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4.10 - Trials of King Hercules | June 6, 2017

T Bacchus Default Icon Bacchus Visual Update

New God Skins

New Voice Packs

New Emotes

  • I Emote Dance Poseidon Dance Emote

Adventure: Trials of King Hercules

Welcome to the Kingdom of Hercules! You and two other valiant Adventurers will be setting off into the dangerous jungle to defeat monsters and gain loot! Gain loot, get stronger, and triumph over the Trials of King Hercules.

  • Dungeon Bundle
  • Dungeon Loading Frame
  • Music Theme
  • Dungeon Jump Stamp
  • Vanguard Hercules
  • Gold Key
  • Adventure Gold Vault
  • Abyssal Sorcerer Poseidon

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Da Ji

Achievement Combat Daji MuderousNature
Murderous Nature
As Da Ji, kill an enemy with your Trickster Spirit Ability.
Achievement Combat Daji Paolao
As Da Ji, pull 2 or more enemies into your Paolao with a single use of your Paolao Ability.

Gods – Bug Fixes

  • Stinger – Changed Radius to Range for the description.
  • Bludgeon – Updated description to state Basic Attacks from Bludgeon only benefit from 33% Lifesteal.
  • One Thousand Cuts – Fixed an issue where this Ability would gain invisible FX.
  • Trickster Spirit – Fixed the description to state the correct Mana cost.
  • Epic Uppercut – Fixed an issue where this Ability was dealing Damage at the peak of the Knock-Up.
  • NeNe Kappa – Fixed an issue where the NeNe Kappa would have very low Health.
  • Sky-Cutting Axe – Fixed an issue where this Ability was providing incorrect Protections.

Item Changes

In 4.10, we are making a pass at the current Relics in SMITE. Underused Relics are seeing positive adjustments while one in particular, Sundering Relic, is seeing a decrease in Power. Players who choose to opt into more team-oriented and riskier Relics will be rewarded with reduced Cooldowns.

BracerofUndoing Relic Bracer of Undoing

The first Relic being adjusted is Bracer of Undoing. This Relic is an anti-burst Relic that can also create openings for counter-attacks with its Cooldown reduction. However, it had a small window of opportunity and the upgrade didn't provide much in terms of increasing its potency. The base Relic will now restore Damage taken in the last 5 seconds, increasing the time players can bait. The upgrade is seeing a Cooldown decrease and will restore a higher percentage of Health and Mana.

  • Increased recent Damage lost time from 3s → 5s.

BracerofUndoing UpgradedRelic Bracer of Undoing Upgrade

  • Decreased Cooldown from 120s → 100s.
  • Increased Health and Mana restored from 50% → 60%.

Sprint Relic HeavenlyWings Relic S9 Heavenly Wings

Boosting your team's Movement Speed can be a strong escape and initiation tool, but the Cooldown of Heavenly Wings and its upgrade limited teams creating a strategy around this Relic. We are reducing the Cooldowns of both the base and upgraded form, giving teams access to the Movement Speed and “Fatalis” effect more often.

  • Decreased Cooldown from 150s → 140s.

Sprint UpgradedRelic Heavenly Wings Upgrade

  • Decreased Cooldown from 150s → 110s.

HorrificEmblem Relic HorrificEmblem Relic S9 Horrific Emblem

  • Decreased Cooldown from 150s → 130s.

HorrificEmblem UpgradedRelic Horrific Emblem Upgrade

  • Decreased Cooldown from 120s → 90s.

Phantom Relic Phantom Veil

  • Decreased Cooldown from 180s → 150s.

Phantom UpgradedRelic Phantom Veil Upgrade

  • Decreased Cooldown from 180s → 130s.

SunderingSpear Relic SunderingSpear Relic S9 Sundering Spear

Sundering Spear has found its way into the hearts of many players and it deals massive Damage. The base Relic will now deal less Damage overall, while its upgrade is receiving a longer Cooldown. This will limit its overall Power and how often players can coordinate fights with the damage amplification by Sundering Spear.

  • Decreased Damage from 40 → 30.
  • Decreased Damage per Level from 14 → 12.
  • Decreased Debuff from 15% to 10%.

SunderingSpear UpgradedRelic Sundering Spear Upgrade

  • Upgraded Sunder retains the 40 + 14 per level Damage.
  • Upgraded Sunder Cooldown increased from 100 → 120.
  • Upgraded Sunder Debuff decreased from 25% to 15%.

