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  • Fixed cutesy avatar chest reward center banner.
  • Fixed issue where using Neith and Athena Ult with DX11 enabled crashed the client.
  • Fixed Connor's Cure UI showing price and buy button despite already owning it.
  • Fixed Cu Chulainn Bae Watch not playing VGS in Berserk form.
  • Fixed Clan quest progress UI.


  • Fixed players not getting Odyssey points and achievement progress after completing the odyssey quests.
  • Granting odyssey points and achievement progress to players who already completed the quests.
  • Fixed Odyssey video not playing subtitles in foreign languages.
  • Fixed Odyssey event scene lighting.


T Hachiman Default Icon Hachiman

  • Icons Hachiman Passive Master of Arms
  • Corrected Hachiman's passive meter numbers, and fixed an issue where Hachiman's passive didn't give per-level bonus MP5.
  • Icons Hachiman A01 Eagle Eye
  • Fixed Hachiman's basic attacks using wrong FX after being stunned while toggling Eagle Eye.
  • Fixed UI - doesn't blink while toggled on.
  • Icons Hachiman A03 Iaijutsu
  • Fixed Iaijutsu highlighting enemies way outside the targeter from certain angles.

T TheMorrigan Default Icon The Morrigan

  • Icons TheMorrigan A04 Changeling
  • Fixed issue where The Morrigan couldn't left-click to fire Hachiman's Ult.

Known issues

  • Void Piercer Ah Muzen Cab and Storm Tech Chaac having SFX issues.