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Rise My Minions! | April 28, 2015[ | ]

T AhPuch Default Card

T AhPuch Default Icon New God: Ah Puch - Horrific God of Decay[ | ]

Icons AhPuch Passive Hollow Ground (Passive)[ | ]

Ah Puch is closely attuned with the dead and may exhume decaying corpses at his will. When walking over a decaying corpse, Ah Puch lowers the Cooldown of Undead Surge by 2s, restores 6% of his maximum Health and 3% of his maximum Mana. Decaying corpses last 45s. A maximum of 6 corpses can be out at any one time.

Icons AhPuch A01 Undead Surge[ | ]

Ah Puch raises up to two decaying corpses from the underworld that surge forward exploding on anything they touch, when they reach maximum distance, or when Ah Puch reactivates Undead Surge dealing 90/110/130/150/170 (+35% of your Magical Power) damage and Slowing targets hit by 40% for 3s. The corpses collapse after exploding remaining behind. Cooldown: 10s. Cost: 70/80/90/100/110.

Icons AhPuch A02 Corpse Exlosion[ | ]

Ah Puch causes the target area to explode dealing 60/70/80/90/100 (+10% of your Magical Power) damage. Corpse Explosion also causes any decaying corpses in the area to explode dealing 60/85/110/135/160 (+25% of your Magical Power) damage. Cooldown: 8s. Cost: 60/70/80/90/100.

Icons AhPuch A03 Fleeting Breath[ | ]

Ah Puch throws a charm from the underworld which awakens a decaying corpse that applies miasma to targets in an area and falls to the ground, remaining behind. Targets take 32/34/36/38/40 (+15% of your Magical Power) damage every second. After the duration, targets take an additional 20/30/40/50/60 (+10% of your Magical Power) damage and are Stunned for 1s plus +0.5s for each time they were healed by an ability during the initial duration. Cooldown: 10s. Cost: 70.

Icons AhPuch A04 Empty the Crypts[ | ]

Ah Puch unleashes an army of wraiths from the Ninth Hell that swarm forward and deal 40/50/60/70/80 (+10% of your Magical Power) damage to enemies they collide with and apply a 7% stacking Slow for 2s (maximum 8 stacks). Cooldown: 90s. Cost: 100/110/120/130/140.

View the Developer Insight to learn more about Ah Puch's design and development process.

New God Skins[ | ]

Death Mask Ah Puch Kawaii Pop Bastet Void Wyrm Kukulkan Executioner Nemesis Desert Queen Serqet
Death Mask Ah Puch Kawaii Pop Bastet Void Wyrm Kukulkan Executioner Nemesis Desert Queen Serqet
SPL 2015 Xbalanque Titan Vulcan Cloud 9 Chaac Fnatic Anhur Team SoloMid SunWukong
Titan Vulcan Cloud9 Chaac Fnatic Anhur Team SoloMid SunWukong

New Voice Packs[ | ]

New Ward Skins and Player Icons[ | ]

  • Cloud9
  • Curse
  • Fnatic
  • Team SoloMid
  • Titan

Updated God Cards[ | ]

Iron Smith Vulcan
Iron Smith Vulcan

Achievements[ | ]

This patch we are introducing Achievements into SMITE! Over 100 Achievements have been added, including Lifetime, Combat, Objective, and Kill Achievements. Achievements can be accessed from your Player Profile.

  • A new “Achievement Score” has been added to the Player Profile.
  • You can now pick and save your favorite Achievements to show on your Player Profile.

Smite 2015 Season Ticket[ | ]

Unlock the new Season Ticket bundle and receive two SPL Xbalanque skins, the Season Ticket Loading Frame, and access to the Season Ticket Fantasy Game! Every ticket purchased contributes $2.50 to the general prize pool for Season 2 eSports.

