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4.1 - Season Four | February 1, 2017

T Vamana Default Icon Vamana Visual Update

  • Character model update and Card update for the Default, Recolor, and Mastery skins.
  • Card update for the Default, Recolor and Mastery skins.
  • New Voice Pack.

New God Skins

Undying Chest 2017

New Voice Packs

New Avatars

New Emotes

  • I Emote Dance Vulcan Dance Emote

New Global Emotes

  • Icon Global Emote Ranked Diamond Diamond Mastery
  • Icon Global Emote Ranked Diamond Diamond Demigod
  • Icon Global Emote Ranked Diamond Diamond Adept
  • Icon Global Emote SeasonTicket SpringSplit Season Ticket 2017

New Loading frames

  • Iron Tyrant Loading Frames
  • Diamond Conquest
  • Diamond Joust
  • Masters Conquest
  • Masters Joust
  • Platinum Conquest
  • Platinum Joust
  • Season Ticket 2017 Loading Frame

New Recalls

  • Diamond Mastery Recall FX
  • Diamond Student Recall FX
  • Diamond Master Recall FX
  • Diamond God Recall FX
  • Season Ticket 2017 Recall FX

New Ward skins


The Morrigan

Achievement Combat TheMorrigan MirrorMatch
Mirror Match
As Morrigan transform into an enemy God and kill the God you transformed into.
Achievement Combat TheMorrigan 3V3
As Morrigan hit 3 enemy gods at the same time with her Deadly Aspects ability.

Client Updates

In Season 4, we are updating some of our core features of SMITE. Ranked is receiving a revamp to its structure, T-Screen makes its return, and players who have Diamond Mastered gods will have new forms of progression available to them.

  • T screen returns
  • The T-Screen has returned! Press “T” to rejoice!
  • The T-Screen now shows Top Kills, Top Gold, Top Damage, and Top Mitigated at the top of the screen. Additionally, the screen serves a new goal as a combat log that you can view at any time that displays recent Damage dealt or taken and the Damage that lead up to your death.
  • Mastery Features
  • After Rank 10, players will begin to unlock bonus Stars for every 1000 Worshippers obtained. These Stars will appear on your Loading Frame when playing that God and has no cap.
  • Diamond Mastery Rewards
  • Now all players will have a “Diamond Count”
  • Players who receive Rank 10 on multiple gods will unlock new Recall effects, getting more impressive as your Diamond Count gets higher.

Season 3: Ranked Rewards

  • Players who are at Gold 5 or higher will receive Iron Tyrant Xing Tian. You need to be Gold 5 or higher on January 31st, 2017 to be eligible for this reward.
  • Players who are at Platinum 5 or higher will receive a Loading Frame that is representative of their achievements. You will need to be Platinum 5 or higher by January 31st, 2017 to be eligible for this reward.
  • Xing Tian Iron Tyrant
  • Iron Tyrant Loading Frames:
  • Diamond Conquest
  • Diamond Joust
  • Masters Conquest
  • Masters Joust
  • Platinum Conquest
  • Platinum Joust

Season 4: Ranked Update

  • All Ranked MMR values have been hard reset. Everyone will begin this season at the same MMR value.
  • In subsequent seasons we will do a soft reset.
  • Updated Qualifying
  • We have updated our placement algorithm for placing players out of qualifying to better represent their estimated skill.
  • Multiple Splits
  • The full Ranked Season has now been divided into multiple Splits, mirroring our eSports scene.
  • At the end of each Split, we will distribute rewards and do a soft reset of the Ranked Ladder, leading into the next Split.
  • Promotion Games Removed
  • Any points earned past 100 will go towards your next division. (ex: After a win a player has 108 points. They will promote to the next division and have 8 points in that division.)
  • Players now only need to reach 101 points to go to the next division instead of needing to get 100 points and then win again.
  • After being promoted players will have protection from immediately being demoted for a few games.
  • Lobby Timers Updated
  • Teams in draft pick will now have bonus time they can use during the Pick and Banning phase. If a Pick or Ban timer hits 0, it will begin taking time away from the bonus time pool instead. This time is shared across all the Pick and Ban phases for your team.
  • Ranked Pause
  • Teams can now pause during ranked game. A team who wishes to pause will need to start a vote. Once the vote has passed, the game will pause automatically once everyone is out of combat. The pause will last for one minute.
  • This can only be done once per team per game.
  • New Leaderboards
  • All leaderboards will now show the region that the player plays in.
  • Masters division is back and Grandmasters has been updated.
  • Masters division now sits between Diamond and Grandmasters.
  • Grandmasters now only accepts the Top 25 Players from Masters into its ranks.
  • God Leaderboards:
  • Players will now be able to see how they compare against other players when playing a specific God.
  • After 5 qualifying games with a God you will be placed on the God Leaderboard and will be able to see how you stand up against other players.
  • Depending on your placement you will be placed into one of three tiers. This placement will appear around you in the Lobby once you have selected a character your are ranked with.
  • Ranked Rewards
  • Each split there will be rewards available to everyone for simply playing Ranked. Qualifying will earn you a bonus Chest Roll, while winning 25 games will give you a special Recall FX that is tied to the split you are playing in.
  • Additionally, there are now Gem Rewards available for the top 25 players in each league.
  • Top 5 Players will receive 3500 Gems.
  • Top 6 - 20 players will receive 2500 Gems.
  • Top 21 - 25 Players will receive 1500 Gems.
  • God Leaderboards will also have their own rewards. If you are in the top 3 for any given God you will receive a Gem Reward.
  • 1st: 800 Gems.
  • 2nd: 400 Gems.
  • 3rd: 200 Gems.
  • Intelligent Matchmaking of Low Population Regions
  • During low population times, the Matchmaking algorithm will look for players outside the preferred region, taking ping into consideration.
  • This will only occur when no match can be found due to low population.

Season Ticket 2017 - Spring Split

The Season Ticket has undergone a redesign this year in both how it looks and how it functions. First and foremost, The Season Ticket has now been divided into three different Splits. During these splits, ALL players will be able to earn FP and progress towards FP unlocks without paying in to the Season Ticket. Purchasing the Season Ticket will now provide immediate rewards exclusive to purchasing the ticket as well as bonus FP and the ability to vote on games to earn more.

  • Unlocked by Purchasing the Spring Season Ticket
  • Modern Mercenary Nemesis
  • The ability to vote on games for FP
  • Permanent FP Booster.
  • 15 Team Worshiper Boosters
  • In the Match Lobby players can activate these boosters and share the benefit of the booster to the team. This Worshiper Booster will give everyone on your team 2x Worshipers that game.
  • Bundle of Quests that will give up to 1500 FP.
  • Unlocked through FP Unlocks (Free to all Players)
  • Cutesy Chest
  • Enigma Chest Roll
  • Season Ticket 2017 Spring Recall FX
  • 2017 Season Ticket Loading Frame
  • Enigma Chest Roll
  • Undying Chest 2017 Roll
  • Cutest Global Emote
  • Nevercake Announcer Pack
  • Enigma Chest Roll
  • Swarm Sentry Ah Muzen Cab (Available in 4.2)
  • Undying Chest 2017 Content
  • Full Metal Vulcan
  • Encore Agni
  • Dragonsbane Ullr
  • Agony Bellona
  • Terror-dactyl Camazotz
  • iDusa Elite Medusa

Clash Map Update

Queue Clash

Clash has quickly become one of SMITE's most popular game modes! It is a fun middle ground between Arena and other lane based modes, like Conquest. Player feedback overwhelmingly showed that they wanted a new art style besides Greek, so we brought back one of our favorites: Egyptian! Clash now features a completely new art style as well as a new Jungle Boss, Apophis, the Chaos Serpent. It also features a variety of layout changes, while staying true to the core design of Clash.

  • New Art Style
  • Egyptian Themed Map
  • New Titans
  • New Minions
  • New Towers
  • New Phoenixes
  • New Map Layout Changes
  • Widened Center Area
  • New paths to Center Area
  • Adjusted outer paths
  • New Jungle Boss - Apophis
  • XP value set at 50. This increases to 100 at later stages of the game.
  • Gold value set at 100. This increases to 150 at later stages of the game.
  • Base Health value set at 3200.
  • Health per Min value set at 130. This increases to 175 at later stages of the game.
  • Replaces Fire Giant and Gold Fury.
  • Spawns in the center of the Map at 10 Minutes.
  • Deals massive Damage and knocks back nearby gods upon spawning.
  • Provides a Buff to the killing team. This Buff becomes more powerful later into the game.
  • Grants bonus Magical Power and Physical Power. Enemy gods hit by your Abilities take damage equal to a fraction of their Max Health over 4 seconds.
  • New Gameplay Changes
  • New Jungle Camps
  • New characters for Red buff and Blue buff holders
  • New Phoenixes
  • New Phoenixes have a much higher Attack Speed and lower Base Damage.
  • Kill Bounty Changes
  • For experience you get an additional 20% XP based on the level difference. (20% base xp * level difference)

Season 4 Conquest Map Update

Conquest is the primary competitive game mode for SMITE. With each new season comes new challenges to this map. We listened and watched carefully as Season 3 unfolded. In 2016, we saw the rise and fall of many types of metagame, but there were two primary issues we wanted to address: Adding more meaningful choices to early game and enhancing late game objectives. We believe the Season 4 Conquest update will bring a diverse group of strategies with its new start and twists on Gold Fury and Fire Giant!

Map Changes

  • Small adjustments to Jungle paths have been made to equalize time and distance between objectives on Order and Chaos sides of the map.
  • Both the Order Speed camp and the Chaos Damage camp see a change to their geometry and leash to shift the time it takes to reach the Mid Lane.
  • Players can no longer see into the camp from the Mid Lane.
ConquestV4 Minimap

General Gameplay

  • Game Start Changes
  • Game starts at -1:00
  • Minions spawn at 0:00
  • The ENTIRE Jungle spawns at 0:30
  • Kill Bounty Changes
  • For experience, you get an additional 10% XP based on the level difference. (10% base xp * level difference)

Minion and Jungle Changes

The Experience and Gold rates around the map have changed. Minion Waves are now worth slightly less Experience, while the Jungle holds a little more Experience. This combined with changes to the start of the map, Jungle difficulty, and changes to Bumba's Mask are designed with the goal of removing the focus on the mid lane.

