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3.13 - Valkyrie Reloaded | July 19, 2016

T Freya Default Icon Freya Visual Update

FreyaV2 Promo

New God Skins

New Voice Packs



Achievement Combat Awilix GetOverHere
Get Over Here
As Awilix pull a knocked up enemy god to you using Gravity Surge.
Achievement Combat Awilix PrettyKitty
Pretty Kitty
As Awilix kill an enemy God with the damage when you jump from Suku.

Erlang Shen

Achievement Combat ErLangShen TortoisePower
Tortoise Power!
As Erlang Shen knock up 3 or more enemies using the turtle form of 72 transformations.
Achievement Combat ErLangShen Undefeated
As Erlang Shen use 9 turns Blessing to heal yourself while below 10% health.


Achievement Combat Freya Banished
As Freya banish three or more enemy gods with a single use of Banish.
Achievement Combat Freya ThatWasClose
That Was Close
As Freya kill an enemy God using Valkyries Discretion while you are at 15% health or less.

Summer of Smite 2016

  • New content being added:
  • Land Shark Sobek
  • Challenger & Ace Nu Wa: Challenger Nu Wa will be available on 7/26. Ace will be available in the Challenger Bundle released on 7/26.
  • Bonus Item: Merdusa Pedestal (Release on 7/26)


  • God Achievements now show on the specific god's page.
  • Fixed an issue with a tower on Conquest not properly firing at enemies standing in a specific spot.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Play Again” button would not show after a match.
  • Fixed an issue with Easy AI's having cooldown reduction.
  • Fixed an issue where some projectiles were incorrectly hitting past their intended maximum range.

Item Changes

Ancile T3 Ancile T3 Ancile

We want Ancile to serve as an item that allows Physical characters to have a more direct and aggressive counter to mages. By reducing the cost, this item should have an easier time being utilized in various builds.

  • Decreased cost from 2200 → 2000 gold.

GlowingEmerald T1 GlowingEmerald T1 Glowing Emerald

We are reducing the cost of items in the Glowing Emerald Tree to make them more attractive.

  • Decreased cost from 700 → 600 gold.
  • This also means that all items in the Glowing Emerald Tree will cost 100 gold less.

MarkoftheVanguard T1 Mark of the Vanguard

With our most recent adjustment, this item provided too much sustain for the amount of damage mitigated, leading to us removing the HP5 from MotV. Watcher's Gift is now more clearly the sustain starter item for Warriors or Guardians while Mark of the Vanguard is for direct mitigation and aggressive gameplay.

  • Removed the HP5 from this item.

MagicPowerBuff 01 Potion of Magical Might

Over the course of Season 3, Power Potions have become a hot topic for both the community and the competitive scene. After receiving feedback at all levels we are working on an overhaul to Power Potions that will solidly focus them towards the mid and late game and no longer make them a part of starting builds. With this goal in mind, we have decided to temporarily remove the items until 3.14, when they will have a new design. We feel that removing them now will more accurately reflect the game state of 3.14, where they will be an option in the mid game instead of a requirement at the start of the game.

  • Temporarily removed from the game as we redesign the item for 3.14.

PhysicalPowerBuff 01 Potion of Physical Might

  • Temporarily removed from the game as we redesign the item for 3.14.

RuneforgedHammer T3 RuneforgedHammer T3 Runeforged Hammer

Similar to Ancile, we like Runeforge serving a specific role which is to allow players who build into or have slows to provide a powerful utility to themselves and their team. While effective the stats the item provided were not enough to justify the high cost and low stats it came with.

  • Decreased cost from 2650 → 2400 gold.
  • Increased Physical Power from 30 → 40.

SoulEater T3 SoulEater T3 Soul Eater

Soul Eater overall has been over performing as a sustain and healing item. We are reducing some of this effectiveness in this patch.

  • Removed .5% Lifesteal bonus per stack.
  • Decreased Healing when stacks are consumed from 1.5% → 1% of max HP per stack (30% total → 20% total).

Starter Support 01 Watcher's Gift

Watcher's Gift should enable gods in the early game to rely on sustain instead of raw survivability. We have added 5 HP5 to make the sustain more reliable and adjusted the Mana and Health returned on this item to compensate. Overall with this change Watcher's Gift will provide more Health and Mana during the laning phase.

  • Added 5 HP5.
  • Decreased Heal from each passive trigger from 10 → 7 Health.
  • Increased Mana Heal from each passive trigger from 5 → 7 Mana.

God Changes

T Aphrodite Default Icon Aphrodite

  • General
  • Fixed Aphrodite Beach Babe Lobby Emote FX issue.
  • Icons Aphrodite Passive Center of Attention
  • New Passive Meter.

T Cabrakan Default Icon Cabrakan

Cabrakan has been smashing up the battleground after his recent adjustments. The changes made him a bit too tanky relative to his increased damage. In this patch we adjusted Refraction Shield, lowering the base damage slightly and lowering the overall protections he gains conditionally to compensate for his passive mitigation. Additionally, Tectonic Shift is now more consistent in how many hits it takes to destroy, allowing for better readability and counterplay when against Cabrakan.

  • Icons Cabrakan A02 Refraction Shield
  • Decreased damage from 100/160/220/280/340 → 100/155/210/265/320.
  • Decreased Protections per stack from 4/5/6/7/8 → 2/3/4/5/6.
  • Icons Cabrakan A04 Tectonic Shift
  • Changed number of hits to destroy walls from 2/3/4/5/6 → 3 at all ranks.

T ErLangShen Default Icon Erlang Shen

  • General
  • Added Emotes.

T Fafnir Default Icon Fafnir

  • Icons Fafnir A03 B Underhanded Tactics
  • Fixed an issue where this ability would stun improperly.
  • This ability should now properly only hit the closest god.

T GuanYu Default Icon Guan Yu

Guan Yu had a major adjustment last patch and after watching his performance we want to make sure he is still healing for an impactful amount while allowing him to use his new passive more often.

  • Icons GuanYu Passive Painless
  • Decreased the number of hits to max stacks from 30 → 20.
  • Icons GuanYu A01 Conviction
  • Increased Healing from 50/80/110/140/170 → 65/95/125/155/185.
  • Increased Boosted Healing from 100/160/210/280/340 → 130/190/250/310/370.

T Mercury Default Icon Mercury

Mercury is a character who excels in situations where he can get in and box his opponents or isolate them into 1 on 1 scenarios. By increasing Maximum Velocity's duration in his early ranks as well as making Special Delivery pack more of a punch in late game scenarios, Mercury will be better equipped in these favorable scenarios

  • Icons Mercury A02 Maximum Velocity
  • Changed duration from 3/3.5/4/4.5/5s → 5s at all ranks.
  • Icons Mercury A03 Special Delivery
  • Increased Physical Power scaling per tick from 15% → 20%.
  • Increased Physical Power scaling for minion damage from 60% → 80%.
  • Decreased mana cost from 70/75/80/85/90 → 60/65/70/75/80.

T Ram Default Icon Rama

Rama is one of the premier basic attack hunters who was affected by the removal of Golden Bow. He is getting an upward adjustment this patch on Astral Strike to maximize his basic attack strength.

  • Icons Ram A01 Astral Strike
  • Increased bonus damage from 10/20/30/40/50 → 15/25/35/45/55.
  • Increased Slow duration from 1s → 2s.

T Thor Default Icon Thor

  • Icons Thor Passive Warrior's Madness
  • New Passive Meter.