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8.2 - Goddess of the Salt Sea | February 23, 2021

T Tiamat Default Icon New Babylonian Mage: Tiamat Goddess of the Salt Sea

Tiamat Promo

Icons Tiamat Passive Death Begets Life

While in Flying stance Tiamat gains health from nearby ally and enemy deaths, less from minions. In Ground stance she gains up to 5 Hardened Scales, damage mitigation that breaks after a certain amount of damage is taken. Normal minions do not provide Hardened Scales.
  • Large heal: 40 + 8 per level
  • Small heal: 5 + 0.5 per level
  • Scale Mitigation: 60%
  • Shield value: 50 + 10 per level

Icons Tiamat A01 Primordial Onslaught

Tiamat gathers power, allowing her to fire orbs of energy at the end of the channel. Each orb damages enemies and stops on enemy gods. Hitting the same enemy deals 15% less damage each time, to a minimum of 70% reduction. This ability can fire additional projectiles at ranks 3 and 5.
  • Damage: 60/70/80/90/100 (+35% of your Magical Power)
  • Cost: 55/60/65/70/75
  • Cooldown: 10

Icons Tiamat A02 Ruination

Tiamat creates an energy field dealing low damage to enemies in the entire area and then a larger amount in the inner area. The inner area of the field also stuns enemies for a short duration.
  • Area Damage: 40/55/70/85/100 (+30% of your Magical Power)
  • Inner Damage: 60/95/130/165/200 (+40% of your Magical Power)
  • Stun Duration: 1s
  • Cost: 65/70/75/80/85
  • Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12

Icons Tiamat A03 Grounding Dive

Tiamat dives into the fight landing on all fours, dealing damage and switching to her Ground stance. This ability also provides Tiamat one Hardened Scale.
  • Damage: 40/80/120/160/200 (+40% of your Magical Power)
  • Cost: 40
  • Cooldown: 22/20/18/16/14

Icons Tiamat A04 Children of Creation

Tiamat is able to summon one of her children onto the battlefield.
Summon Serpents: Serpents that travel down lanes and act as minions.
Summon Beast: Kusarikku who stands guard waiting for enemy gods.
Summon Storm: Umu Dabrutu, the storm that chases enemies.
  • Cost: 0
  • Cooldown: 0

Icons Tiamat A01C Summon Serpents

Tiamat places a pit of creation which spawn Serpents of Tiamat that act like minions, traveling down lanes and attacking nearby enemies. 2 Serpents spawn every 10s and the deployable creates 3 waves before disappearing. Enemies hit by the serpents have their damage done reduced. Enemies can also stand on the pit to destroy it early.
  • Damage: 10 (+8% of your Magical Power)
  • Damage Reduction: 10/15/20/25/30 %
  • Hit Points: 2
  • Minion Damage: 1 HP lost per 3 hits
  • Cost: 50/55/60/65/70
  • Cooldown: 46/42/38/34/30

Icons Tiamat A02C Summon Beast

Tiamat calls forth Kusarikku who stands guard at the target location. If an enemy god comes too close, he charges, slows and attacks them.
  • Charge Damage: 30/45/60/75/90 (+20% of your Magical Power)
  • Basic attack Damage: 15/20/25/30/35 (+15% of your Magical Power)
  • Slow: 80% for 1s
  • Health: 250 + 100 per rank
  • Lifetime: 30s
  • Cost: 50/55/60/65/70
  • Cooldown: 46/42/38/34/30

Icons Tiamat A03C Summon Storm

Tiamat calls on the power of Umu dabrutu, conjuring a violent storm that follows enemies before knocking them upward and dissipating.
  • Initial Damage: 30/45/60/75/90 (+30% of your Magical Power)
  • Damage: 10/15/20/25/30 (+10% of your Magical Power) every 0.4s
  • Lifetime: 4s
  • Cost: 50/55/60/65/70
  • Cooldown: 46/42/38/34/30

Icons Tiamat A01B Consume

Tiamat fires a cone dealing damage and slowing enemies hit. Minions, Large Monsters or Buff Holders hit under a health threshold are executed. Tiamat can immediately consume her Serpent and Beast pets to provide a Hardened Scale. When Tiamat consumes a Buff Holder she gains their buff while the original can still be picked up by allies. This allows Tiamat to pick up a second buff as well. Tiamat can only have one consumed and one regular buff at a time.
  • Damage: 60/95/130/165/200 (+60% of your Magical Power)
  • Slow: 25% for 1.5s
  • Execute Threshold: 30/35/40/45/50%
  • Cost: 55/60/65/70/75
  • Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8