  • Conquest Minion Changes
  • Swordsman
  • XP decreased from 65 → 60
  • Archer
  • XP decreased from 45 → 40
  • Brute
  • XP decreased from 65 → 60
  • Conquest Jungle Monster Changes
  • Fixed an issue where Jungle Monster HP scaled at double the scaling rate while dead.
  • The scaling of Jungle Monsters has been adjusted to compensate. All jungle monsters have been adjusted to ensure they spawn at the same health they do in live.
  • Since the early days of SMITE, Jungle Monsters have always scaled twice as fast while dead, making camps that were taken consistently tankier than those which were left alive. This has now been removed to keep the pace of the game and the toughness of the camps close. We are also increasing the Base Health per Minute that Jungle Monsters receive.
  • Boars
  • Removed from the Conquest Map
  • Harpy
  • XP value increased from 30 → 45
  • Gold value increased from 13 → 28
  • Base Health decreased from 425 → 375
  • Health per Min increased from 25 → 35
  • Elder Harpy
  • XP value decreased from 110 → 55
  • Gold value decreased from 45 → 38
  • Base Health decreased from 550 → 470
  • Health per Min increased from 30 → 55
  • Cyclops Rogue (NEW)
  • The new Jungle Buff is one that should be aggressive and should be suitable for any class to pick up. The Protection Reduction Aura buff serves these purposes quite well, favoring early game aggression.
  • XP value set to 160
  • Gold value set to 60
  • Base Health set to 790
  • Health per min set to 120
  • Drops Purple Jungle Buff (NEW)
  • AURA - Enemy Gods within 55 units have their Magical and Physical Protections reduced by 10.
  • Cyclops Rogue Small (NEW)
  • XP value set to 40
  • Gold value set to 20
  • Base Health set to 90
  • Health per min set to 65
  • Damage, Speed, and Mana Cyclops
  • XP increased from 150 → 160
  • Base Health decreased from 960 → 790
  • Health per Min increased from 65 → 120
  • Fire Elemental
  • Base Health decreased from 180 → 100
  • Health per Min increased from 40 → 65
  • Elder Elemental (NEW)
  • XP value set to 105
  • Gold value set to 46
  • Base Health set to 760
  • Health per Min set to 132
  • Oracle Harpy Camp (NEW)
  • When we began planning for Season 4 we wanted to focus on addressing some issue with the Conquest map. In the early game there was a much heavier emphasis on Fire Giant side that lead to the duo lane having less to do overall. The Oracle Harpy camp brings some of the early game focus back to the Gold Fury side by giving the duo lanes an objective to fight over. In Season 4 we wanted to add objectives that gave unique types of rewards. Through play-testing we found that tactical advantages like vision or movement were great rewards for these types of objectives.
  • New type of objective that offers early game tactical advantages in addition to XP/Gold.
  • Contains 2 Oracle Harpies
  • Oracle Harpy (NEW):
  • XP value set to 85
  • Gold value set to 42
  • Base Health set to 760
  • Health per Min set to 130
  • Location: Gold Fury Camp
  • Spaw Time: 00:30 seconds
  • Respawn Time: 3:00
  • Rewards:
  • If a team kills both Oracle Harpies, that team is given vision of the Gold Fury pit for 90 seconds.
  • This vision cannot be countered by Sentry Wards
  • Vision granted by the Oracle Harpies does not reveal Wards nor Stealthed units
  • Neither team gets vision if Kills are split
  • Total Camp XP is set to 170
  • Total Camp Gold is set to 84
  • Boss - Portal Demon (NEW)
  • “Similar to The Oracle Harpy, we wanted to provide more objectives to fight over at key stages of the game. Where Gold and Fire Giant have their purpose, none of them allow for a team to gain a direct positioning advantage. The Portal Demon boss now gives teams flexibility in what objective they want to prioritize by giving them brief control over the Fire Giant pit.”
  • New type of objective that offers late game tactical advantages in addition to XP/Gold for reasons
  • Boss - Portal Demon (NEW):
  • Team XP value set to 100
  • Team Gold value set to 150
  • Base Health set to 2250
  • Health per Min set to 280
  • Location: Across from Fire Giant Camp
  • Spawn Time: 10:00 minutes
  • Respawn Time: 5:00 minutes
  • Rewards
  • When killed, the Portal Demon creates a one-way portal from the killing team's base to the Fire Giant pit that lasts for 1 minute
  • Grants 100 Team XP and 150 Team Gold
  • Boss - Gold Fury
  • Increased starting gold rewards to incentivize and reward early Gold Fury kills, while still keeping the time the Gold Fury reaches the gold cap amount the same.
  • Increased starting Gold reward from 150 → 190
  • Decreased Gold reward increase per minute from 10 → 8
  • Base Health decreased from 2700 → 2250
  • Health per Min increased from 216 → 280
  • Boss - Fire Giant
  • Base Health decreased from 7000 → 6650
  • Health per min increased from 130 → 160

Season 4 Consumable Updates


A new type of item comes to SMITE as a Consumable! The powerful Ritual Items are designed to enhance the late game experience of SMITE. When your build was finished, there were very few options for players to help end the game. Rituals will now provide way more options, but at a very high cost, especially since you only get one use per purchase. These items will allow skilled players to make truly amazing plays in the late game.

  • Features
  • Only usable after Level 10
  • One use per Purchase
  • Provides a single use Relic or Ability-like effect
  • Grouped with Potions of Might and Elixirs on a new “Late Game Consumables” tab

New Ritual Consumables

Rituals Flickering Flickering Ritual

  • Cost: 750 Gold
  • Using this Ritual will allow you to teleport up to 55 units away, even when in combat.

Rituals Frenzied Frenzied Ritual

  • Cost: 750 Gold
  • Using this Ritual increases Attack Speed of all Allies within 55 by 20% as well as Damage done to all targets by 25% for 10s.

Rituals Rallying Rallying Ritual

  • Cost: 750 Gold
  • Using this Ritual will teleport you to an allied god anywhere on the map after a 4s channel time. Hard CC can interrupt the channel and the ritual is lost.

Rituals Reveal Revealing Ritual

  • Cost: 750 Gold
  • Using this Ritual reveals enemy gods to your entire team and reveals all Enemy wards within 70 for 5s.


Another new Consumable enters SMITE, but these are for the early game. Chalices allow players to invest an initially large amount of Gold for a stack of Potions or Wards that can be refilled. These are priced appropriately to fit well into starting builds.

  • Features
  • They work like a stack of Potions
  • Duration is refreshed, not stacked, on multiple uses
  • Have a specified maximum charges
  • Stacks are refilled to full every time you return to base
  • Can be found grouped with normal Wards and regeneration Potions
  • Selling these yields no Gold if you leave base or use any charges

New Chalice Consumables

Container ChaliceofHealing Container ChaliceofHealing Chalice of Healing

  • Cost: 300 Gold
  • Max stacks: 3
  • Heals 250 Health over 25 seconds per use.

Container ChaliceofMana Chalice of Mana

  • Cost: 300 Gold
  • Max stacks: 3
  • Heals 150 Mana over 25 seconds per use.

Container ChaliceoftheOracle Container ChaliceoftheOracle Chalice of the Oracle

  • Cost: 400 Gold
  • Max stacks: 2
  • Place a Icons Wards Basic 01 Ward per use.

Updated Consumables

With the addition of Chalices and Rituals and the balance adjustments in season 3, Power Potions have become less attractive. They are seeing slight buffs to their duration to help them compete with other Consumables and help them better stack with Rituals.

MagicPowerBuff 01 Potion of Magical Might

  • Increased duration from 3m → 5m.

PhysicalPowerBuff 01 Potion of Physical Might

  • Increased duration from 3m → 5m.

Season 4 Relic Updates

Relics are seeing a variety of balance changes, as well as two more system changes. The smaller of which is new names and Icons. Relics have been renamed to their historical SMITE names and are also now all actually in reference to Relics, aka legendary objects. The larger new feature is Relic Upgrading! In Season 4 at any time in a match, you may pay 500 Gold to upgrade your Relic for a specified bonus. This adds a good bit of complexity to build order allows for more meaningful choices in selecting which Relics to use.


  • Re-organize Relic Tab.
  • Update Relic Descriptions.
  • Relics can be Upgraded.
  • Select a Relic you already own and spend 500g to upgrade the Relic at any time.

Removed Relics

Frenzy Relic Frenzy

  • Has been re-designed as a consumable and has been removed from as a Relic.

Scout Relic Scout

  • Has been re-designed as a consumable and has been removed as a Relic.

Changed Relics

Sanctuary Relic AegisAmulet Relic S9 Aegis Amulet

  • Previously known as Sanctuary.
  • Can be upgraded
  • Cooldown decreases from 160s → 130s.

BlinkRune Relic BlinkRune Relic S9 Blink Rune

  • Previously known as Blink.
  • Can be upgraded
  • Cooldown decreases from 120s → 90s.

CursedAnkh Relic Cursed Ankh

In Season 4, we want to focus on each Relic's most unique element. Curse is having its Slow removed to allow its Healing Reduction features to shine. This relic might seem weaker overall, but against specific healing heavy teams it is now much stronger.

  • Previously known as Curse.
  • Increased Healing Reduction duration from 5s → 10s.
  • No longer slows.
  • Can be upgraded
  • Healing Reduction increases from 50% → 65% and duration increases from 10s → 15s.

