Smite Wiki

First hotfix[ | ]

  • Fixed clan quest issue.
  • Fixed Joust 3v3 Achievement that was using league Joust 1v1 data.
  • Fixed Killing spree Achievements not working properly.
  • Turned on “Join The Hunt” achievement.
  • Turned on “Pantheist” achievement.
  • Fixed ‘Friends Forever’ and ‘Teamed Up’ to not work in CO-OP queues.

Second hotfix[ | ]

Achievements[ | ]

  • Fixed search showing some previous players data along.
  • Fixed Back to Back Achievements not showing icons.
  • Fixed Destructible being awarded in more queues than allowed.
  • Fixed 20 to 1 awarding for assists in addition to kills.
  • Fixed Curse Connected icon having solid black background.
  • Fixed Triple Kill icon having solid black background.

Misc[ | ]

  • Abilities that were meant to only activate Talaria Boots/Travelers Shoes passive once per fire (Nu Wa, Bellona, Xbalanque ultimates) have been fixed to only activate once.
  • Fixed Arena Practice bots not initially attacking.

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