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Bug Fixes

  • General
  • Free Rewards button now hidden on home menu screen when there are no opportunities.
  • Fixed Archmage's Gem missing Passive text.
  • Fixed Archmage's Gem description to show +200 Mana.
  • FIxed Book of Thoth not providing its mana to power conversion in PvP instances.
  • Fixed Warrior's Axe not dealing intended 30 damage.
  • Fixed Bakasura gaining too much mana from ability 2.
  • Baka is backa in Ranked due to mana fix. (8am ET)
  • Fixed crash condition from Gilgamesh Passive Crash fix.
  • Addressed Persephone's ability 1 not hitting targets at point-blank range. Further adjustments being looked into.
  • Fixed Persephone disconnecting while in passive state resetting your level/items/gold.
  • Fixed Persephone while in respawn on console, controller constantly vibrates.
  • Further addressed Persephone ability 1 not hitting targets at point-blank range.

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