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6.4 - Darkness Falls | April 2, 2019

New God Skins

New Voice Packs

Update Release Schedule

  • First Week of April
  • Darkness Falls Battle Pass
  • From the Depths Chest
  • Mixer Store
  • Esports Content
  • Second Week of April
  • Council of the Gods
  • Third Week of April
  • Cute but Deadly Chest
  • Fourth Week of April
  • Council of the Gods #2

*These dates are tentative and subject to change.


  • Clicking on a party member's Avatar will now bring you to the party menu for that player.

New Cosmetic Items

  • Gothic Loading Frame
  • Jormungandr Announcer Pack
  • Blood Moon Global Emote
  • The Depths Jump Stamp
  • Gothic Pedestal
  • Darkness Falls Loading Screen
  • Ring of Wraiths Recall Skin
  • Terror of the Deep Avatar
  • Spooky Title
  • Squiddies Avatar
  • Under the Sea Level Up Skin
  • New esports Cosmetic Items
  • Jump Stamps for each team
  • Ward Skins for Pittsburgh Knights, Renegades, Dignitas
  • Snuggle Party Pedestal
  • Valkyrie's Rage Loading Frame

New Items Added to the Mixer Store

  • The Crusher Cabrakan
  • Pool Party Jing Wei
  • Foxy Lady Da Ji
  • Cosmic Sol

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where some players in match lobby would appear to be in an order that didn't match their pick order.
  • Fixed end of match lobby scoreboard always highlighting the far right teammate.
  • Fixed favorite Global Emote selections not consistently saving.
  • Fixed an issue with deserter penalties where the old values were still applying.
  • Fixed Draft Pick match lobbies pick order not matching display order.
  • Fixed auto banned Gods in match Lobby not having red slash on icon.
  • Fixed Merlin auto skill turning off when using Ultimate as he levels up.
  • Fixed Jormungandr sometimes unable to refire Submerge.
  • Fixed an issue where Jormungandr's 3 refire would sometimes be blocked by the pulses he sends out while stealthed.
  • Fixed an issue where Nox could exit early while Jormungandr was in Ultimate.
  • Fixed an issue where King Arthur could still move while rooted when using basic attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where Ratatoskr could use Meditation Beads during start of Ultimate.
  • Fixed tooltip issue with Genesha Ultimate stating higher mana cost for levels 3/4/5.
  • Fixed Kuzenbo continuing to deal damage with Sumo Slam after the target has used Beads.
  • Fixed an issue where Janus could use Ultimate to teleport outside of Joust map.
  • Fixed an issue where King Arthur could no longer build meter towards Ultimate.


  • Fixed an issue where Parental Controls didn't properly mute chat on consoles.
  • Fixed an issue where Parental Controls didn't properly mute chat on consoles.
  • Fixed player names not showing on Ranked Leaderboards.
  • Fixed an issue where a saved Item Builder profile could not be edited unless deleting entire profile.
  • Fixed stats sometimes not properly updating on Item Builder.
  • Fixed profanity filter not working for chat text.

Known Issues

  • For Updates on our known issues, view our SMITE Community Issues Trello Board.

Project Olympus

New Player Experience

  • Players will now receive rewards for completing Co-op matches, although at a reduced rate from normal matches
  • XP – 100%
  • Favor – 30%
  • BP – 10%
  • Worshipers – 100% up to Rank 4, then 0%

Console Experience

  • Console Players will now be able to use a new Set of VGS inputs for communication with other players in game. Entering this VGS command will bring up the console's virtual keyboard so players can type custom messages.
  • The button combination is in the same location for all platforms, mapped to the respective buttons in those spots:
  • Xbox: X, RB
  • PS4: Square, R1
  • Switch: Y, R

UI Updates

  • Daily Rewards no longer reset when the player misses a day.
  • Daily Rewards must now be claimed by the player in the Store under Featured Page instead of auto claiming.
  • The Client Side Store has been updated to the new art style.
  • This refers to where you buy Skins and Gods, NOT the in-game Item Shop where players buy things like Boots and Relics.
  • PC players can now call roles through the UI in other game modes besides Conquest.
  • Your Hi-Rez support ID is displayed in your profile now. This is a unique number to your Hi-Rez account that should be used when filing support tickets or reporting bugs. It helps us find your account easier in a Cross-Play world. Other players can not see your support ID.