Wrath Relic Hand of the Gods

Hand of the Gods was originally designed to be a jungle clear assistance tool, and it will be returning to that form again in Season 4. Using a Relic to secure jungle bosses really took away from gods who had great abilities for this same purpose, so HoG (or Wrath) won't be filling that niche anymore. To compensate for its loss of jungle boss effects, it is gaining a strong cooldown reduction for getting the killing blow on jungle monsters.

  • Previously known as Wrath.
  • Now deals 300 + 10 per Level Damage to a single enemy Minion or Jungle Monster within 12 units. Target will be the one with highest max HP. The Relic's Cooldown will be reduced by 30s if you kill a Jungle Mob with it.
  • Can be upgraded
  • Now also stuns all enemy gods in range.

Sprint Relic HeavenlyWings Relic S9 Heavenly Wings

  • Previously known as Sprint.
  • Now only cleanses slows upon activation, does not provide Slow Immunity throughout the duration.
  • Can be upgraded
  • All allies hit by this effect are immune to Basic Attack Slow penalty.

Shell Relic MagicShell Relic S9 Magic Shell

  • Previously known as Shell.
  • Base Protections received decreased from 45 → 30.
  • Damage mitigation reduced from 15% → 5%.
  • Can be upgraded
  • Protections given increases from 30 → 45 and Mitigation Buff increases from 5% → 10%.

Meditation Relic Meditation Cloak

  • Previously known as Meditation.
  • Can be upgraded
  • Provides all allies hit with a Buff of 45 MP5 and 15 HP5 for 30s.

Phantom Relic Phantom Veil

  • Previously known as Phantom.
  • New Visual FX and Audio.
  • Removed Basic Attack Slow Immunity.
  • Now applies 40% CC reduction and Immunity to knockups to allies affected by it.
  • Can be upgraded
  • Duration increases from 5s → 10s.

Purification Relic PurificationBeads Relic S9 Purification Beads

  • Previously known as Purification.
  • Can be upgraded
  • Cooldown decreases from 160s → 130s.

ShieldofThorns Relic ShieldofThorns Relic S9 Shield of Thorns

  • Previously known as Thorns
  • Damage Reflect increased from 40% → 50%
  • Can be upgraded
  • Duration increases from 5s → 8s and Cooldown decreases from 120s → 100s

SunderingSpear Relic SunderingSpear Relic S9 Sundering Spear

  • Previously known as Sunder.
  • Updated Audio.
  • Protection and Attack Speed Debuffs removed, now increases Damage taken by the target by 15% for 5s.
  • Can be upgraded
  • Damage debuff increases from 15% → 30% and cooldown decreases from 120s → 100s.

TeleportGlyph Relic Teleport Glyph

  • Previously known as Teleport
  • Increased cooldown from 180s → 200s
  • Can be upgraded
  • Cooldown decreases from 200s → 160s

New Relics

HorrificEmblem Relic HorrificEmblem Relic S9 Horrific Emblem

  • Using this item Slows the Movement Speed of all enemy gods within 35 units by 40% for 5s. Their Attack Speed is also reduced by 25% for the duration. Cooldown - 150s.
  • Can be upgraded
  • Cooldown decreases from 150s → 120s.

BracerofUndoing Relic Bracer of Undoing

A brand new Relic is making its appearance in SMITE. Bracer of Undoing falls into the realm of Beads and Aegis, by giving an individual player a strong tool to prevent their own death. This Relic allows for players to heavily bait their enemies, thinking they will secure a kill, but it can be countered by Healing Reduction.

  • Using this item subtracts 3s from all abilities currently on Cooldown and restores 50% Health and Mana lost within the last 3s. Cooldown - 120s.
  • Can be upgraded
  • Recent Damage Time increases from 3s → 5s.

Season 4 Item Update

With Season 4, we are making a large number of changes to items with a few goals in mine. First and foremost, we want players to have more control and options over their starting builds. We added new Starting Items and reduced the cost of most Tier 1 items, allowing for players to mix and match items together in ways that haven't be available before. This should provide a good foundation for players to explore non-traditional roles, such as Warrior supports or Mage Solos. Additionally, Item Passives are more focused on finding opportunities to counter build against opponents. Core stats like Cooldown Reduction and Penetration are found on more items and are tied to more unique effects, allowing for increased diversity when building these stats. Support players will also find a variety of new aura and utility options to assist their team.

  • Can now sort the store by Crowd Control Reduction % (CCR)
  • New Stat - Penetration
  • Can be found on items available to all gods. It applies the proper pen to your stats depending on if you are Magical or Physical once purchased.

Starter Items

BluestonePendant T1 Bluestone Pendant

Bluestone is losing some total Mana and gaining some MP5 to focus it more towards its intended role: Empowering Physical gods with Ability-based clear and poke Damage.

  • Decreased Mana from 100 → 50.
  • Added 5 MP5.

BumbasMask 128 Bumba's Mask

Bumba's Mark is seeing significant changes in Cost Reduction, increased Damage, and the removal of Gold splitting. In Season 4, we want Junglers to have more diverse God selection, builds and more independence. The large adjustments to Conquest synergize with these goals.

  • Decreased Cost from 800 → 500.
  • Removed MP5.
  • Added 50 Health.
  • Added 50 Mana.
  • Increase True Damage on Basic Attacks on Jungle Camps from 10 → 15.
  • Increased Ability Damage Bonus on Jungle Camps from 10% → 15%.
  • Removed Gold sharing Bonus.
  • Added 4 Gold and 25 Mana Bonus per Jungle Camp kill.

Deathstoll Death's Toll

Death's Toll is losing some Power while gaining increased Health and Passive effects to focus it more toward its intended role: Providing Physical gods with early game sustain.

  • Decreased Physical Power from 15 → 10.
  • Increased Health from 90 → 100.
  • Increased PASSIVE Heal from 6 → 8 Health.
  • Increased PASSIVE Mana restore from 2 → 3 Mana.

RangdasMask T1 Rangda's Mask

Rangda's Mask is the aggressive cousin of Bumba's Mask. It can be splashed into early builds to enable and reward players who look have aggressive ganking or roaming playstyles.

  • Costs 500 Gold.
  • +5 MP5.
  • PASSIVE - Each time you get an assist you gain a stack, or 2 for a kill. At 6 stacks this item provides 7% Movement Speed and 10% Cooldown Reduction. At 16 stacks this item provides 15 Penetration, 10% Movement Speed, and 15% Cooldown Reduction.

SandsofTime T1 Sands of Time

This Starter Item is a hybrid utility Item that could be utilized by many Mages and some Guardians. While Soul Stone is for pure Damage and Vampiric Shroud is for Health Sustain, Sands of Time is for Mana and Cooldown, a starting stat gap that existed for Support and hybrid Mages.

  • Costs 800 Gold.
  • +20 Magical Power.
  • +5 MP5.
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction.
  • PASSIVE - This item grants 1.5 MP5 per 10% of your missing Mana.

SoulStone T1 Soul Stone

Soul Stone is seeing a change to its Passive to have it work more consistently among gods that deal Magical Damage in many different ways. It is also losing the MP5 per Stacks and instead gaining a flat Mana Heal when Stacks are consumed to encourage constant use of the item.

  • NEW PASSIVE that buffs all Abilities used after stacks are consumed for 3s, instead of only buffing one Ability. Also removed MP5 on stacks.

SwiftWing T1 Swift Wing

Swift Wing is a new utility based starter item that any type of God can utilize. It can especially help Solo Laners who opt out of the Teleport Relic or gods with low Sustain who will be returning to base often.

  • Costs 800 Gold.
  • +100 health.
  • +10 HP5.
  • +5% Movement Speed.
  • PASSIVE - Whenever you leave the fountain, you gain 40% movespeed for 15s. This effect fades when entering combat.

VampiricShroud T1 Vampiric Shroud

  • Removed MP5.
  • Added 4% Magical Lifesteal.
  • Reduced PASSIVE Mana restore from 10 → 5 Mana.

War Flag War Flag

This item is design specifically to facilitate Warrior and Assassin picks in the Duo Lane or Support Role, and has interesting applications in game modes besides Conquest. This item requires a teammate to make use of its Passive, and allows Warriors to play more as more aggressive versions of their Guardian counterparts. It has distinct advantages from Watcher's Gift that encourage early game aggression while sacrificing the Gold Bonus.

  • Costs 800 Gold.
  • +10 Physical Power.
  • +100 Health.
  • +5 MP5.
  • PASSIVE - Being in range of minion or jungle camp death without dealing the killing the blow restores 5 Health and 5 Mana to all allies within 55 units and also provides allies with a stacking self buff of 1% Movement Speed and 1% Attack Speed. Lasts 6s and stacks up to 10 times.

Starter Support 01 Watcher's Gift

Watcher's Gift is seeing some slight adjustments to provide more of the stats Guardians and Support would want.

  • Added 5 Physical Protection.
  • Added 5 Magical Protection.
  • Removed 5 HP5.
  • PASSIVE - Increased restoration of Health from 7 → 12 and Mana from 7 → 10.
  • PASSIVE - Increased gold for assists from 4 → 5.

Magical Items

With some new anti-healing items and some adjustment to healing gods, lifesteal is seeing an increase. As a form of healing that requires damage to be dealt, lifesteal is a fair way to heal.

Magical Lifesteal Tree

TinyTrinket T1 TinyTrinket T1 Tiny Trinket
  • Increased Cost from 540 → 550.
  • Decreased Magical Power from 20 → 15.
  • Increased Magical Lifesteal from 4% → 6%.
EnchantedRelic T2 EnchantedRelic T2 Enchanted Trinket
  • Increased Cost from 1000 → 1100.
  • Increased Magical Lifesteal from 10% → 12%.
Polynomicon T3 Polynomicon T3 Polynomicon
  • Increased Magical Lifesteal from 10% → 12%.
DivineRuin T3 DivineRuin T3 Divine Ruin
  • Removed from this tree.
  • Re-designed as a Magical Penetration Item.
PythagoremsPiece T3 PythagoremsPiece T3 Pythagorem's Piece

Pythagorem's Piece has always been OK at doing a few different things, instead of being good at one thing. The Item will now be clearly positioned as a Lifesteal Aura item for Guardians or supportive Mages and will now benefit your whole team regardless of composition.

