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3.11 - Expelled From Hel | June 21, 2016

New God Skins

New Voice Packs

New Avatars


Ah Puch

Achievement Combat AhPuch CorpsesLandmines
Corpses aka Landmines
As Ah Puch blow up and hit an enemy with 6 corpses in one cast of Corpse Explosion.
Achievement Combat AhPuch RiseMyPrettiest
Rise My Pretties
As Ah Puch release 100 Zombies in one match.


Achievement Combat Fafnir GettoWork
Get To Work
As Fafnir boost all of your allies Attack Speed in a single match using Coerce.
Achievement Combat Fafnir TakeThat
Take That
As Fafnir slow or kill three or more enemy gods at a single time using Cursed Strength.


Achievement Combat Fenrir EndofDays
End Of Days
As Fenrir have an ally kill an enemy God that you have grabbed using Ragnarok.
Achievement Combat Fenrir UnleashtheBeast
Unleash The Beast
As Fenrir stun or kill at least three enemies with a single use of Unchained.


  • The “Escape” Menu has undergone a visual update.
  • Implemented a pop-up notification for when you receive a chat/friend notification while Smite is not in focus.
  • Implemented a Coupon System for purchases
  • We will be starting our Beta run of a new “Coupon” system we have been working on. Starting this patch, certain purchases will trigger a bonus coupon for users which they can immediately redeem to gain a discount or bonus on their next purchase.
  • Example: In this patch, users who buy the Infiltrator Loki skin and do not own the voice pack or Loki, will receive a 50% discount for the Voice Pack if they choose to redeem it.
  • The important things to note are that Coupons will only be rewarded for things we set up and flat (no automation), and that Coupons will have an internal cooldown so they won't happen back to back. This is our first round of implementation and we are going to be watching it closely to see how it performs and collect any feedback on the system.

Item Changes

Bloodforge T3 Bloodforge T3 Bloodforge

  • Reduced Movement Speed from 20% → 10% when the Blood Shield is active.

DemonicGrip T3 DemonicGrip T3 Demonic Grip

Both Executioner and Demonic Grip are seeing an increase in the amount of shred they provide per stack, at the cost of one stack. This should allow these items to provide their benefit more quickly (as well as share the shred with your team), allowing them to better compete with other pen options.

  • Stacks now provide 12% reduction and cap at 3 stacks, changed from 8% reduction at 4 stacks.

The Executioner The Executioner The Executioner

  • Stacks now provide 12% reduction and cap at 3 stacks, changed from 8% reduction at 4 stacks.

ThrowingDagger T2 Throwing Dagger

Throwing Dagger (as well as Golden Bow, both directly and indirectly) are receiving a downward adjustment. Throwing Dagger has found a place in allowing more hunters to flourish and this is something that we like, but we want to ensure it remains balanced within the realm of other popular hunter starts and ensure players can choose a start that best suits their style of play.

  • Reduced Physical Power from 25 → 15.

GoldenBow T3 Golden Bow

  • Reduced Physical Power from 55 → 50.

MarkoftheVanguard T1 Mark of the Vanguard

Mark of the Vanguard is seeing a few adjustments to make it a more enticing start option. By moving the Magical Protection to raw Physical Protections and adding a small amount of sustain, this item is better equipped to deal with early game physical damage from minions and other physical characters.

  • Removed Magical Protections.
  • Physical Protection increased from 5 → 10.
  • Added 5 HP5.

SoulReaver T3 SoulReaver T3 Soul Reaver

With Soul Reaver we wanted to adjust two key issues. The first was readability, so the visual effect for those who get hit by it was adjusted to be easier to see. The second issue was that often players who go Soul Reaver would have to restrict themselves from dealing damage to “save” their burst. While knowing when to use this passive is key for the item, allowing it to happen more often can enable players to feel less punished on spending the proc if they find a good chance. To compensate for this, the passive damage is going down slightly for Soul Reaver.

  • Updated Visual FX
  • Passive Damage reduced from 15% → 10%.
  • Passive Cooldown reduced from 60s → 40s.

God Changes

T AoKuang Default Icon Ao Kuang

Water Illusion functions as a great escape tool that can punish enemies who get close, but in many cases the offensive use of this ability in conjunction with the damage from Wild Storm was giving him a bit too much damage. The base damage and scaling for this ability is receiving a hit to both adjust the early game and late game use of this ability.

  • Icons AoKuang A01 Water Illusion
  • Damage reduced from 90/140/190/240/290 → 70/120/170/220/270.
  • Magical Power Scaling reduced from 70% → 60%.

T JingWei Default Icon Jing Wei

  • Icons JingWei A02 Explosive Bolts
  • Fixed an issue where Explosive Bolts could miss enemies at max range.

T Osiris Default Icon Osiris

Judgement Tether is one of Osiris' primary tools at engaging enemies, either forcing them to flee or reducing damage for enemies who choose to stay. We are reducing the cooldown of this skill to allow Osiris to have more opportunities to use this ability in a given engagement.

  • Icons Osiris A03 Judgement Tether
  • Cooldown reduced from 18s → 15s.

T Ratatoskr Default Icon Ratatoskr

The Sly Messenger is receiving an additional adjustment around his passive. We are reducing his Heal to better position it as a light sustain tool rather than a semi-potent burst heal. Additionally we are fixing a hitbox issue with Acorn Blast that will impact his performance, notably making the Acorn Blast stun more difficult to confirm at middle to far ranges.

  • Icons Ratatoskr Passive Acorn of Yggdrasil
  • Healing reduced from 20 → 15.
  • Scaling reduced from 40% → 30%.
  • Icons Ratatoskr A03 Acorn Blast
  • Fixed an issue where the hitbox of the acorn projectiles were too large and not matching their visual FX.

T Susano Default Icon Susano

With this patch we wanted to help make enemies who are fighting him have the tools to keep track of him in an engagement, as well as look to tone down some of the damage and cooldown reduction in Storm Kata and Jet Stream.

  • Icons Susano A01 Storm Kata
  • Damage reduced from 70/105/140/175/210 → 55/90/125/160/195.
  • Dash speed reduced.
  • Icons Susano A03 Jet Stream
  • Updated the Sound FX for this ability's teleport.
  • Increased cooldown of Jet Stream after Susano teleports to an enemy from 6s → 8s. This is still unaffected by cooldown reduction.

T Thanatos Default Icon Thanatos

Thanatos is receiving some love to his Soul Reap, allowing it to have more of an impact in the mid and late game where the windup for this ability can be more punishing.

  • Icons Thanatos A03 Soul Reap
  • Scaling increased from 60% → 70%.

T Ymir Default Icon Ymir

Hi! Ymir excels as a character that can bully players with his club and strong base damage abilities but he often struggled to maintain a powerful frontline presence in the mid and late game. Frostbite now decreases the damage dealt by those afflicted (in addition to what it already does) which should not only allow Ymir to survive in the front line more reliably, but give him a nice tool to help his team as the game progresses.

  • Icons Ymir Passive Frostbite
  • Enemies afflicted by Frost Bite now deal 10% less damage to all targets.