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Celestial Wedding | August 18, 2015

New God Skins

Sun's Bride Chang'e Moon's Groom Hou Yi Daimyodin Odin Wrath of Olympus Zeus
Sun's Bride Chang'e Moon's Groom Hou Yi Daimyodin Odin Wrath of Olympus Zeus

New Voice Packs

Training Map

Queue Training.png

  • In the first step towards improving our new player experience within SMITE, we are introducing a Training Map. The Training Map will take players through a series of single player matches intended to ease a new player into the game. These training matches are currently existing modes within the game already:
  • Joust 3v3 Practice
  • Arena Tutorial
  • Arena Practice
  • These modes may change over time as we continue to tweak and improve the new player experience.
  • The matches on the Training Map will give players a bonus of Favor and XP upon completion.

Jungle Practice - Updated


  • We have updated the Jungle Practice map, adding some requested features as well as making sure everything is up to date.
  • Updated visuals and Jungle Camps.
  • Added the ability to reset back to Level 1.
  • Added Invincible Odin Target Dummies.
  • Items are now purchasable/sellable everywhere on the map.


  • Wisdom Tab and God Builder have had visual updates. Still a work in progress.
  • Spectator - Fixed Siege Juggernaut Health bar not showing the correct time.
  • Draft Pick - Fixed UI incorrectly stating Player 5 is picking.
  • Added gradient to Recall bar making it easier to see.
  • Fixed incorrectly stating ‘next promotion’ at end of match lobby for Master ranked players.
  • Arena Damage icons updated.
  • Updated Feature Panel buttons on landing page (Rewards, Season Ticket, Event).
  • Accolade art can now be seen in larger resolution when mousing over.


  • Changes to the Refer-a-Friend rewards.
  • Play Together Bonuses have changed
  • 20 hours for 200 gems has become 15 hours for 200 gems
  • 30 hours for 200 gems has become 20 hours for 200 gems
  • Triumph & Agni Skin now rewarded at 10 hours played together.
  • All changes will be retroactively applied.
  • Event Master
  • We have awarded gems (based on progress) to those who had progress on the Event Master achievement and have removed the achievement from the game.
  • Fixed issue with saved login information not persisting through a service or PC restart.
  • Fixed “I like you” Achievement not working.
  • Spectators in Joust League match lobby will now have a delay.
  • Emotes will now automatically play when purchased in the match lobby.
  • “Jolly Roger” Achievement added - Win a match with all Pirates on your team.


Blink Combat 01.png Combat Blink

  • Fixed issues with blinking then continuing to be affected by Crowd Control.


T Agni Default Icon.png Agni

  • Icons Agni A03.png Path of Flames
  • Fixed not highlighting targets.

T AMC Default Icon.png Ah Muzen Cab

  • Icons AMC Passive.png Bees!
  • Fixed Disarm taking longer than 4s to re-apply if Bees! is extended with Basic Attacks.

T Awilix Default Icon.png Awilix

  • Icons Awilix A02.png Feather Step
  • Fixed others not seeing the area of effect fx.
  • Icons Awilix A04.png Gravity Surge
  • Brightened up the pull indicator for Renegade skin.

T Bacchus Default Icon Old2.png Bacchus

  • General
  • Fixed The King end of match lobby showing guitar floating.

T Chaac Default Icon.png Chaac

  • Icons Chaac A02.png Thunder Strike
  • Fixed a blind spot where targets would not be hit.

T ChangE Default Icon.png Chang'e

  • Icons ChangE Passive.png Jade Rabbit
  • Fixed Rabbit Passive meter not changing color to Moonlight Love skin.

T HouYi Default Icon.png Hou Yi

  • Icons HouYi A01.png Ricochet
  • Fixed not highlighting all targets on 2nd and 3rd trajectories.

T Janus Default Icon.png Janus

  • Icons Janus A03.png Threshold
  • Fixed debuff tooltip showing incorrect icon.

T Khepri Default Icon.png Khepri

Khepri was over performing but we wanted to be careful about how we brought his strength down. He is a character that focuses on protecting allies, but was slightly too potent as well as had other strengths. We chose to reduce some of his ability to protect, while focusing more on lowering some of his durability and damage.

  • Icons Khepri Passive.png Fortitude
  • Reduced Shield Health per tick from 3% to 2%. Reduced maximum Shield Health from 15% to 10%.
  • Fixed buff tooltips not showing.
  • Icons Khepri A01.png Abduct
  • Reduced base damage from 80/140/200/260/320 to 80/130/180/230/280.
  • Fixed Khepri not being affected by Silence during Pull.
  • Icons Khepri A02.png Rising Dawn
  • Reduced allied Damage Mitigation from 30/35/40/45/50% to 20/25/30/35/40%.
  • Icons Khepri A04.png Scarab's Blessing
  • Fixed buff tooltips not showing.

T Kumbhakarna Default Icon.png Kumbhakarna

  • Icons Kumbhakarna Passive.png Sleepy
  • Fixed not being targetable by Khepri Ultimate if asleep.

T Nemesis Default Icon.png Nemesis

  • General
  • Fixed AFK skin playing Gamma Slam voice.
  • Icons Nemesis A03.png Retribution
  • Fixed an issue that caused Nemesis to go invisible on some clients.

T Nox Default Icon.png Nox

  • Icons Nox A03.png Shadow Step
  • Fixed an issue with Nox's shadowstep where ejecting from an ally executed by Ao Kuang could cause her to get stuck on top of terrain.

T Ravana Default Icon.png Ravana

  • General
  • Cleaned up some visual issues at Victory screen.

T Scylla Default Icon.png Scylla

  • General
  • Fixed Special Emote not working.

T Tyr Default Icon.png Tyr

  • Icons Tyr A02.png Power Cleave (Assault Stance)
  • Fixed knocking back players that were using spacebar jump.