Smite Wiki

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with increased XP gained from Conquest Minions.
  • Fixed issue with Kali and The Morrigan's passive icons missing.
  • Fixed issues with Child's Play Chest UI.
  • Emotes now properly display as grayed out when they are not owned.
  • Draugr's portrait now uses the proper icon (not the AFK icon).
  • Updated Fenrir's ability text to reflect Patch Notes changes.
  • God portraits for Arachne, Bacchus, and Freya defaults have been corrected.
  • Fixed issues with Match History UI.
  • Fixed issue with Scylla's dogs not visible during emotes in lobby.
  • Discordia Spreading Strife achievement has been edited for grammar.

Known issues

  • Minimap gets stuck snapping to a screen edge when editing your HUD--will continue to be an issue until 4.23.