbringer
  • NEW: PASSIVE – When critically striking an enemy, gain a stack of 5 Physical Power, max 3 stacks, for 5s

8-PointedShuriken T2 8-PointedShuriken T2 8-Pointed Shuriken

  • Builds into Demon Blade and Bladed Boomerang
  • PASSIVE – When damaging an enemy god with a Basic Attack, gain 3% Attack Speed for 10s. Max 5 stacks
  • 1300g
  • 20 Physical Power

ThousandFoldBlade T2 ThousandFoldBlade T2 Thousand Fold Blade

  • Now builds into Equinox, Hastened Katana, and Shadowdrinker
  • NEW: PASSIVE – Gain 5% Movement Speed for 10s on killing or assisting an enemy god. Stacks up to 3 times.

SwiftEdge T2 SwiftEdge T2 Swift Edge

  • Builds into Serrated Edge
  • PASSIVE – Damaging an enemy god with an ability grants 3% Movement Speed toward them for 3s. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • 1500g
  • 20 Physical Power
  • 3% Movement Speed

Balanced Blade Balanced Blade Balanced Blade

  • Now builds into The Executioner and Asi
  • NEW: PASSIVE – On damaging an enemy god with a Basic Attack, gain 2 Physical Pen for 5s, stacks up to 3 times.
  • Increased Cost from 1250g to 1400g

Asi T3 Asi T3 Asi

  • Decreased Physical Power from 45 to 40
  • Added 10 Physical Penetration

Draining Blade Draining Blade Keen Blade

  • Builds into Qin’s Sais and Duality
  • PASSIVE – Your Basic Attacks deal an additional 10% of your Basic Attack Power as Physical damage.
  • 1550g
  • 20 Physical Power
  • 15% Attack Speed

Shillelagh T2 Shillelagh T2 Shillelagh

  • Builds into Blackthorn Hammer
  • PASSIVE – While you are under 25% of your Maximum Mana, gain 20 MP5
  • 1100g
  • 15 Physical Power
  • 100 Health

HeavyHammer T2 HeavyHammer T2 Heavy Hammer

  • Now builds into Frostbound Hammer
  • NEW: PASSIVE – Each time you Basic Attack an enemy god, gain a stack. When you have 4 stacks, your next Basic Attack damage Slows the enemy god hit by 15% for 2s. Additional Slows applied from this item refresh the duration.
  • Increased Cost from 1350g to 1400g

SmithysHammer T2 SmithysHammer T2 Smithy's Hammer

  • Builds into Dawnbringer and Runeforged Hammer
  • 1200g
  • 25 Physical Power
  • 100 Health
  • 10 HP5

Magical Damage

TalonTrinket T2 TalonTrinket T2 Talon Trinket

  • NEW: PASSIVE – Each second you are in god combat, gain 1 Magical Power and 1% Lifesteal for 5s. Max 20 stacks.
  • Decreased Magical Power from 55 to 45
  • Decreased Lifesteal from 7.5% to 5%

MysticRing T2 MysticRing T2 Mystic Ring

  • Builds into Demonic Grip and Hastened Ring
  • 1300g
  • 40 Magical Power
  • 20% Attack Speed

EnchantedRing T2 EnchantedRing T2 Enchanted Ring

  • Now builds into Telkhines’ Ring and Cyclopean Ring
  • NEW: PASSIVE – Your next Basic Attack deals an additional 5 + 3 per level Magical Damage. This effect can only occur once every 8s, reduced by 2s for each successful Basic Attack on an enemy god.
  • Increased Cost from 1300g to 1400g
  • Decreased Magical Power from 40 to 35

BookofSouls T2 BookofSouls T2 Book of Souls

  • Now builds into Soul Reaver and Polynomicon
  • NEW: PASSIVE – Gain a stack each time you damage an enemy god with an ability or Basic Attack. At 4 stacks, your next ability or Basic Attack deals 20 + 4 per level Magical damage.
  • Increased Mana from 125 to 150

BookofSecrets T2 BookofSecrets T2 Book of Secrets

  • Builds into Tablet of Destinies and Book of Thoth
  • PASSIVE – Each time you damage an enemy god with an ability, gain a stack. Each stack grants nothing, but when you upgrade this item, these stacks transfer to the upgraded item. You may only gain one stack every 4s, and can only gain stacks once per god per ability hit. Max 50 stacks.
  • 1200g
  • 40 Magical Power
  • 200 Mana

