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Bug Fixes


  • [Console Client] Fixed an issue preventing players from queuing Ranked due to masteries, even if they owned enough mastered gods.
  • Fixed an issue where Ranked bans disappeared when anyone selected a god.
  • Fixed a Match Manager crash issue.


  • Fixed an issue where dying while buffed made the buff last too long.


T Charybdis Default Icon Charybdis

  • General
  • Fixed an issue where Achievements were proccing on minions.
  • Icons Charybdis A02 Capsize
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in animation until firing this ability again.
  • Fixed an issue where the target of this ability could be perma-slowed under certain conditions.
  • Icons Charybdis A03 Whirlpool Form
  • Fixed an issue where Chain lightning from Zeus and Odysseus Bow could bounce off Charybdis while she's untargetable.