Smite Wiki

Hey guys,

We'll be bringing servers down across all platforms Monday morning at 10am ET so we can try and address several issues that have been affecting overall stability in SMITE. Here's a list of what we are tackling:

  • Client side and Server side crashes
  • We've got a potential fix going into our build Monday that we believe will greatly help with crash issues for the SMITE client and player server connections. To be honest, this is a super complicated issue that we are still trying to understand on our end (our Technical Director is even stumped), but we'll also be implementing some debug code that will help us with logging and tracking these issues. Our fix on Monday may not work. If it doesn't, we believe the logging we've put in place will help us find the root cause of these issues to get them resolved.
  • Lobby Chat
Lobby chat has been having off and on issues for a while now and we think we've nailed them down. We've got a fix to ensure Lobby Chat always appears slated for Monday's maintenance. Our QA team hasn't been able to get a reliable reproduction of this issue in house, so we can't 100% say that the issue has been solved permanently. But we'll be able to use the debug code we're implementing to help us take next steps.
  • We'll also be implementing some code to help us track issues with Daily Deals.

The team has been putting in a ton of work on the backend reorganizing game files to allow for the future growth of SMITE. This unfortunately has led to some growing pains that we need to get through technically.

We appreciate all of your patience as we work towards fixing these issues. We are always striving to make SMITE even better for all of you, and it is our promise to get you back onto the battleground as quickly as possibly on Monday. We'll keep you updated on when servers will be back online, so stay tuned for updates.