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3.23 - Wings of Victory | December 6, 2016

T Nike Default Icon New Goddess: Nike - Goddess of Victory

Nike Promo

Icons Nike Passive To Victory! (Passive)

Nike sets three goals that the team can achieve to gain increased strength. Upon completing a goal, Nike's team gains a Laurel that increases Power (+8/10/12%) and Movement Speed (+3/5/7%). This Laurel can increase up to 3 times.
Goal 1: Elimitate 10 gods as a team
Goal 2: Eliminate 200 Minions as a team
Goal 3: At least two allies are level 20

Icons Nike A01 Rend

Nike slams the ground twice, sending out fissures that deal damage (50/85/120/155/190 +50% Physical Power). If a target is hit twice, that target loses protections (4/8/12/16/20) for 5 seconds. If Nike's ‘Plan of Action’ is active, Rend gains an additional attack. If a target is hit three times, that target is disarmed. Cost: 60/65/70/75/80. Cooldown: 12s.

Icons Nike A02 Old Plan of Action

Nike draws upon her vast battle experience to plan her next move. Passive: Nike gains (10/15/20/25/30) HP5. Active: Nike's next ability gains bonus damage (20/30/40/50/60) and a special effect. Cost: 30/35/40/45/50. Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14s.

Icons Nike A03 Valiant Leap

Nike leaps into the air then crashes down at a location dealing damage (65/115/165/215/265 + 60% Physical Power) and knocking up enemies. If Nike's ‘Plan of Action’ is active, she travels to the location much faster. Cost: 55/60/65/70/75. Cooldown: 18s.

Icons Nike A04 Sentinel of Zeus (Ultimate)

Nike transforms into an armored sentinel and sends out a shockwave that damages (100/165/230/295/360 +80% Physical Power) and slows (30%) enemies around her. While in this form, she gains 40% of her max health as a shield. If Nike's ‘Plan of Action’ is active, Nike instead gains 60% of her max health as a shield and applies a 60% slow. Cost: 90/95/100/105/110. Cooldown: 100s.

New God Skins

T Anubis Demon Icon Demonic Pact Anubis

DemonicPactAnubis Promo

The culmination of the 2017 Odyssey has arrived. Chosen by the Community, the Demonic Pact Anubis Tier 5 skin is here! As a tier 5, it comes with a horde of features.

  • 4 Unique Models for each form
  • 4 Unique sets of FX for each ability
  • 4 Unique Voice Packs for each form
  • Custom Recall FX
  • Custom Music Pack
  • Custome Emote
  • And tons of hidden features such as the Final Form Ultimate changing the entire maps skybox!

New Voice Packs

New Emotes

  • I Emote Dance Khepri Dance Emote

New Recall skins

Icon Odyssey2017 Odyssey 2017 Final Content

  • New content being added:
  • Demonic Pact Anubis
  • Chilling Grasp Ah Puch
  • Jurassic Camazotz
  • Chaac Announcer Pack

Item Changes

CelestialLegionHelm T3 Celestial Legion Helm

Earlier this season, this item received a large buff to Protections which seems to have been an over buff as it sort of became a catch-all item. We are bringing its Protections down slightly so it lies between the 2 stages and increasing the cost slightly to better fit its power level.

  • Decrease Physical Protection from 90 → 80.
  • Increase cost from 2300 → 2400.

HydrasStar T2 HydrasStar T2 Hydra's Star

  • Reduced Cooldown Reduction from 10% → 5%.

HydrasLament T3 HydrasLament T3 Hydra's Lament

Hydra's Lament has found a strong place in players builds since it received the Mana regeneration passive. The Cooldown Reduction this item provided was very potent for the cost and power of the item on its own and is being toned down a bit to make sure Hydra's isn't overshadowing different build options.

  • Reduced Cooldown Reduction from 15% → 10%.

ObsidianShard T3 ObsidianShard T3 Obsidian Shard

Mages actually have a very strong penetration option in Spear of the Magus but for most of the Season, it was overshadowed by Obsidian Shard. The raw power of Shard is being brought down a little to bring the items more in line with each other and encourage better situational building.

  • Reduced Magical Power from 70 → 60.

God Changes

T ErLangShen Default Icon Erlang Shen

Erlang Shen has been a strong force in the competitive scene. One of his major strengths has been his ability to be offensive with Spot Weakness and defensive with his Turtle Form and his Ultimate. We are removing some of his free offensive power by removing the “Fatalis” effect from Spot Weakness and moving it to the Mink from on 72 Transformations. Now, the form Erlang Shen chooses will have a bigger impact on his play style.

