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Alien Attacks | September 22, 2015[ | ]

New God Skins[ | ]

Galactic Invader Ah Puch Horned Beetle Khepri
Galactic Invader Ah Puch Horned Beetle Khepri

T AhPuch Alien Icon Galactic Invader Ah Puch[ | ]

  • For a limited time only get the Exclusive UFO Ward bundled free with purchase.

New Voice Packs[ | ]

New Announcer Packs[ | ]

  • Nox – Updated Lines

New Emotes[ | ]

  • Ravana Wave and Clap

New Avatar[ | ]

  • Fenrir – Priced at 50 gems (using Ragnarok portrait)

New Wards[ | ]

  • UFO Ward
  • Exclusive item available for the next two weeks in the Galactic Invader Ah Puch bundle.

Updated God Cards[ | ]

Olympian Anhur Standard Ares Convention 2012 Artemis
Olympian Anhur Standard Ares Convention 2012 Artemis
Alienware Ra Divine Protector Vamana
Alienware Ra Divine Protector Vamana

Misc[ | ]

  • 10 New God Achievements
  • New Privacy Options
  • Added a new option to hide player stats at Profile screen called Hide My Profile.
  • This will hide any identifying information that can be obtained through the API.
  • Hide God Stats option for loading frames will now also hide the mastery level and frame.
  • Conquest Tutorial – Fixed purchasing items issue with non-Guardians.
  • Messages from Administrators will now go into your System Notifications.

Items[ | ]

Blink 01 Blink[ | ]

Blink is an item that allows gods to gain a burst of mobility on a long cooldown. In its previous form, it allowed for this mobility too often, and too early for the cost investment. By increasing the cooldown at early ranks, and keeping it mostly low on the highest ranks, players can still enjoy the engage potential of this active while feeling like they made a meaningful choice to pick it up. We also like this as an engage tool, so we nerfed the capability of escaping with it, highlighting Combat Blink as that choice.

  • Increased cooldown from 90s → 150s.
  • Now triggers cooldown timer upon taking damage, so it's more clear when it's available (if cooldown is less than time out of combat requirement).

Blink 01 Improved Blink[ | ]

  • Increased cooldown from 60s → 110s
  • Time out of combat required increased from 4s → 5s.
  • Now triggers cooldown timer upon taking damage, so it's more clear when it's available (if cooldown is less than time out of combat requirement).

Blink 03 Greater Blink[ | ]

  • Increased cooldown from 45s → 70s
  • No longer grants 40% movement speed for 1s after blinking
  • Time out of combat required increased from 3s → 5s.
  • Now triggers cooldown timer upon taking damage, so it's more clear when it's available (if cooldown is less than time out of combat requirement).

Deathbringer T3 Deathbringer T3 Deathbringer[ | ]

Deathbringer is a potent item that allows characters to have a powerful end game choice to fill out their power curve. While effective, it was slightly too effective at what it did and how it scaled with other items. We have reduced the bonus critical damage it provides to bring it back more into line.

  • Reduced Critical Strike Damage increase from 50% → 40%.

God Changes[ | ]

T Athena Default Icon Athena[ | ]

  • Icons Athena A03 Shield Wall
  • Fixed shield wall getting destroyed by Gold Fury in some cases.

T Bacchus Default Icon Old2 Bacchus[ | ]

  • Icons Bachus A03 Old Belch of the Gods
  • Now pushes back minions while firing.

T GuanYu Default Icon Guan Yu[ | ]

  • Icons GuanYu Passive Painless
  • Updated Passive text to include boost for dealing damage.

T Khepri Default Icon Khepri[ | ]

Khepri's Ultimate is a unique skill that can change the course of a fight instantly. We like his capability to do this, but felt there were some natural places we could add some counterplay. Executes felt like that would have the impact to bypass Khepri's protection and as such, will now kill targets even if they are under the effect of Scarab's Blessing. Similarly to Ullr breaking Disarms, this should allow for some very unique counter-play scenarios.

  • Icons Khepri A04 Scarab's Blessing
  • Executes are no longer blocked by this ability.
  • Fixed ability going on cooldown even though it didn't actually fire.