Mixer Store

  • A new tab has been added to the Store: Mixer.
  • Players can link their SMITE account to their Mixer account to earn Mixer Points by watching official Hi-Rez Streams.
  • Players that earn a total of 600 Mixer Points will unlock The Crusher Cabrakan skin. You do not need to spend points to earn this skin.
  • There will be a rotating set of skins in the Mixer store that can be bought with Mixer Points. You do spend points to earn these skins, but it will not decrease your total toward unlocking The Crusher Cabrakan.


  • Matchmaking Rating (MMR/Elo) Returns.
  • Players will now be able to see their Ranked MMR when viewing their Ranked Stat Page.
  • Matchmaking Rating will not be visible to others in the client unless they are Masters/Grandmasters players.
  • MMR will now be visible through the API, allowing external sites to obtain players MMR. Players can set their profile to Hidden to prevent this.
  • Duo Queue for Ranked Conquest Returns.
  • Players will be able to party with a friend and queue up in Ranked Conquest. We have adjusted the rules from the last time this was possible to ensure the matchmaker can make quality matches.
  • Players in Platinum 1 and Below
  • Players can queue with anyone within 200 MMR of their current MMR.
  • Players in Diamond and Above
  • Players can queue with anyone within 50 MMR of their current MMR.
  • Updated Ranked Progression
  • Qualification Games Removed
  • Players will no longer need to play 10 Qualifying Games when first starting out or at the start of each split.
  • Players without a previous split ranking begin in Bronze 3, climbing up the ladder by playing and winning games.
  • During soft resets, players will be reset between Bronze 3 and Gold 1, depending on their MMR at the end of each split.
  • In the new system Rank will be a better measurement of progression than skill.
  • Players should look at MMR differences between players as a way of judging their match quality.
  • It is possible that many people in different ranks could be paired together as an intended part of this system.
  • Updated TP Gains and Tier Skipping
  • Increased the bonus for being a Tier/Division that is far away from your Matchmaking Rating.
  • Adjusted the rules for Tier Skipping on Promotion to be less aggressive.
  • Updated Rewards
  • Lowered the amount of wins needed for the 50 Gems reward each split from 75 to 50.

Role Queue

  • Players now provide a Primary and Secondary Role choice.
  • Primary role will indicate the role you most want to play. The system will prioritize getting as many players as possible their Primary Role.
  • Priority Points only reset upon getting your Primary Role.
  • Visualized Priority
  • Players will be able to see how many Priority Points they have on the Queue screen. Players with the most Priority Points have the highest chance to receive their Primary Role.
  • Ranked Role Queue
  • First Pick will always receive their Primary Role.
  • Second Pick will always receive their Primary Role, unless First Pick had the same role selected. In this case they will get their Secondary role.

Custom Games

  • New pause option has been added.
  • Free Pause
  • Players can pause the game at anytime, even during combat.
  • This pause will allow for the match to be affected the minimum amount by a player who needs to pause.
  • This feature is intended for scrim style games where all 10 players have agreed on the rules and will use the pause only in case of emergencies.

New Assault Map

Ragnarok has come and gone, transforming Asgard in the process. The Assault map has entirely new art set and some mechanical changes as well. The main goal for the Assault gameplay changes is to encourage more fighting. Some new areas and objectives have been added to the map to prevent stalemates and ensure the battle keeps raging.

Match Lobby

  • Decreased Cost to Reroll your God from 50 gems to 25 Gems.
  • Decreased Cost to Reroll your God from 250 favor to 125 Favor.


  • Updated to the Season 5 Conquest models.


  • Updated to the Season 5 Conquest models.


