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2.17 - Shadows of Olympus | November 3, 2015

New God Skins

SWC 2016 Zeus Curse Agni Convention 2016 Anubis Updated Athena Mastery Skins
SWC 2016 Zeus Curse Agni Convention 2016 Anubis Updated Athena Mastery Skins

T ShadowSkins Icon Shadow Skins

ShadowSkins Banner

New Voice Packs

SWC Digital Loot Pack

Stream LootPack

Players who purchase tickets to the 2016 Smite World Championship in Atlanta will also receive a bundle of special in game items. For players who can't attend the event in person, the SWC Digital Loot Pack gives access to the same items! This bundle includes:

  • LIMITED SWC 2016 Zeus
  • This skin is Limited, and only available with the Digital Loot Pack or SWC Ticket purchase.
  • Convention 2016 Anubis
  • Curse Agni
  • 2016 SWC Ward Skin
  • 2016 SWC Fireworks
  • One Divine Chest Roll for an additional Rare Skin, either a past Convention Skin or eSport Championship skin.

Updated God Cards

Father Chrishmash Bacchus
Father Chrishmash Bacchus

SMITE Welcome Pack

  • Available for $3.99 USD, 3.20 EUR, 2.80 GBP
  • Includes Anubis, Stargazer Anubis, Anubis Voice Pack, and 400 Gems
  • Available to all players however, like the Ultimate God Pack, it can only be purchased once.

Clan Rewards

  • Clan Treasure Store (Individual Player Reward)
  • Can only be accessed if you're in a Level 3 Clan.
  • The Store contains five chests.
  • Each chest has a level associated with it. Example:
  • Clan Chest 1
  • Clan Chest 2
  • Clan Chest 3
  • Clan Chest 4
  • Clan Chest 5
  • Each Chest contains an Exclusive Shadow Skin along with an assortment of other items available to be rolled.
  • Chests are unlocked with player Honor.
  • When a player uses Honor to unlock a chest, that Honor is deducted from their total. This is a purchase like Favor.
  • A Player must roll three chests of a lower level, in order to unlock the next chest.
  • Clan Icons
  • Clan Leaders can now make any player icon they own the Clan Icon.
  • Players will be able to equip this icon as their Clan Icon.
  • Players do not need to own the player icon to equip the Clan Icon


  • New God Achievements
  • Bellona
  • Rally Here!
  • 10 enemy god kills with Eagle's Rally.
  • Master At Arms
  • Kill an enemy after having hit them with each of your weapon stances.
  • Hou Yi
  • Trickshot
  • Hit a different enemy god on all three bounces of one Ricochet.
  • The Crows Mark
  • to Knockback, Stun, and Slow an enemy god within 5s.
  • Updated purchase UI to allow (and show) more items in a bundle.
  • Redeem Promotion now has its own Tab in the Store called “REDEEM”.
  • Arena Tutorial: Fixed Ymir being told to purchase the wrong item. Ymir Happy!


In this patch we are taking a new look at some core defensive items, and looking to better balance items with strong passives and hybrid uses against those that are pure defense.

FrostboundHammer T3 FrostboundHammer T3 Frostbound Hammer

  • Reduced Health from 400 → 325.

HeartwardAmulet T3 HeartwardAmulet T3 Heartward Amulet

  • Reduced Magical Protection from 60 → 50.

MysticalMail T3 MysticalMail T3 Mystical Mail

  • Reduced Health from 300 → 220.

Pestilence T3 Pestilence T3 Pestilence

  • Increased healing reduction from 20% → 25%.

Sovereignty T3 Sovereignty T3 Sovereignty

  • Reduced Physical Protection from 55 → 50.

God Changes

T Athena Default Icon Athena

Athena is known for her great map presence but we felt this ability was coming up too often in the early game, especially with cooldown reduction. Teams should now have more opportunity to play around Athena while this skill is on an increased cooldown.

  • Icons Athena A04 Defender of Olympus
  • Increased Cooldown from 90s → 110/105/100/95/90s.

T Bellona Default Icon Bellona

  • Icons Bellona A02 Bludgeon
  • Fixed Bellona T-Posing when switching to hammer while getting knocked up.

T Janus Default Icon Janus

Janus has been a mobile powerhouse with his ability to use low cooldown portals to his advantage. We love this playstyle but felt there could be room for more counterplay options. By removing his ability to portal himself and other players who are Stunned, Crippled, or Rooted, this should allow gods with these skills more opportunity to deal damage. Threshold is also seeing an adjustment, mainly around the potent slow it provided late game.

  • General
  • Janus and his allies can no longer enter portals while Stunned, Crippled, or Rooted.
  • Icons Janus A03 Threshold
  • Reduced Phase Slow from 20/25/30/35/40% → 25% at all ranks.

T Khepri Default Icon Khepri

  • Icons Khepri A02 Rising Dawn
  • Increase Mana cost from 50/55/60/65/70 → 50/60/70/80/90.

T Ram Default Icon Rama

  • General
  • Fixed Rama unable to use Basic Attacks if running out of Mana while Astral Strike is active.
  • Icons Ram A03 Rolling Assault
  • Fixed bonus damage not applying if fired at point blank range.
  • Icons Ram A04 Astral Barrage
  • Fixed an issue where Rama would become Knockup/back immune.

T Scylla Default Icon Scylla

  • Icons Scylla A02 Crush
  • Reduced Mana cost from 70/80/90/100/110 → 60/65/70/75/80.

T SunWukong Default Icon Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong is often seen as a bully in lane, having strong poke power and wave clear. These changes should reduce his ability to take return fire, while increasing the cost of pushing during the laning phase.

  • General
  • Reduced starting Health from 480 → 450.
  • Icons SunWukong 01 The Magic Cudgel
  • Increased Mana cost from 50/55/60/65/70 → 50/60/70/80/90.
  • Icons SunWukong 02 Master's Will
  • Increased Mana cost from 50 → 60.

T Zeus Default Icon Zeus

Aegis Assault often moved too fast for players to be able to dodge, especially from follow up Chain Lightning bounces. With a reduced projectile speed, players should be able to play around the shield more effectively.

  • General
  • Fixed recall fx not playing on the ground.
  • Icons Zeus AegisShield Aegis Assault
  • Reduced projectile speed from 90 → 70.