Smite Wiki

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed muting players from the scoreboard not working for consoles.
  • Fixed Dreadbeard Poseidon ability 1 collision and re-enabled the skin.
  • Server crash fix from EffectManager.

End of Match Lobby

  • Fixed MMR gain/loss not displaying correctly after a Ranked game.
  • Fixed Masters and Grandmasters players not displaying any UI for MMR/TP gains and losses.
  • Added Spectator request to show match IDs.

Corrupted Arena

  • Banning Yemoja due to her walls funneling allies into pits, locking the enemy team out of points.
  • Banning Artemis due to her traps leaving an enemy permanently at the bottom of a pit.


T Danzaburou Default Icon.png Danzaburou

  • General
  • Fixed server crash condition involving deployable collision proxies.
  • Icons Danzaburou Passive.png Dubious Savings
  • Fixed passive icons not always tracking on UI/Buff properly.
  • Fixed passive losing power on death.

T Hel Default Icon.png Hel

  • Icons Hel Passive.pngIcons Hel Passive S2.png Stance Attunement
  • Fixed passive where she suffers a -20% healing penalty in dark stance.

T Ymir Default Icon.png Ymir

  • Icons Ymir Passive.png Frostbite
  • Fixed passive Basic Attack Damage Reduction stacking on target.
  • Icons Ymir A01.png Ice Wall
  • Can now be cast over walls. (missed balance change)