  • Updated assault towers with new artwork.
  • Decreased Physical power by 15.


  • Updated Order minions to the Season 5 Conquest models.
  • Updated Chaos minions to the Season 5 Conquest models.
  • Increased Health and Protections to match Conquest Minion stats.

Vital Orbs

  • Added a new type of objective around the Assault Map called “Vital Orbs.”
  • The map will start with two of these that spawn in the center of the map, and a new one will spawn in the corner of the map after each Tower destroyed.
  • Players only need to walk into these to collect them.
  • Orbs Respawn 60s after being collected .
  • Vital Orbs provide:
  • 15% Increased movement speed for the player who picked up the Orb for 10s.
  • 15% instant Health and Mana heal for the player and allies within 60 units.
  • A 1% Health and Mana regeneration per second aura for 10s around the player. This affects all allies within 60 units.


Primal Fury

The new Fury rotation adds more decision making to Conquest's Objectives and requires players to push their advantages in different ways. This concept has added an interesting twist to the new season, but one of the Fury's felt lackluster and that held the design back. Primal Fury's reward is being increased to make the advantage gained from it more applicable, especially to the more difficult Season 6 Fire Giant.

  • Increased the damage dealt to jungle camps from 5% to 7% on the buff gained from killing the Primal Fury.

Spirit Minions

Conquest has seen major updates to many roles since the rework launch at the beginning of Season 5. Jungler's were put back in control of their jungles, Mid Laners have more freedom to roam and fight, and Solo laners have a new objective. As those other improvements have taken hold, it has become increasingly clear that Duo lane feels slightly behind the other roles and could use some adjustment. In this update a new minion will be added to the first wave in Duo lane only. It is designed to impact the fighting as little as possible, but to provide just enough XP to allow 2 players to hit level 2 after the 2nd wave, instead of remaining level 1.9999 as they did before. This should give Duo lane a jump-start, allowing them to fight back against junglers or make more meaningful plays in the early game, which sets the stage for their mid to late game.

  • Added a new minion to the duo lane.
  • 1 Spirit Minion will spawn as part of the first wave only in the duo lane on each side of the map.
  • Spirit Minion Stats:
  • 34 Kill XP
  • 50 HP
  • 5 Physical Power

New Jungle Rules

While Duo lane was being discussed the topic of invades came up frequently. One of the primary reasons a Duo lane will fall excessively behind is when their Red or Purple camp is taken by the enemy team. We want invades to still be meaningful, they are risky and require skill to pull off, but the amount of advantage being gained from them was overwhelming. Invading players will now gain slightly smaller rewards when stealing camps from enemy territory, this should reduce the amount of snowball in all lanes.

  • Killing Jungle Camps on the opposite side of the map now provides less XP and Gold.
  • The amount is decreased by 33% at 0m match time.
  • Decreases linearly over time.
  • Becomes 0% decrease at 15m.

Visual Feedback on Objective Kills

Audio feedback was applied to Conquest Map Objectives last season and has been quite positively received. Throughout Season 6, we will be looking to improve the game in more Quality of Life ways, which often means more clear and direct feedback. This feature will augment the current audio feedback to make sure the information being conveyed is clear and encourages the proper counter-play.

  • The accolade for killing the Gold Fury will now display text specifying if it was the Gold Fury, Primal Fury, Oni Fury.
  • When a Fury is killed, it will now display to enemies as well, with different text and art, and will specify which type of Fury it was.
  • When Pyromancer is killed, it will now display to enemies as well.
  • When Fire Giant is killed, it will now display to enemies as well.

Item Balance

Asi T3 Asi T3 Asi

In this patch, we took a look at Hunter bridge items. These items existed to provide a tradeoff between boosting early game power at the cost of late game efficiency. In most cases however these items were either dominant due to the early advantage or unused. Asi and Ichaival have been reworked to full Tier 3 items, giving players (Hunters most of all) access to more full fledged items.

