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4.7 - Pillars of Success | April 25, 2017

T Ganesha Default Icon New God: Ganesha - God of Success

Ganesha Promo

Icons Ganesha Passive Good Fortune (Passive)

Upon killing an enemy God, Ganesha will instead give the nearest friendly God the Kill credit and receive the rewards for an Assist. In addition, his Assist range is increased by 20 units and the duration for his Assists is increased by 5s.

Icons Ganesha A01 Turn of Fate

Ganesha curses his enemies with his considerable willpower, damaging (90/150/210/270/330 +55% of your Magical Power) them. For each enemy he hits (up to a maximum of 5), all allied gods within 55 units of Ganesha gain Bonus Damage. Cost: 65/70/75/80/85. Cooldown: 14s.
Bonus Damage Per Stack: 2%.

Icons Ganesha A02 Ohm

Ganesha begins chanting and rises into the lotus position, where he is slowed slightly but allows him to travel freely in all directions. While chanting, he silences enemy gods in a cone in front of him and increases Physical Protections for all nearby allied gods. Cost: 55/60/65/70/75. Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10s.
Duration: 1.8s.
Protections: 20/30/40/50/60.

Icons Ganesha A03 Remove Obstacles

Ganesha charges forward, hooking an enemy with his goad, holding them in place and damaging (75/120/160/200/240 +45% of your Magical Power) the enemy before knocking them up. While dashing, Ganesha passes through player-made deployables. Cost: 70/75/80/85/90. Cooldown: 15s.

Icons Ganesha A04 Dharmic Pillars (Ultimate)

Ganesha summons the Four Great Pillars of Righteousness to imprison his enemies. Between each pair of pillars a magical field is created, and enemies who pass through the field take (95/135/175/215/255 +40% of your Magical Power) damage, are slowed, and have their protections reduced for 3s. Cost: 80/90/100/110/120. Cooldown: 75s.
Slow: 20/25/30/35/40%.
Slow Duration: 3s.
Protection Reduction: 15/25/35/45/55.

New God Skins

New Voice Packs

New Emotes

  • I Emote Clap Ganesha Clap Emote
  • I Emote Wave Ganesha Wave Emote

Season Ticket – Summer Split

  • 2017 Summer Split Pass Bundle
  • Vampiric Scylla
  • Right to Vote on Season Games
  • Bonus Quests for FP
  • Double FP for Matches
  • 15 Team FP Boosters (2x of total received)
  • 15 Team Worshiper Boosters (2x of total received)
  • 2017 Summer Split Pass Bundle with Points
  • All of the above + 2500 Fantasy Points
  • Season Ticket Rewards
  • Season Ticket Jump Stamp – New Feature!
  • Sol Announcer Pack
  • 2017 Season Ticket Music Theme
  • Roman Recall Skin
  • Mercury Modern Messenger
  • Ranked Reward
  • Summer Recall Skin

Ranked – Summer Split

The Spring Split is over and it is time to bring in the Summer Split! Ranked players will have their ratings soft reset and will need to qualify anew. Any players who were at the top of their god leaderboards or made it to Grandmasters will be receiving a nice Gem bonus once 4.7 hits.

In addition to the reset, Ranked is also seeing a few placement updates for the Summer Split. First, we have done a number of back-end adjustments to how we calculate a player's placement and what Division and Tier players receive after qualification. Getting to Diamond and Masters will take more effort as a result. On the “About” page you will be able to see what % of players will make it to each Tier. Players will also be able to see how their TP is calculated at the End Of Match lobby so they can be more informed about how the system works. We are also updating our TP Decay system this patch. Players who play during the whole split will maintain their higher divisions, while those who play early on and stop will drop in placement.

We also have improvements to the Picks and Bans process. Previously only the top rated player would be first pick while the rest were randomized. The top two players will now be the first two picks. This will give players more control over their initial few picks which is key in a Ranked environment. To further help teams draft appropriately, players can now pick from any God they own regardless of Mastery count. You will still need the same amount of gods Mastered as always, but you will now be able to draft that Khepri for your support player even though you didn't master him.