BookofThoth T3 BookofThoth T3 Book of Thoth

  • Reduced Stack count from 100 to 50
  • Increased Damage required per stack from 450 to 900 (225 to 450 on gods)
  • Increased Mana per stack from 6 to 12

SorcerersStaff T2 SorcerersStaff T2 Sorcerer's Staff

  • NEW: PASSIVE – On leveling up, heal 10% of your Maximum Health and Mana over 3s.
  • Decreased Cost from 1350g to 1300g

EnchantedSpear T2 EnchantedSpear T2 Enchanted Spear

  • NEW: PASSIVE – On damaging an enemy god, once per god per ability, gain 2 Magical Pen for 10s, stacks up to 3 times.
  • Decreased Cost from 1400g to 1350g
  • Decreased Magical Power from 60 to 45

RestoredArtifact T2 RestoredArtifact T2 Restored Artifact

  • NEW: PASSIVE – On damaging an enemy god, once per god per ability, restore 1% of your Maximum Mana.


GemofFate T1 GemofFate T1 Gem of Fate

While it is iconic, the extremely high price point of this Tier 1 has made it very difficult to opt into for the tree’s entire history in SMITE. We are dropping the price of the initial investment to see how it affects the tree as a whole.

  • Decreased Cost from 900g to 750g

KnightsShield T2 KnightsShield T2 Knight's Shield

  • Decreased Cost from 1600g to 1500g

ApprenticeStaff T2 ApprenticeStaff T2 Apprentice Staff

  • Decreased Cost from 1600g to 1500g

HonedEdge T2 HonedEdge T2 Honed Edge

  • Decreased Cost from 1600g to 1500g

Arondight T3 Arondight T3 Arondight

  • Decreased Cost from 2500 to 2400

SagesStone T2 SagesStone T2 Sage's Stone

  • Now builds into Erosion and Abyssal Stone
  • Decreased Cost from 1400g to 1250g
  • Decreased Physical Protection from 25 to 20
  • Decreased Magical Protection from 25 to 20
  • Increased Health from 100 to 150

File:EnchantedStone T2.png Enchanted Stone

  • Now builds into Erosion and Abyssal Stone
  • Decreased Cost from 1400g to 1250g
  • Decreased Physical Protection from 25 to 20
  • Decreased Magical Protection from 25 to 20
  • Increased Health from 100 to 150

SilverMail T2 SilverMail T2 Emerald Mail

  • NEW: PASSIVE – Getting an assist on an enemy god or minion kill grants 2 Protections for 5s, max 5 stacks
  • Increased Cost from 1250g to 1350g

EmeraldTalisman T2 EmeraldTalisman T2 Emerald Talisman

  • Decreased Cost from 1400g to 1250g

Fatalis T2 Fatalis T2 Defender's Blade

  • Builds into Relic Dagger and Lotus Sickle
  • 1350g
  • 150 Health
  • 5% Movement Speed
  • 10% Cooldown Reduction

LotusSickle T3 LotusSickle T3 Lotus Sickle

  • Increased Physical Protection from 20 to 25

CursedBlade T2 Cursed Blade

  • NEW: PASSIVE – Enemy gods hit by your Basic Attacks have 20% reduced Healing for 5s.

SilverTalisman T2 SilverTalisman T2 Silver Talisman

  • Now builds into Pestilence
  • NEW: PASSIVE – Enemy gods within 55 units have their Healing reduced by 15%. This effect does not stack with similar auras.