Icons Tiamat A02B Outburst

Tiamat slams the ground creating seismic rifts that erupt in succession in front of her, damaging and knocking up enemies hit.
  • Damage: 50/80/110/140/170 (+50% of your Magical Power)
  • Cost: 65/70/75/80/85
  • Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10

Icons Tiamat A03B Rising Flight

Tiamat rears up sending out a blast of energy, dealing damage to enemies and sending herself backwards as she returns to her Flying stance.
  • Damage: 40/80/120/160/200 (+40% of your Magical Power)
  • Cost: 40
  • Cooldown: 22/20/18/16/14

Icons Tiamat A04B Tempest of Undoing

Tiamat causes a celestial outburst around her, dealing initial damage and a damage over time effect to every enemy nearby. Tiamat also gains one Hardened Scale per enemy god hit.
  • Damage: 60/90/120/150/180 (+30% of your Magical Power)
  • Burn Damage: 10/20/30/40/50 (+5% of your Magical Power) every 0.5s
  • Burn Duration: 2s
  • Cost: 100
  • Cooldown: 20

New God Skins

New Voice Packs

Update Release Schedule

  • February 9
  • Season 8 Bonus Update - Get the details on balance and new content here.
  • February 23
  • Tiamat
  • Dawn of Babylon Bundle 3
  • New Viewer Pass and Viewer Store content
  • Critter Chest
  • March 9
  • Goddess of the Salt Sea Bonus Update – More info here.

Quality of Life Updates


  • Starter Text
  • Highlighted the “Can be upgraded at level X” portion of the starter item text.
  • Fixed many aura items that had their passives mislabeled. Aura items should say AURA and now PASSIVE.
  • Added range values to many of the new starter items that have an effect based on range from allies.
  • Not Brawling Text Update
  • Updated the Not Brawling tooltip to be more descriptive of what it actually impacts and for what amount.
  • Role trade
  • Increased cooldown from 8s to 12s on initiating a role trade

Esports and Live Streams HUB

  • Viewer Pass
  • 600 Gem Bundle Includes
  • Hammer Time Recall Skin
  • Double VP gain for the Season
  • Viewer Store
  • Players will be able to bring up to 75k VP with them into 8.2. If you have more than that in 8.2 you will be reduced down to 75k
  • VP gain will now work entirely through the twitch drop systems – this doc for more info
  • With the launch of 8.2 players can now earn
  • 1250 points earned every 4 hours, resulting in the following point caps:
  • 8750 points per week cap if all individual 4 hour goal drops are claimed
  • 1500 points from correct SPL match votes
  • 8000 Points in the Free Track of the Battle Pass
  • 12000 Points in the Paid Track of the Battle Pass (20k total from Battle Passes)
  • Viewer Store
  • There’s a new 500k Points Reward, Valkyrie Bride Thor will be removed at this time
  • Chichen Pizza Xbalanque
  • There’s a new 200k Points Viewer Store Skin, The Dunkfather Odin will be removed at this time
  • Infinite Avatar Vamana
  • Artemis and Raijin Skins will remain in the Viewer Store at 200k Points
  • There will still be 3 rotating past exclusive skins for 75k points
  • We are adding a new set of non-skin cosmetics for lower VP amounts
  • 20k points for new rotating cosmetics
  • 10k points for previously released rotating cosmetics
  • Voting Tab
  • This tab is intentionally hidden until we reveal our S8 SPL teams at a later time
  • Teams Tab
  • This tab is intentionally hidden until we reveal our S8 SPL teams at a later time

Earn Free Rewards

  • This system should now be rolled out to 100% of players
  • Since the Odyssey Reckoning Event is leaving the game, the big 50 Ad reward will be replaced with a new “Free Reward Chest”
  • This has the same contents and functions in the same way as the Odyssey Chest did

Hotfix Issues Currently Fixed in the Live Client


  • Freya
  • Fixed an issue where she could do more damage than intended with Manikin’s Scepter
  • Aphrodite
  • Fixed an issue where love birds was hitting enemies who were outside the intended hit area
  • Gem of Focus
  • Fixed the issue where this item would make you take more damage instead of less damage
  • Conquest
  • Removed the unintended “Jungle Conqueror” mechanic
  • Playstation
  • Fixed multiple instances of issues causing the game to crash
  • Loading Frames
  • Fixed an issue where players were given the wrong rank loading frame
  • Ymir
  • Fixed an issue where the walking blight skin was using base FX in some cases
  • Rage
  • Fixes an issue where this item would lose 10 Physical Power when it evolved
  • Artio
  • Fixed an issue where mana costs did not match intended values in certain stances
  • Performance
  • Applied a series of changes to SMITE’s backend tech to improve the ability to support more players, and better track match manager issues

