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4.12 - Divine Light | July 05, 2017

New God Skins

New Voice Packs

New Emotes

  • I Emote Dance Izanami Dance Emote

New Ward skins

Trials of King Hercules

  • Update the Church Blessings for the Trials of King Hercules Adventure in the Town Hub.
  • Blessing of Might
  • Increased from 20% → 40% extra Damage.
  • Blessing of Protection
  • Increased from 20% → 40% extra Damage Reduction.


Cu Chulainn

Achievement Combat CuChulainn Beserker
As Cu Chulainn transform into Berserk mode by hitting at least 2 gods with the Spear of Mortal Pain Ability.
Achievement Combat CuChulainn Strategist
As Cu Chulainn kill an enemy within 2 seconds of firing the Barbed Spear Ability and live.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where certain Banishes would not trigger Stone of Binding.


  • Somersault Cloud: Updated the description of this Ability with the correct Radius for this Ability.
  • Sky Cutting Axe: Updated the description of this Ability with the correct Radius for this Ability.

God Changes

T Athena Default Icon Athena

Reach is a unique Passive that allows Athena to assist in clear and damage as a Guardian. We have increased the scaling this receives, which will help Athena Support players assist in poking and clearing, while more aggressive builds with Athena will get a nice amplification. This Magical Power scaling also works off the God's Basic Attack Power, meaning Athena will feel this increase right out of the gate, even with 0 Magical Power.

  • Icons Athena Passive Reach
  • Increased Magical Power Scaling from 5% → 15%.
  • Fixed description error that was miscalculating the Magical Power Scaling contribution for Reach.

T Artemis Default Icon Artemis

As a late game powerhouse, Artemis' early game is weaker than other Hunters, until she can get some items online. The Mana cost on Suppress The Insolent often forced her into slowing down this build to gain better clear which hurt her identify as this scaling Late Game Hunter. We are reducing this Mana cost significantly, while also increasing the Health she will have once late game rolls around.

  • General
  • Increased base health per level from 72 → 75.
  • Icons Artemis Suppress Suppress the Insolent
  • Decreased mana cost from 70/75/80/85/90 → 50/55/60/65/70.

T CuChulainn Default Icon Cu Chulainn

We are making target adjustments toward Cu Chulainn to both ease his ability to transform into his Berserk form, but also better reward him for doing so. First, we fixed an issue where Cu Chulainn was not getting Rage for nearby allies taking damage. This will help him transform more easily in the middle of a big fight. Next, we made a quality of life change to how Rage is calculated from Ability usage. Rather than immediately deducting Rage (and therefor removing him from being above the threshold), all Rage calculations are done at once. Players will no longer need to worry about using Abilities while above 85 Rage as long as they can land their shots.

Finally, War Cry is seeing a damage increase to match Spear of Mortal Pain. Not only will this help him feel more impactful when he Berserks, he is no longer losing out on potential damage when he does.

  • General
  • Rage Generation is now calculated at the end of all abilities. This means players above the Berserk threshold who cast an ability will no longer dip below the threshold before gaining the Rage for hitting that ability.
  • Icons CuChulainn Passive Berserk
  • Fixed an issue where Cu Chulainn was not gaining rage from allies taking damage.
  • Increased the Mana to Health conversion from 10% → 15%.
  • Icons CuChulainn A02 Vent Anger
  • Fixed an issue where this ability was ticking 13 times total rather than the intended 12.
  • Icons CuChulainn A04B War Cry
  • Increased Damage from 100/165/230/295/360 → 175/250/325/400/475.
  • Increased Physical Power Scaling from 50% → 65%.

T HeBo Default Icon He Bo

An Ability's Post-Fire time is how long a God needs to wait after casting 1 skill before they can cast another. Water Cannon had a very long Post-Fire that long exceeded the animation length, resulting in He Bo looking like he could take another action but being unable to. We have now synced the Post-Fire to the animation, allowing He Bo to feel more fluid as he chains abilities together.

  • Icons HeBo A01 Water Cannon
  • Decreased Post-Fire time to match animation.
  • The time from when Water Cannon is cast to when He Bo can cast another Ability has been cut in half.

T Kumbhakarna Default Icon Kumbhakarna

Mighty Yawn is Kumbhakarna's premier Crowd Control, but at 70 to 90 Mana, was often punishing to cast. We are reducing it to allow Kumbhakarna players to have more freedom with using this Ability.

  • Icons Kumbhakarna A03 Mighty Yawn
  • Decreased Mana Cost from 70/75/80/85/90 → 50/55/60/65/70.

T Tyr Default Icon Tyr

Tyr has been under-performing through Season 4, even with the additional utility his Change Stance being free provided. We are reducing the Mana cost on Power Cleave to help him box his opponents more effectively and for a longer period of time, giving him more opportunities to poke and sustain off his enemies.

  • Icons Tyr A02Icons Tyr A02 Stance2 Power Cleave
  • Decreased Mana Cost from 50/55/60/65/70 → 50 at all ranks.