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4.13 - Mid-Season | July 18, 2017

New God Skins

New Voice Packs

New Emotes

  • I Emote Dance Da Ji Dance Emote

New Avatars

Summer of SMITE

It's time for another summer road trip through the Battleground of the Gods! We'll be releasing new Summer of SMITE content over the next several patches. Every time you buy a Skin, you'll get to pick your favorite souvenir from our in-game shop. Then complete two specific Quests to unlock your bonus item forever! There are seven keepsakes to claim, plus an ultimate reward only available when you collect all eight Skins: one honey of a Limited Skin, only available during Summer of SMITE 2017!

  • New Items:
  • SoS Aquarium Pedestal
  • Kaijunbo Kuzenbo
  • Foxy Lady Daji

Click here to learn more about Summer of SMITE!

Project Olympus

Kicking off our Mid-Season update is Project Olympus. Project Olympus is our coordinated effort to improve key existing features, while bringing long requested updates to our players. Project Olympus will be taking major steps in 4.13, 4.14, and 4.15 with Engine Improvements, Console Quality Of Life Updates, Prestige, Wisdom Tab updates and much more! Project Olympus will continue throughout the rest of Season 4 with specific changes falling under the same banner and will culminate in our Season 5 reveal early next year. To learn more about Project Olympus, click here!

Graphical Engine Updates

  • DirectX 11 Beta
  • DirectX 11 is coming to SMITE. Using DirectX 11 will improve both CPU and GPU performance on cards or integrated graphics that support DirectX 11. Additionally, this unifies our rendering codebase between PC and Consoles, allowing any future performance improvements to benefit all our clients.
  • To participate in the DirectX 11 Beta to to Settings -> Video Options -> Check “Use D3D11 (BETA)” and restart your game.
  • While performance will generally be improved, memory usage may be higher. We will continue to optimize memory before our final release.
  • If you encounter a graphical issue or client instability, please report any issue you encounter. If you need to switch back simply uncheck “Use D3D11 (BETA)”.
  • High Resolution Texture Pack
  • Players will be able to download a High Resolution Texture Pack DLC that will provide more detail than before and will be especially useful to players using a 4K display.
  • To use the High Resolution Texture Pack, open your launcher and go to “Manage DLC”. Check the High Resolution Texture Pack and “Apply” to begin your download. Once in game, ensure your texture detail setting is set to “Maximum” to enable your downloaded High Resolution Texture Pack.
  • Image WITH Texture Pack vs. Image WITHOUT Texture Pack
  • Resolution Scaling
  • Players will now have the option to adjust their Resolution Scaling.
  • At values below 100%, the in-game resolution will decrease providing improved performance while the UI will stack at a higher display resolution for legibility.
  • At values above 100%, you can use additional GPU power to render the in-game resolution higher than your display resolution. This provides improved anti-aliasing (supersampling) which looks especially good in motion and provides more fine-grained detail.
  • Image WITH Supersampling vs. WITHOUT Sumersampling
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping
  • PC Players on high shader quality setting and Console Players will now have Parallax Occlusion Mapping. This will make certain textures appear as if they have more depth, improving detail on things that should have depth like cracks in the floor or walls.
  • 4.13 applies this treatment to only certain textures on the Conquest and Joust maps. Moving forward we will be applying them to more maps and surfaces.
  • Image WITH Parallax Enabled vs. Image WITHOUT Parallax Enabled
  • 64-Bit Client
  • We're beginning tests of our new 64-bit client. We will roll this out to more and more players in the future and will provide specific improvements to the 64-bit client.
  • To use the 64-Bit client players will need to modify their “Optional Game Command Line Parameters” in the Launcher. To do this, hit the Cog Wheel on your launcher and type “-Use64” in the ““Optional Game Command Line Parameters” and hit “Apply”.

Prestige Levels

  • Players will now have access to levels above level 30, with a new cap of 160. Players who have accumulated Experience past level 30 will log in and be immediately set to their new level.
  • Levels 1 to 30 have also had their experience requirements adjusted for a smoother leveling experience.
  • Players will be able to show off their current Prestige Level on the Avatar Border on their Home Screen and on the Loading Screen.
  • There are 7 new Achievements for reaching Prestige Milestones.
  • Follower Prestige – Reach Level 31.
  • Acolyte Prestige – Reach Level 51.
  • Elder Prestige – Reach Level 71.
  • Ethereal Prestige – Reach Level 91.
  • Divine Prestige – Reach Level 111.
  • Immortal Prestige – Reach Level 131.
  • Godlike Prestige – Reach Level 151.
  • Ultimate Prestige – Reach Level 160.

Wisdom Tab Updates

  • All gameplay tutorial videos have been updated. These feature revamped scripts with more relevant information and better visuals to convey ideas to new players.
  • This is the first step in our revamp of the Wisdom Tab. In future updates, we will be adding more information here to help new players have better resources to learn SMITE.

Triumphant Chests

Triumphant Chests are a new system coming to SMITE that will reward players for winning games every week! This system does not replace any login or First Win of the Day bonus and is simply in addition to those features. Long time players especially will be able to continue earning more and more chests by using accumulated Favor, which will breath some new life into Favor as a currency.

  • The Triumphant Chest system allows you to earn Chests by winning PvP games of SMITE. After a win, you will receive either a Winner's, Champion's, or Hero's Chest – each containing increasingly rare items. You will begin with 4 open slots and once a Chest is received and opened, that slot will become locked until it resets on Tuesday. You can unlock a slot early through 2750 Favor or 75 Gems.
  • As you open more Chests, you will begin working towards unlocking a Godlike Chest. A Godlike Chest is earned after opening a combination of 20 Winner's, Champion's, and Hero's Chests and will contain the rarest items including the new Exclusive Head Over Heels Cupid Skin.