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the extra report text details were missing on consoles
  • Fixed an issue where gold and lower Season 7 Ranked Loading Frames were not displaying properly. Players already own their proper frame but we have them disabled because they do not function. S7 ranked frames should be visible and working on 8.2 launch day for all players.
  • Fixed an issue where Ranked Win Count in UI is still displaying wins from last season
  • Fixed an issue where the Ranked info tab was displaying outdated MMR ranges
  • Fixed an issue where Custom builds and recommended builds wont upgrade starters for you
  • Fixed an issue where items would appear in a different order in game than they did in the god builder

General Gameplay

  • Global Healing Reduction
  • Fixed an issue where the new “brawling” rule was affecting mana heals and other resources. This rule is intended to only apply to HP Healing from abilities and lifesteal.
  • This icon will now display on the debuff side with debuff coloring
  • Conquest
  • Increased timer precision for the first spawn of each jungle camp
  • Greater Scorpions (Jungle)
  • Fixed an issue that caused these Scorpions to scale faster than intended and stop scaling after 10 minutes
  • Fixed an issue where their FX around buff camps would not always play
  • Fixed an issue where the Greater Scorpion in Gold Fury’s pit would display a HUD health bar – this is intended to only have an in-world health par
  • Lesser Scorpion (Lane)
  • Fixed an issue where this NPC was scaling much slower than intended
  • Void Camp
  • Fixed an issue with Alpha Chimera scaling that caused it to provide 6 more XP than intended
  • Fixed an issue with the base doors that caused them to rotate and animate in the wrong direction
  • Fixed an issue with Chaos Fire minions displaying their fire FX incorrectly
  • Fixed Hera’s polymorph only transforming enemy Gods into harpies
  • Fixed an issue where Speed and Mana camps were aggressive towards players passing through their leash radius
  • Adjusted the height of several trees and assets that flying gods could clip into
  • Fixed a series of collision issues where collision did not match environment art
  • Fixed Order Base Arches to not block god vision while using aerial ultimates
  • Role Guides
  • Fixed an issue where waypoint on Pyromancer could persist after the second time it was slain
  • God AI Bots
  • Fixed an issue where they weren’t playing proper roles on custom conquest
  • Fixed an issue where bots weren’t going to proper lanes in co-op conquest
  • Fixed an issue where bots weren’t playing proper roles in Arena.


  • Fixed an issue where Izanami’s basic attacks would gain a small amount of range at a specific attack speed range
  • Fixed an issue where his Drunk-o-meter was being reduced by the new global “brawling” rule
  • Fixed an issue where her heat was being reduced by the new global “brawling” rule
  • Fixed an issue where the turtled form sometimes wont get a shield if canceled very quickly after firing it
  • Fixed an issue where the Mastermind Skin was playing default audio on certain abilities
  • Fixed an issue where certain combat animation would not appear as intended
  • Fixed an issue where Bakasura could devour the ward he receives from eye of the jungle
  • Fixed an issue where certain skins could leave a visual FX mark permanently after ulting
  • Fixed an issue where his ability 3 could sometimes not deal damage or CC enemies who were within the hit area
  • Fixed an issue where this god would T-pose in lobby on certain skins
  • Fixed an issue where her ult deployables would chase stealthed units
  • Reimplemented the change to his ability 1 thats was meant for 8.1 – This ability will now allow for Janus and any enemies hit by the banish CC to be hit as they fall after exiting the portal. Janus and Enemies will not be hittable while entering the portal, though.


  • Fixed an issue where gods could hit allies or other objects to trigger this effect. Paired with this fix the item will be re-enabled for all Guardians now
  • Fixed an issue where this was not providing Bonus Basic Attack Damage.
  • These were incorrect on 8.1 Patch notes. Both Items are intended to apply 30% reduced healing. In game text and in game numbers throughout 8.1 have been at 30%. Only the 8.1 web patch notes state 35%
  • Toxic blade had the same issue except 15% in game vs 20% on notes
  • Fixed an issue where this item’s passive was spawning on enemy locations instead of the owners location
  • Fixed an issue where if the item owner was CC’d at the same time as gaining the last stack, the explosion would not detonate
  • Fixed an issue where this item was damaging gods multiple times on abilities that could be refired. It will also no longer deal damage on toggles.