  • Builds from Balanced Blade.
  • 2550 Gold
  • +20 Physical Power
  • +20% Physical Lifesteal
  • +25% Attack Speed
  • +15 Penetration
  • PASSIVE – If you drop below 35% Health, you gain an additional 30% Physical Lifesteal for 5 seconds. Can only occur once every 15 seconds.

Ichaival T3 Ichaival T3 Ichaival

Ichaival received a small identity shift with its rework towards a Tier 3. This item has always focused on improving boxing capabilities, and keeping this identity was a goal moving forward. Rather than reducing power or damage dealt (which can be dangerous when stacked with other items) we are focusing its direction to be anti-Attack Speed. And offensive addition to the pool of Attack Speed reduction effects seems like a healthy fit that won't stack with other effects in a negative way.

  • Builds from Hunter's Bow.
  • 2450 Gold
  • +30 Physical Power
  • +30% Attack Speed
  • PASSIVE – Every Successful Basic Attack increases your Physical Power by 15 and reduces enemy Attack Speed by 10%. (Max. 3 Stacks).

God Balance

T AoKuang Default Icon Ao Kuang

Ao Kuang has seen a large rise in play count with his passive rework. The high base damage of his abilities like Dragon Call combined with a more reliable way of restoring health has allowed him to really get into a fight and trade positively. We are reducing his top end Base Damage when he is allowed to get multiple hits of Dragon Call out. This should curb his early boxing potential and jungle clear speed.

  • Icons AoKuang A02 Dragon Call
  • Decrease Attack Damage: 35/50/65/80/95 to 30/45/60/75/90.

T Bacchus Default Icon Bacchus

Bacchus has been belching his way up the ranks, being a very potent threat in the early game. He currently brings high clear speed, high kill potential, and is hard to box in the early game. These issues all arose when we added the Rank 0 to his Chug. That change helped Bacchus' unique mechanic contribute more to the fun of Bacchus rather, but now he needs adjustments to offset this high strength. The amount of Damage Mitigation provided from the Drunk-O-Meter and the base damage of Belch of the Gods are coming down, giving opponents better opportunities to fight back against Bacchus.

  • Icons Bachus Passive Drunk-O-Meter
  • Decreased Damage Mitigation from 7% to 5% while Tipsy and from 14% to 10% while Smashed.
  • Icons Bachus A03 Belch of the Gods
  • Decreased base damage from 25/40/55/70/85 to 20/35/50/65/80 per tick.

T Bakasura Default Icon Bakasura

Bakasura can be difficult to shut down when he gets going, especially during his Regurgitate. The duration he can chomp through his opponents as well as the duration of his CC Immunity allows him to really pressure opponents with a large window. We are reducing these durations to allow co-ordinated teams more opportunity to counter his hyper carry abilities.

  • Icons Bakasura A04 Regurgitate
  • Description now shows deployable duration.
  • Decrease Duration of Cone Autos from 6s to 5s.
  • Decrease CC Immunity duration from 1.5s to 1s.

T Fenrir Default Icon Fenrir

Fenrir has always been in a strange spot. As an assassin, his jungle was often on the fringes of being useful and he instead found himself as an aggressive support. He is seeing a shift today, reducing his early game control and base damage while receiving an increase to his jungle clear and giving him more reasons to build Power. Unchained was a high base damage, low cooldown ability, that enabled the support Fenrir play. These aspects are both being reduced. On the opposite side, Brutalize will now always cleave (but at a slightly reduced strength). Runes will now cause Brutalize to scale more with Physical Power. Players will now have a more clear use case between empowering Unchained for Control and Brutalize for more damage, while having access to reliable and strong jungle clear without needing to use Runes.

  • Icons Fenrir A01 Unchained
  • Decreased Base Damage from 95/155/215/275/335 to 75/135/195/255/315.
  • Decreased amount of cooldown decrease on successful hit from 50% to 30% (halved to one third).
  • Icons Fenrir A03 Brutalize
  • This ability will now always cleave.
  • Reduced Cleave Damage from 75% of total to 50% of Total.
  • At Max Runes, this ability will deal an additional 15% of your Physical Power per hit.