Bug Fixes

  • Misc
  • Fixed an issue where god walking effects could be seen through Fog Of War.
  • Players will now be able to see all Game Mode Queues when selecting the Normal Queue type.
  • Gods
  • Cu Chulainn – Fixed various description errors in his Passive.

Map Balance


During the first half of the season, we a multitude of strategies develop on the Conquest map. Initially, it began with heavy early pressure, but organized competitive play teams have developed different methods of pushing games further and further towards the mid and late game. However, these coordinated strategies are less effective in un-organized play (Casual and Ranked) and have left a feeling that games are too heavily weighted towards the early game.

XP gain is what allows a team to secure early leads (through Levels) and Gold is what allows teams to close out games (by being an item ahead). Jungle Monsters that are split with the whole team are seeing a reduction in total XP, while the Gold Fury is seeing a significant reduction in global XP provided. Teams who are able to secure the jungle effectively will still gain a lead, but the lead will be less significant.

Additionally, we are increasing the health of the Tier 2 Tower and Phoenix while also increasing the health defeated Phoenixes respawn at. Teams who draft towards the late game will feel better able to defend against early sieges and potentially turn the fight as their strength comes online.

Since these are large changes to the pacing of Conquest we will be watching closely to see how teams and players adapt towards mid and late game strategies.

  • General
  • There is now a global audio to indicate when Gold Fury and Fire Giant have been defeated, similar to the Portal Demon global audio.
  • All lane Minions now meet at 30s.
  • The first Brute Minion will no longer appear until the 3rd Minion wave.
  • Jungle Adjustments
  • Fire Elementals
  • Decreased XP reward from 30 → 20.
  • Increased Health from 90 → 160.
  • Elder Fire Elemental
  • Decreased XP reward from 105 → 80.
  • Oracle
  • Decreased XP reward from 85 → 65.
  • Mini Cyclops
  • Increased Health from 90 → 160.
  • Mid Harpy
  • Increased XP reward from 55 → 58.
  • Gold Fury
  • XP decreased from 100 + 10/min → 50 + 5/min.
  • Tower Adjustments
  • Increased Health of the Tier 2 Tower from 2000 → 2500.
  • Increased Health of the Phoenix from 2000 → 3000.
  • Increased Respawn Health of the Phoenix from 5% → 25%.
  • Increased Max Health when a Phoenix respawns from 40% → 70%.


The Siege mode is due for some updates. Console players and lower end PC players often had frame rate issues. We have improved this by doing a large visual pass on Siege, mostly affecting the foliage on the map.

Some balance and bug fixes will accompany the optimization updates. The mode often leads to very 1-sided games where teams snowball and win very quickly. The Wild Juggernaut will be tougher to kill in the late game and Controlled Juggernauts will give a reward to the entire team who slays them.

  • Map Improvements
  • Made large adjustments to increase the performance in the Siege map, including new foliage and trees.
  • General
  • Reduced the pregame time from 90s → 60s.
  • When a controlled Siege Juggernaut is defeated, the team that defeats one will now gain 75 XP and 100 Gold.
  • Added pre-game Jungle Timers.
  • Jungle Adjustments
  • Changed the Purple Buff to a Yellow Movement Speed Buff.
  • Increase the Wild Juggernaut's Health Max Scaling by 20%.
  • The Wild Juggernaut now regenerates Health over time when unleashed.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Hou Yi's Ricochet could become stuck in one of the side lane walls.


Both Clash and Joust had moments where players would finish their build well ahead of hitting Level 20 or the other way around. We are adjusting each mode slightly to bring the curve of Levels and items more into line.

  • General
  • Decreased XP spooling from 6 XP → 4 XP.
  • General
  • Decreased gold spooling from 8 Gold → 6 Gold.

New Items

HastenedFatalis T3 HastenedFatalis T3 Hastened Fatalis

Season 4 has been a wild ride when it comes to Hastened Fatalis. Fatalis was buffed to help the Gods that needed the item, like Basic Attack Assassins and Mage ADCs. However, Hunters took the item and dominated with it, forcing multiple nerfs. Rather than reducing it back to its previous status (and therefore having the same problems), we are splitting the Hastened Fatalis effect (now called Haste) onto a melee-only Katana (Hastened Katana) and Magical Power Ring (Hastened Ring). Hunter's who wish to go fast will still have a new option (Atalanta's Bow), but will no longer have access to the Haste effect.

  • Removed from Game.

HastenedKatana T3 Hastened Katana

Because this item is now Melee only we are able to adjust the stats and Gold to better reflect what a Basic Attack Assassin may desire. This additional control we have over item balance in the future also extends to Hastened Ring.

  • Builds off Thousand Fold Blade.
  • 2400 Gold.
  • +10% Movement Speed.
  • +25 Physical Power.
  • +25% Attack Speed.
  • Passive: Hitting an Enemy God with a Basic Attack grants Haste for 1s, causing you to be Immune from Basic Attack Movement Penalty.

HastenedRing T3 Hastened Ring

Unlike Hastened Katana, Hastened Ring will only provide Haste for a short window and on a Cooldown. This 4 second window should allow Freya, Sol, and Chronos players to make use of their main stim, but should reduce the frustration that can occur when this effect was being applied permanently. The bonus Magical Power will however help them make up the difference through their Mage Abilities while the effect is on Cooldown.

