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9.8 - Love and War | August 23, 2022

T Ishtar Default Icon New Babylonian Goddess: Ishtar - Goddess of Love and War

Ishtar Promo

Icons Ishtar Passive Mark of Vengeance

When Ishtar drops below 75% Health, she marks the Enemy God that most recently damaged her for 10s. Each time Ishtar deals damage to the marked God with a Basic Attack, she gains a stacking Attack Speed buff. If Ishtar receives a kill or assist on the marked God, she gains a Movement Speed buff. This passive has a 20 second cooldown.
  • Attack Speed Buff: 5% for 4s
  • Max Stacks: 4
  • Movement Speed Buff: 20% for 5s

Icons Ishtar A01 Imbue Arrows

Ishtar imbues her arrows with heavenly light, enhancing her Basic Attacks in one of three ways for 5s. The three varieties include Strike Shot, a lobbed explosive arrow, Spread Shot, a volley of five arrows, and Storm Shot, a fast-paced long range snipe. Ishtar cannot hit Structures during the duration.
  • Duration: 5s
  • Cost: 60/65/70/75/80
  • Cooldown: 9s

Icons Ishtar A01B Strike Shot

Ishtar lobs bolts that explode in an area, dealing bonus damage. These shots may also be fired over walls.
  • Bonus Damage: 8/12/18/24/30
  • Crit Damage Reduction: 40%

Icons Ishtar A01C Spread Shot

Ishtar notches additional light arrows and fires five shots in a cone. Only the center arrow triggers Basic Attack item effects.
  • Center Damage: 100% of your Basic Attack Damage
  • Side Damage: 5/6.25/7.5/8.75/10% of you Basic Attack Damage

Icons Ishtar A01C Storm Shot

Ishtar enhances her Attack Speed and fires quick, long-range shots that deal reduced damage.
  • Attack Speed: 20/25/30/35/40%
  • Projectile Speed: 120%
  • Damage Reduction: 20%

Icons Ishtar A02 Rolling Thunder

Ishtar calls down four strikes of lightning in a line, damaging Enemies within their area. Ishtar may aim which direction the strikes travel. If an Enemy is hit by more than one strike, they are mesmerized.
  • Strike Damage: 40/60/80/100/120 + 40% of your Physical Power
  • Mesmerize: 0.75s
  • Cost: 55/60/65/70/75
  • Cooldown: 15s

Icons Ishtar A03 Jolt

Ishtar draws her blades and charges forward, striking all Enemies in her path. If she hits an Enemy God, she stops and roots them for 1s as she backflips off of them. As Ishtar is in the air, she fires her bow, dealing damage in an area around the affected God. This shot may Crit and trigger Basic Attack item effects.
  • Charge Damage: 80/120/160/200/240 + 60% of your Physical Power
  • Arrow Damage: 20/30/40/50/60 + 110% of your Physical Basic Attack Power
  • Root: 1s
  • Cost: 60
  • Cooldown: 15s

Icons Ishtar A04 Blades of Retribution

Ishtar becomes CC-immune and summons five swords of light, firing them out in a cone in front of her. Each sword damages and cripples enemies for 1.25s. When the swords reach their destination, Ishtar may recall them to her location within 3s. If an Enemy is hit by both the initial fire and the recall, they are stunned for 1s. Each sword hit after the first deals reduced damage, resetting before recalling.
  • Sword Damage: 80/100/120/140/160 + 45% of your Physical Power
  • Damage Reduction: 30% per sword, up to a max of 80%
  • Cripple: 1.25s
  • Stun: 1s
  • Cost: 100
  • Cooldown: 90s

New God Skins

New Voice Packs

  • T Ishtar Default Icon Ishtar
  • T Hades CrowOfTorment Icon Crow of Torment Hades
  • T HunBatz BunHatz Icon Bun Hatz Hun Batz
  • T Cthulhu Cthuwu Icon CthUwU Cthulhu
  • T Sol SearingSeductress Icon Searing Seductress Sol
  • T NuWa FairyDust Icon Fairy Dust Nu Wa
  • T Shiva ShadowDancer Icon Shadow Dancer Shiva
  • T Kukulkan KukuPuffs Icon Kuku Puffs Kukulkan
  • T Discordia BadApple Icon Bad Apple Discordia


  • August 23 – Love and War Update
  • New Goddess: Ishtar
  • Odyssey: The Soaring Isles Event
  • New T5 Hades Skin: Crow of Torment Hades
  • Community Celebration Calendar Event
  • & Much More!
  • September 6 – Love and War Bonus Update
  • More Odyssey Content
  • Lifeform Chest & Frostbite Chest
  • More info here!