  • Decreased Cost from 2400 → 2300.
  • Decreased Magical Power from 60 → 40.
  • Decreased Magical Lifesteal from 15% → 12%.
  • Now builds from Enchanted Trinket.
  • Now adds 200 Mana.
  • NEW AURA - Adds 12% Magical Lifesteal and 30 Magical Power or 10% Physical Lifesteal and 20 Physical Power to all allies within 70 units.
TalonTrinket T2 TalonTrinket T2 Talon Trinket
  • Increased Cost from 1370 → 1400.
BancroftsTalon T3 BancroftsTalon T3 Bancroft's Talon
  • Decreased Cost from 2400 → 2300.
  • Increased Magical Lifesteal from 12% → 15%.
  • PASSIVE - Now also adds up to 15% Bonus Magical Lifesteal scaling from missing Health.
BookoftheDead T3 Book of the Dead

A new Mage Lifesteal Item has been added to the roster to help Mage sustainability through Magical Lifesteal. This item's ability to provide Power, Lifesteal, Health and a Health Shield should help Lifesteal Mages round out their stats without adding a purely defensive item to their build.

  • Costs 1600 to upgrade from Talon Trinket (3000 total).
  • +100 Magical Power.
  • +15% Magical Lifesteal.
  • +200 Health.
  • PASSIVE - Healing from Magical Lifesteal can continue to affect you at max Health and is converted to a Health Shield. This Shield caps at 20% of your current HP. This shield has no duration.

Magical Penetration Tree

MagicalFocus T1 MagicalFocus T1 Magic Focus
  • Decreased Cost from 760 → 650.
EnchantedSpear T2 EnchantedSpear T2 Enchanted Spear
  • Decreased Cost from 1550 → 1450.
ObsidianShard T3 ObsidianShard T3 Obsidian Shard
  • Increased Cost from 2050 → 2300.
DivineRuin T3 DivineRuin T3 Divine Ruin

Mages are great at applying Divine Ruin's Passive with their large area effect spells, but often times Mages did not want to itemize into a low power Lifesteal Item. Divine Ruin is keeping its name and Passive, but losing its Lifesteal and moving to the Magic Focus tree. With added Magical Penetration to make it easier to use when anti-heal is needed.

  • Costs 2400 Gold.
  • Now upgrades from Enchanted Spear.
  • +80 Magical Power.
  • +10 Magical Penetration.
SpearofDesolation T3 SpearofDesolation T3 Spear of Desolation

Spear of Desolation had an interesting Passive and extreme Power, but the Item saw little use. The cost and unreliability of the Passive combined to make the item less attractive, so it is seeing large changes. This item will now provide Magical Penetration and Cooldown Reduction, to help Mages itemize into stats they really want, but the cost must remain somewhat high for such a powerful stat combination.

  • Decreased Cost from 3800 → 2800 total.
  • Decreased Magical Power from 120 → 80.
  • Increased Magical Penetration from 15 → 20.
  • Added 10% Cooldown Reduction.
  • NEW PASSIVE - If you receive a kill or assist on an Enemy God all of your cooldowns are reduced by 1 second.
WardStone T2 Ward Stone
  • Removed from this tree.
  • Now built off of Druid's Stone item tree.
VoidStone T3 Void Stone
  • Removed from this tree.
  • Now built off of Druid's Stone item tree.

New: Magical Power and Magical Protection

As the Celtic gods join the battleground, so do some Celtic Items. The first being the new Druid Stone tree that provides Magical Power and Magical Protections. Here we see Void Stone in its new home where it is joined by more new Mage items.

DruidStone T1 DruidStone T1 Druid Stone
  • Costs 700 Gold.
  • +20 Magical Power.
  • +10 Magical Protection.
StoneofBinding T2 StoneofBinding T3 Stone of Binding

Stone of Binding is a new bridge item for Guardians or Mages who need some defenses. Ensuring all damage types have these sort of options helps our goal of allowing for more unconventional positions and role to exist.

  • Costs 1700 Gold.
  • +20 Magical Power.
  • +30 Magical Protection.
  • +30 Physical Protection.
  • PASSIVE - Successfully hitting an enemy god with hard Crowd Control will place a buff on all allies within 70 units of you. The buff provides 10 Penetration for 5s.
SagesStone T2 SagesStone T2 Sage's Stone
  • Costs 1400 Gold.
  • +40 Magical Power.
  • +20 Magical Protection.
StoneofFal T3 Stone of Fal

Stone of Fal gives mages the ability to hard counter the opposing mage at a cost. While the ability to reduce huge burst can greatly hinder your opponents, this item is expensive and comes at a loss of power compared to many core Mage items. Finding the right time to build the Stone of Fal will be key to successfully using this new item.

  • Costs 2900 Gold.
  • +70 Magical Power.
  • +40 Magical Protection.
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction.
  • PASSIVE - Anytime you would be dealt more than 30% of your Max Health by a single Magical ability, that damage is instead reduced to deal exactly 30% of your max Health. This effect can only occur once every 60s.
WardStone T2 Ward Stone
  • Now built off of Druid Stone item tree.
VoidStone T3 Void Stone
  • Now built off of Druid Stone item tree.
  • Magical Protection increased from 60 → 70.

Magical Power and Physical Protection Tree

CelestialLegionHelm T3 Celestial Legion Helm

Through many balance changes Celestial Legion Helm became too strong for a reason completely unrelated to its passive, giving mages a very strong source of physical protection in the early game. Celestial Legion Helm is being redesigned as an opposite to Lotus Crown. Now when players receive a heal from a god with this item they will gain increased Physical and Magical Power. Additionally this item provides the user with more raw power at the cost of protections allowing the user to be more powerful instead of defensive.

  • 60 Magical Power.
  • 30 Physical Protection.
  • 20 MP5.
  • NEW PASSIVE - Any god affected by your ability heals gains 20 Increased Physical and Magical Power for 5 seconds.
JadeEmperorsCrown T3 Jade Emperor's Crown

Some Aura effects are being shifted around in Season 4. Previously, Runic Shield and Witchblade were counterparts of reducing opponent's Power and Attack Speed. However, Witchblade was available to all gods, while Runic Shield was available only to Physical gods. To balance these effects out, Witchblade will now only reduce Attack Speed, Runic Shield will only reduce Magical Power, and this new item will reduce Physical Power.

  • Costs 2150 Gold.
  • +20 Magical Power.
  • +60 Physical Protection.
  • +100 Health.
  • AURA - Enemies within 55 units of you have their Physical Power reduced by 30.

Magical Power and Mana Regen Tree

RestoredArtifact T2 RestoredArtifact T2 Restored Artifact
  • Decreased Cost from 1900 → 1600.
  • Increased MP5 from 10 → 20.
ChronosPendant T3 ChronosPendant T3 Chronos' Pendant

Chronos Pendant is receiving a new Passive to make it the premier Mage Cooldown Item. The new Passive allows you to overcap Cooldown Reduction and especially benefits low Cooldown Mages There is also has an additional element of skill to it, allowing low Cooldown Mages to time their abilities to maximize the Passive even more.

  • Cost Increased from 2400 → 2900.
  • Decreased Magical Power from 75 → 60.
  • NEW PASSIVE - Every 10s the Pendant activates, subtracting 1s from all of your abilities currently on Cooldown. The initial countdown will not start until you leave the fountain.
RodofTahuti T3 RodofTahuti T3 Rod of Tahuti
  • Decreased Cost from 3320 → 3300.
  • Increased MP5 from 15 → 30.

Magical Power and Mana Tree

SoulReliquary T1 Soul Reliquary
  • Decreased Cost from 700 → 650.
  • Decreased Magical Power from 30 → 20.
SoulTrap T2 Soul Trap
  • Increased cost from 1590 → 1600.
SoulReaver T3 SoulReaver T3 Soul Reaver
  • Increased cost from 2940 → 2950.
  • Updated description to indicate this deals true damage.

Magical Power and Health Tree

Sash T1 Uncommon Sash
  • Decreased Cost from 700 → 650.
  • Decreased Magical Power from 20 → 15.
  • Decreased Health from 100 → 75.
FortifiedScepter T2 FortifiedScepter T2 Fortified Scepter

The Magical Power and Health tree now branches into a new side, with Crowd Control Reduction added and Mana removed. This stat continues through the tree to add CCR to some old items, allowing Mages who need extra survivability to gain CCR as well as Health without using extra build slots.

  • Costs 1350 Gold.
  • +50 Magical Power.
  • +150 Health.
  • +5% Crowd Control Reduction.
GemofIsolation T3 GemofIsolation T3 Gem of Isolation
  • Now builds off Fortified Scepter.
  • Removed Mana.
  • Added 10% Crowd Control Reduction.
EtherealStaff T3 EtherealStaff T3 Ethereal Staff

As SMITE develops, our design goals have become more focused. All items that had “Stat Conversion” Passives have been phased out, and now Ethereal Staff, the last one remaining, also will see an update. We feel that unique Passives and clear itemization towards specific stats are much healthier for the game than stat conversions. The item finds a new home as a way to maximize Damage on low Cooldown Magical gods, especially against tanky opponents.

  • Costs 2700 Gold.
  • Now builds off Fortified Scepter.
  • +90 Power.
  • +200 Health.
  • +20% Crowd Control Reduction.
  • NEW PASSIVE - Your abilities deal bonus Magical damage to enemy gods equal to 5% of their max Health. This effect can only happen once every 10s.
RodofHealing T2 RodofHealing T2 Rod of Healing

Both Rod of Healing and Rod of Asclepius are having their healing buffs adjusted to be more potent in combat. As healing continues to be a hotly debated subject in SMITE, we feel that out of combat healing is much less fun for all players than in combat healing. Season 4 adds more items to counter healers, but that means healers need some additional tools to reward them for playing & itemizing well.

