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8.8 - The Ceasless Whirlpool Bonus | September 7, 2021


New God Skins

New Voice Packs


Item Balance

RangdasMask T1 RangdasMask T1 Fighter's Mask

Fighter’s Mask is a staple of the Solo lane. It’s strong clear combined with delaying your starter choice brings unique flexibility that most of our Solo laners seem to be enjoying. We want to ensure other routes are viable however so we are looking at adjusting Fighter’s Mask along with its most powerful pairing; Sundering Axe. Our goal is to keep this strategy as a viable and interesting option but temper it so other builds can get their chance in the spotlight.

  • Decreased Physical Power from 35 to 30
  • Decreased Magical Power from 65 to 60

Starter SunderingAxe T2 Starter SunderingAxe T2 Sundering Axe (Upgrade)

Sundering Axe allows Warriors in the late game to have a strong mix of burst pressure, extra sustain, and strong tankiness that makes this choice incredibly potent. Reducing the base should bring this upgrade into a solid spot.

  • Decrease the base bonus damage from the item’s passive from 5% to 3% of the target’s current health
  • (2% of the owners protection scaling is unchanged)

SoulGem T3 SoulGem T3 Soul Gem

Soul Gem’s power, utility, and survivability make it a strong core in the current mage builds. We are reducing the burst heal this item provides to tone down the survivability aspect.

  • Decreased the Heal from the item’s passive from 40% of your Magical Power Scaling to 30%

OdysseusBow T3 OdysseusBow T3 Odysseus' Bow

The bow meta has largely been enabled by the combination of Ichaival’s high power but also the raw Attack Speed Odysseus’ Bow provided to synergize with that power. In the long term a reduction in Attack Speed on this item will help it fit into builds in a more healthy way; and in the short term reduce the raw effectiveness of the current bow builds.

  • Decreased Attack Speed from 40% to 30%

VoidShield T3 VoidShield T3 Void Shield

Jungler’s are going to see a large slew of adjustments in 8.9 with a goal of bringing damage focused Assassin’s back as a strong option compared to Tanky Warriors. Void Shield is a core enabler of the tankier playstyle. As a hybrid item it was providing too much defense making it difficult for more damage focused Assassin’s to brawl effectively.

  • Decreased Physical Protections from 60 to 45

StoneCuttingSword T3 StoneCuttingSword T3 Stone Cutting Sword

Stone Cutting Sword similarly enabled some Tanky Warriors to bolster their defenses and limit the option for damage Assassins to fight back. Similar to Void Shield the focus is on reducing the protections provided.

  • Decreased the Physical Protection Buff from the item’s passive from 7 to 5 per stack (from 21 to 15 total)
  • The Physical Protection shred debuff is not changing (staying at 7 per stack)

WingedBlade T3 WingedBlade T3 Winged Blade

Winged Blade is the final item to round out the Tanky Jungler changes. For its cost it was simply too efficient and fit well in bolstering a Warrior’s already tankier stats.

  • Decreased Health from 250 to 200

God Balance

T Charybdis Default Icon Charybdis

Charybdis has been a whirlpool of feedback! Her array of unique strengths and weaknesses are something we expect players to learn how to leverage over time and as such she will likely rise in the win rate without much intervention. Due to this we are currently focused on resolving core bugs and issues that are hindering her gameplay. Looking forward we will evaluate if she needs additional buffs after players have obtained additional mastery with this goddess

  • Fixed an issue where she was not getting the intended Movement Speed from her Whirlpool Form ability
  • More bug fixes are planned for the main patch release – see the Bug Fix section of the update notes

T Gilgamesh Default Icon Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh continues his strong spree, showing that our nerfs are not hitting the mark. Winds of Shamash is a potent teamfight ultimate, one that is worthy of a longer cooldown and a reduction to its ability to trap people inside. Dropkick’s high scaling enabled bruiser and offensive builds that really let him bully his opponents and quickly kill squishies. Finally, Hero’s Advance creates a large field of increased movement that really enables his team to follow him wherever he goes. These strengths are all being reduced.

  • Icons Gilgamesh A02Drop Kick
  • Decreased Initial hit Physical Power scaling by 50 to 40%
  • Decreased Burst hit Physical Power scaling by 55 to 45%
  • Icons Gilgamesh A03Hero's Advance
  • Decreased the vision range that allies become buffed within from 150 to 110
  • Icons Gilgamesh A04Winds of Shamash
  • Decrease Wind Wall Slow from 50/55/60/65/70% to 50% at all ranks
  • Increase Cooldown from 90 to 110s

T MorganLeFay Default Icon Morgan Le Fay

The Dark Enchantress has continued to weave her powerful sigils. The frequency at which she can get her damage and control out combined with the safety of the heal from her Ultimate can make her difficult to approach. We are offsetting these nerfs with a boost to a lesser used Sigil; Soul. The clone will now survive longer and deal more damage over its lifetime

  • Icons MorganLeFay A01Sigil Mastery
  • Increased Cooldown from from 12s to 13s
  • Increased the HP the Clone has from 10% of Morgan’s to 30%
  • Increased the Power the Clone has from 50% of Morgan’s to 75%
  • Icons MorganLeFay A03Shroud of Wildfire
  • Increase Cooldown from 13s to 14s
  • Icons MorganLeFay A04Consuming Power
  • Decrease Health Heal per hit from 6/8/10/12/14% to 6/7/8/9/10%

T Osiris Default Icon Osiris

The Broken One has lived up to his name in recent patches, showing himself to be a strong all around Warrior. Sickle Strike and Spirit Flail provide consistent pressure that can be overbearing; especially from ahead. The extra second we are adding should provide that extra breathing room when fighting into Osiris.

  • Icons Osiris A01Sickle Strike
  • Increased Cooldown from 5s to 6s
  • Icons Osiris A02Spirit Flail
  • Increased Cooldown from 10s to 11s

T Persephone Default Icon Persephone

With the rework of Persephone we watched closely to see where she would overall fall. Since then her overall stats and ban rate have remained high but are much closer to a healthy range. A reduction in the flower speed and base damage will make her less of a thorn in the side and move her towards a more balanced point.

  • Icons Persephone A02Harvest
  • Decrease Movement Speed of the Flowers by 10%
  • Decreased Flower Bite Damage from 40/80/120/160/200 to 40/75/110/145/180

T Yemoja Default Icon Yemoja

Yemoja has remained one of the most contested gods this Season. River’s Rebuke has the potential to split teams apart and shape the flow of a fight. For something so strong, especially when the rest of her kit is piloted by an expert, a longer cooldown feels appropriate. Additionally we are removing the healing bonus provided by her healing Basic Attacks. This is an additional source of her strength that we think she doesn’t need to bring to a team to be effective

  • Icons Yemoja PassiveOmi
  • Remove 10% bonus healing buff she can apply from basic attacks
  • Icons Yemoja A04River's Rebuke
  • Increase Cooldown from 120s to 140s

T Ymir Default Icon Ymir

Ymir told Ajax no! No more nerfs for Ymir! Ymir makes puny gods cold! Too cold to hurt Ymir and Ymir’s friends! Frozen in place! Oh well, Ymir will still be picked. Right?

  • Icons Ymir PassiveFrostbite
  • Decreases the damage reduction debuff Ymir applies to enemies from 15% to 10%