Odyssey: The Soaring Isles Event

This year’s Odyssey we are taking it to the skies! Join us as we embark on new voyages on floating islands! There is also a NEW territory called Chibiland, where you can quest for hilarious cosmetic items! Make sure you find the three Floofs scattered across the Soaring Isles to unlock Chibiland! Let the adventure begin!

  • Week 1
  • Crow of Torment Hades
  • Bun Hatz Hun Batz
  • CthUwU Cthulhu
  • Searing Seductress Sol
  • Fairy Dust Nu Wa
  • Shadow Dancer Shiva
  • Crow of Torment Jump Stamp
  • Crow of Torment Recall Skin
  • Sugarplum Butterfly Recall Skin
  • Floofs Loading Frame
  • Bun Hatz Avatar
  • Return to Base Death Mark
  • Aphro Kisses! Global Emote
  • Touch Grass Jump Stamp
  • Fast Food Loading Frame
  • Floofs Loading Screen
  • Recall Bait Recall Skin
  • Cutesy Player Title
  • Winter’s Mark Avatar
  • Gone to Valhalla Death Mark
  • Slavic Symbols Fountain Skin
  • Goddess Ishtar Global Emote
  • Lurking Sobek Jump Stamp
  • Haunting Horrors Level Up Skin
  • Olympus Loading Screen
  • Fishy Aquarium Recall Skin
  • Week 3
  • Cryptid Death Anubis
  • Cryonic Demon Ymir
  • Cryptid Death Loading Screen
  • Cryonic Demon Avatar

Community Celebration Calendar Event

The Community Calendar Event is back! To celebrate our amazing SMITE Community, you can earn rewards just for playing SMITE!

How it works:

  • For two weeks, simply log in and play 1 game of SMITE each day to earn your reward!
  • Earn at least 6 of these rewards and you will unlock the Dapper Baron Samedi Skin!

The Rewards:

  • There are a variety of rewards. Loading screens, boosters, and even 200 Gems! But that isn’t all… We also have some amazing Community Art that you can earn as well!

9.8 SMITE Night

  • SMITE Night
  • Week 1 – Siege 4v4
  • Week 2 – Classic Conquest
  • Week 3 – Egyptian Clash
  • Week 4 – 5v5 Conquest
  • Rewards:
  • Week 1:
  • SMITE NIGHT Avatar
  • Odyssey: Soaring Isles BONUS Chest
  • Week 2:
  • SMITE NIGHT Avatar Chest
  • Pick Your Own God Chest
  • Week 3:
  • SMITE NIGHT Emote Chest
  • SMITE NIGHT Cosmetic Chest
  • Week 4:
  • SMITE NIGHT Voice Pack Chest
  • 3 day Account Booster
  • Milestone:
  • Crying Cupid Death Mark
  • SMITE NIGHT Skins Chest

Quality of Life

  • God Avatars
  • In this update we are beginning the process of releasing a huge selection of Avatars for each God’s default art. Starting right where we left off in Season 3, we will be adding these back in batches across the next few updates.
  • Unlock these Avatars by playing as the god, allied with the god, or against the god a total of 3 times
  • Avatars available this update:
  • Default Susano
  • Default Fafnir
  • Default Erlang Shen
  • Default Terra
  • Default Izanami
  • Default Thoth
  • Default Nike
  • Default Camazotz
  • Favor Prices for two Chests
  • With Update 9.8 the following two chests will be purchasable for Favor:
  • Voice Pack Chest
  • Odyssey: Soaring Isles Cosmetic Chest
  • More Direct Purchase Skins
  • There will be over 100 more Exclusive Skins available for Direct Purchase