  • Soft Reset
  • All Players have had their accounts Soft Reset in Ranked Queues for the Summer Split.
  • Players will have their Matchmaking Rating adjusted towards the average MMR value. Players who are highly rated will still be above the average. (As opposed to a hard reset where everyone is set to the average MMR value.)
  • Players will need to play a new set of Qualification Matches to obtain a Rank.
  • God Leaderboards
  • All players who placed at the top of a God Leaderboard will receive a gem bonus when 4.7 is live.
  • God Leaderboards have been reset for the Summer Split.
  • Increased the number of games required to Qualify for placement from 5 to 10 games.
  • Back End Adjustments
  • There have been a number of back end adjustments to allow for more accurate and improved placements.
  • Placement after Qualifying Updates
  • Adjusted how Players are placed out of Qualifications to make it more difficult to obtain a very high Division.
  • Tribute Point Gains/Losses
  • Players will now be able to see how their earned TP is calculated at the End Of Match Lobby.
  • Lobby Ordering Updates
  • The first two players in the Picks and Bans Lobby will now be your top two players sorted by MMR.
  • Select from any Owned God
  • Players can now pick from All Owned Gods during the Picking and Banning Phase
  • Players will still need a minimum mastery count to queue for Ranked.
  • Ranked TP Decay
  • TP Decay has been updated to be more intense due to the shorter split durations. TP Decay will begin after 2 Weeks of not playing Ranked and will become more intense, capping out at 6 Weeks.
  • After 2 Weeks of not playing players will lose 2 TP per day.
  • After 3 Weeks of not playing players will lose 4 TP per day.
  • After 4 Weeks of not playing players will lose 6 TP per day.
  • After 5 Weeks of not playing players will lose 8 TP per day.
  • After 6 Weeks of not playing players will lose 10 TP per day.
  • Playing a single game will reset the timer for Decay to begin.
  • You can now demote through TP Decay up until Gold V.


  • When receiving Gems, Favor, Fantasy Points, etc. your notifications will now also tell you the amount of the currency received.

Items – Bug Fixes

  • Relics – New Audio/Visual FX
  • The following Relics have new Audio FX:
  • Sundering Spear
  • Phantom Veil
  • Horrific Emblem
  • Bracers of Undoing
  • The following Relics have new Visual FX
  • Phantom Veil
  • Bracer of Undoing
  • Cursed Ankh
  • Blink Rune has been updated to better differentiate it from Teleport Glyph.
  • Mystical Mail – Fixed an issue where Mystical Mail damage was not scaling with items like Runeforged Hammer.
  • Stone of Gaia – Stone of Gaia should now stop Ares Ultimate (No Escape) properly.

Gods – Bug Fixes

  • Updated the description of this ability with the correct radius for this ability.
  • Updated the description of this ability with the correct radius for this ability.
  • Updated the description of this ability with the correct radius for this ability.
  • Updated the description of this ability with the correct radius for this ability.
  • Updated the description of this ability with the correct radius for this ability.
  • Fixed an issue where Fafnir could recall during the transformation back to Dwarf form.
  • Freya – Valkyrie's Discretion
  • Freya's Ultimate should no longer hitch clicking to fire this ability.
  • Updated the description of this ability with the correct radius for this ability.
  • Hou Yi – Mark of the Golden Crow
  • Updated the description of this ability with the correct range for this ability.
  • Isis – Dispel Magic
  • Updated the description of this ability with the correct radius for this ability.
  • Sumo Slam should now properly be immune to roots during its duration.
  • Clay Soldier's should no longer scale with Physical Power.
  • Confusion
  • The Morrigan's phantom will no longer add stacks to Isis' Passive when destroyed.
  • Changeling
  • Fixed an issue where targeters from Awilix would persist after transforming into her.
  • Fixed an issue where using your ultimate on a knocked up target would cause them not to be thrown.

Item Changes

Frenzy Relic New - Belt of Frenzy

Frenzy makes a return! Belt Of Frenzy can provide a strong increase to your team's damage on objectives or in teamfights. It now also increases Damage dealt rather than increasing player's Physical and Magical Power, giving it more impact to everyone on your team.