  • Builds off Enchanted Ring.
  • 2300 Gold.
  • +50 Magical Power.
  • +25% Attack Speed.
  • +7% Movement Speed.
  • Passive: Hitting an Enemy God with a Basic Attack grants Haste for 4s, causing you to be Immune from Basic Attack Movement Penalty for the duration. Internal Cooldown 30s.

HuntersBow T2 HuntersBow T2 Hunter's Bow

  • Builds off Short Bow.
  • 1200 Gold.
  • +10 Physical Power.
  • +20% Attack Speed.

AtalantasBow T3 Atalanta's Bow

The raw chasing and juking power of Fatalis was what made it so valuable to Hunter's. While not as potent, this cheaper alternative will allow Hunters to still benefit from reduced Movement Speed Penalty (through increased Movement Speed) as long as they are continually damaging targets.

  • Builds off Hunter's Bow.
  • 2300 Gold.
  • +30 Physical Power.
  • +20% Attack Speed.
  • Passive: Hitting Basic Attacks increases your Movement Speed by 7% per Stack. Stacks up to 4 times, stacks last for 2s.

ToxicBlade T3 Toxic Blade

Anti-heal applied through Basic Attacks is a strong passive effect, but while it was on Witchblade it was a bit awkward. Toxic Blade takes the passive from Witchblade and pairs it with stats that are more desirable to Hunter's and Basic Attack Assassins/Warriors who need to limit the amount of healing an enemy team is outputting.

  • Builds off Adventurer's Blade.
  • 2200 Gold.
  • +100 Health.
  • +10% Movement Speed.
  • +20% Attack Speed.
  • +10 Penetration.
  • Passive: Enemies hit by your Basic Attacks gain a stack of 20% reduced Healing. Stacking up to 3 times, stacks last for 5s.

ShamansRing T3 Shaman's Ring - Redesign

“Shaman's Ring is receiving a new passive that introduces one of our main new features, Evolving Items. While Rangda's Mask, Lono's Mask, and Rage have has passives that give a bonus once fully stacked, they didn't have any treatment to show off that a player had successfully completing it. Now as players complete the stacks, the item will change in icon and in the case of Shaman's Ring receives a completely new passive. After dealing the required damage, this item provides a new passive that allows the wearer of Shaman's Ring to deal more damage to targets they recently damaged. This style of passive could be strong on Mages with a high amount of regular poke such as Vulcan, Thoth, or Agni.

  • Builds off Enchanted Ring.
  • 2200 Gold.
  • +60 Magical Power.
  • +10% Movement Speed.
  • Passive: Dealing 100 Damage to Enemy Gods gives you a Stack. At 50 Stacks, Shaman's Ring Evolves, gaining a new Passive that allows the wearer to deal an additional 10% Damage to targets hit by the wearer's Abilities.

Relic Changes

Relics and Relic Upgrades are seeing a change going into Mid-Season. Previously, some Relics received Cooldown reductions while some received new effects. We are shifting nearly all Relics (with the exception of Aegis Amulet and Purification Beads) to gain a new effect when upgrades while we leave their Cooldowns at the same base length.

Sanctuary Relic AegisAmulet Relic S9 Aegis Amulet

Aegis Amulet is a strong Relic that can shutdown kills from occurring while also allowing players to cross a field of enemies to get in position to be offensive. To give more counterplay and allow players to better control an Aegis users, this Relic will no longer clear Roots and Slows upon activation.

  • No longer cleanses Roots or Slows.

Sanctuary UpgradedRelic Aegis Amulet Upgrade

  • No longer cleanses Roots or Slows.

BlinkRune Relic BlinkRune Relic S9 Blink Rune

  • Decreased Cooldown from 120s → 100s.

BlinkRune UpgradedRelic Blink Rune Upgrade

  • Increased Cooldown from 90s → 100s.
  • New Effect: After Blinking you take 10% reduced Damage for 2s.

BracerofUndoing Relic Bracer of Undoing

Bracer Of Undoing has seen a rise in play with its last round of changes, becoming a popular pick. While anti-heal is a strong counter, having access to the Cooldown Reduction in its base form gave it a bit more utility than it should have. Players will now need to invest in the upgrade to gain access to this additional utility.

  • Increased Health and Mana restored from 50% lost within the last 5s to 60% lost within the last 5s.
  • No longer subtracts 3s on all Abilities currently on Cooldown.

BracerofUndoing UpgradedRelic Bracer of Undoing Upgrade

  • Increased Cooldown from 100s → 120s.
  • Retains the ability to subtract 3s on all Abilities currently on Cooldown.

CursedAnkh UpgradedRelic Cursed Ankh Upgrade

  • Decreased Healing Reduction from 65% → 50%.
  • Increased Cooldown from 100s → 120s.
  • New Effect: Enemies afflicted by Cursed Ankh have their Mana costs increased by 20% and have the Cooldowns of Abilities fired while afflicted increased by 2s.

Sprint Relic HeavenlyWings Relic S9 Heavenly Wings

Heavenly Wings and Horrific Emblem were often tied together, with one countering the other creating a tricky balance problem. We removed the Slow Immunity from Heavenly Wings to embrace this countering, but it ended up with both feeling lackluster and seeing little play. We are re-adding the Slow Immunity to Heavenly Wings to give players a way to stop heavy slow comps while adding an additional effect to Horrific Emblem that will still allow it to be useful, even if the slow it cleansed by Heavenly Wings.