  • Season Ticket Fantasy Game
  • Each week you make picks for which teams you think will win Smite Pro League match-ups. Picking correctly will earn +20 Fantasy Points.
  • Players can also earn +15 Fantasy Points for winning any Normal or League SMITE match while using the Season Ticket Loading Frame.
  • Earning Fantasy Points unlocks additional Limited rewards like the Executioner Nemesis Skin, and the Void Wyrm Kukulkan Skin!
  • The Summer Split of the Pro League starts May 14, 2015 and features 7 weeks of play and 16 games per week. The Season Ticket will also cover the third and final Split of the Season, leading up to the World Championship.
  • The Season Ticket Loading Frame shows how many Fantasy Points you have earned, and also promotes the date and time of the next Smite Pro League match-up.

UI[ | ]

  • NEW SMITE Store! The SMITE store has been completely overhauled. You can now easily search for skins, wards, emotes, and all other content in one convenient location.
  • Added blur effect behind UI panels when Shader Detail is set to High and above.
  • Added option to disable/enable sound notifications in Audio settings.
  • Music Volume slider now controls the Landing Page music. NOTE: If your music is off you won't hear the awesome new Kawaii skin song!
  • Updated messages when unable to use clan name.
  • Updated more tooltips for inconsistencies.
  • Fixed tooltips remaining on screen if you drag and release outside of the items.
  • Fixed typo in ‘Earning Honor’ description.
  • Fixed typo in Siege & Wild Juggernaut Kill Accolade description.
  • Fixed typo in Revenge Accolade description.
  • Fixed being able to edit the ‘Send’ button in chat.
  • Fixed ‘Hide God Stats’ option persisting in Profile Loadouts.
  • Fixed ‘Friends Online’ notifications showing incorrect values when clan members were online.
  • Fixed the enemy god slots not showing properly aligned in the match lobby.
  • Fixed Attack Speed cap showing as 2 in the Character Builder.

General Gameplay[ | ]

  • Added some new contextual lines to the Arena and Conquest Tutorials.
  • Fixed Order side Brute Minion in Arena not deducting points while under 10 tickets.
  • Fixed being able to leash Arena buff camps far out of range.
  • Fixed issue with Old Phoenixes sometimes spawning off center of their pedestals.
  • Fixed issue in Profile/History where searching for another player would briefly display incorrect data.
  • Improved players experiencing hitching/jitter when interacting with deployable walls.
  • Fixed buff camps in Conquest sometimes spawning into collision.
  • Fixed names over wards still showing player names when choosing Gods names.

Misc[ | ]

  • Enhanced integration with Curse Voice.
  • Now you can see which friends have Curse Voice installed and if it is running.
  • You can direct call using Curse Voice from your Friends List.
  • An additional Clan quest has been added.
  • Fixed sorting issue in League with Friends List.
  • Fixed Shutdown Accolade not working.
  • The SWC lobby pedestal fx will now only appear while the pedestal is loading.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Gods/Skins to play incorrect voice lines.
  • Fixed Cudgel showing in the item store to all Gods.

Items[ | ]

SoulStone T1 Soul Stone (NEW)[ | ]

It's been a long time since Mages had a starting item other than Vampiric Shroud to pick from. Soul Stone offers no starting Health, but provides significant Mana and a nice damage spike for early clear or poking at enemy gods.

  • 20 Magical Power, 100 Mana, 800 Gold. Passive - Hitting an enemy with a Basic Attack tears out and stores a portion of their soul. Each soul grants +4 MP5. At 5 souls, your next ability cast is at +30 Magical Power.

Cudgel T1 Cudgel[ | ]

  • Health reduced from 150 to 100.

DevourersGauntlet T3 Devourer's Gauntlet[ | ]

It might not come as a surprise that Devourer's Gauntlet is getting an adjustment. This potent item is seeing a reduction in it's base power, and an increase in the number of stacks it takes to reach it's full potential. This will give more room for specifically Hunters to build and counter-build with a little more variation in the early laning phase.