Deathstoll Death's Toll

Death's Toll is the sustain starter for Physical Gods, allowing them to quickly heal up through Basic Attacks. While actually a bit underwhelming on most, Gods like Bellona or Osiris were able to use their Cleave Basic Attacks to heal upwards of 48 Health and 18 Mana every Basic. We are increasing the Mana restored to help more characters use this Relic, while making Cleave Basic Attacks only receive 50% of the benefit they currently do.

  • Increased Mana restored on Basic Attacks from 3 → 4.
  • Basic Attacks that hit all enemies in Melee range restore 4 Health and 2 Mana on every enemy after the first.

RuneforgedHammer T3 RuneforgedHammer T3 Runeforged Hammer

After numerous adjustments and fixes, we now have a finely Runeforged Hammer. At 2000 Gold, the raw stats it provided combined with the Passive, gave Gods a big boost for a low cost. We are increasing the cost to match other options in the Hammer Tree.

  • Increased Cost from 2000 → 2300.

God Changes

T DaJi Default Icon Da Ji

Da Ji has not been torturing her opponents as much as she would like. While her burst potential could be high, it was difficult to confirm her Damage and effectively chase targets. We are increasing her overall Damage, giving Horrible Burns a scaling Slow, and giving One Thousand Cuts Knock-Up immunity to help her get in and effectively fight. We also made a few updates targeted at improving her overall flow, such as removing the post-fire time on Trickster Spirit and allowing players to cancel from the Paolao early.

  • Icons DaJi A01 Horrible Burns
  • Applied a 10/15/20/25/30% Slow.
  • Icons DaJi A02 One Thousand Cuts
  • Updated the description to state the increased Movement Speed.
  • Increased Base Damage per rank from 15/35/55/75/95 → 15/40/65/90/115 (60/140/220/300/380 to 60/160/260/360/460 Total).
  • Increased Physical Power scaling per hit from 20% → 30% (80% to 120% Total).
  • Now Knock-Up immune while channeling.
  • Icons DaJi A03 Trickster Spirit
  • Reduced post-fire time from .2 → 0.
  • Icons DaJi A04 Paolao
  • Paolao can now be canceled early. Right clicking or canceling will bring up the jump targeter, allowing Da Ji to jump from the Paolao early.
  • Increased duration of shooting time from 3s → 5s.
  • Increased Paolao deployable duration from 7s → 9s.
  • Made the chains easier to see.

T Fafnir Default Icon Fafnir

Fafnir is an aggressive support that can put on the pressure through his damage and self-sustain. We like his ability to contribute to team comps in the mid and late game through his transformation, so we focused on reducing his early game prevalence. Cursed Strength Base Damage is seeing a reduction at early ranks to lower his clear and aggression. Coerce is also seeing a cost increase and Healing reduction to lower the amount he can sustain and how often he can buff his team.

  • Icons Fafnir A01Icons Fafnir A01 B Cursed Strength
  • Decreased Damage from 100/140/180/220/260 → 80/125/170/215/260.
  • Icons Fafnir A02Icons Fafnir A02 B Coerce
  • Decreased Self Heal from 50/80/110/140/170 → 50/75/100/125/150.
  • Increased Mana Cost from 50 → 50/55/60/65/70.

T Ganesha Default Icon Ganesha

Ganesha deals massive Damage to targets stuck in Dharmic Pillars, allowing Ganesha to burn through objectives at an incredible clip. We are reducing the Damage Dharmic Pillars can deal to these objectives to limit the speed at which Gold Fury can be taken by Ganesha.

  • Icons Ganesha A04 Dharmic Pillars
  • Now deals 40% Damage to Minions and Jungle Monsters.

T Khepri Default Icon Khepri

The Dawn Bringer contributes a lot to a team. Early clear, late game protections, and the ability to revive a player. We are toning down his ability to clear in the early game, to highlight his role as a late game support.

  • Icons Khepri A02 Rising Dawn
  • Reduced Damage from 12/15/18/21/24 → 10/13/16/19/22.

T Neith Default Icon Neith

Neith has fallen out of favor during the last Season. Hunter itemization has changes and as an ability-based Hunter, she has struggled. We are increasing the power of Back Flip and the global control World Weaver provides to reinforce her ability-based play style.

  • Icons Neith A03 Back Flip
  • Increased Damage from 60/100/140/180/220 → 80/120/160/200/240.
  • Icons Neith A04 World Weaver
  • Increased Stun duration from 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5s → 1.5s at all ranks.