  • Allies affected by Heavenly Wings are now Slow Immune.

Sprint UpgradedRelic Heavenly Wings Upgrade

  • Increased Cooldown from 110s → 140s.
  • Allies affected by Heavenly Wings Upgrade are now Slow Immune.

HorrificEmblem Relic HorrificEmblem Relic S9 Horrific Emblem

  • Reduced Cooldown from 130s → 120s.

HorrificEmblem UpgradedRelic Horrific Emblem Upgrade

  • Increased Cooldown from 90s → 120s.
  • New Effect: Enemies afflicted by Horrific Emblem deal 20% less Damage to all targets.

Shell Relic MagicShell Relic S9 Magic Shell

Magic Shell and Meditation were always a Math problem for players. Did Shell mitigate more than Meditation could heal? The answer often dictate what support players picked up. Shell and Meditation are receiving new effects that will better define the difference between these two actives.

Shell will now provide a short duration shield, allowing well times usages to mitigate a heavy amount of Damage (or allow a skilled enemy to wait out the duration). It's upgrade will also counter Basic Attack Gods by providing block stacks, giving teams a counter to an out of control Hunter. Meditation will provide a flat heal that can be used at any stage of the fight and be effective, while it's upgrade encourages teams to use their Abilities rapidly to escape or engage their enemies.

  • Now provides AoE health shield, at the rate of 100+15 Health per Level (shield lasts for 3s).

Shell UpgradedRelic Magic Shell Upgrade

  • In addition to the health shield, all allies in range also receive 2x “Block” stacks for the duration. These stop up to 2 Basic Attacks.

Meditation UpgradedRelic Meditation Cloak Upgrade

  • Removed the HP5/MP5 buff.
  • New Effect: Applies a buff to yourself and allies hit for 5s that causes Mana costs to be decreased by 30% and have the Cooldowns of Abilities fired while buffed decreased by 1s.

Phantom Relic Phantom Veil

With the redesign of Magic Shell we had the open space to pair the “Ghostwalk” effect with a buff that compliments its use cases much better: damage mitigation. Phantom Veil will now be even better at keeping your teammates alive if they become trapped by player made walls.

  • Removed 40% Crowd Control and Knockup Immunity for allies affected by Phantom Veil.

Phantom UpgradedRelic Phantom Veil Upgrade

  • Increased Cooldown from 130s → 150s.
  • Removed 40% Crowd Control and Knockup Immunity for allies affected by Phantom Veil.
  • New Effect: Allies affected by Phantom Veil now take 15% reduced Damage for 5s.

ShieldofThorns UpgradedRelic Shield of Thorns Upgrade

  • Increased Cooldown from 100s → 120s.
  • New Effect: Enemies can Lifesteal from the user for 50% of their total Lifesteal.

SunderingSpear Relic SunderingSpear Relic S9 Sundering Spear

Sundering Spear has been a hot topic during the first half of the Season. Starting out as a weak Relic, teams quickly began realizing the strength it could have leading to heavy usage. As a Relic is was good at both engaging onto the enemy team while being able to secure kills that may have otherwise gotten away. We are changing the way it deals damage to encourage using it at the start of a fight by having it deal a percentage of the targets current health, removing the ability for this relic to kill an enemy on its own. Additionally, the ability to shred a target is on the upgrade only. Players who want this strength will need to invest to obtain it.

  • Changed damage dealt from 30 True Damage + 12 Damage per God Level to 15% of the targets Current Health.
  • Removed Debuff that caused the target to take increased Damage.

SunderingSpear UpgradedRelic Sundering Spear Upgrade

  • Changed damage dealt from 40 True Damage + 14 Damage per God Level to 15% of the targets Current Health.
  • Increased Damage taken Debuff from 15% → 20%.

TeleportGlyph Relic Teleport Glyph

Teleport Glyph has long been a staple of the solo lane. Warriors could effectively farm Levels and Gold above the rest of the players and be anywhere at a moment's notice. We are toning down this strength by only allowing players to Teleport to towers with the base Relic. This will limit the solo lanes ability to rotate unless the invest the Gold into the upgrade (or into other options like Movement Speed).

  • No longer allows the user to Teleport to Wards.

TeleportGlyph UpgradedRelic Teleport Glyph Upgrade

  • Increased Cooldown from 160s → 200s.
  • Retains the Ability for the user to Teleport to Wards.

Item Changes

RangdasMask T1 Rangda's Mask

Rangda's Mask was a high risk/reward item that was a bit too risky. We are reducing the stacks required to reach its maximum strength while allowing a more gradual increase in strength until it reaches maximum stacks. Players who want to heavily focus on early game pressure and kills may find the reward to be worth the risk.

  • NEW Passive: Each time you get an assist you gain a Stack, or 2 Stacks for a kill. Stacks provide 1% Movement Speed and 1% Cooldown Reduction. At 10 Stacks Rangda's Mask Evolves, gaining 15 Penetration.
  • Item Icon now Evolves when reaching maximum Stacks.

FrostboundHammer T3 FrostboundHammer T3 Frostbound Hammer

Frostbound Hammer on Hunters has been a point of frustration for many players. We are reducing the strength of this effect on Ranged Basic Attacks to allow players more opportunity to play around slows from a distance.

  • Ranged Basic Attacks now only apply a 20% Movement Speed Slow. Melee Basic Attacks with Frostbound Hammer still Slow for the original 30%.