  • Reduced base Physical Power from +30 to +25.
  • Increased maximum stacks from 60 to 75.
  • Reduced Physical Lifesteal per stack from 0.25% to 0.20%.
  • Reduced Physical Power per stack from 0.5 to 0.4.

FrostboundHammer T3 Frostbound Hammer[ | ]

With this change and the adjustment to Heavy Hammer, we are looking to make Frostbound a bit more appealing to build into.

  • Health increased from 300 to 400.

Heartseeker T3 Heartseeker[ | ]

Heartseeker saw no adjustment coming into Season 2 when its Magical counterpart did. Combined with the reduction to Devourer's Gauntlet, Heartseeker is now a potent option for many Physical gods.

  • Reduced price from 1950g to 1790g.
  • Increased Physical Power from +25 to +30.

HeavyHammer T2 Heavy Hammer[ | ]

Heavy Hammer was just too good of a buy for aggressive starting builds. We've reduced the Health and the Slow to help mitigate the potency it gave to early jungle invades.

  • Health reduced from 200 to 100.
  • Slow reduced from 25% to 15%.

HydrasStar T2 Hydra's Star[ | ]

  • Fixed buff using incorrect icon.

MagisBlessing T3 Magi's Blessing[ | ]

This change goes in line with the fix from last patch, in which Magi's would not be consumed if you were already CC immune. We've adjusted the numbers to better bring it in line with its new functionality.

  • Increased cooldown from 45s to 60s.

P ReinforcedGreaves Reinforced Greaves[ | ]

  • Health increased from 100 to 150.

M ReinforcedGreaves Reinforced Shoes[ | ]

  • Health increased from 100 to 150.

TalariaBoots T3 Talaria Boots[ | ]

With the changes to Talaria and Travelers, we are looking to make them more competitive options versus other Boots and Shoes, while also giving roaming supports an item that better rewards their mobile play style. Increasing the previous Movement Speed boost from 10% to 14% along with adding Gold and Experience makes this item a unique fourth option.

  • Passive Changed: You gain +14% additional Movement Speed and +25 HP5 while out of combat. Each time you hit an enemy god with an ability you earn +50 Experience and +30 Gold. This cannot occur on the same god more than once every 90s.

TravelersShoes T3 Travelers Shoes[ | ]

  • Passive Changed: You gain +14% additional Movement Speed and +25 HP5 while out of combat. Each time you hit an enemy god with an ability you earn +50 Experience and +30 Gold. This cannot occur on the same god more than once every 90s.

Gods - Balance/Updates/Fixes[ | ]

T AoKuang Default Icon Ao Kuang[ | ]

Ao Kuang is getting a fairly significant pass in this patch. The Dragon King has been one of the lowest performing gods in SMITE since his Season 2 damage adjustments. The adjustments to Water Illusion and Dragon Call both have balance implications, but are also big quality of life improvements for Ao Kuang players. The changes to his Ultimate are more substantial. Slightly increasing the range makes it a little easier to catch fleeing players. Adjusting the kill threshold to be flat at all ranks makes it easier to use early game at the cost of late game potency. Finally adding a heal for a successful execution gives Ao Kuang more options to re-engage, where he was often forced to use his ultimate to escape with low Health.

  • Icons AoKuang A01 Water Illusion
  • Now automatically detonates at the end of its duration if Ao Kuang did not manually detonate.
  • Icons AoKuang A02 Dragon Call
  • This ability can now be activated in Stealth without revealing Ao Kuang.
  • Icons AoKuang A04 King of the Eastern Seas
  • Increased cast range from 15 ft to 17 ft.
  • Increased kill threshold form 23/26/29/32/35 to 30% at all ranks.
  • Now restores 10/15/20/25/30% of Ao Kuang's maximum Health upon successful execution.

T Apollo Default Icon Apollo[ | ]

  • General
  • Increased base Physical Power from 36 to 40.
  • Increased base Physical Power per level from 2.5 to 2.6.