  • Decreased Aura of increased Healing from 10% → 5%.
  • Added 2nd AURA - If you are in combat, you provide 10% additional Healing to allies within 70 units.
RodofAscelpius T3 RodofAscelpius T3 Rod of Asclepius
  • AURA - Healing Bonus reduced from 25% → 10%.
  • Added 2nd AURA - If you are in combat you provide 20% additional Healing to allies within 70 units.

Magical Power and Attack Speed Tree

EmeraldRing T1 EmeraldRing T1 Emerald Ring
  • Decreased Cost from 690 → 650.
EnchantedRing T2 EnchantedRing T2 Enchanted Ring
  • Increased Cost from 1075 → 1400.
  • Increased Attack Speed from 10% → 15%.
DemonicGrip T3 DemonicGrip T3 Demonic Grip
  • Increased Cost from 2280 → 2300.
  • Attack Speed reduced from 25% → 20%.
TelkhinesRing T3 TelkhinesRing T3 Telkhines Ring

A new luxury tier item has been added with a re-design of Telkhines Ring. Previously the item had very limited viability and was mostly outclassed by Demonic Grip. The new Passive clearly separates the two items into different cost tiers and use cases. Demonic Grip serves as a better item against tanks by reducing target's Protection by a percentage while Telkhines Ring takes hold as the more selfish option, increasing only your own Power to take down squishy enemies.

  • Increased Cost from 2125 → 2800.
  • Increased Magical Power from 45 → 80.
  • Decreased Attack Speed from 30% → 20%.
  • Removed old Passive.
  • NEW PASSIVE - Successfully hitting enemies or structures with basic attacks gives you a stacking Magical Power buff of 10 per stack. Stacks up to 5 times, Stacks last 5s.
ShamansRing T3 Shaman's Ring

As more Magical Power gods become played like Hunters, more items should be available for them to opt into. Instead of splashing Lifesteal items, these Mages can build Shaman's Ring for some solid sustain while still contributing toward their primary build goals. The item also has some interesting applications on hybrid build Guardians in non-support roles.

  • Costs 2400 Gold.
  • +40 Magical Power.
  • +30% Attack Speed.
  • PASSIVE - Each basic attack that hits an enemy god heals you for 2% of your maximum Health and Mana per hit.

Physical Items

Physical Lifesteal Tree

BoundGuantlet T2 BoundGuantlet T2 Bound Gauntlet
  • Removed Attack Speed.
  • Added 75 Mana.
  • Added 10% Crowd Control Reduction.
SoulEater T3 SoulEater T3 Soul Eater

Soul Eater has long been a heavy sustain or tanky splash item for Hunters and Assassins, usually causing frustration of their opponents. The item has be repositioned as a hybrid sustain item, providing the stats that class needs to stay in the fight longer and filling a niche that previously had no items.

  • Increased Cost from 2000 → 2200.
  • Removed Attack Speed.
  • Added 200 Mana.
  • Added 20% Crowd Control Reduction.
  • NEW PASSIVE - Successfully hitting an Enemy god with a Basic Attack restores 2% of your maximum health per hit.

Physical Penetration Tree

Mace T1 Mace T1 Mace
  • Decreased Cost from 750 → 650.
WarriorsBane T2 WarriorsBane T2 Warrior's Bane
  • Increased Cost from 1450 → 1500.
TitansBane T3 TitansBane T3 Titan's Bane
  • Increased Cost from 2050 → 2300.
BrawlersBeatStick T3 BrawlersBeatStick T3 Brawler's Beat Stick

Brawler's Beat Stick was too often picked up on all Assassins, even when there was no healing on the enemy team. Penetration is a valuable stat but this item should not be so strong as to be picked up every game. It is seeing a slight decrease in Penetration to encourage more varied builds and stronger counter building.

  • Decreased Cost from 2400 → 2200.
  • Decreased Physical Penetration from 20 → 15.
JotunnsWrath T3 JotunnsWrath T3 Jotunn's Wrath
  • Increased price from 2440 → 2450.
TheCrusher T3 TheCrusher T3 The Crusher

The Crusher is no longer focused on crushing the enemy structures, but crushing them with Abilities. Hunters who have more power in their Abilities have lacked an item that specifically helped them scale into the late game with Basics, but allowed their Ability based kits to shine. With Power, Attack Speed, Penetration, and Cooldown Reduction for doing what Hunters do, this item should fit nicely into builds that want to focus on Ability usage instead of raw Basic Attack Damage.

  • Costs 2300 Gold.
  • +30 Physical Power.
  • +15% Attack Speed.
  • +15 Physical Penetration.
  • NEW PASSIVE - Successfully hitting an enemy god with a basic attack will subtract 1s from all your abilities currently on cooldown. This effect can only occur once every 5s.

Physical Power and Physical Protection Tree

RoundShield T1 RoundShield T1 Round Shield
  • Decreased Cost from 890 → 650.
  • Decreased Physical Power from 15 → 10.
SpikedShield T2 SpikedShield T2 Spiked Shield
  • Decreased Cost from 1610 → 1600.
ShieldofRegrowth T3 Shield of Regrowth
  • Removed from this tree.
  • Now built off of Glowing Emerald.
GladiatorsShield T2 GladiatorsShield T2 Gladiator's Shield

Assassins and Hunters have had strong bridge items in Ichival and Asi, leaving Warriors with fewer choices in how they transition their builds. Gladiator’s Shield helps fill this gap, providing some key stats for Warriors and a bit of extra sustain during lane skirmishes.

  • Costs 1700.
  • +15 Physical Power.
  • +40 Physical Protections.
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction.
  • PASSIVE - Anytime you hit an Enemy god with an ability you are healed for 2% of your maximum Health and Mana. This can only trigger once per ability.

Physical Power and Magical Protection Tree

EnchantedBuckler T1 Enchanted Buckler
  • Decreased Cost from 700 → 650.
RunicShield T3 Runic Shield
  • Increased Physical Power from 25 → 35.
  • Removed Attack Speed reduction from the Aura.
  • Removed Visual FX.
Ancile T3 Ancile T3 Ancile
  • PASSIVE - Internal Cooldown reduced from 60s → 30s.
  • Now displays a persistent visual FX on the owner when off Cooldown.

Physical Power and Mana Tree

MorningStar T1 MorningStar T1 Morningstar
  • Decreased Cost from 650 → 550.

Physical Power and Health Tree

Cudgel T1 Cudgel T1 Cudgel
  • Decreased Cost from 750 → 650.
  • Added 5 Physical Power.
RuneforgedHammer T3 RuneforgedHammer T3 Runeforged Hammer

Runeforged Hammer in Season 3 was on the way to viability with a strong synergy with Slows, but the effect was over complicated and hard to optimize within a team. This new streamlined Passive is more self contained to the owner of the item, and should be an easier decision on when to pick up based on your team comp.

  • Power increased from 30 → 40.
  • NEW PASSIVE - Enemies take 10% Bonus damage from you if they are affected by Crowd Control. Does not include Knockbacks, Blinds, or Grabs.
Shillelagh T2 Shillelagh T2 Shillelagh

Another new Celtic item has found its way into the shop. This blunt weapon of Irish origins will help bring more parity between the Physical Cudgel Tree and the Magical Sash Tree by providing a new branch with Power, Health and Mana.

  • Costs 1500 Gold.
  • +10 Physical Power.
  • +100 Health.
  • +100 Mana.
BlackthornHammer T3 BlackthornHammer T3 Blackthorn Hammer

The dark and magical bark of the blackthorn tree creates a new hammer weapon for the gods of SMITE. While Frostbound and Runeforged provide generally aggressive effects, Blackthorn Hammer provides a defensive one. This hammer should help Warriors and possibly Assassins execute those stunning redlined health escapes they love so much.

  • Costs 2300 Gold.
  • +30 Physical Power.
  • +200 Health.
  • +200 Mana.
  • PASSIVE - If you are reduced to below 30% HP then 3s are substracted from all abilities currently on cooldown and all of your abilities cost 0 Mana to cast for the next 5s. This effect can only be activated once every 60s.

Physical Power and Attack Speed Tree

Light Blade Light Blade Light Blade
  • Cost reduced from 700 → 600.
Asi T3 Asi T3 Asi
  • Decreased Cost from 1780 → 1750.

Physical Attack Speed Tree

ShortBow T1 ShortBow T1 Short Bow
  • Cost increased from 600 → 650.
SilverbranchBow T3 SilverbranchBow T3 Silverbranch Bow

Season 3 was the introduction of Magical ADCs to the Duo Lane. We like the variety, but the items provided to Hunters were largely made with the assumption that they would be fighting other Hunters. Silverbranch Bow will help Hunters have an Ichival-like item that helps them against Magical Damage dealers in the laning phase.

  • Costs 1700 Gold.
  • Built off of Short Bow.
  • +30% Attack Speed.
  • +10 Physical Penetration.
  • PASSIVE - Every successful Basic Attack increases your Physical Power by 10 and reduces your target's Magical Power from items by 15, for 3s. (Max 3 Stacks)

Physical Power and Movement Speed Tree

In Season 3, we experimented with a melee only item which was very interesting. For Season 4, we are making the entire Katana tree melee only, allowing us to create even more specialized items for Warriors and Assassins without having to worry about Hunters breaking them or people buying them on accident.

Katana T1 Katana T1 Katana
  • Decreased Cost from 800 → 700.
Masamune T3 Masamune

The Melee only tree has two options that focus more on Assassin styles of play so we wanted to create a new item for Warriors that aid them in one of their primary roles, backline diving and Disruption.

