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New Content

  • Cornwall Bundle - Includes Gadget Goblin Cupid & Star Commander Bellona.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some Switch players did not unlock the God pack after linking accounts.
  • Mercury will be re-enabled after fixing his Ult causing players to be facing sideways permanently.
  • Updated Chernobog's Archangel skin Ult FX to look different from CC immunity.
  • Fixed Arthur's Uppercut ability knockup that was still aim-able.
  • Fixed crossplay VGS button inputs showing up as plain text in chat for other platforms.
  • Fixed Random Announcer Pack not working on consoles.
  • [Friends List] Fixed an issue where Steam players were missing most of the buttons on the Party tab.
  • Fixed an issue where if you are the leader of a Smite clan, being linked to another account removed you as the leader.
  • Fixed linking QR code on Switch client is pointing to the wrong platform.
  • [Switch] Fixed an issue on Savage controls closing the Options menu also activates a Relic.
  • Updated player renaming prompt to be clearer.
  • Updated Camelot Rules and FAQ description change.
  • Fixed lots of missing or bad characters for Japanese translations.