T Freya Default Icon Freya

Freya has undergone some heavy reworks over the last year. Our initial goal was to make Freya's damage more reliable and less bursty. Through these iterations we feel we have her in a spot where she is true to her original design and goals, while solving some of her core issues and clunkiness. From now on we can look at her overall balance state and make specific number adjustments akin to our normal balance. Previously, her overall clear and damage output was too high and too reliable. We are lowering her damage output and control on Northern Lights while Aurora Blade's scaling is being turned down. This should help balance her early and late game strengths.

  • Icons Freya A01 Northern Lights
  • Decreased Base Damage from 11/27/43/59/75 to 10/15/25/40/60.
  • Decreased Slow from 25% to 15%.
  • Decreased Minion Explosion Damage from 50% to 25%.
  • Icons Freya A02 Aurora Blade
  • Decreased Ranged Damage Magical Power Scaling from 15% to 10% per hit.

T HunBatz Default Icon Hun Batz

Hun Batz occasionally cycles in and out of the meta, but from late Season 5 to now he has been more out than in. While his mid and late game can be powerful due to his ultimate, he falls behind on clear speed and camp control. We are allowing Sacred Monkey to re-bounce to minions or Jungle monsters when it can no longer find a new target within range. This bonus damage on each camp will add up and bridge the gap between Hun Batz early clear and other competitive Junglers.

  • Icons HunBatz A03 Sacred Monkey
  • This ability can now rehit minions but still only hits Gods once.

T Jormungandr Default Icon Jormungandr

The World Serpent arrived with players have been trying him in multiples roles, and in each he has struggled to really make his mark. We want to bring up his overall strength and give his ultimate more opportunities to shine. We are increasing his Base Physical Protection, giving him more opportunity to box in the early game and we are making his ultimate a flat 100s at all Ranks. This lowered cooldown will help Jormungundr engage and rotate much more effectively.

  • General
  • Physical Protection from 18 to 21.
  • Icons Jormungandr A04 The World Serpent
  • Decreased Cooldown from 120/115/110/105/100s to 100s at all ranks.

T KingArthur Default Icon King Arthur

Since King Arthur's release we have watched his performance closely. Due to his difficult nature and the high skill ceiling he has, how we measure his Win Rate (nearly the lowest in the game) is important. When we buffed him last round we specifically held back with the understanding he may become too potent even with minor adjustments. The increased Energy gain allowed him access to his Ultimate quite often and players have clearly discovered better ways to optimize his impact on a match. In this patch we are looking to add some targeted adjustments that are exploited at the top end while ensuring that players still learning Arthur will have an enjoyable experience.

Overhead Slice allows for Arthur to bully opponents in lane and contributes to his already high clear speed. While late game this feels appropriate, the early game damage, especially in Melee range, was too high. Additionally, Twin Cleave and Bladestorm are seeing a partial revert to their energy gain. We still worry that Arthur will lose a lot of his core feel if energy takes too long to build, but going from 1 to 2 energy provided him too much. Finally, Sundering Strike and Excalibur's Fury will now cost mana. Not only does this address some of his spam-a-lot play style early, players are accustomed to recognizing when a player is Out of Mana and using that as a cue to engage. Having a small mana cost keeps that feeling consistent across the game with King Arthur.

  • Icons KingArthur A A01 Overhead Slash
  • Decreased Melee Bonus Damage from 50% to 30/35/40/45/50%.
  • Icons KingArthur A A03Icons KingArthur B A03 Twin Cleave (Bladestorm)
  • Decreased Energy gained from 2 to 1.5 per hit.
  • Icons KingArthur A A04Icons KingArthur B A04 Sundering Strike (Excalibur's Wrath)
  • Both abilities now cost 40 mana.

T Merlin Default Icon Merlin

Merlin was not to be outdone by King Arthur. Players have had a large amount of success with Merlin, utilizing his stance switching capabilities to cycle between poking out opponents or burning them down. We are making some targeted adjustments to some of his abilities, lowering damage or interactions that boosted damage above expectation. Additionally, Flicker is seeing an overall nerf; giving players more opportunity to punish an out of position Merlin.