  • Costs 2500 Gold.
  • +50 Physical Power.
  • +100 Health.
  • +10% Movement Speed.
  • NEW PASSIVE - For each enemy god within 55 units of you, you gain a stacking buff that provides 5 Magical Protection and 5 Physical Protection. Stacks up to 5 times.
Heartseeker T3 Heartseeker T3 Heartseeker
  • Increased Cost from 1800 → 2100.
  • Added 10 Physical Penetration.
  • Removed old Passive.
  • NEW PASSIVE - Every successful basic attack gives you 1 stack. At 5 stacks, your next ability deals bonus Damage equal to 100% of your physical power to the first enemy god hit.

Physical Power and Critical Chance Tree

HiddenDagger T1 HiddenDagger T1 Hidden Dagger
  • Cost increased from 670 → 700.
Rage T3 Rage T3 Rage

Rage has struggled to find a place in Crit builds as there are many powerful options. To help Rage compete better, it is gaining an exciting new Passive that could allow Hunters to temporarily reach very high Crit Chance off of a single item. Its cost is being to compensate for the power shift.

  • Decreased Cost from 2400 → 2200.
  • Removed old Passive.
  • NEW PASSIVE - Earning a kill or assist fills you with rage, increasing your Critical Strike Chance by 20%. This buff can stack up to 3 times and lasts 8s.

Attack Speed and Critical Chance Tree

The Shuriken Item Tree was the only tree in the game to have no difference in stats compared to its counterpart, Hidden Dagger. To make this tree more unique, all items have received added Attack Speed making this the Critical Strike and Attack Speed tree.

Shuriken T1 Shuriken
  • Decreased Cost from 900 → 650.
  • Decreased Physical Power from 15 → 10.
  • Added +5% Attack speed.
8-PointedShuriken T2 8-PointedShuriken T2 8-Pointed Shuriken
  • Added +10% Attack Speed.
  • Decreased Crit Ctrike Chance from 15% → 10%.
WindDemon T3 Wind Demon
  • Added +10% Attack Speed.
  • Decreased Physical Power from 40 → 30.
EnvenomedShuriken T3 Poisoned Star
  • Added +15% Attack Speed.
  • Decreased Physical Power from 40 → 30.

Neutral Items

Movement Speed Tree

TalariaBoots T3TravelersShoes T3 Talaria Boots / Travelers Shoes

Talaria/Traveler shoes will now only proc on damaging abilities. This is to resolve some core bugs that were occurring. We know this will negatively affect some characters with non-damaging CC abilities, and we will watch those characters closely to see if this becomes an issue.

  • The effect that gains bonus gold will now only trigger if an enemy is damaged, rather than hit.

Attack Speed And Movement Speed Tree

AncientBlade T1 AncientBlade T1 Ancient Blade
  • Decreased Cost from 580 → 550.
RitualDagger T3 RitualDagger T3 Relic Dagger
  • Previously known as Ritual Dagger.
  • Removed old Passive.
  • NEW PASSIVE - Your relics receive 20% Cooldown Reduction.
HastenedFatalis T3 HastenedFatalis T3 Hastened Fatalis

Fatalis' effect can be a powerful tool to basic attack heavy characters. While generally considered a bit weak to build, we want to allow those characters to feel good about going into a legitimate and powerful effect.

  • Increase cost from 2140 → 2150.
  • Added 10 Penetration.
  • Decreased Attack Speed from 30% → 20%.
CursedBlade T2 Cursed Blade

Cursed Blade and Witchblade are seeing some large stat changes to make them more viable against many gods, as well as making their stats more beneficial to more gods.

  • Removed Physical Protection.
  • Added 100 Health.
  • Increased Attack Speed from 10% → 15%.
  • Added 5% Movement Speed.
  • NEW AURA - All enemies within 55 units have their Attack Speed reduced by 10%.
  • Removed Visual FX for aura.
Witchblade T3 Witchblade

Witchblade is receiving similar stat and Passive adjustments as Cursed Blade, but is also receiving a new secondary Passive that reduces Healing on Basic Attacks. This new type of Healing Reduction Debuff fits will with current options by providing Debuffs off of Basic Attacks and being available for any God in the game to build.

  • Removed Physical Protection.
  • Added 200 Health.
  • Added 10% Movement Speed.
  • AURA - Removed Physical Power Reduction.
  • NEW PASSIVE - Enemies hit by your basic attacks are cursed, receiving 15% Reduced healing, stacking up to 3 times and lasting 5s.

Health and Protections Tree

The Cloak tree is seeing reductions in cost across the board. At a lower cost these items will be more accessible to the front line support players who are already lower in gold earned.

Cloak T1 Cloak T1 Cloak
  • Decreased Cost from 700 → 650.
CloakofConcentration T2 CloakofConcentration T2 Cloak of Concentration
  • Decreased Cost from 1515 → 1500.
SpiritRobe T3 SpiritRobe T3 Spirit Robe
  • Increased Cost from 2460 → 2500.
MagisCloak T2 MagisBlessing T3 Magi's Cloak
  • Decreased Cost from 1230 → 1150.
MagisBlessing T3 Magi's Blessing
  • Decreased Cost from 2150 → 2050.
ArmoredHide T2 Armored Cloak
  • Decreased Cost from 1585 → 1550.
HideoftheUrchin T3 Hide of the Urchin
  • Decreased Cost from 2400 → 2350.

Physical Protection and Health Tree

IronMail T1 IronMail T1 Iron Mail
  • Decreased Cost from 725 → 650.
  • Decreased Health from 100 → 75.
  • Decreased Physical Protections from 20 → 10.

Physical Protection and Mana Tree

The Breastplate Tree is gaining MP5 stats and more distinction between its branches. Historically, Physical gods have had poor choices for Mana and MP5. We are expanding their options for Mana in Season 4. Additionally, these items are having their extremely high Protections reduced slightly to compensate for their new stats.

Breastplate T1 Breastplate T1 Breastplate
  • Decreased Cost from 555 → 500.
SilverBreastplate T2 SilverBreastplate T2 Silver Breastplate
  • Added 10 MP5.
BreastPlateofValor T3 BreastPlateofValor T3 Breastplate of Valor
  • Reduced Physical Protection from 75 → 65.
  • Added 10 MP5.
HideoftheNemeanLion T3 HideoftheNemeanLion T3 Hide of the Nemean Lion
  • Reduced Physical Protection from 90 → 80.
  • Added 20 MP5.
  • Increased Passive Reflect from 20% → 25%.
SpectralArmor T3 SpectralArmor T3 Spectral Armor
  • Increased cost from 1900 → 2100.
  • Reduced Physical Protection from 80 → 70.
  • Added 10 MP5.
  • Decreased Crowd Control Reduction from 25% → 20%.
  • NEW PASSIVE - Anytime you receive Physical damage from a god, enemies within 30 units of you become feared for 1s. This effect cannot happen more than once every 90s.

Magical Protections and Health Tree

Talisman T1 Talisman T1 Talisman
  • Decreased Cost from 725 → 650.
  • Decreased Health from 100 → 75.
  • Decreased Magical Protection from 25 → 15.
SilverTalisman T2 SilverTalisman T2 Silver Talisman
  • Increased Cost from 1225 → 1250.
BulwarkofHope T3 Bulwark of Hope
  • Increased Cost from 2525 → 2550.

Magical Protections and Mana Tree

EnchantedKusari T1 EnchantedKusari T1 Enchanted Kusari
  • Decreased Cost from 800 → 650.
  • Decreased Magical Protection from 30 → 20.
GenjisGuard T3 GenjisGuard T3 Genji's Guard
  • Decreased Magical Protection from 80 → 70.
OniHuntersGarb T3 OniHuntersGarb T3 Oni Hunter's Garb
  • Removed old Passive.
  • NEW PASSIVE - When you deal damage to an enemy god, if at least 2 other enemy gods are within 55 units of you, you gain 15% damage mitigation for 5s. Can only occur every 90s.
ShogunsKusari T3 ShogunsKusari T3 Shogun's Kusari

Shogun's Kusari is a twist on the traditional auras that support players provide to their team. Instead of a defensive stat, nearby allies will be able to benefit from an increased attack speed when fighting objectives or the enemy team.

  • Costs 2400.
  • +60 Magical Protection.
  • +20 MP5.
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction.
  • +20% Crowd Control Reduction.
  • AURA - Allied gods within 70 units of you gain bonus 15% Attack Speed.

Health and HP5 Tree

Pure Health items have always been difficult to find a balance point for. Due to how protections and health scale, too much health can result in a tank meta while too little can result in seeing no play from these items. We are shifting our focus for this tree to be more focused around strong passive effects with health as a strong bonus stat.

StoneofGaia T3 StoneofGaia T3 Stone of Gaia

Knockups are generally considered to be the strongest CC due to them not being affected by CCR, Diminishing Returns, and can only be cleansed pre-emptively. Due to the potent nature of knockup we felt there was room for an item that specifically combated it.

  • NEW PASSIVE - If you are hit by a Knockup, Knockback, Pull, or Grab you are instead enveloped by the Earth, becoming CC immune for 1s. Can only occur once every 90s.
  • Additional Passive - Regenerates 2% of your max. Health every 5 seconds.
ShieldofRegrowth T3 Shield of Regrowth

Shield of Regrowth has a fun utility Passive, but it was previously locked to only Physical gods. Many Magical gods could use this Passive to great effect and now they will have the chance to. Although Physical gods who continue to need this item will miss the Power stats from it, the new stat spread should make up for that.

  • Removed Physical Protections.
  • Removed Physical Power.
  • Adds 300 Health.
  • Adds 10 HP5.
  • Adds 10 MP5.
  • Increased Cooldown Reduction from 10% → 20%.
  • Increased Passive Movement Speed Buff from 35% → 40%.
GauntletofThebes T3 GauntletofThebes T3 Gauntlet of Thebes

Although Gauntlet of Thebes seemed like it could be an extreme necessity for self healing gods, it saw little use in Season 3. It is being repurposed as a more general support item that Guardians can opt into if they want to provide even more stats to their teammates.