  • Using this item grants all allied gods within 70 units 10% increased Damage dealth to all targets and 15% Attack Speed increase for 5 seconds. While active they also gain 10% additional increased Damage toward Objectives.
  • Cooldown 120s.

Frenzy UpgradedRelic New - Belt of Frenzy Upgrade

  • Provides an additional +10 Penetration to all gods affected and increases the duration to 8s.

CursedAnkh Relic Cursed Ankh

At 150 seconds and without additional utility, Cursed Ankh struggled to find use even against high healing team comps. We are significantly reducing the Cooldown on its base and upgrade form. Players who use a relic slot to shut down healing will be able to do so more often.

  • Cooldown reduced from 150s → 100s.

CursedAnkh UpgradedRelic Cursed Ankh Upgrade

  • Cooldown reduced from 150s → 100s.

Meditation Relic Meditation Cloak

Meditation Cloak's heal had high variability in its strength. It worked on the Caster's Maximum Health which caused it to perform too well on certain characters and a bit weaker on others. By changing Meditation's heal to work on a flat number that increases with level, we can better control the strength of this Relic moving forward.

  • Meditation Cloak now heals for a flat amount, scaling with level.
  • Heal changed from 15% of the Caster's Maximum Health to 75 + 12 Health Per Level.
  • Changed Mana restored from 35% of the Caster's Maximum Mana to 30% of the Target's Maximum Mana.

Meditation UpgradedRelic Meditation Cloak Upgrade

  • Meditation Cloak Upgrade now heals for a flat amount, scaling with level.
  • Heal changed from 15% of the Caster's Maximum Health to 75 + 12 Health Per Level.
  • Changed Mana restored from 35% of the Caster's Maximum Mana to 30% of the Target's Maximum Mana.

SunderingSpear UpgradedRelic Sundering Spear Upgrade

Sundering Spear and its upgrade has been taking up players Relic slots as both a fun and very viable choice. After a few months of Season 4 we are seeing the Upgrade provide a bit too much damage. We are reducing the Damage Increase debuff and increasing to Cooldown slightly to bring it more into line.

  • Decreased increased damage debuff from 30% → 25%.
  • Increased Cooldown from 90s → 100s.

LonosMask T1 New - Lono's Mask

Joining the ranks of Bumba's Mask and Rangda's Mask, we now have Lono's Mask. This 500 Gold Starter Item is tailored towards support players who want to sacrifice some early Gold for a payoff in the future. By getting Assists on Minions or Jungle Monsters players will earn a stacking buff to max Health. Once all 75 stacks have been completed, the holder of Lono's Mask will receive a 400 Gold bounty! We are excited to see how this new Mask shakes up players starting builds and playstyles.

  • Cost: 500G.
  • PASSIVE - Being within assist range of a minion or jungle camp monster death without dealing the killing blow awards stacks. Only the closest allied god in assist range with Lono's Mask will get the stack. Stacks provide +2 Max Health per stack and stack up to 75 times. Upon reaching 75 stacks you gain 400 gold.

BlackthornHammer T3 BlackthornHammer T3 Blackthorn Hammer

Blackthorn Hammer has a very powerful but situational Passive. Without strong core stats to back up this item up it never saw play past initial experimentation. With increased Health this item will provide enough defenses in addition to the unique passive.

  • Increased Health from 200 → 350.

Shillelagh T2 Shillelagh T2 Shillelagh

  • Increased Health from 100 → 200.

RuneforgedHammer T3 RuneforgedHammer T3 Runeforged Hammer

Runeforged Hammer is meant to give Warriors a strong way to increase their damage and survivability at the same time, assuming their team has a way to activate the passive. In practice, it has not provided enough for players to reward players for finding the right situation to build it in. We are increasing the Health and Passive strength to better reward those players.

  • Increased Health from 200 → 250.
  • Increased Passive Damage increased on Crowd Controlled targets from 10% → 15%.