T Athena Default Icon Athena[ | ]

  • Icons Athena A04 Defender of Olympus
  • Fixed Liberté skin playing Standard Athena voice when casting ability.

T Awilix Default Icon Awilix[ | ]

  • Icons Awilix A04 Gravity Surge
  • Tyr knock ups are now pullable by Awilix.

T Bellona Default Icon Bellona[ | ]

  • General
  • Fixed missing Physical indicator on god icon.

T Chronos Default Icon Chronos[ | ]

  • Icons Chronos A02 Accelerate
  • Fixed Lotus Crown Passive not working when Section 1 is activated.

T Cupid Default Icon Cupid[ | ]

  • Icons Cupid Share Share the Love
  • Fixed the description saying “Magical Power”.

T HeBo Default Icon He Bo[ | ]

  • General
  • Fixed Denton showing off to the right on He Bro and Sydney Shredder during Defeat.

T Kumbhakarna Default Icon Kumbhakarna[ | ]

Mighty Yawn gets a mighty buff, and Epic Uppercut gets a quality of life improvement, having some of its damage split to be upfront rather than all on landing. Striking a Crowd Control immune target with your Epic Uppercut means they will now take some upfront damage instead of avoiding it all.

  • Icons Kumbhakarna A03 Mighty Yawn
  • Now also applies a 30/35/40/45/50% Attack Speed slow if enemies are awoken early.
  • Adjusted the targeter shown after casting ability to be more accurate.
  • Icons Kumbhakarna A04 Epic Uppercut
  • 25% of the damage from this ability now happens on the initial hit, with the remaining 75% upon landing.
  • Initial hit now deals 75/100/125/150/175 damage (15% of your Magical Power).
  • Landing hit now deals 225/300/375/450/525 damage (+40% of your Magical Power).

T Mercury Default Icon Mercury[ | ]

  • Icons Mercury Passive Fastest God Alive
  • Fixed Mercury gaining full bonus on his Passive from Talaria Boots, even while in combat.

T Neith Default Icon Neith[ | ]

Neith is one of Smite's ability based Hunters, and this adjustment is to help bring her a bit better in line with her carry counterparts.

  • Icons Neith A01 Spirit Arrow
  • Fixed an incorrect scaling issue on secondary targets hit.
  • Increased base damage from 80/140/200/260/320 to 90/155/220/285/350.
  • Increased scaling from 80% to 90%.

T Osiris Default Icon Osiris[ | ]

Yep. Fixed those 2x Boots on his recommended list! In all seriousness, Osiris' base Attack Speed adjustment going into Season 2 coupled with downward adjustments to his core items put him in a tough spot. While still being lower than it was in Season 1, this starting Attack Speed increase will help him to utilize his strong Basic Attacks earlier.

  • General
  • Increased base Attack Speed from 0.95 to 1.
  • Fixed showing 2x Boots in the recommended list.

T SunWukong Default Icon Sun Wukong[ | ]

It's happening! Sun Wukong gets some love this patch, with a minor increase to his clear and a meaningful Stun duration scaling change to 72 Transformations. We might not be done with the Monkey King, but we're taking this one cloud hop at a time.

  • Icons SunWukong 01 The Magic Cudgel
  • Increased bonus Minion and Jungle camp damage from +20% to +25%.
  • Icons SunWukong 02 Master's Will
  • Increased damage from 80/130/180/230/280 to 90/140/190/240/290.
  • Icons SunWukong 03 72 Transformations
  • Increased Tiger Stun duration from 0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.4 to 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4.

T Ullr Default Icon Ullr[ | ]

  • General
  • Fixed Denton showing off to the right during Defeat.

T Xbalanque Default Icon Xbalanque[ | ]

  • Icons Xbalanque A01 Branching Bola
  • Fixed missing glow effect on the Shinobalanque skin.