Rage T3 Rage T3 Rage

Rage stats are remaining the same, but it is receiving the Evolve treatment, similar to the new effect of Shaman's Ring. Lono's Mask and Rangda's Mask are also receiving this treatment.

  • Item Icon now Evolves when reaching Maximum Stacks.

LonosMask T1 Lono's Mask

  • Item Icon now Evolves when reaching Maximum Stacks.

BumbasMask 128 Bumba's Mask

Bumba's Mask is an item that we have been watching closely. While some teams value building this item on more than just the Jungler, we have seen other strategies compete and don't want to restrict this item unless it truly becomes a must buy in too many roles. In our Conquest changes, we increased the overall amount of Health (and therefor Healing) in the Jungle, so we are bringing this down a bit to accommodate for the Health increase of the minis.

  • Decreased Healing from defeating a Jungle Monster from 15% → 10%.

BancroftsTalon T3 BancroftsTalon T3 Bancroft's Talon

Bancroft's is a current staple for Mages, given its raw power and ease of building due to Tiny Trinket's price. We are increasing the cost of Bancroft's and reducing the base Lifesteal this item provides. While it will still be strong, Mages may find other build strategies no longer overshadowed by Bancroft's Talon.

  • Cost Increased from 2300 → 2400.
  • Reduced Base Lifesteal from 20% → 15%.

DynastyPlateHelm T3 Dynasty Plate Helm

Dynasty Plate Helm was an incredibly cost efficient item, allowing for a large spike in both offensive and defensive power. A small reduction in its offensive and defensive abilities will keep it from being a must buy and help separate the early game and late game Mage builds.

  • Decreased Physical Protections from 30 → 25.
  • Decreased Penetration from 15 → 10.

CelestialLegionHelm T3 Celestial Legion Helm

Celestial Legion Helm is receiving a new identity as a cheap anti-physical item for Mages. This item will quickly gain stacks of Physical Protection as long as the owner doesn't take Physical damage from enemy gods. However, in extended or frequent engagements this item will lose effectiveness, making this a strong choice to deal with burst but a less ideal choice when dealing with sustained damage and long fights.

  • NEW Passive: Every 2s you receive a Stack of 10 Physical Protection. Stacks are removed upon taking Physical Damage from Gods. Stacks can only be gained after not taking Physical Damage from Gods for 5s.

VampiricShroud T1 Vampiric Shroud

Vampiric Shroud has always been a defensive and sustain oriented starter, but didn't offer enough to justify it over Sands of Time or other starting choices. It is being re-designed to provide a small amount of Physical Protection and the ability to restore more health without requiring last hits on minions. Mages or Guardians who often find themselves dealing with Minion or Physical damage in the early stages of the game can pick this up and be more effective in those situations.

  • Added +10 Physical Protection.
  • Removed +4% Magical Lifesteal.
  • NEW Passive: Damaging enemies with an Ability restores 6 Health and 3 Mana. Can only trigger once per target per Ability.

AncientBlade T1 AncientBlade T1 Ancient Blade

  • Added +50 Health.
  • Decreased Attack Speed from 10% → 5%.

AdventurersBlade T2 AdventurersBlade T2 Adventurer's Blade

  • Decreased Health from 150 → 100.
  • Removed +10% Attack Speed.

Fatalis T2 Fatalis T2 Fatalis

  • Removed from the game.

CursedBlade T2 Cursed Blade

  • Removed from the game.

Witchblade T3 Witchblade

With Toxic Blade now providing Basic Attack characters with anti-heal, Witchblade is being refocused as a more offensive boxing item. With stats like Attack Speed and Lifesteal to help Basic Attacks be more effective and an aura that reduces nearby enemies ability to box with Basic Attacks, players can pick this up and look for favorable one-on-one scenarios.

  • Now builds off of Adventurer's Blade.
  • 2050 Gold.
  • Decreased Health from 200 → 100.
  • Increased Attack Speed from 15% → 20%.
  • Added 15% Lifesteal (Magical or Physical).
  • Aura – Enemies within 55 units have their Attack Speed reduced by 20%.
  • Removed Passive that stacks Healing Reduction Debuff.

WingedBlade T3 WingedBlade T3 Winged Blade

  • Removed 10% Attack Speed.

RitualDagger T3 RitualDagger T3 Relic Dagger

Relic Dagger is seeing a slight shift in power. Players can now rely on a Flat reduction of Cooldown for their Relics, while also seeing a bit more Health to make up for the loss of Attack Speed. Guardians and Warriors who often did not have value for the Attack Speed may find the extra tankiness and utility worthwhile, depending on their Relic choices.

  • 1850 Gold.
  • Increased Health from 200 → 250.
  • Removed 10% Attack Speed.
  • New Passive – Your Relics receive 30s Cooldown Reduction.

EmeraldRing T1 EmeraldRing T1 Emerald Ring

  • Decreased Cost from 650 → 600.
  • Removed +5% Attack Speed.
  • Added 3% Movement Speed.

EnchantedRing T2 EnchantedRing T2 Enchanted Ring

  • Decreased Cost from 1400 → 1200.
  • Removed 15% Attack Speed.
  • Added 5% Movement Speed.

DemonicGrip T3 DemonicGrip T3 Demonic Grip

  • Increased Magical Power from 60 → 65.
  • Decreased Attack Speed from 20% → 15%.
  • Added 7% Movement Speed.