T Neith Default Icon Neith[ | ]

  • General
  • Updated all of her fx on Standard skin along with performance improvements.
  • Icons Neith A04 World Weaver
  • Updated sound fx for ability.

T Poseidon Default Icon Old Poseidon[ | ]

  • Icons Poseidon A04 Old Release the Kraken!
  • Improved team coloring for Kraken.

T Ratatoskr Default Icon Ratatoskr[ | ]

  • Icons Ratatoskr Passive Old Acorn of Yggdrasil
  • Fixed Tier 1 Acorns not showing up in Scoreboard.
  • Icons Ratatoskr A04 Through the Cosmos
  • Improved team coloring for Tree.

T Vamana Default Icon Old2 Vamana[ | ]

The long requested passive meter has arrived! Vamana players will now be able to enjoy seeing information about their passive with a passive meter.

  • Icons Vamana Passive Old Sleeping Giant
  • Now has a passive meter.

T XingTian Default Icon Xing Tian[ | ]

Xing Tian had a strong release and we are making a few adjustments. Overall he was performing very well and had high damage. Somewhat paradoxically though, players didn't feel the impact of this damage. His Furious Roar now does slightly less damage but does it's damage quicker, which should let players feel the impact of the damage being dealt. Whirlwind of Rage and Steel will now allow for more reaction time, deal less damage overall, and deal less damage for players who escape early. We feel that Xing should still be rewarded for hitting this skill for the full duration, but want players who escape to also feel a reward.

  • General
  • Added missing Difficulty text.
  • Updated non-English translations to correct ability descriptions and values
  • Icons XingTian A01 Furious Roar
  • Decreased DoT duration from 1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5 → 1/2/2/3/3.
  • Decreased DoT damage from 2.5% per .5s → 4% per 1s.
  • Icons XingTian A04 Whirlwind of Rage and Steel
  • Targets are now immune to Crowd Control while grabbed.
  • Increased warmup time from .6s → .75s.
  • Decreased damage from 50/75/100/125/150 → 15/25/35/45/55.
  • Decreased scaling from 50% → 20%.
  • Now does increased damage for each subsequent spin: x2/x2.4/x2.8 after the initial hit.

T Zeus Default Icon Zeus[ | ]

Zeus has received a lot of tweaks to improve his abilities as well as a whole new ability to supplement his base kit. Before we talk about the new ability, let's look at the tweaks to his older skills. Chain Lightning, while getting a few number adjustments, will now bounce much quicker allowing for Zeus to react faster to how the chain bounced. It will also now also slow allowing for better synergy with his new ability and his Ultimate. Lightning Storm is also now castable while moving. This change will let this skill be used more fluidly when needed. His new ability Aegis Assault is a deployable shield that acts as an extension of his attacks. Basic Attacks and Chain lightning will trigger bonus damage for wave clear and those unfortunate to be near the shield, while also acting as a bouncing point for Chain Lightning, allowing Zeus to punish isolated targets. Overall we expect these changes will allow Zeus to thrive as a high aggression and high burst Mage who needs to use careful positioning to maximize his potential.

  • Icons Zeus ChainLightning Chain Lightning
  • Decreased bounce delay from 0.4 → 0.2s.
  • Reduced damage from 45/85/125/165/205 → 40/70/100/130/160.
  • Increased cooldown 8s → 10s.
  • Now applies a 30% slow to targets for 2s.
  • Icons Zeus AegisShield NEW - Aegis Assault
  • Zeus throws his shield forward, dealing 80/125/170/215/260 +50% Magical Power as damage to nearby enemies. The shield remains for 5s, and Zeus may hit it with Basic Attacks or Chain Lightning to deal an additional 10/15/20/25/30 + Basic Attack damage and apply a charge. Cost: 60/65/70/75/80. Cooldown: 10s.
  • Icons Zeus DetonateCharge Detonate Charge
  • No longer slows if you have 3 stacks on a target.
  • Icons Zeus LightningStorm Lightning Storm
  • Zeus is no longer rooted while casting this ability.

T ZhongKui Default Icon Zhong Kui[ | ]

  • General
  • Added extended lines for Standard Voice Pack.