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2.18 - The Astral Hunt | November 17, 2015

T Chiron Default Icon New God: Chiron - The Great Teacher

SkinArt Chiron Default

Icons Chiron Passive Herbal Medicine (Passive)

Every 12s Chiron collects herbs for a poultice, which increases all healing Chiron receives (+10%) for each poultice he carries. Each time he uses an ability, the lowest Health ally within 30 units is healed for (30 + 5 per god level over 5s).
  • Max Stacks: 3

Icons Chiron A01 Training Excercise

Chiron warns his teammates to evade the area, removing Crowd Control effects so they can escape before it explodes, damaging and Crippling all enemies in the area. (70/125/180/235/290 + 80% of your Physical Power.) Cost: 55/60/65/70/75. Cooldown: 15s.

Icons Chiron A02 Masterful Shot

Chiron passively marks his enemies as targets when he damages them with Basic Attacks or his Ultimate ‘Centaurus’, reducing their Physical Protections by 3%. He may activate this ability to fire seeking arrows at all marked targets within range, damaging (55/90/125/160/195 + 70% of your Physical Power) and slowing them (23/27.5/30/32.5/35%) for 2 seconds. Cost: 65. Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10s.

Icons Chiron A03 Giddyup!

Chiron gallops forward, damaging enemies (70/95/120/145/170 +50% of your Physical Power), knocking up minions, and kicking enemy gods behind him. Chiron may fire Basic Attacks while charging. Cost: 70/75/80/85/90. Cooldown: 16s.

Icons Chiron A04 Centaurus (Ultimate)

Chiron is transformed into a constellation, and can fire three long-distance shots (100/145/190/235/280 +60% of your Physical Power), even through walls. If Chiron would be killed during this ability, he does not die until he runs out of time or shots. Killing an enemy in this state returns Chiron to life with Health equal to the damage dealt instead. Cost: 80/90/100/110/120. Cooldown: 90s.

View the Dev Insight page to learn more about Chiron's design and development process.

New God Skins

Sagittarius Chiron Nutcromancer Ah Puch
(Holiday Chest 2015)
Child's Play Scylla
(Holiday Chest 2015)
Khepri Mastery Skins
Sagittarius Chiron Nutcromancer Ah Puch Child's Play Scylla Khepri Mastery Skins
BA5S Drop Janus
(Odyssey 2016) – Week 9
Furiona Bellona
(Odyssey 2016) – Week 10
Rock From Bisrakh Ravana
(Odyssey 2016) – Week 11
King Of The Ring Ravana
(Odyssey 2016) – Week 11
BA5S Drop Janus Furiona Bellona Rock From Bisrakh Ravana King Of The Ring Ravana

New Voice Packs

New Avatars

  • Chiron

Updated God Cards

Regal Reveler Bacchus Mischievous Neith
Regal Reveler Bacchus Mischievous Neith

New Map - Clash (Beta)

  • “Clash” is a new casual game mode in which players will play as a team of five against an opposing team to push down the enemy Titan. The map features a large open center with two lanes, as well as a split base where the Titan spawns, further away from the fountain than in other modes. “Clash” plays like a mixture between the fast paced combat of Arena and the pushing and strategy that Conquest offers. The average game time is 20 minutes. This queue provides normal rewards.
  • After a successful technical test on the Public Test Server we are ready to gather more feedback! While we already have some plans in store for changes, we wanted to get a large sample of feedback before we make any large scale changes to the map. Clash will be active for a limited time until December 1st.


  • Added new Clan level icons.
  • Fixed Shadow skins redirectors not going to the Clan chest.
  • Fixed Clan Honor reported always showing as 17.


  • Agni
  • The Heat!
  • Stun three or more enemy gods with Noxious Fumes.
  • Those Fumes
  • Get the killing blow with the damage from Combustion.
  • Nu Wa
  • Clay Explosion
  • Kill an enemy god by exploding Clay Soldiers with Shining Metal.
  • Skill Shot
  • Get 100 kills with Fire Shards.


  • New Early Surrender Logic
  • Players will now be given the option to Surrender a game early in the event of someone disconnecting early in a match.
  • If a player fails to connect within the first 30 seconds of the game launching, the user who failed to connect will have until the 5 minute mark (5:00 on the game timer) to connect to the game. If the player fails to connect, the team with the disconnected player will be able to surrender early. Only 50% of the players in a game mode (rounded up) will need to vote yes to pass this surrender vote
  • Players will be notified via a chat message as to the current state of the game and the option to Early Surrender.
  • A ranked game that is lost by an Early Surrender, players will only receive half TP loss, while the disconnected player will receive full TP loss. Players on the winning team will receive points as normal.
  • Removed Twitch Live and Broadcasting tabs.
  • We are removing Twitch Integrated Broadcasting as a feature in SMITE. This feature was rarely used and was increasingly difficult for us to support, leading to a bad user experience when players tried to use it. We are looking at future ways to reward Twitch Ymir to users who would want to obtain him, and hopefully we will have more to communicate in the future.
  • God skins can now be purchased without owning the god.
  • Added a Neith transition screen when loading into the Basic Tutorial.
  • Cards with animations now show in tooltips.
  • Fixed Recent Achievements section not updated.
  • Fixed match details not showing when clicking on Recent Matches in Gods → History.
  • Misc improvements have been made for lower spec machines.

God Changes

T Chaac Default Icon Chaac

  • General
  • Fixed some FX not playing correctly for Mastery Skins.

T Hercules Default Icon Hercules

  • General
  • Fixed Retrocules skin showing a line down his body at low settings.
  • Icons Hercules A04 Excavate
  • Fixed boulder not showing up at extreme distances.

T Janus Default Icon Janus

  • Icons Janus A01 Portal
  • Fixed players T-posing when having gone through portals multiple times.

T Osiris Default Icon Osiris

  • General
  • Fixed some fx need playing correctly for Mastery skins.

T Ymir Default Icon Ymir

  • General
  • Fixed some lighting issues with Obsidian Shard skin.