  • Icons ErLangShen A01 Spot Weakness
  • No longer ignores Basic Attack movement penalties.
  • Icons ErLangShen A03 72 Transformations
  • Using Mink Form will now allow you to ignore Basic Attack Movement penalties for 5s.
  • Reduced Turtle Shield and Mink Attack Buff durations from 6s → 5s.

T Hades Default Icon Hades

Hades has been a popular point of discussion recently and has been a character we have watched for a long time. Overall, his performance is solid (and sometimes very strong) but we felt there were a few things we could change to help the King of the Underworld. Blight now lasts longer and Shroud of Darkness no longer knocks back minions. These two changes should remove some of the frustrating situations that can happen during the laning phase. Additionally, Pillar of Agony now provides more protections making burning Hades down in his Ultimate, a less viable strategy unless there is a significant source of damage on him.

  • Icons Hades Passive Blight
  • Duration increased from 5s → 8s.
  • Icons Hades ShroudofDarkness Shroud of Darkness
  • No longer Knocks Back Minions.
  • Icons Hades PillarofAgony Pillar of Agony
  • Increased Protection buff from 40/50/60/70/80 → 60/65/70/75/80.

T JingWei Default Icon Jing Wei

Jing Wei has become one of, if not the most, dominant Hunter of Season 3. Her initial reception was that she was weak and she received many buffs, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements over time. Jing Wei now feels great to play, but the main issue with her is that she is too safe. We are nerfing the cooldown on Agility and reducing the Critical chance on Explosive Bolts to combat some frustrations of playing against her. Additionally, we will not be adjusting her Passive in this patch. We would rather keep her unique strength rather than remove or nerf it.

  • Icons JingWei A02 Explosive Bolts
  • Changed Crit Strike Chance from 5/10/15/20/25 → 0/5/10/15/20.
  • Icons JingWei A03 Agility
  • Cooldown reduced from 20/18/16/14/12 → 20/19/18/17/16.

T Khepri Default Icon Khepri

The Dawn Bringer was so dominant in Season 2 that he received a large number of nerfs and, given the new Season, these may have been too much. The new additions to the Guardian roster and the resurgence of some older gods in Season 3 has left Khepri out of the equation. His abilities are still quite powerful but his starting HP was well below other gods in his class. This is being brought back up to fit within the standard ranges of Guardian stats.

  • General
  • Increased HP from 460 → 490.

T Nox Default Icon Nox

Nox's Passive was often extinguished by Minions and punished Nox players for taking advantage of a good opportunity just because Minions were still alive.

  • Icons Nox Passive Flame of the Night
  • Nox's Candles will now only be blown out by God damage.

T Osiris Default Icon Osiris

The Broken God of the Afterlife is finding a new way to use his unique fragmenting Passive in this update. Osiris has always been a high skill God with a lot of potential but he struggled in the late game so some Magical Damage mitigation is being added to his Passive.

  • Icons Osiris Passive Fragmented
  • Now provides Osiris with 1% Magical Damage Mitigation per stack.

T Terra Default Icon Terra

Terra has made a name for herself through her ability to protect gods across the entire map. Especially when viewing her at competitive levels, The Earth Mother's ability to save allies across the map was happening a bit too often over the course of the entire game.

  • Icons Terra A04 Terra's Blessing
  • Cooldown Increased from 110/105/100/95/90 → 110s at all ranks.

T Thoth Default Icon Thoth

In the last patch, we gave Thoth additional positioning tools in the late game and then held on further changes to see how players learned to play the Arbiter of the Damned. After reviewing performance as more and more players learned him, the Final Judgement is that his is under-performing. We are making a few adjustments to allow for his damage to be more consistent while still leaving room for players to skillfully juke Thoth's attempts at dealing damage.

  • Icons Thoth A01 Hieroglyphic Assault
  • Increased projectile speed by 20%.
  • Icons Thoth A02 Evade and Punish
  • Increased radius from 3 → 4s.
  • Icons Thoth A03 Glyph of Pain
  • Reduced Mana cost from 60 at all ranks → 25/30/35/40/45s.

T Tyr Default Icon Tyr

Tyr is ready to bring down the law. Change Stance will now work in the same manner as Hel and Ullr's stance switch, letting him use this at level one. Tyr players will now have more tools to work with in the first few levels without needing to sacrifice a skill point, opening him up for a lot more options.

  • Icons Tyr A03Icons Tyr A03 Stance2 Change Stance
  • This ability may be activated at rank 0. Rank 0 of this ability provides no Passive benefits.