GladiatorsShield T2 GladiatorsShield T2 Gladiator's Shield

Gladiator's Shield is a cheap source of sustain and defenses during the laning phase. As an early game bridge item it wasn't providing the spike needed for players to build it. We are pushing it up slightly to encourage building this item when the situation calls for it.

  • Increased Physical Protection from 40 → 45.
  • Increased the % of Health and Mana restored from its Passive from 2% → 2.5%.

Rage T3 Rage T3 Rage

Rage underwent a redesign at the start of Season 4 to make it a cheap source of Critical Strike chance with a potential higher payoff. Unfortunately, the playstyle didn't synergize with standard Critical Damage builds and players often skipped building it. In 4.7 Rage is receiving a new Passive.

Rage still requires kills or assists to receive a bonus, but the bonus now provide players with Permanent Stacks of Critical Strike Chance. Additionally, players who achieve max stacks will see a large spike in their damage output. Players who want to really invest for the Late Game will feel at home with this item.

  • Increased Cost from 2200 → 2400.
  • PASSIVE - Killing or getting an assist on an enemy god gives you 1 stack. Each stack provides 1% Critical Strike Chance. Stacks are permanent and stack up to 5 times. At 5 Stacks you gain an additional 10% Critical Strike Chance.

ShieldofRegrowth T3 Shield of Regrowth

Shield of Regrowth has undergone a few changes in Season 4. Initially we wanted to keep this item providing a high amount of Cooldown Reduction to let the passive activate more often. This resulted in us previously nerfing the health of this item. After watching this items continued performance, we are shifting it back towards its more defensive nature and reducing the Cooldown Reduction this item provides. This will give healers a strong source of defense without giving them a large source of Cooldown Reduction.

  • Decreased CDR from 20% → 10%.
  • Increased Health from 200 → 300.

StoneofBinding T2 StoneofBinding T3 Stone of Binding

Stone of Binding currently triggers on Hard Crowd control effects. This often meant Support players who picked it up had only one or two ways to trigger the passive at best. We are changing it to now work with any Crowd Control (similar to Runeforged Hammer) which will give gods many more ways to keep this passive effect up during a fight. Ymir for example will now be able to trigger this using three of his abilities rather than just one.

  • Stone of Binding's Passive now trigger on all Crowd Control, not just Hard Crowd Control.

God Changes

T AoKuang Default Icon Ao Kuang

Ao Kuang, Izanami and The Morrigan are all receiving a change to their stealth mechanics. While they both drop minion aggro, a stray arrow could instantly cancel the stealth effect and limit the use of these skills. These characters stealth will now only break from non-minion damage.

  • Icons AoKuang A01 Water Illusion
  • Minion Damage can no longer break the Stealth from Water Illusion.

T Awilix Default Icon Awilix

Awilix often runs low on mana early, leaving her being less aggressive than she otherwise could be. We are lowing the mana cost on one of her primary poke and engage tools to better enable her in the early game.

  • Icons Awilix A03 Moonlight Charge
  • Mana Cost reduced from 85 at all ranks → 60/65/70/75/80.

T Cabrakan Default Icon Cabrakan

Cabrakan has seen a large amount of competitive play since the start of Season 4. His strength comes from his ability to quickly clear the first minion wave before pressuring the enemy solo laner and their jungle. We are reducing his Tremors damage to slightly increase his clear time on the first wave while also lowering his base protections. This will give enemy solo laners more time to also clear the wave and get more damage onto Cabrakan.

  • General
  • Reduced Base Physical Protection from 23 → 20
  • Icons Cabrakan A03 Tremors
  • Decreased Damage from 25/35/45/55/65 → 22/32/42/52/62.

T Camazotz Default Icon Camazotz

Camazotz is a high sustain assassin who needs to recover health to stay in a fight. On his release we were concerned that being able to drink in combat would give him too much potency. Since he limits his movement severely to heal up, we feel the tradeoffs of running to it and standing inside the pool during combat should allow him to heal at the full rate.

