Smite Wiki

Known Issues[]

  • INTENDED - Queue sorting order was rearranged in the NORMAL tab.
  • INTENDED - Bizzy B and Squiddle will be on next week.
  • Nox Shadow Step at Low settings sometimes shows teammates appear bright instead of dark.
  • GI Zhong ultimate rockets black with no texture.


  • Hyperlinks in chat have been re-enabled.


T AMC Default Icon.png Ah Muzen Cab[]

  • Icons AMC Passive.png Bees!
  • Fixed Bees! causing client crashes.

T Awilix Default Icon.png Awilix[]

  • Icons Awilix A02.png Feather Step
  • Fixed damage multipliers not working.

T Janus Default Icon.png Janus[]

  • General
  • Fixed Diamond skin showing partially invisible to other players.

T Nox Default Icon.png Nox[]

  • Icons Nox A03.png Shadow Step
  • Fixed Madame Darkness targeter not staying attached to teammate.
  • Fixed Nox’s shadow still showing when attached to stealthed teammate at Max/High Shadow settings.

T HouYi Default Icon.png Hou Yi[]

  • Icons HouYi A03.png Divebomb
  • Fixed taunting Hou Yi stuck in air.
  • Fixed description still showing old ability text.

T Loki Default Icon Old2.png Loki[]

  • Icons Loki A02 Old.png Decoy
  • Fixed Loki Decoy pulling Arena buff Monster’s out of their cages before the intended spawn time.