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9.11 - RuneScape Bonus | November 29, 2022


New God Skins

New Voice Packs

  • T Pele Heatwave Icon Heatwave Pele
  • T Nike WingedMachina Icon Winged Machina Nike
  • T Ganesha BitFortune Icon Bit Fortune Ganesha

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with the Odyssey Chapter 4 Lore text cutting off in some sections


Item Balance

Bonus Updates are smaller and thus the goals are simpler too, this updates primary goal is to continue to Nerf Hunters in order to keep Mages in the Mid Lane. The additional goals are to nerf Da Ji, the top contested SPL Jungler, and Fae Blessed Hoops, which are the main reason we are seeing Yemoja prioritized so highly. We appreciate all the feedback we got from the goal-oriented patch notes, and we will continue to iterate on that process to help that players understand our balance goals, while also keeping the patch notes easier to read.

DevourersGauntlet T3 DevourersGauntlet T3 Devourer's Gauntlet

We have seen a noticeable resurgence of Mages in the Mid Lane, but Hunters continue to perform well and threaten that lane. We are hitting a few of the top hunters today as well this item which carries across most Hunters, even those played in Mid.

  • Decreased Physical Power per stack from 0.8 to 0.7
  • (decreased physical power at full stacks from 70 to 65)

Fae-BlessedHoops T3 Fae-BlessedHoops T3 Fae-Blessed Hoops

The healers that use this item especially well are still at the top of the SPL meta, namely Yemoja, and to a lesser extent, Guan Yu. Yemoja continues to be a controversial topic of discussion, she underperforms in nearly every game mode and skill level except at SPL. We don’t want to rework her and take away a high skill ceiling goddess, but we also want to keep the SPL meta fluctuating. As we continue to look into further solutions we will be nerfing this item heavily, which should decrease the amount of priortization she is receiving. –

  • Decreased Magical Protection from 60 to 50
  • Decreased Health from 350 to 300
  • Decreased Shield from the passive from 6% of your Max HP to 3%

God Balance

T Cernunnos Default Icon Cernunnos

This hunter took quite a few buffs to get noticed but now he is back in full force. His passive makes his objective clear insane, and he has a very well rounded kit with no clear flaws. We are nerfing two different aspects of his damage output, focusing on basic attacks, to help bring him more in line with the rest of the class.

  • Icons Cernunnos PassiveHeavy Glaive
  • Decreased Bonus Basic Attack Damage from 35% to 30%
  • Icons Cernunnos A01Shifter of Seasons
  • Summer Heat: Decreased Physical Power Scaling 10% to 7.5%

T Cupid Default Icon Cupid

This little guy continues to be at the top of the Hunter class, although Ishtar is quickly unseating him (more on her later). Cupid’s Utlimate provides a huge amount of control, and he can continuously output basic attackd amage on top of it. We are nerfing some of the passive Attack Speed he gets simply for ranking up his movement ability, and also nerfing the CC on his Ultimate in a new way.

  • Icons Cupid FlutterFlutter
  • Decreased Passive Attack Speed Buff from 4/8/12/16/20% to 3/6/9/12/15%
  • Icons Cupid FieldsFields of Love
  • Decreased Mesmerize Duration from 1.5s and 3s at max hearts to 1s and 2s at max hearts

T DaJi Default Icon Da Ji

The power of this goddess is finally becoming widely recognized, and she continues to keep a firm hold on the SPL even after her last round of nerfs. We are hitting her with another set of late-game damage nerfs to balance her out. Her teamfight presence and control are very strong, and that is likely to always be a part of her identity due to the core design of her Ultimate. To offset that, we want her late game burst damage potential to be lower.

  • Icons DaJi A01Horrible Burns
  • Decreased Physical Power Scaling from 35% to 25% on the initial hit
  • Icons DaJi A04Paolao
  • Decreased Physical Power Scaling from 60% to 50% per shot (3 shots)


  • Bit Fortune Ganesha: Brent Mukai
  • Heatwave Pele: Becca Q. Co
  • Winged Machina Nike: Caitlyn Elizabeth