TelkhinesRing T3 TelkhinesRing T3 Telkhines Ring

Telkhine's Ring and Shaman's Ring are no longer Attack Speed oriented items, and so their passives have been adjusted to apply to more Mages in general. Telkhine's Ring new passive allows low Cooldown or combo Mages to stack up a large amount of Power, either increasing their damage as a fight becomes extended or allowing for their finishing ultimate to have a large impact. With extra Movement Speed it will also help Mages/Guardians find the right positioning to get this extra damage off.

  • Decreased Cost from 2800 → 2700.
  • Decreased Magical Power from 80 → 70.
  • Added 10% Movement Speed.
  • Removed 20% Attack Speed.
  • NEW Passive: Every time you deal Damage with an Ability you gain a Stack of 20 Power, up to a maximum of 3 Stacks. These Stacks last for 5s.

DruidStone T1 DruidStone T1 Druid Stone

  • Decreased Cost from 700 → 600.
  • Increased Magical Protections from 10 → 20.
  • Decreased Magical Power from 20 → 10.

WardStone T2 Ward Stone

  • Decreased Cost to from 1450 → 1350.
  • Decreased Magical Power from 30 → 20.
  • Added 50 Health.

VoidStone T3 Void Stone

Void Stone (and it's Tier 2 Ward Stone) now provide bonus Health and less Magical Power. Aggressive Guardians who want to better enable their Mages will find this item more desirable due to the flat health having synergy with their high defenses. In this Patch, we also paired Health with 2 other Magical Protection items, even when their Physical “Counterparts” do not. In general, Magical Protection is a more niche stat due to standard team compositions as well as damage sources on the map. Because of this these items need the additional bump to feel impactful.

  • Decreased Cost to from 2200 → 2150.
  • Decreased Magical Power from 40 → 20.
  • Added 150 Health.

GenjisGuard T3 GenjisGuard T3 Genji's Guard

Similar to Void Stone, the added Health increases this item's ability to serve a defensive role. Additionally, we are increasing the MP5 and Passive to make sure the utility provided by this item feels impactful.

  • Increased MP5 from 20 → 40.
  • Added 150 Health.
  • Increased Passive Cooldown Reduction from 2s → 3s.

OniHuntersGarb T3 OniHuntersGarb T3 Oni Hunter's Garb

Void Stone (and it's Tier 2 Ward Stone) now provide bonus Health and less Magical Power. Aggressive Guardians who want to better enable their Mages will find this item more desirable due to the flat health having synergy with their high defenses. In this Patch, we also paired Health with 2 other Magical Protection items, even when their Physical “Counterparts” do not. In general, Magical Protection is a more niche stat due to standard team compositions as well as damage sources on the map. Because of this these items need the additional bump to feel impactful.

  • Increased MP5 from 20 → 30.
  • Added 100 Health.
  • Increased Passive Damage Mitigation from 15% → 20%.
  • Decreased Passive Internal Cooldown from 90s → 60s.

God Changes

T AoKuang Default Icon Ao Kuang

Ao Kuang's old Passive was a bit clunky when it came to generating Stacks (such as it not following out-of-combat rules) and didn't help Ao Kuang in fights that went longer than his initial opening. His new Passive rewards successful executes that will give him additional potency throughout the rest of the game and in extended fights. His base stats have also been adjusted to allow Ao Kuang to have a bit more staying power when it comes to his Mana pool.

  • General
  • Increased Mana from 200 → 240.
  • Increase Mana per Level from 36 → 38.
  • Increased MP5 from 4.5 → 4.8.
  • Increased MP5 per Level from .2 → .41.
  • Icons AoKuang Passive New Passive - Dragon King's Sword
  • Each time Ao Kuang successfully uses his dragon form to execute an enemy god he gains a stack of Magical Power and Lifesteal. Stacks up to 3 times, stacks are permanent.
  • Magical Power per Stack: 15
  • Magical Lifesteal per Stack: 5%

T Bakasura Default Icon Bakasura

Bakasura is seeing targeted changes to help him feel like chore oriented in the jungle (by needing to eat minions on cooldown, or he risks not having enough minions for his ultimate) while also giving him access to his more utility based ultimate more often. By being able to get 2 Stacks of Minions by eating a large monster, Bakasura can prioritize ganking and invading more effectively rather than needing to be by a Minion every time Eat Minion comes up. Additionally, with extra Minions comes bonus utility when it comes to taking objectives or pushing towers (as well as additional confusion when he ults, which also now happens more often).

  • Icons Bakasura A02 Eat Minion
  • Large monsters that can only be eaten at 33% will provide 2 Minions toward Regurgitate.
  • Icons Bakasura A04 Regurgitate
  • Decreased Cooldown from 90s → 90/85/80/75/70s.

T Bellona Default Icon Bellona

Bellona has become a very popular pick this Season, with a win-rate in competitive to back up this popularity. We are focusing on bringing her early clear and fighting potential to a more counterable level. With a base power reduction, Bellona will need to invest more time into clearing a Minion wave. This change more drastically affects her Hammer Basic Attacks since the first and last hit increase Damage by 1.5x. In addition, we are reducing the frequency she can Bludgeon early on. Gods that can Silence or Disrupt this Ability will see a better reward for doing so as Bellona will not be able to get the Ability again before their interrupt comes off Cooldown for the first few waves.

It is also worth noting that Osiris is not receiving an adjustment this patch. While he was THE popular pick in competitive alongside Bellona, he did not have the same record as Bellona did while also having poor performance across other levels of play. Osiris is often a pro-favorite, but even after his recent buffs he still struggles outside of the competitive scene. We will continue to watch him closely before making any specific adjustments.