  • Removed old Passive.
  • NEW AURA - Increases the Magical and Physical Protections of allies within 70 units by 20.

God Changes

T Aphrodite Default Icon Aphrodite

While most healers and healing items saw a reduction in strength, Aphrodite is remaining largely untouched in that department. She has overall been struggling to make an impact and we wanted to help her rather than punish her for the reduced healing overall. She is receiving some small changes that should help the better fight in the lane and allow her to scale into a larger thread in the mid and late game.

  • General
  • Increased Base Health from 355 → 380.
  • Icons Aphrodite A02 Back Off
  • Increased Magical Power Scaling from 60% → 80%.

T Apollo Default Icon Apollo

So Beautiful will now deal full Damage to the Minion Wave rather than being reduced per Minion hit. Apollo's ability to push and clear the wave is receiving a large increase in Power for this so we needed to compensate by hitting one of his strengths. Apollo is known for his global pressure, but in the late game 90 seconds was allowing Apollo to pressure the enemy team a bit too often. Now at 110s at all ranks, Across The Sky now matches similar global effects in Cooldown.

  • Icons Apollo A01 So Beautiful
  • Removed the effect that causes successive enemies take 15% reduced Damage.
  • Icons Apollo A04 Across The Sky
  • Increased Cooldown from 110/105/100/95/90 → 110s at all ranks.

T Bakasura Default Icon Bakasura

Bakasura can be a strong boxer and Jungler, but he often struggles to get his Damage onto his enemy in the mid and late game. Regurgitate now applies a Slow that persists on his enemies giving him better chase potential during his Ultimate on enemies he successfully “threw up” on.

  • Icons Bakasura A04 Regurgitate
  • Increased Slow from 15/20/25/30/35% → 20/25/30/35/40%.
  • Changed Slow duration to be 4s instead of applying only in the area.
  • Increased Cone Attack Duration from 5s → 6s.

T ChangE Default Icon Chang'e

Like other healers, there is a large focus on adjusting the strength of healing and compensating them elsewhere. Moonflower Dance's heal now has less heal scaling but more damage scaling, better rewarding Chang'e when she can be aggressive. Moonlit Waltz is now instant which cleans up some edge cases and the Jade Rabbit is much quicker at getting back to Chang'e, letting her have better access to potion and item runs especially in Conquest.

  • Icons ChangE Passive Jade Rabbit
  • Increase Speed to run to Base from 1.7x Player's Speed → 3.5x Player's Speed, decreasing trip time from ~44s → ~34s with Boots in Mid Lane.
  • Icons ChangE A02 Moonlit Waltz
  • Decreased setup time .1s → 0s.
  • Icons ChangE A03 Moonflower Dance
  • Decreased Magical Power Scaling on Heal from 40% → 30%.
  • Increased Magical Power Scaling on Damage from 30% → 50%.

T Chronos Default Icon Chronos

Chronos is the first of 3 gods on this list receiving a significant change. Fatalis effect is a strong boxing tool that most other ranged gods need to itemize into. By getting it for free Chronos, Jing Wei, and Sol had a strong leg up on their lane opponents. We have removed Fatalis effect from Chronos and adjusted his base movement speed and lowered the cooldown on Accelerate to help him still get around and be effective.

  • General
  • Increased Base Movement Speed from 355 → 360.
  • Icons Chronos A02 Accelerate
  • No longer provides Immunity to Basic Attack Movement Penalty.
  • Cooldown decreased from 17s → 15s.

T ErLangShen Default Icon Erlang Shen

Erlang Shen's ability to chase and control his opponents has largely contributed to his strength and frustration. While he has to sacrifice a large Cooldown with his Taunt and the flexibility of his Turtle or Mink Charge, Pin crippled and came up fairly often. The Cripple has been removed to give a little more counterplay to his chase potential.

  • Icons ErLangShen A02 Pin
  • This ability no longer Cripples.

T Freya Default Icon Freya

Freya has seen a rise in power, being a flexible jungler and magical hunter. We like this role, but found her level 5 power with her ultimate a bit too high for her late game scaling. Valkyrie's Discretion is seeing an early game base damage reduction to better define her as a late game powerhouse.

  • Icons Freya A04 Valkyrie's Discretion
  • Decreased Base Damage from 120/150/180/210/240 → 100/135/170/205/240.

T GuanYu Default Icon Guan Yu

Guan Yu is another healer seeing a shift. His healing is being overall reduced but he is receiving a large damage increase to his ultimate to compensate. Warrior's Will is also receiving an adjustment that is focused around removing high slows that self apply diminishing returns. We will be watching this shift closely to see where he falls once new items are in play.

  • Icons GuanYu A01 Conviction
  • Decreased Base Healing from 65/95/125/155/185 → 50/75/100/125/150.
  • Decreased Boosted Healing from 130/190/250/310/370 → 100/150/200/250/300.
  • Icons GuanYu A02 Warrior's Will
  • Decreased Mana Cost from 60/70/80/90/100 → 60/65/70/75/80.
  • Slow Reduced from 30% → 20%.
  • Boosted Slow reduced from 60% → 40%.
  • Icons GuanYu A04 Cavalry Charge
  • Increased Base Damage from 75/100/125/150/175 → 85/115/145/175/205.

T Hel Default Icon Hel

Hel has had quite a history in Smite. At times she was unbeatable, and at other times she was hardly noticed. Balancing her has always been a challenge, mostly due to her massive AoE healing. The series of changes to her in 4.1 are aimed at a few things. Her AoE healing is being reduced, and more emphasis is being place on her skills shots. Additionally, her base stats and clear abilities have been adjusted to make her a bit safer in the laning phase, giving her much needed consistency.

  • General
  • Increased Base Health from 345 → 380.
  • Icons Hel A01Icons Hel A01 S2 Decay (Restoration)
  • (Dark Stance) This ability now passes through hit targets, dealing damage. And explodes at max range or upon hitting a wall.
  • (Light Stance) This ability now also hits friendly Gods, healing them on hit and then healing Hel if the hit was successful.
  • Light Ally Heal: 60/90/120/150/180 +30%.
  • Light Self Heal: 60/90/120/150/180 +30%.
  • Icons Hel A02Icons Hel A02 S2 Hinder (Cleanse)
  • (Light Stance) CC Immunity increased from 1.25s → 1.5s.
  • Increased Cooldown from 14/13/12/11/10s → 16/15/14/13/12s.
  • Reduced Mana Cost from 70/75/80/85/90 → 60/65/70/75/80.
  • Icons Hel A03 S2 Inspire
  • This ability now heals smaller amounts every 1s for the 6s duration.
  • Light Heal: 10/15/20/25/30 + 5% scaling each 1s for 6s for her allies. Hel instantly self heals for the full amount (60/90/120/150/180 + 30% of your Magical Power).
  • Icons Hel A04Icons Hel A04 S2 Switch Stances
  • MP5 now applies to both stances.
  • Light Stance now provides additional Magical and Physical Protections of 5/10/15/20/25.

T Hercules Default Icon Hercules

Hercules has a great two Ability combo that should be preserved, but he has been struggling quite a lot over the years. To improve his playability, we are adjusting his Passive to give him bonus Power whenever he is fighting gods, not only when he is near death. Also, Mitigate Wounds is seeing changes to heal a more clear amount, while providing Protections that encourage him to use this Ability in combat instead of between fights.

  • Icons Hercules Passive Strength From Pain
  • NEW: Every time Hercules takes Damage from Gods, he gains 5 Physical Power +1 multiplied by your level, stacking up to 3 times and lasting 5s.
  • Icons Hercules A02 Earthbreaker
  • Decreased Mana Cost from 70/75/80/85/90 → 60/65/70/75/80.
  • Icons Hercules A03 Mitigate Wounds
  • NEW: When activated, Hercules heals himself instantly and then heals himself again for a % of damage taken after 4s. Also, Hercules gains Bonus Magical and Physical Protections for the duration.
  • Initial Heal 60/100/140/180/220.
  • Heals for 30/40/50/60/70% of damage taken after 4s.
  • Protections 10/20/30/40/50.
  • Decreased Cooldown from 17s → 15s.
  • Decreased Mana Cost from 60/65/70/75/80 → 60 at all ranks.

T HunBatz Default Icon Hun Batz

Hun Batz's Overhead Smash is seeing a scaling increase to make it more worthwhile to cast late game, especially considering the long wind up. Additionally, Somersault's Slow has been slightly decreased to make it avoid self diminishing returns.

  • Icons HunBatz A01 Somersault
  • Decreased Slow from 50% → 40%.
  • Icons HunBatz A02 Overhand Smash
  • Increased Physical Power Scaling from 85% → 95%.

T Janus Default Icon Janus

Janus has remained largely unchanged for the last few years. He has been a popular pick to many players, but at all levels of non-competitive play he has struggled statistically, only becoming a strong pick (Strong, not constantly a first pick or first ban god) at the absolute highest level of play. We have long since been OK with this, understanding he is a challenging god with a high skill ceiling. Recently his strength at the highest level through item and meta shifts has become a bit too strong compared to his previous standing, so we are changing Through Space and Time to match our previous statement about the cooldown of Global Mobility ultimates. We expect this to bring him even lower at all other levels of play, and we will be looking at ways to bridge the large gap between these levels of play while keeping his high skill cap that people have come to love.

  • Icons Janus A04 Through Space and Time
  • Increased Cooldown from 90s → 110s.

T JingWei Default Icon Jing Wei

Since her inception, Jing Wei has had a very unique Passive that has given her strong lane pressure. We have adjusted multiple things in the past to make this a bit more even, but with Season 4 we are hitting her Passive duration by a second, slightly limiting how close she can get to a fight after backing. With this, we also removed Fatalis, which gave her very strong boxing potential and lowered her Base Health Scaling and Movement to make up for her clear strength of survivability.