RenewingTalisman T2 RenewingTalisman T2 Renewing Talisman

  • Builds into Absolution, Heartward Amulet, and Talisman of Energy
  • PASSIVE – Gain a stack each time you damage or are damaged by an enemy god (once per ability). Upon reaching 5 stacks, lose all stacks and restore 100 Mana in a 40 unit radius around you.
  • 1250g
  • 35 Magical Protection
  • 150 Health

SpellboundKusari T2 SpellboundKusari T2 Spellbound Kusari

  • Now builds into Oni Hunter’s Garb and Genji’s Guard
  • NEW: PASSIVE – When you are hit by an ability that deals Magical damage, gain 5% Magical Damage Mitigation for 5s. ICD 12s.
  • Increased MP5 from 15 to 20

DaimyosKusari T2 DaimyosKusari T2 Daimyo's Kusari

  • Builds into Void Doumaru and Shogun’s Kusari
  • PASSIVE – For each enemy god within 55 units of you, reduce all enemy god’s Magical Protections by 4. For each ally within 55 units of you, increase all allied gods’ Attack Speed by 5%.
  • 1300g
  • 30 Magical Protection
  • 15 MP5

SilverBreastplate T2 SilverBreastplate T2 Silver Breastplate

  • Now builds into Breastplate of Regrowth and Breastplate of Valor
  • Increased Cost from 1050g to 1200g
  • Decreased Physical Protection from 35 to 25
  • Added 10% Cooldown Reduction

BreastplateofRegrowth T3 BreastplateofRegrowth T3 Breastplate of Regrowth

  • Increased Physical Protection from 45 to 50

SurdyBreastplate T2 SurdyBreastplate T2 Sturdy Bresatplate

  • Builds into Spectral Armor and Contagion
  • 1050g
  • 35 Physical Protection
  • 100 Health
  • 10 HP5

SpectralArmor T3 SpectralArmor T3 Spectral Armor

  • Removed Mana
  • Removed MP5
  • Increased Health from 150 to 250
  • Added 20 HP5

Contagion T3 Contagion T3 Contagion

  • Removed Mana
  • Removed MP5
  • Increased Health from 100 to 200
  • Added 25 HP5

SpikedShield T2 SpikedShield T2 Spiked Shield

  • Builds into Gladiator’s Shield and Void Shield
  • 1400g
  • 30 Physical Protections
  • 100 Health
  • 15 HP5

TowerShield T2 TowerShield T2 Tower Shield

  • Now builds into Phalanx and Berserker’s Shield
  • NEW: PASSIVE – Each second you are in god combat, gain 1% Attack Speed for 5s. Max 10 stacks.
  • Increased Cost from 1150g to 1200g
  • Decreased Physical Protection from 30 to 25
  • Decreased HP5 from 15 to 10

SteelMail T2 SteelMail T2 Steel Mail

  • Now builds into Mystical Mail
  • NEW: PASSIVE – Deal 15 Magical damage per second to all enemies within 25 units of you.

BronzeMail T2 Bronze Mail

  • Builds into Emperor’s Armor, Sovereignty, and Midgardian Mail
  • PASSIVE – Every 4th Basic Attack you are damaged by grants you a 75 Health Shield that lasts for 5s or until destroyed.
  • 1250g
  • 20 Physical Protection
  • 150 Health

CloakofConcentration T2 CloakofConcentration T2 Cloak of Concentration

  • NEW: PASSIVE – When you are hit by a Hard Crowd Control, steal 10 Protections from all enemy gods within 20 units for 5s, ICD 5s.
  • Decreased Cost from 1500g to 1400g
  • Decreased Cooldown Reduction from 7% to 5%

CloakofUnrelentingSorrow T3 CloakofUnrelentingSorrow T3 Mantle of Discord

  • Decreased Cost from 2750g to 2650g

God Balance

T Vulcan Default Icon Vulcan

Vulcan’s Inferno Cannon has been on maximum overdrive! After the pet item proc changes from last patch, we have seen a huge surge in Vulcan play, and his winrate has done pretty well alongside it. As such, we are decreasing the availability of his turret and general maneuverability from Backfire.

  • Icons Vulcan A01Backfire
  • Increased Cooldown from 8/7.5/7/6.5/6s to 9/8.5/8/7.5/7s
  • Icons Vulcan A02Inferno Cannon
  • Decreased Damage from 45/75/105/135/165 to 45/70/95/120/145
  • Increased Cooldown from 10s to 12s

T Cupid Default Icon Cupid

Despite a few small quality of life buffs over the past few months, Cupid is still not performing particularly well. We want to make sure that his base kit is feeling potent so that he is not only good because his ultimate is good.

