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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where Hel had unintended Non-Conquest Balance applied.
  • Fixed an issue where the Magi's Revenge Glyph was not giving the user HP when purchased.
  • Fixed an issue where the Magi's Revenge passive applied to self and allies.
  • Fixed an issue with the Perfected Rod of Tahuti Glyph not providing Magical Penetration when upgraded.
  • Fixed an issue with Rangda's Mask not providing cooldown reduction when upgraded.
  • Fixed an issue with Manticore's Spike triggering off Minions.
  • Fixed item store selling issues with the Nimble Bancroft's Talon Glyph.
  • Fixed an issue with Bancroft's Talon being able to be purchased again after upgrading to the Bancroft's Claw Glyph.
  • Fixed an issue with The Morrigan's Cooldown Reduction cap being removed after using her ultimate ability with Sphinx's Bauble.
  • Fixed an issue with Sphinx's Bauble keeping the cooldown until death once soldl.


Support Starter Items

We were excited to give Supports an extra boost in this update, but this change has proven to have an abuse case that quickly appeared. Lowering the upgrade level of these items led to a meta where teams found the optimal strategy was to buy multiple copies of Compassion per team in order to maximize the Gold gain from the Gp5 stat on that item. The passive effect of this item also works well when stacked. The same abuse case could occur with the Gp5 recently added to Sentinels Embrace. The Support role received many other buffs in 9.7 through item changes and the lowest level XP rule changes, so we still expect them to be in a better spot than before, but this change needed to be reverted to avoid these abuse cases. We still aim to bring back level 15 support starter items sometime in the future, but we will need to implement new features to these items to prevent multiple players from stacking the gold gain or passive effects from them.

  • Support Starter Items have had their upgrade level reverted from level 15 back to level 17.