  • General
  • Reduce Base Power from 39 → 36.
  • Icons Bellona A02 Bludgeon
  • Increase Cooldown from 10s → 14/13/12/11/10s.

T Chiron Default Icon Chiron

Chiron is receiving a nice bump to his utility, clear, and overall Ability flow. Training Exercise now applies the Mark for Masterful Shot to targets hit, allowing for a better clear path for the teacher while also increasing his mid and late game poke potential.

  • Icons Chiron A01 Training Exercise
  • Now applies a mark for Masterful Shot to all targets hit.

T Chronos Default Icon Chronos

Chronos' old Passive was entirely an extension of his Accelerate Ability. All of that functionality of the old Passive has now been moved to Accelerate leaving a place for a new Passive. Time Lord gives Chronos additional Magic Power as the game continues on. Not only does this further solidify his identity as a Late Game God, but the pressures of time will be felt by the enemy team.

  • Icons Chronos Passive New Passive - Time Lord
  • All parts of “Wheel of Time” have been relocated to the “Accelerate” Ability
  • Chronos becomes empowered as time flows around him. Every 2 minutes he gains a Stack that increases his Magical Power. Stacks up to 25 times, Stacks are permanent.
  • Magical Power per Stack: 3
  • Icons Chronos A02 Accelerate
  • Description changed to include all details of the Wheel of Time.
  • This Ability still functions exactly the same as it did before 4.13.

T Isis Default Icon Isis

Funeral Rites often felt limited as a single death could completely wipe away the Aura. These Stacks are no longer lost on death and Isis players will now receive a reward for successfully reaching maximum Stacks.

  • Icons Isis Passive Funeral Rites
  • Stacks are no longer lost on death.
  • Now Isis will gain +10% CDR upon reaching 10 Stacks.

T Kuzenbo Default Icon Kuzenbo

Kuzenbo is receiving feel good updates and bonus utility effects that should help his performance. NeNe Kappa now Slows targets who are hit by the initial throw, rewarding Kuzenbo players for their accuracy. Sumo Slam is seeing a Cooldown reduction along with a more responsive turn. Finally, Watery Grave will no longer knock targets so far outward. These changes cause the God to provide his team with more controlled disruption more often.

  • Icons Kuzenbo A01 NeNe Kappa
  • Targets hit by the thrown NeNe Kappa are Slowed by 20%.
  • Icons Kuzenbo A03 Sumo Slam
  • Increase turn radius, allowing for sharper turning.
  • Cooldown reduced from 16s flat → 16/15/14/13/12s.
  • Icons Kuzenbo A04 Watery Grave
  • Adjusted the Knockup from this Ability. Targets will now be Knocked Up into the air more and pushed to the side less.

T NeZha Default Icon Ne Zha

Ne Zha has long had an interaction where players could beads while under the effect of Wind Fire Wheels, effectively losing their Purification Beads Cooldown before rising into the air. This largely came down to a discrepancy between his visual animation and the animation he plays. Now, players will have a window of opportunity to use Purification Beads (or allies can use effects like Geb Shield) after they have initially been hit to escape their fate. Additionally, there is now protection while on the way up so players should no longer be able to fire a Purification Beads that will no longer help them.

  • Icons NeZha A04 Wind Fire Wheels
  • Enemy players hit by Wind Fire Wheels now have additional .25 seconds after the hit to use Purification Beads, and avoid the Ability. This matches the current animation more accurately.
  • Enemy players hit by Ne Zha will NOT be able to fire beads on their way up into the air. If you miss the window to escape you will have your beads protected to be used later.

T Nemesis Default Icon Nemesis

As stated in the 4.11 notes, we are making adjustments to Nemesis to make her feel less frustrating to fight while opening her playstyle up to more than just using her ultimate. Divine Judgement's protection shred has been reduced to allow defenses to still have some impact while Slice and Dice no longer Slows for 50% at max rank. Players will feel less helpless when afflicted by both effects and should allow for teammates to better assist their debuffed ally. To make up for this, Swift Vengeace and Slice and Dice are seeing Damage increases. This should help Nemesis feel more impactful with stronger pressure against squishy targets with increased Jungle clear. She will still be valued for her unique Ultimate’s ability to shred, but will not be as meta reliant as she once was.

  • Icons Nemesis A01 Swift Vengeance
  • Increase Scaling from 50% → 60% (25 per hit → 30% per hit).
  • Icons Nemesis A02 Slice and Dice
  • Increase Base Damage from 80/130/180/230/280 → 100/160/220/280/340.
  • Increase Scaling from 50 → 60%.
  • Reduce Slow from 30/35/40/45/50 → 30% flat.
  • Icons Nemesis A04 Divine Judgement
  • Decreased Protection Shred from 50% → 30%.

T NuWa Default Icon Nu Wa

Clay Soldiers is receiving a massive update that has been requested for some time. Nu Wa players can now mark targets for their Clay Soldiers to pursue allowing Nu Wa players to have confidence when committing to their burst combo. If the Nu Wa player does not want to mark a target they have that option still available to them.

  • Icons NuWa A02 Clay Soldiers
  • Nu Wa can now specify which enemy target she wants Clay Soldiers to pursue by marking them with her Ability Targeter.The Range of this Mark Targeter is 40 units.
  • Clay Soldiers will pursue the marked target until it is dead.
  • Nu Wa may fire this Ability without a target or if the marked target dies.
  • Clay Soldiers will attack enemies who damage Nu Wa first, or closest enemies.
  • Clay Soldiers will now dash through other targets, debuffing them, only stopping at the marked target.