  • General
  • Decreased Health Scaling from 78 → 72 per level.
  • Decreased Base Movement Speed from 370 → 365.
  • Icons JingWei Passive Rapid Reincarnation
  • Decreased Duration from 5s → 4s.
  • Icons JingWei A03 Agility
  • No longer provides Immunity to Basic Attack Movement Penalty.
  • Decreased Mana Cost from 75 at all ranks → 75/70/65/60/55.

T Khepri Default Icon Khepri

Scarab's Blessing is a fight and game changing Ultimate that comes up a bit too often during the course of the game. Its Cooldown is being increased to make these Ultimates more impactful, while giving Khepri a bit more Damage and pressure consistently with Solar Flare.

  • Icons Khepri A03 Solar Flare
  • Increased Base Damage from 40/80/120/160/200 → 50/100/150/200/250.
  • Icons Khepri A04 Scarab's Blessing
  • Increased Cooldown from 90s → 110s.

T Medusa Default Icon Medusa

There is nothing more terrifying than a giant snake lady charging towards you with claws at the ready. Lacerate is a tool that Medusa players use when they feel they can use their escape aggressively, and we want to make sure the Damage for that choice is worth it. Additionally, allowing it to reduce healing more early on can add additional utility that might make her more valuable in certain matchups. Petrify is also seeing a buff, allowing her Damage to be more consistent if players do manage to look away in time.

  • Icons Medusa A03 Lacerate
  • Increased Base Damage from 80/120/160/200/240 → 80/130/180/230/280.
  • Increased Healing Reduction from 10/20/30/40/50% → 50% at all ranks.
  • Icons Medusa A04 Petrify
  • Increased Damage on turned away targets from 50% → 75% of the total.

T NeZha Default Icon Ne Zha

Ne Zha has a lot of tools at his disposal, and we wanted to highlight the skillful aspects of his kit a bit more. Flaming Spear and Armillary Sash are Ne Zha's primary tools of survival and allowing them to be up more often will help Ne Zha get into a fight. Since his survivability has gone up, we took some power away from his poke and clear with a nerf to Universe Ring Toss.

  • Icons NeZha A01 Universe Ring Toss
  • Increased Cooldown from 12s → 14s.
  • Icons NeZha A02 Flaming Spear
  • Decreased Cooldown from 18s → 18/17/16/15/14s.
  • Icons NeZha A03 Armillary Sash
  • Decreased Cooldown from 18/17/16/15/14s → 14s at all ranks.

T Nike Default Icon Nike

Nike just keeps on winning. Who knew the Goddess of Victory would embrace that quality? Nike provides strong early game Damage and leads her team to victory in the late game with her Passive and engage Power. She is seeing a slight nerf to all three of these aspects to allow for the enemy team a better shot at seeing the victory screen.

  • Icons Nike Passive To Victory!
  • Decreased Bonus Power from 8/10/12% → 6/8/10%.
  • Icons Nike A01 Rend
  • Decreased Physical Power Scaling from 50% → 40% per hit.
  • Icons Nike A04 Sentinel of Zeus
  • Decreased Physical Power Scaling from 80% → 70%.

T NuWa Default Icon Nu Wa

  • Icons NuWa A02 Clay Soldiers
  • Soldiers' Basic Attacks now deal Magical Damage instead of Physical Damage.

T Ra Default Icon Ra

Ra is a perfect example of how we want to shift healers in Season 4. Out of combat healing was a large source of frustration, so Ra’s Base Healing has been reduced. To compensate, he now provides increased Armor in Solar Blessing, encouraging this Ability to be used strategically to mitigate Damage during combat instead of behind a wall away from the fight.

  • Icons Ra SolarBlessing Solar Blessing
  • Decreased Base Healing from 20/30/40/50/60 → 10/20/30/40/50 per tick.
  • Decreased Magical Power scaling on healing from 15% → 10% per tick.
  • Now Provides 10/15/20/25/30 Magical and Physical Protections to allies inside the Ability.

T Ram Default Icon Rama

  • Icons Ram A03 Rolling Assault
  • Cooldown increased from 12/11/10/9/8 → 11s at all ranks.

T Serqet Default Icon Serqet

Serqet was a dominant force of mobility and burst, but saw quite a few nerfs before she became outclassed by other Assassins. One aspect of her kit that we wanted to make sure felt rewarding was her Passive, which can contribute a large amount of burst when used well. Players who can use this Passive well will see new kill opportunities that were previously just out of reach.

  • Icons Serqet Passive Catalyst
  • Increased Damage from consuming 2 Poisons from 10% → 15% of the target's Max Health.
  • Increased Damage from consuming 3 Poisons from 20% → 25% of the target's Max Health.

T Skadi Default Icon Skadi

Skadi released to a large amount of success. As a low mobility Hunter, her ability to harass and create distance let her excel, but players eventually got familiar with her weak points. We like her ability to create space with strong uses of Kaldr, Permafrost, and Slows and we wanted to highlight this playstyle by giving her access to a bit more Movement Speed.

  • General
  • Increased Base Movement Speed from 370 → 375.
  • Icons Skadi A02 Rune of the Hunt
  • Decreased Kaldr's Basic Attack Damage from 50/70/70/90/90% → 40/50/60/70/80% of Skadi's Basic Attack Damage.
  • Icons Skadi A03 Permafrost
  • Increased Movement Speed from 25% → 40%.

T Sol Default Icon Sol

Sol is the final God to see Fatalis effect removed from her kit. She is getting a slight increase to her Movement Speed in the late game to compensate for this removal.

  • Icons Sol A03 Disapparate
  • No longer provides immunity to Basic Attack Movement Penalty.
  • Increased Movement Speed buff from 20/25/25/25/30% → 20/25/30/35/40%.

T SunWukong Default Icon Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong has hit the gym and is ready to show off his new Undefeated Body. Instead of providing Critical Strike chance, while at low Health, Sun Wukong receives raw Physical Power, allowing him to better fight at low Health. Additionally, Somersault Cloud has increased Base Damage, allowing players who sacrifice the healing from the ultimate to use it more aggressively.

  • Icons SunWukong Passive Undefeated Body
  • Increased Health Threshold for the effect from 35% → 40%.
  • No longer grants Critical Strike chance.
  • Now provides 10 Physical Power + 2 Physical Power per Level.
  • Icons SunWukong 04 Somersault Cloud
  • Damage increased from 140/190/240/290/340 → 200/250/300/350/400.

T Susano Default Icon Susano

Susano saw a large number of nerfs after his introduction to Season 3, and since then he has fallen off in both casual and competitive play. We want to bring some of his power back without reintroducing frustration. Wind Siphon will now deal more damage in the late game, and Typhoon will now scale in damage as it charges, rather than needing to be at full charge to get any benefit. These two changes should give him a bit more pressure without increasing his main damaging abilities or mobility.

  • Icons Susano A02 Wind Siphon
  • Increased Physical Damage Scaling from 25% → 60%.
  • Icons Susano A03 Jet Stream
  • Changed the Ability Description to correctly indicate the actual Damage from 20/35/50/65/80 → 20/30/40/50/60.
  • Changed the Physical Damage Scaling to correctly match the Ability Description from 35% → 30% per tick (140% instead of 120% total scaling).
  • Icons Susano A04 Typhoon
  • Now deals Bonus Damage the longer it charges, in addition to the Base Damage. Maxing out at 40/55/70/85/100 Damage.

T Sylvanus Default Icon Sylvanus

Sylvanus and Grover made quite a splash at HRX. We are looking to shift him similarly to other healers in Season 4. Wisps is seeing a slight decrease, while Verdant Growth will now apply its Protection Reduction on Rooted enemies, giving Sylvanus better kill potentially when he can successful land his combo.

  • Icons Sylvanus A01 Verdant Growth
  • Now Applies Protection Reductions of 5/10/15/20/25 for 5s on hit of enemy gods.
  • Icons Sylvanus A02 Wisps
  • Decreased Base Healing from 25/30/35/40/45 → 15/20/25/30/35 per tick.
  • Decreased Magical Power Scaling on Healing from 15% → 10% per tick.

T Terra Default Icon Terra

Terra is also being adjusted with the rest of the healers this patch. Monolith and Terra's Blessing are seeing reductions, and Terra is gaining a stronger Force of Nature to compensate. Good Terra players should now find opportunities to be more aggressive, and potentially even land two of these strong Forces of Nature to really put pressure on their opponents.

  • Icons Terra A01 Force of Nature
  • Increased Base Damage from 60/100/140/180/220 → 60/110/160/210/260.
  • Icons Terra A03 Monolith
  • Decreased Base Healing from 5/10/15/20/25 → 3/6/9/12/15 per tick.
  • Icons Terra A04 Terra's Blessing
  • Decreased Base Healing from 100/200/300/400/500 → 100/150/200/250/300.

T Thoth Default Icon Thoth

Thoth is seeing a few adjustments to highlight his kits strength and move him slightly away from a late game ultimate bot. Evade and Punish now has a stun component, giving him an extra tool to survive or set up, and Glyph of Pain now provides even more to allies who shoot through it to better reward teams who use this unique ability. Final Judgement will now be on a longer cooldown and has reduced damage to accomodate the increased power in Thoth's base kit.

  • Icons Thoth A02 Evade and Punish
  • No longer slows enemies hit by it, now Stuns enemies for 1s at all ranks.
  • Icons Thoth A03 Glyph of Pain
  • Increased Ally Basic Attack Bonus Base Damage from 5/10/15/20/25 → 10/15/20/25/30.
  • Increased Ally Basic Attack Bonus Damage Scaling from 5% → 10%.
  • Icons Thoth A04 Final Judgement
  • Decreased Base Damage from 360/440/520/600/680 → 360/430/500/570/640.
  • Decreased Damage Scaling from 140% → 120%.
  • Increased Cooldown from 75s → 90s.