• Fixed an issue with the Odyssey Collections window mistakenly showing incorrect count.
  • Fixed Play Screen not showing countdown timer while the game was in safemode.
  • Fixed ESC closing out queue list while intending to only close pop up window, like Party.


T HouYi Default Icon.png Hou Yi

  • Icons HouYi A03.png Divebomb
  • Fixed an issue with the tooltip for this ability still displaying 30% Physical Power scaling instead of the intended 60%.
  • Fixed an issue where this ability was still contributing 30% Physical Power vs targets marked by Mark of the Golden Crow.

T Sobek Default Icon.png Sobek

  • Icons Sobek Passive.png Blessing of the Nile
  • Changed the tooltip to accurately reflect the buff’s 3s duration.
  • Icons Sobek SickeningStrike.png Sickening Strike
  • Fixed an issue with rank 5 of this ability costing 85 mana instead of the intended 80.


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