Balance live with the Goddess of the Salt Sea Update February 23

Game Modes

  • Conquest
  • Updated Guide Start Route
  • Invader's Curse
  • Adjusted the area around camps to reduce the effect bleeding through walls
  • Invaders Curse now covers the area around Back Harpies
  • Decreased time active from 1:00m to 00:35s
  • Lesser Scorpion (Lane)
  • No longer activates an aura of healing while in its downed state
  • Now activates an aura of healing around its leash radius for the team that slays it. This aura lasts 10 seconds and provides a healing buff:
  • This aura area lasts 10 seconds and provides a healing buff:
  • +10 Health per second
  • Lasts 3 seconds
  • 130 HP Max (10 ticks refreshing + 3 more after the fact)
  • Refreshes while inside the leash radius aura
  • Base Stats
  • Physical Protection reduced from 6 to 2
  • Magical Protection increased from 2 to 6
  • Physical Power increased from 28 to 34
  • XP Reward Reduced from 41 to 21
  • Scaling Stats
  • Decreased Max Health from +180 to +120
  • Enhanced Speed Buff
  • No longer provides Crowd Control Reduction.
  • Now provides an additional flat 5% movement speed.
  • Conquest Environment
  • Added the Spectator version of the map
  • This has reduced trees and less tall landmarks for better camera visibility
  • Gameplay version of the map
  • The main wall behind Fire Giant has been decreased in size so that the Fire Giant’s scale feels more normal and so gods flying over it wont clip inside the rock. The size of the blocking volume of this area has not changed
  • Lowered the height of jungle trees and other objects that flying gods could clip into. We currently are planning on keeping the jungle tree density as is, though.
  • Adjusted the Order Base Arches to not block god vision while using aerial ultimates like Thor, Rama.
  • Additional set dressing, plants, props, and decorative items have been added

Item Balance

Starter GildedArrow T1 Starter GildedArrow T1 Gilded Arrow

  • This Item should no longer mark jungle bosses

Starter ManikinScepter T1 Starter ManikinScepter T1 Manikin Scepter

And here is the second Manikin Scepter nerf! For more information we suggest reading the dev notes in the Bonus Balance section. For this adjustment we saw one other area of high frustration. The Attack Speed slow on this item, especially early, can limit gods ability to box and even clear in some cases. This should feel like a solid perk but currently when this became fully stacked it was nearly impossible to punch back. A reduction here should make this item more engaging to play against.”

  • Fixed an issue where Manikin Scepter was dealing Magical Damage rather than Physical Damage.
  • Decreased the Attack Speed Slow from 7% per stack to 3.5% per stack.

God Balance

And now onto 8.2’s God Balance. These adjustments are largely focused on bringing up a few underperformers, fixing a few interactions that didn’t feel quite right, and a nerf to everyone’s favorite Tanuki.

T BabaYaga Default Icon Baba Yaga

Baba found a brewing catalyst shoved away in the back of her Cabin! She can now brew at speeds never before seen! We have heard feedback on her Brew feeling particularly clunky to use. Initially we felt this delay was important for player reaction time but given the strength of these potions and the strong sound and visual cues that exist for it, this delay mostly got in the way. This should smooth out Baba Yaga’s moment to moment gameplay.

  • Icons BabaYaga A02 Baba's Brew
  • Decreased Potion Brew Prefire time from 0.4s to 0.2s.
  • Decreased Potion Brew Postfire time from 0.2s to 0.1s.
  • Decreased Potion Swap Prefire time from 0.3s to 0.1s.
  • Decreased Potion Swap Postfire time from 0.3s to 0.1s.
  • The travel speed and warning time of the lobbed potion is unchanged.

T Cernunnos Default Icon Cernunnos

With a new SEASON it is time for Cernunnos to SHIFT into the Meta! Ha! Shifter of Season’s is a one of a kind ability that felt largely underwhelming to put a point into. The level 1 effects didn’t bring much impact, making some Cernunnos players skip it for some time. By increasing the Scaling on Summer Heat and the Protection reduction from Autumn Decay, skilled Cernunnos players will be able to feel the impact of utilizing this ability well sooner into the game.

  • Icons Cernunnos A01 Shifter of Seasons
  • Summer Heat
  • Increased Scaling 5% to 10%
  • Autumn Decay
  • Increased Protection Debuff from 5/10/15/20/25 Reduced Protections to 10/14/18/22/26
  • Increased Duration From 5s to 7s

T Danzaburou Default Icon Danzaburou

Danzaburou responded well to our last round of nerfs, going from a top performer to closer to the middle of the pack. We however think he still has some room to climb as players learn the new Season and wanted to do a small adjustment to the scaling potential of Uproarious Rocket.

