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  • Fixed Thanatos becoming stuck in the air during the Bonus Arena Round.
  • Fixed an issue with the Season Ticket Schedule not Populating.


StoneofGaia T3 StoneofGaia T3 Stone of Gaia

  • Fixed the incorrect price of Stone of Gaia.

SoulStone T1 Soul Stone

  • Updated the tooltip for Soulstone to clarify that it only works on damaging abilities.


T JingWei Default Icon Jing Wei

Jing Wei is seeing a few adjustments to how her abilities interact to make them more consistent with how other abilities in the game function along with some bug fixes. Most notably using Agility when flying into a Persistent Gust will now cause you to gain an additional "bump" instead of avoiding the knockup effect. Additionally Jing Wei's ultimate will no longer show a warning deployable on the ground to warn enemies that incoming Air Strikes will happen.

  • Icons JingWei Passive Rapid Reincarnation
  • Jing Wei is now CC immune during Rapid Reincarnation.
  • Icons JingWei A01 Persistent Gust
  • The knockup for this ability can no longer be avoided by jumping as jumping should have no gameplay implications.
  • This ability will no longer pop Magi's Blessing (or other CC triggered effects) when used on a friendly Jing Wei.
  • Icons JingWei A04 Air Strike
  • Fixed this ability showing a warning deployable to enemies.
  • Fixed this ability going on cooldown if Jing Wei dies during the warmup channel.
  • Fixed being able to use Air Strike during the ascent of Rapid Reincarnation.