  • General
  • Increased Basic Attack Power from 32 to 38
  • Increased Basic Attack Power per level from 2.3 to 2.5
  • Icons Cupid BombHeart Bomb
  • Decreased Mana Cost from 70/75/80/85/90 to 60/65/70/75/80
  • Icons Cupid FlutterFlutter
  • New effect: On cast, double the Attack Speed gained from this ability for 4s

T Danzaburou Default Icon Danzaburou

This tanuki trickster has not been too successful with his schemes as of late. We’re giving him a couple buffs to get him back in business!

  • Icons Danzaburou A01Fool's Gold
  • Increased Damage from 95/140/185/230/275 to 95/145/195/245/295
  • Increased Explosion Damage from 30/55/80/105/130 to 40/65/90/115/140
  • Icons Danzaburou A02Alluring Spirits
  • Increased Healing from 20/40/60/80/100 to 30/55/80/105/130
  • Decreased Cooldown from 16/15/14/13/12s to 14/13.5/13/12.5/12s
  • Icons Danzaburou A04Uproarious Rocket
  • Increased Explosion Damage from 50% to 75% of the initial hit

T Apollo Default Icon Apollo

The God of Music is feeling inspired! Apollo has been fairly average across the board for some time, but with how competitive the ADC role can be, he needs a bit of a boost to stand out amongst the crowd!

  • Icons Apollo A01So Beautiful
  • Decreased Mana Cost from 70/75/80/85/90 to 60/65/70/75/80
  • Icons Apollo A02Serenade
  • Decreased Cooldown from 17/16/15/14/13s to 15/14.5/14/13.5/13s
  • Decreased Mana Cost from 75 to 60
  • Icons Apollo A03The Moves
  • Increased Buff Duration from 3s to 5s

T BaronSamedi Default Icon Baron Samedi

Baron Samedi performs a dual role – one of providing utility and control, all while dropping some solid damage across the board. However, when comparing him to his compatriots from the mage class with a similar identity, he falls short in a couple places.

  • General
  • Increased Base Health from 532 to 600
  • Icons Baron A01Vivid Gaze
  • Increased double hit Damage from 15% to 25%
  • Icons Baron A03Wrap it Up
  • Decreased Slow Duration from 1.75s to 1.5s
  • Increased Root Duration from .75s to 1s

T Poseidon Default Icon Poseidon

With the recent timing change to Whirlpool, we were hoping to see Poseidon’s performance improve, but surprisingly, it did not change much at all. As such, we’re granting additional help to the God of the Oceans to get him back in the swing of things!

  • General
  • Increased Base Attack Speed from 0.87 to 0.95
  • Icons Poseidon A02Trident
  • Increased Attack Speed from 5/7.5/10/12.5/15% to 10/12.5/15/17.5/20%
  • Icons Poseidon A03Whirlpool
  • Increased Damage Scaling per tick from 15% to 20%
  • Icons Poseidon A04Release the Kraken!
  • Increased Damage Scaling on the center hit from 45% to 55%

T Scylla Default Icon Scylla

Despite being a very popular character, Scylla does not perform very well due to her all-in late game style. As such, we’re granting her a bit more leeway in her early game performance while adjusting a couple of “feels bad”s within her kit.

  • Icons Scylla A01Sic 'Em
  • Decreased Mana Cost from 60/70/80/90/100 to 60/65/70/75/80
  • Icons Scylla A02Crush
  • Increased Damage to minions from 20% to 30%
  • Icons Scylla A03Sentinel
  • Increased cast Range from 65 at ranks 1-4 to 70 at all ranks
  • Increased MP5 from 4/6/8/10/12 to 8/10/12/14/16

T Freya Default Icon Freya

Even alongside a couple big magical ADC buffs in the last patch, Freya is still lagging slightly behind. Her damage is on the mark, however her utility and survivability are her biggest downfalls at the moment.

  • General
  • Increased Base Health from 567 to 610
  • Icons Freya A03Banish
  • Decreased Cooldown 19/18/17/16/15s to 16/15.5/15/14.5/14s

T Hel Default Icon Hel

Hel hasn’t found her place yet this year: stuck between a utility-focused or damage-focused playstyle. We’re aiming to increase her utility slightly by buffing her healing, and making it so Physical gods benefit from her ultimate’s passive aspect, instead of only Magical gods.

