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4.6 - Racer Rumble | April 12, 2017

It's time for Patch 4.6, featuring large scale balance adjustments to Hades, a more Mystical Rush from Ravana, and probably our craziest concept yet: Apollo's Racer Rumble.

With the upcoming Spring Split LANs, this patch is light on balance changes, instead focusing on more specific aspects – like Healing or the Hades adjustments. We expect to ramp this back up in our 4.7 patch where we begin to get ready for the Summer Split.

You also didn't read the first sentence wrong. Our next SMITE Adventure drops this patch and it is a racing mode. Pick from a cast of gods, get in their themed cars (yes, cars) and drive through two tracks with obstacles, items, and drifting.

We are excited to see your reactions to the latest Adventure and we will see you on the Battlegro…*ahem*…Road of the Gods!

New God Skins

New Voice Packs

New Emotes

  • I Emote Dance Ratatoskr Dance Emote

SMITE AdventureApollo's Racer Rumble

Welcome to Apollo's Racer Rumble, an all new racing game mode! Choose your God, hop into their car, and be the first to cross the finish line in this new Adventure! Included with this Adventure is the Racer Bundle which will unlock everything listed below and allow an unlock for an Adventure Vault Skin with the Gold Key. For more information, click here!

  • Racer Bundle
  • Winner's Circle Apollo
  • Racer Pedestal
  • Racer Ward
  • Music Theme
  • Gold Key


  • Fixed an issue where a few gods had incorrect values for their Basic Attacks on the “K” screen.

Item Changes

RodofAscelpius T3 RodofAscelpius T3 Rod of Asclepius

As Season 4 has continued to develop, we've seen healers become quite strong and become high priority picks at all levels of play. Items like Rod of Asclepius and Shield of Regrowth have contributed the most to the recent rise of healers. We previously adjusted Shield of Regrowth to address some of these strengths but feel Rod of Asclepius needs to come down in strength as well to avoid nerfing healing characters directly.

  • Reduced Healing Bonus from Passive in combat from 20% → 10% (Total Healing Bonus reduced from 30% → 20%).

RodofHealing T2 RodofHealing T2 Rod of Healing

  • Reduced Healing Bonus from Passive in combat from 10% → 5% (Total healing bonus reduced from 15% → 10%).

RunicShield T3 Runic Shield

Runic Shield can weaken the opposing Mages and Guardians, but was often too slow offensively and defensively to justify players picking it up. We are upping the defensive strength of Runic Shield to make it a stronger counter item.

  • Added 100 Health.

ShieldofThorns Relic ShieldofThorns Relic S9 Shield of Thorns

  • Fixed an issue where the Tooltip for Shield of Thorns displayed an incorrect % reflect amount.

God Changes

T Athena Default Icon Athena

  • General
  • Fixed an issue where using Athena's Ultimate could cause her to gain collision against allied units.

T Awilix Default Icon Awilix

  • General
  • Fixed an issue where Awilix could T-pose if hit by Cernunnos' Ultimate.

T Hades Default Icon Hades

The King of the Underworld has had a long history in SMITE and with this patch we aim to solidify his identity while cleaning up his mechanics to be more intuitive. To better serve his Mage title, we are looking to increase his Damage significantly (especially his single target) at the cost of some of his previous Guardian Stats.

Previously, Devour Souls only did it's Detonate Damage to targets around the Detonated target and not the actual Blighted target itself. Devour Souls will now deal it's Detonate Damage to that target as well, providing an additional 20/27/34/41/48 (+50% Magical Power) in these scenarios. This combined with Death from Below now dealing respectable damage will make Hades have much more burst. Pillar Of Agony is also seeing a buff to its Protections allowing Hades to scale into the late game and to make up for some of the base stat reductions Hades is seeing. Additionally Pillar of Agony will now reduce a Blighted target's Magical Protection before the first tick of damage and will no longer consume that Blight, giving Hades more options once his ultimate ends.

  • General
  • Reduced Physical Protection scaling from 3.2 → 2.6.
  • Reduced Base Health from 490 → 450.
  • Increased Base Attack Speed from .87 → .95.
  • Icons Hades DeathFromBelow Death From Below
  • Increased Damage from 50/85/120/155/190 → 70/120/170/220/270.
  • Icons Hades ShroudofDarkness Shroud of Darkness
  • Reduced Mana cost from 80 → 60.
  • Icons Hades DevourSouls Devour Souls
  • This ability now deals Detonate Damage to the Target being Detonated.
  • Reduced Mana cost from 65/75/85/95/105 → 60/65/70/75/80.
  • Added new FX to show the radius of the Detonate from the affected Targets.
  • Added new FX to show the radius during the warm up.
  • Icons Hades PillarofAgony Pillar of Agony
  • Increased Protections from 60/65/70/75/80 → 60/70/80/90/100.
  • Pillar of Agony no longer consumes Blight.
  • Blighted Targets will now have their Magical Protections reduced before taking the first tick of damage.

T HouYi Default Icon Hou Yi

Hou Yi has been under-performing lately. While his Abilities can be quite strong, his base stats were outliers for most other Hunters. We are bringing these up to ease his build paths and provide a subtle bump in power.

  • General
  • Increased Base Attack speed from .9 → .95.
  • Increased Base Power from 38 → 40.

T Kukulkan Default Icon Kukulkan

  • General
  • Fixed an issue where Kuku Kukulkan had invisible Basic Attack FX.

T Medusa Default Icon Medusa

  • General
  • Fixed an issue where Medusa's Lacerate would highlight Minions as if they would be hit.
  • Fixed an issue where Acid Spray would not highlight enemies behind Medusa Statues.

T Nemesis Default Icon Nemesis

  • General
  • Fixed an issue where Nemesis couldn't use her second dash if her Mana was below a certain amount.

T Raijin Default Icon Raijin

  • General
  • Fixed an issue where Raijin's passive would not be correctly consumed by Raiju.

T Ravana Default Icon Ravana

Mystic Rush is seeing a slight redesign to better enable Ravana to engage into fights and call a target for his teammates to focus down. Along with higher Base Damage, Mystic Rush now provide Ravana with a 50% Damage Reduction buff at all times. The old linking ended up being both difficult to use and confusing to play against, resulting in us making this change. All targets hit also take 10% increased Damage from all sources, giving Ravana better tools to deal with front-line tanks and back line squishies alike.

  • Icons Ravana A04 Mystic Rush
  • Increased Damage from 150/225/300/375/450 → 200/275/350/425/500.
  • The linked target mechanic has been removed.
  • Now provides a 50% Damage Reductions buff to Ravana upon landing.
  • Enemy gods hit by Mystic Rush take 10% increased Damage from all sources.
  • Mystic Rush can now hit Minions.

T Skadi Default Icon Skadi

Skadi surprised many players by quickly rising to the top of casual and competitive play, quickly shutting out other Hunters. After taking large amounts of competitive feedback, we are changing Winter's Grasp before the upcoming LAN. Kaldr will no longer be immune to damage while this Ability is active, giving enemy teams the ability to peel Kaldr if they choose to focus him down.

  • Icons Skadi A04 Winter's Grasp
  • Kaldr is no longer immune to Damage in this Ability, however, he will still fully heal on activation.

T TheMorrigan Default Icon The Morrigan

  • General
  • Fixed an issue where the spectator client would show an incorrect Cooldown for The Morrigan's Relics.

T Zeus Default Icon Zeus

  • General
  • Fixed an issue where Zeus Charges would not appear correctly.