  • Icons Merlin Arcane A01 Eclipse
  • Reduced Initial hit scaling from 70% to 60%.
  • Icons Merlin Ice A01 Frostbolt
  • Gem of isolation slow applies after frostbolt does damage and does not get the bonus damage unless the target is slowed previously.
  • Reduced bonus damage from 20% to 15%.
  • Icons Merlin Ice A02 Blizzard
  • Fixed several issues that were causing this ability to do much more damage than intended.
  • Icons Merlin Arcane A03Icons Merlin Fire A03Icons Merlin Ice A03 Flicker
  • Increased cooldown from 22/21/20/19/18 to 24/23/22/21/20.

T NeZha Default Icon Ne Zha

Similar to Fenrir, Ne Zha support has been a potent threat and a staple in the duo lane. While we like gods flexing into different roles, Ne Zha's success has pushed others out of the role, restricting how many gods can be played as a support. Ring Toss's protection shred combined with Wind Fire Wheel's high base damage enabled this playstyle more than any part of the kit, so we are toning down both of these aspects to make him more manageable to fight.

We will be keeping a close eye on Ne Zha as an Assassin going forward, but when built offensive his scaling is high enough that we feel he will still be a strong pick after these adjustments.

  • Icons NeZha A01 Universe Ring Toss
  • Decreased Protection Debuff from 15 to 10/11/12/13/14.
  • Icons NeZha A04 Wind Fire Wheels
  • Added a note that enemies caught in this effect do NOT count as being CC.
  • Decreased Base Damage per hit from 40/60/80/100/120 to 30/50/70/90/110 Decreased Initial/Landing.
  • Damage from 80/130/180/230/280 to 50/105/160/215/270.

T Pele Default Icon Pele

Pele has been a consistently strong Jungle Pick since her release. She brings strong early clear, high gank potential, and great scaling into the late game. In this patch we are looking to adjust her early to mid game gank potential. Eruption and her initial Ultimate hit set her up to secure kills too easily. We are reducing the Base Damage of these abilities, allowing players a higher chance to survive and answer back to her engaging.

  • Icons Pele A02 Eruption
  • Decreased Inner Damage from 80/125/170/215/260 to 70/115/160/205/250.
  • Icons Pele A04 Volcanic Lightning
  • Decreased Initial Damage from 200/280/360/440/520 to 180/265/350/435/520.

T Ra Default Icon Ra

Ra excels at knowing when to poke from range and when to move forward, disrupting fights with his Divine Light and Solar Blessing. We want to reward Ra more when he puts himself at risk, especially against Warriors and Assassins, and especially in the late game. We have increased his Base Physical Protection per level, giving him a boost to his survivability.

  • General
  • Increased Physical Protection per level from 2.5 to 3.

T Ram Default Icon Rama

Rama's Pick Me Up was a heavy drain on Mana, restricting his time in lane and how often he can threaten opponents before backing. We are lowering the cost on this ability, allowing him to use it more freely.

  • Icons Ram A02 Pick Me Up
  • Decreased Mana Cost from 80/85/90/95/100 to 60/65/70/75/80.

T Vamana Default Icon Vamana

Vamana has been running over his opponents and utilizing the added survivability while inside his ultimate. With this patch we want to look at his core strength and make targeted adjustments to ensure he is fair to fight while keeping his ultimate feeling strong. We are lowering his movement speed, burst potential, and utility; but only in small amounts. These should give players more opportunity to outmaneuver, survive, and potentially escape; especially when played well.

  • General
  • Decreased Base Movement Speed from 380 to 375.
  • Icons Vamana UmbrellaStrike Armored Umbrella
  • Decreased Base Damage from 85/140/195/250/305 to 85/135/185/235/285.
  • Icons Vamana GhostUmbrella Umbrellarang
  • Decreased Attack / Movement Speed Slow from 30% to 25%.