  • Icons Hel A03 S2Inspire
  • Increased Heal from 7/9/11/13/15 + 0.9 per level to 10/12/14/16/18 + 1 per level
  • Increased Self Heal per level from 5.5 to 6
  • Icons Hel A04Icons Hel A04 S2Switch Stances
  • Increased Radius from 30 to 55
  • New effect: Also grants 10/15/20/25/30 Physical Power to allies

T Fenrir Default Icon Fenrir

Fenrir has been tearing it up in Smite 2, but he is having a hard time keeping up in Smite 1. A small adjustment is all that’s necessary to help boost this good pupper’s stats.

  • Icons Fenrir A03Brutalize
  • Now deals 75% of the damage in the AoE

T Cliodhna Default Icon Cliodhna

Over the past few patches, we’ve noticed Cliodhna’s success and play rate has been trending down. With a few small buffs, we hope to counteract the trend and maintain her in a solid, average range.

  • Icons Cliodhna PassivePhantasmal
  • Increased Buff duration from 5s to 6s
  • Decreased Cooldown from 13s to 12s
  • Icons Cliodhna A01Banshee's Wail
  • Increased Scream Damage Scaling from 40% to 45%

T Artio Default Icon Artio

Summer is nearly here, which means it’s time for the Bear Goddess to awake from her hibernation! With significant buffs to her Energy Surge and Life Tap healing, alongside smaller buffs to Cooldowns and Mana Costs, we hope that players can feel impactful playing Artio once again!

  • Icons Artio A01Energy Surge
  • Increased Heal from 40/55/70/85/100 to 40/80/120/160/200
  • Decreased Cooldown from 13s to 12s (Both forms)
  • Icons Artio A03Life Tap
  • Increased Heal per hit from 6/10/14/18/22 to 10/15/20/25/30
  • Increased Damage Scaling per hit from 10% to 15%
  • Shifted Mana Cost from 50/55/60/65/70 to 55 at all ranks
  • Icons Artio A03BHeavy Charge
  • Increased Damage Scaling from 50% to 55%
  • Shifted Mana Cost from 50/55/60/65/70 to 55 at all ranks

T Sylvanus Default Icon Sylvanus

With a few quality of life changes (see below) and a small buff to his base stats, Sylvanus is ready to flourish and grow like he never has before!

  • General
  • Increased Health per level from 95 to 100
  • Increased base Physical Protection from 26.6 to 30
  • Increased Physical Protection per level from 3.2 to 3.7

T Amaterasu Default Icon Amaterasu

With Equinox having been at the top of the meta lately, one would think Amaterasu belongs near the peak. However, she fell far below her fellow Basic Attack-focused Warriors and has not recovered after the new item’s nerfs.

  • General
  • Increased Basic Attack Power per level from 2 to 2.2
  • Icons Amaterasu A01Divine Presence
  • Increased Heal per tick from 10/18/26/34/42 to 15/25/35/45/55
  • Icons Amaterasu A03Glorious Charge
  • Decreased Mana Cost from 70/75/80/85/90 to 60 at all ranks
  • Icons Amaterasu A04Dazzling Offensive
  • Decreased Cooldown from 95/90/85/80/75s to 90/85/80/75/70s

T Horus Default Icon Horus

Despite many active frontliners doing quite well at the moment, Horus is certainly not among them. Adding a small increase to his general utility and granting skilled players more chances to make big plays with his ultimate is just what the doctor ordered!

  • Icons Horus A03Protector's Surge
  • Increased Buff Duration from 3s to 5s
  • Icons Horus A04To The Skies!
  • Decreased Cooldown from 100s to 90s

Quality of Life (Gods)

T Bakasura Default Icon Bakasura

Alongside an additional change below, Bakasura will be able to more skillfully place his ultimate and trap his foes in his disgusting, yet oh-so-helpful goop.

  • Icons Bakasura A04Regurgitate
  • Increased projectile speed by roughly 15%

T YuHuang Default Icon Yu Huang

Ever since Yu Huang’s release, there have been many discussions around the difficulty of hitting his ultimate. We are finally able to do some subtle, but critical adjustments to the firing experience that will hopefully give players a better time using his most powerful ability.