Devour is also seeing a timing change that will help it feel more consistent in avoiding damage. Devour had a small warmup where he could still be damaged or crowd controlled before becoming untargetable. He now becomes untargetable instantly as this ability fires. This will help Camazotz avoid damage when he uses Devour at the right time.

  • Icons Camazotz Passive Essence Drinker
  • Camazotz now drinks Essence Pools at full speed at all times, whether or not he is in combat.
  • Icons Camazotz A03 Devour
  • Removed brief delay on Devour's Leap. Camazotz will now begin leaping and is untargetable as soon as this ability is activated.

T Cernunnos Default Icon Cernunnos

Cernunnos and his team have had a blast hunting down all his polymorphed opponents. The size of the ultimate allowed him to cover a wide area and allowed for little counterplay for his opponents. We are reducing the radius of The Wild Hunt to make it a bit less wild for his enemies.

  • Icons Cernunnos A04 The Wild Hunt
  • Reduced radius from 30 → 25.

T HunBatz Default Icon Hun Batz

Hun Batz received many indirect buffs in Season 4. From small meta shifts and item builds, along with his strong teamfight, he has quickly risen to the top of the Jungle. More specifically his early clear and boxing power has increased allowing him to bully and gank his enemies very effectively. We are reducing the slow on Somersault at lower ranks and increasing the Cooldown on Fear No Evil to give players more opportunities when fighting the Howler Monkey early on.

  • Icons HunBatz A01 Somersault
  • Decreased Slow from 40% at all ranks → 20/25/30/35/40%.
  • Icons HunBatz A04 Fear No Evil
  • Increased Cooldown from 90s → 100s.

T Izanami Default Icon Izanami

  • Icons Izanami A03 Fade Away
  • Minion Damage can no longer break the Stealth from Fade Away.

T Kuzenbo Default Icon Kuzenbo

The Nene Kappa is a serious threat in the early stages of the game but seriously falls off as gods get more and more damage. Hunters will often be able to blow it away without significant trouble. Kuzenbo will now share 20% of his Health and Protections making these little Kappas requiring more effort to play around.

  • Icons Kuzenbo A01 NeNe Kappa
  • NeNe Kappa now inherits 20% of Kuzenbo's current Health and Protections in addition to its base.

T NeZha Default Icon Ne Zha

Universe Ring Toss is Ne Zha's primary form of wave clear, jungle clear, and poke. As a characters who is currently struggling, an additional bounce will give him additional power at all stages of the game.

  • Icons NeZha A01 Universe Ring Toss
  • Increased number of bounces from 3/4/5/6/7 → 4/5/6/7/8.

T Nox Default Icon Nox

As a utility and lock down mage, Nox can bring a lot of control, disruption, and surprising burst to the table. However, her requirement of comboing her abilities can lead her to falling short when it comes to helping a team fight. We are reducing the cooldown on Night Terror to give Nox the ability to contribute to fights more often with the damage debuff and burst that this ability provides.

  • Icons Nox A04 Night Terror
  • Decreased Cooldown from 90s at all ranks → 90/85/80/75/70s.

T Sol Default Icon Sol

Stellar Burst has gone through a few changes during her lifetime. Early on, this ability functioned much more like a basic attack which called for it having the in-hand penalty that comes with it. Today, it works more like a regular ability. Removing the in-hand penalty makes sense and is a nice Quality of Life update for this Manifestation.

  • Icons Sol A02 Stellar Burst
  • Stellar Burst no longer has an in-hand penalty when firing.

T Susano Default Icon Susano

Hydra's Lament allowed high skill Susano players to get a large damage increase through in-hand cancelling. This has caused a large disparity in performance when comparing pro players and the average player. We are removing this specific item-skill synergy to nerf Susano at the highest levels of play while leaving his average performance intact (and keep multiple fire abilities consistent across the board).

  • Icons Susano A01 Storm Kata
  • Hydra's Lament will now only proc on the first stage of this Ability.

T TheMorrigan Default Icon The Morrigan

  • Icons TheMorrigan A03 Confusion
  • Minion Damage can no longer break the Stealth from Confusion.