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2.20 - The Reborn Prince | December 15, 2015

T NeZha Default Icon Ne Zha Remodel

Standard Ne Zha Blue Lotus Ne Zha Masteries Ne Zha
Standard Ne Zha Blue Lotus Ne Zha Masteries Ne Zha

New God Skins

Brynhildr Bacchus Chevalier Chiron Siege Engine Xing Tian Updated Artemis Mastery Skins
Brynhildr Bacchus Chevalier Chiron Siege Engine Xing Tian Updated Artemis Mastery Skins

New Voice Packs

Updated God Cards

Masteries Anhur
Masteries Anhur


  • Chiron
  • Marks for Everyone!
  • Hit 3 or more enemy gods with Masterful Shot.
  • 3 for 3
  • Get a triple kill while in your Ultimate, Centaurus.
  • Kukulkan
  • Dragon's Wrath
  • Kill an enemy at full health with only using Spirit of the Nine Winds.
  • Whirlwind
  • Kill 3 or more enemy gods with 1 Whirlwind.
  • Mercury
  • Speed Demon
  • Reach 600 movement speed.
  • Around the World
  • Travel 75,000 feet in a single game.
  • Thanatos
  • Death from Above
  • Changed Achievement Title to ‘Wrecking Ball’ due to the former title already being used.


  • Added Practice and Co-op queues.
  • Fixed some plants showing untextured from changing World Detail settings.
  • Removed ‘Beta’ tag
  • With the removal of the Beta tag, Clash is here to stay as a normal mode. While we are still going to be iterating on the Map and making improvements, we are currently happy with where it sits and how players are enjoying it. We are excited to see how Clash continues to develop and hope players enjoy playing it over the Holiday Season!


  • Added “/claimpromotion” command:
  • Players can now use this command to claim promotional codes from anywhere in the game. Syntax is “/claimpromotion PROMOCODE”.
  • This will be used for Twitch giveaways during the SMITE World Championship.
  • Fixed Tower kill music playing globally for both teams.
  • Players that leave a Clan no longer retain the Clan Avatar.
  • Clan owners will now receive a notification when an application is submitted.
  • Changed auto-equipping of newly acquired Profile items (Avatars, Loading Frames, etc) to only equip if using Default.
  • Fixed an issue where players who finished their Qualifying League set could be placed into a Division lower than intended.

God Changes

With the SMITE World Championship directly on the horizon, we didn't want to make any large changes. Last patch consisted of our final adjustments for the year, and we are excited to see how everything pans out at Worlds. We will see you all in 2016.

T AhPuch Default Icon Ah Puch

  • Icons AhPuch A03 Fleeting Breath
  • Now activates on all Abilities that have percent Health Regeneration.

T Chiron Default Icon Chiron

  • Icons Chiron A02 Masterful Shot
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip range.

T Khepri Default Icon Khepri

  • Icons Khepri A04 Scarab's Blessing
  • Fixed an issue where ability would go on cooldown if target dies.

T Mercury Default Icon Mercury

  • General
  • Changed art for targeters to Roman.

T Ravana Default Icon Ravana

No longer limited to punching with one-hand, Ravana has a few new skills to get into the fray and mix it up! Overall with this rework we wanted to see what Ravana was missing and give him some tools he needed. His Ultimate now acts as a more potent engagement tool that can be used without the need to lock-onto a target, as well as packs a much larger punch. His passive will now also provide him a shield, which will reward him for staying engaged into a fight and giving him much needed survivability when he is in the thick of it. We are excited to see how everyone enjoys Ravana, the Demon King of Lanka!

  • General
  • Due to the number of modifications, Ravana will be temporarily auto-banned from Ranked League.
  • Basic Attacks
  • Ravana has a new Basic Attack sequence, and new animations. His new sequence is .5/1/1 damage and speed.
  • Icons Ravana Passive Chain of Blows
  • Ravana's Passive has been changed:
  • Successful hits from Basic Attacks or abilities increase Ravana's Combo Chain. Each time his Combo Chain reaches 8, he receives a Shield equal to 5% of his maximum Health. This may stack up to 3 times.
  • Icons Ravana A01 Prana Onslaught
  • Range increased from 15 → 20.
  • Damage increased from 60/80/110/150/200 → 80/135/190/245/300.
  • Physical Power scaling increased from 80% → 95%.
  • Slow increased from 10/12.5/15/17.5/20 → 25% at all ranks.
  • Slow duration increased from 2s → 2.5s.
  • Icons Ravana A04 Mystic Rush
  • This ability no longer “locks-on” requiring an enemy target to use. It now travels to the target location, and can miss.
  • The Mark is now applied to enemy target closest to the center of the targeter upon landing.
  • Damage increased from: 75/100/125/150/175 → 150/225/300/375/450.
  • Physical Power scaling increased from 35% → 100%.