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  • Fixed an issue that prevented teleporting to Tier 2 towers on the solo side in Conquest.
  • Fixed undefined text on Summer of Smite items.
  • Fixed Archon Thanatos having Terra's icon during god select.

God Changes

T JingWei Default Icon Jing Wei

  • General
  • Fixed Jing Wei being able to get on top of the of columns on Seasonal Arena.
  • Icons JingWei A01 Persistent Gust
  • Fixed Persistent Gust not hitting FG, GF, or Titan.

T Nox Default Icon Nox

  • Icons Nox A03 Shadow Step
  • Fixed Nox having an issue grabbing Athena after Athena ults her.

T Terra Default Icon Terra

  • Icons Terra A04 Terra's Blessing
  • Fixed Terra's ultimate not triggering "on ability cast" effects.
  • Fixed Ranks 1-3 of Terra's ultimate leaving its ground timer on stealthed allies for enemy clients.