  • Icons Danzaburou A04 Uproarious Rocket
  • Decreased Physical Power Scaling from 110% to 100%.

T KingArthur Default Icon King Arthur

King Arthur is receiving a similar fix that Jormungandr receives in Season 8 PTS. We previously allowed King Arthur’s Basic Attacks to proc blessings, which bled over into our new starter items. Since these starters are more like true items they should be treated as such for Basic Attacks that don’t trigger item effects.

  • General
  • Fixed an issue where King Arthur could proc item effects with his basic attacks. Arthur should not be able to proc any item effects through basic attacks

T Isis Default Icon Isis

Isis similarly gained a strong amount of utility, but after the nerfs it ended up feeling a bit lackluster. Rather than continuing to bring up her damage we wanted to bring some strength back to Dispel Magic. Isis will now have more control in the late game, with a stronger slow and shield to stay in the fight.

  • Icons Isis A03 Dispel Magic
  • Increased slow from 20% at all ranks to 20/22.5/25/27.5/30%
  • Increased shield health from 50/95/140/185/230 to 50/105/160/215/270

T Jormungandr Default Icon Jormungandr

Jormungandr cannot be stopped! Except by Flat Damage Reduction. This stat while feeling fair in most contexts feel arbitrarily punishing on Jormungandr. Rather than buffing and nerfing Jorm around these items prevalence in the Meta, we felt it made sense that his unique basics should ignore this stat, normalizing his strength when fighting different items and builds. In addition we have seen him struggling as a whole and wanted to revert the damage taken debuff that we did some time ago. This should help him stay in the fray, especially when playing a true tank build.

  • Basic Attacks
  • Jormungandr’s basic attacks can no longer be reduced by items that have flat damage reduction
  • Icons Jormungandr Passive Immovable
  • Decreased damage taken debuff from 15% to 10%

T Odin Default Icon Odin

Odin and Isis both had a similar rework cycle. Reworked to feel strong, got many many nerfs, and then since then we have been trying to buff them back into a healthy spot. While his ultimate punishes those who leave early, in situations where players can stay in the ring there isn’t much of a penalty encouraging escape. A consistent duration combined with a power reduction aura will bring Odin’s Ring of Spears to a similar use case as his old version, but with all the strengths of his rework.

  • Icons Odin A04 Ring of Spears
  • Changed duration from 4/4.5/5/5.5/6s to 5s at all ranks
  • Enemies inside the ring now have their power reduced by 15%.

Post PTS Balance and Bug Fixes

T Tiamat Default Icon Tiamat

  • Icons Tiamat Passive Death Begets Life
  • This ability no longer triggers item effects
  • Icons Tiamat A01 Primordial Onslaught
  • Increased Base Damage from 60/70/80/90/100 to 80/90/90/100/100
  • Tiamat Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where pets who get “stuck” will despawn after 10s – this applies to stacking them behind the Base Gates
  • Fixed an issue where the FG and Titan could not attack Tiamat’s Summon Serpents pets

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Ranked Leave
  • In 8.2 if a player leaves a ranked match and the match is surrendered early – only the player who left will lose MMR equal to a normal loss.
  • Free Rewards
  • Fixed an issue where the counter UI could break (rewards were always being given and counted, this was just a visual issue)
  • Alternate Timeline
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t providing the bonus buff of CDR
  • Warrior's Axe
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t providing the bonus buff of 75 Health
  • New Brawling Rule
  • Fixed issues where this was affecting other types of healing (like mana heals)
  • Fafnir
  • Fixed an issue where his Ability 3 would not hit people who looked to be inside the hit area
  • Hachiman
  • Fixed an issue where Hachiman’s Ultimate timing changes could affect future uses of Relics.
  • Bumba's Hammer
  • Removed the Internal Cooldown – this was a dev test only – will not go live
  • Fixed an issue where this might trigger multiple times on certain god abilities
  • Bumba's Spear
  • Fixed an issue where Mana was not healing for the proper Mana %
  • Death's Embrace
  • Fixed an issue where Mana was not healing for the proper Mana %
  • Janus
  • Fixed many instances where Janus could teleport across open spaces instead of just through walls
  • Jormungandr
  • Fixed an issue where Jorm could move through base gates without opening them for a short period of time after finishing his ultimate
  • Fixed a variety of visual issues on the new skins of this update
  • Mostly special FX tweaks