Smite Wiki


  • Fixed issue with promoting to Grandmaster.
  • Fixed Ranked Duel mode pick issue.
  • Updated Ranked Queue Description to represent 18 Mastered Gods.

Quest System

  • Daily Quests renamed to Weekly Quest
  • Changed every 7 successful Quests earns a Bonus reward to 2 for Gem Bonus.


  • Fixed “Relics” being called “Actives” on the Recommended Items tab.
  • Fixed Auto Items not automatically enabled for new accounts.
  • Fixed landing Panel displaying garbled text in different languages.
  • Updated the subtitles for Basic Tutorials.
  • Updated Joust Overview video.


CloakofUnrelentingSorrow T3 Cloak of Unrelenting Sorrow

  • Renamed to Mantle of Discord.

God Fixes

T Odin Default Icon Odin

  • Icons Odin A04 Old2 Ring of Spears
  • Sync up sound effects timing.

T Sol Default Icon Sol

  • General
  • Fixed Soulless Machine glow issues.