  • Icons YuHuang A04Dueling Dragons
  • Improved fire and postfire timings for a more smooth firing experience
  • Increased Dragon projectile speed by roughly 15%

T Kali Default Icon Kali

Kali’s unique Target mechanic has gone through several changes throughout her long tenure on the battleground, but never has it felt this clean! Due to the nature of her kit, Kali will often heavily commit to one foe, and now that she is able to adjust her target will, she will be more empowered than ever before to strike them down!

Of course, because Kali has this extra freedom, the strength of the Target effect must also go down, but we think having the extra utility will feel very, very good!

Additionally, Nimble Strike’s healing change will now allow her to gain a small heal, even if the target she’s hitting is not low. No more feeling bad about leaping into camps or starting an engagement with her jump!

  • Icons Kali PassiveMarked for Death
  • Kali is now able to re-select her target while in base
  • This can be done by pressing the Basic Attack input, which will then bring up her Passive UI menu
  • You are able to right click the Passive UI menu to close it without making a selection
  • You are able to right click while in the base to disable the ability to reselect a target until you re-enter the base
  • Decreased Physical Penetration from 10% to 5%
  • Decreased Kill/Assist Gold Bonus from 30% to 20%
  • Icons Kali A01Nimble Strike
  • New effect: When Kali leaps on an enemy god, the lowest Current Health god is marked automatically.
  • The healing effect of this ability has been adjusted from 15% of the target’s Missing Health to 20/40/60/80/100 + 10% of the target’s Missing Health.

T Cerberus Default Icon Cerberus

Old dog(s) can learn new tricks! Cerberus is now let off the leash while using Stygian Torment, which means he now has more ways than ever before to fetch his enemies for his friends! Soul Expulsion should also be feeling a bit better to cast, allowing him to act slightly sooner after landing.

  • Icons Cerberus A03Soul Expulsion
  • Improved fire and postfire timings for a more smooth firing experience
  • Icons Cerberus A04Stygian Torment
  • Cerberus is no longer crippled or slowed during this ability

T Atlas Default Icon Atlas

After adjusting other gods’ Basic Attack procs in 11.5, we are able to include Atlas now as well! It may not be the most ideal pathway to build into, but we want to allow players to try new build paths and enjoy a silly build every now and then.

  • Icons Atlas A01Unburden
  • Atlas’ enhanced Basic Attacks now proc Basic Attack item effects for 50% of the damage and healing
  • The following abilities can now proc ability item effects:

With the new tech pioneered in the previous patch, we are able to allow some abilities to proc item effects that previously could not. They have been sorted in terms of their proc frequency, ability to hit in an area, and other criteria that would require us to reduce their damage and healing.

We are not intending to let every ability in the game proc item effects, but we will continue to investigate options for the future if we deem that it would be healthy and fun to include them.

  • Cthulhu – Sever (100% damage and healing effectiveness)
  • Chernobog – Heart of Cold (100% damage and healing effectiveness)
  • Pele – Magma Rush (25% damage and healing effectiveness)
  • Maman Brigitte – Party Trick (25% damage and healing effectiveness)
  • Xbalanque – Branching Bolas (25% damage and healing effectiveness)
  • The following abilities can now be fired while targeting close to or inside of walls:

Previously, these abilities would not allow players to fire them into walls if over half of their area was inside of a wall. Some abilities are not allowed to do that for technical reasons, but the following abilities do not need the restriction any longer!

  • Skadi – Permafrost
  • Poseidon – Release The Kraken!
  • Bakasura – Regurgitate
  • Sylvanus – Basic Attacks
  • Ishtar – Strike Shot
  • Jing Wei – Persistent Gust
  • Ah Muzen Cab – Honey
  • Freya – Banish
  • Ymir – Ice Wall


  • Honor Roll Amaterasu – Heidi Tabing
  • Lil Bites Sobek – Jacob Barrens
  • Dread Stalker Khepri – Jonathan Bullock
  • Ceramic Circuit Kali – Nadia Marshall
  • Nano-Mancer Baron Samedi – Mike Smith
  • Party Animal Danzaburou – Mike Bodie
  • Goth Gourmet The Morrigan – Brett Pels
  • Mighty Mutt Fenrir – Troy Allan