T Raijin Default Icon Raijin

The long awaited Raijin rework is here! Each Ability has been adjusted with the goal of reducing frustration while empowering Raijin to feel effective in fights. Percussive Storm's hitbox has been improved and has been moved to the center, allowing this to be a more reliable source of Damage. Raiju now deals his Damage over time so enemies can react to it better, but it will gain the additional utility in the effect of a Slow. Both of these main damaging Abilities have also seen cost reductions, while Raiju has seen a Cooldown reduction. These changes work well with his new Passive which encourages rapid usage of each of his skills. Thunder Crash is also seeing some adjustments allowing players to interact with Raijin while he is still visible before he teleports to his new location.

Finally, Taiko Drums is seeing a reduction in Power on the Taunt and Fear drums. Players will now have to choose between damaging enemies or controlling enemies, and enemies who are controlled will now have more Health once the effect is over. Additionally, all ultimate projectiles will travel more slowly. Raijin will however have a bit more time to make this decision after the Ultimate has been activated. Taiko Drums is also seeing a pass at making the sounds and visuals more distinct for each effect.

  • Icons Raijin Passive New Passive - Charged Tempo
  • For every 5 abilities cast, Raijin reduces the cooldown of all abilities currently on cooldown (including the one just cast) by 1s.
  • Icons Raijin A01 Percussive Storm
  • Adjusted first two shots to now travel down the center of the Targeter.
  • Adjusted the last two shots to be closer to the center of the Targeter.
  • Increased Shot Radius from 3 → 4.5.
  • Increased Range from 65 → 70.
  • Increased Damage for from 25/40/55/70/85 → 35/50/65/80/95 per Shot.
  • Decreased Scaling from 30% → 25% per Shot.
  • Decreased Cost from 80/85/90/95/100 → 50/55/60/65/70.
  • Icons Raijin A02 Raiju
  • Now deals its Damage over time.
  • Increased Damage from a flat 60/100/140/180/220 → 15/25/35/45/55 every .5s for 2.5s.
  • Reduced Scaling from a flat 70% → 13% every .5s for 2.5s (total of 65%).
  • Now applies a 15% Slow to marked targets.
  • When Raiju is triggered the Slow and Damage are spread to nearby allies. The Slow is increased by 15% on the marked target for a 30% Slow.
  • Decreased Cost from 70/75/80/85/90 → 60/65/70/75/80.
  • Decreased Cooldown from 18s at all ranks → 16/15/14/13/12.
  • Icons Raijin A03 Thunder Crash
  • Is now targetable until he fades away to his new location.
  • Icons Raijin A04 Taiko Drums
  • Improved sounds and visuals to better distinguish which drum is being fired.
  • Projectile speed reduced from 120/s → 100/s.
  • Increased Fire Duration from 4.5s → 7s.
  • Reduced the Damage on Beat Two (Taunt) and Three (Fear) from 50% → 30%.

T Sobek Default Icon Sobek

Blessing of the Nile is getting a nice quality of life adjustment. Previously, Blessing of the Nile would fall off while in the full duration of Sobek's Ultimate, which felt awkward. Now, Blessing of the Nile lasts for 6 seconds, allowing more time for Sobek to land a new Ability or fully charge his Ultimate on a target.

  • Icons Sobek Passive Blessing of the Nile
  • Increase Duration of the Protection Buff from 3s → 6s.

T Susano Default Icon Susano

Susano has gone through multiple adjustments to bring his frustration down. These changes have not been completely successful. His mobility from his Passive combined with his Abilities was very difficult to counter, and in most cases he could get all of his Damage off and escape through raw Movement Speed alone.

His mobility-focused Passive is being replaced by new one: Gathering Storm. Successfully hitting an opponent with an Ability will provide a Stack, and at 4 Stacks his next skill will deal bonus Damage. The amount of Stacks makes it so Susano needs to commit all of his skills onto an enemy to get the full Damage (unless he wants to dedicate his Ultimate as well), but this removes his escape potential. To adjust for this bonus Damage, Storm Kata is seeing a base and scaling Damage reduction, making Passive and safe Susano players deal less Damage overall.

  • Icons Susano Passive New Passive - Gathering Storm
  • Each time Susano successfully deals damage to at least one enemy god with an ability he gains a stack. At 4 stacks, his next ability that hits an enemy god will deal bonus damage. Stacks last for 5 seconds.
  • Bonus Damage: 25 + 60% of your Physical Power.
  • Icons Susano A01 Storm Kata
  • Decreased Base Damage from 40/70/100/130/160 → 40/65/90/115/140.
  • Decreased Physical Power Scaling from 65% → 55%.

T Ullr Default Icon Ullr

Bladed Arrow and Thrown Axe are seeing a large Mana reduction that should open up Ullr's build options a bit more (as well as being able to spend Mana on his other skills). Additionally, his main stim will now be better at early ranks, allowing Ullr more raw potency until the very late stages of the game.

  • Icons Ullr A01Icons Ullr A01 Stance2 Bladed Arrow (Thrown Axe)
  • Reduced Mana cost from 50/55/60/65/70 → 50 at all ranks.
  • Icons Ullr A02Icons Ullr A02 Stance2 Expose Weakness (Invigorate)
  • Reduce Cooldown from 18s → 16s.
  • Power changed from 10/20/30/40/50 → 25/30/35/40/45.