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where Persephone appeared as “Ranged” in the Gods page filter
  • Fixed an issue where some God emotes were missing in the Battle Emote and Smite Night Emote chests
  • Fixed an issue where the Yulefest Loading Frame was displaying as The Trickster Loading Frame
  • Fixed an issue where the Infinite Assault Custom Game template was using Random Pick instead of All Pick
  • Fixed an issue where text could be entered into the New tags on the Gods page
  • Fixed an issue where Non-Conquest Balance System message text would appear when loading into Jungle Practice
  • Fixed an issue where Stone of Binding wasn’t showing under the correct filters in the Item Store
  • Fixed an issue where the Keyboard and Mouse setting on Console had unnamed labels on the chat box
  • Fixed an issue where switching between Gods in the Gods page wasn’t defaulting to the About tab
  • Localization
  • Fixed an issue where The Ferocious Executioner’s Glyph passive wasn’t displaying in the item tooltip in Spanish
  • Updated shop filters to provide clearer explanations for Cooldown and Crowd Control Reduction in Spanish
  • Updated item stat text for Crowd Control and Cooldown Reduction in Spanish

General Gameplay

  • Ranked
  • Fixed an issue where after promoting to Masters, players couldn’t duo queue with the same partner that was within MMR range until they played one game in Masters
  • Conquest
  • Fixed an issue where the Obelisk Mana Chalices were providing unintended Mana regeneration to teammates
  • Fixed an issue where Sphinx’s Bauble was allowing unintended cooldown in cooldown-based MOTDs (Grab Bag, Omnipotence, All Out Assault, and Cooldowns Runneth Over)


  • Fixed an issue where he could be grabbed by Fenrir’s ultimate ability while mounted
  • Added clarification to the description of his Mount Up ability stating it is not immune to Time Dilation
  • Fixed an issue where his model could turn invisible after using his VXG Special emote
  • Added clarification to the description of his ultimate ability stating that he becomes immune to Crowd Control
  • Fixed an issue where he could sometimes break Jungle Camps causing them to not spawn the rest of the match
  • Fixed an issue where certain gods like Terra and Zhong Kui could be thrown by Xing Tian’s Ult even if they had Knockup Immunity
  • Fixed an issue where her ultimate ability was applying 2 stacks of Diminishing Returns to herself after casting the ability
  • Fixed an issue where his ultimate ability was applying 2 stacks of Diminishing Returns to himself after casting the ability
  • Fixed an issue with her Eleven skin causing FPS drops after getting hit by her ultimate ability
  • Fixed an issue where Dragonfire at Rank 3 didn’t deal damage in specific areas of the ability
  • Fixed an issue where he could pull enemies into Phoenixes
  • Fixed an issue with his ultimate ability where it could sometimes not be visible towards the end of the ability beam
  • Fixed the tooltip description of his Hamstring ability
  • Decreased the size of his passive meter
  • Fixed an issue with his Fire Lord skin where the ring toss FX would become invisible after multiple bounces
  • Fixed an issue where he could be displaced outside of the map by Ganesha pillars during his dash


  • This item’s passive effect will now only trigger once per ability or basic attack fire
  • Fixed an issue where the passive movement speed wasn’t being removed properly when more than one Revenge passive was activated at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where this items text did not describe its internal cooldown

Balance Live With The 9.8 Update – August 23

Game Modes


  • Duel will now use the Jade Corruption Map (Joust will continue to use Season 3 Chinese Joust)
  • All starter items and all starter item upgrades will now be banned in duel
  • This game mode will no longer use Non-Conquest balance adjustments


  • All starter items will be re-enabled on Joust and Ranked Joust

Item Balance

The level 15 Support starter items have returned! These items now have the proper restrictions in place to prevent them from being abused by other roles. Players will now need to be the lowest gold on their team in order to get the bonus gold. The lower upgrade level will give supports an extra edge in the late game.

  • All Support Starter Items can be upgraded at level 15
  • Sentinel’s Embrace
  • Sentinel’s Boon
  • Compassion
  • Animosity
  • War Banner
  • Spartan Flag
  • Lono’s Mask

The new Earring Items set some high expectations but ultimately proved to be underpowered in practice. For this update we implemented a new round of testing that included influencers, olympians, and pro players getting their hands on the content early, but we still learned so much more once these items went to live servers. We are going to be doing pretty heavy stat adjustments to all of these items with the primary goals of buffing them and better fitting them to the class/roles that will want them.

SphinxsBaubles T3 SphinxsBaubles T3 Sphinx's Baubles

Of all the changes in Mid-Season, Sphinx’s Baubles got the most discussion. Community feedback toward this item rapidly changed from overpowered and game breaking to niche and undertuned. Ultimately we agreed that the 60% CDR threshold is just too intense, especially when combined with other CDR cap dodging items like Chronos’ Pendant or Bumba’s Hammer, so we will be leaving the item at that passive stat. However, we are changing the stats and downside of this item to entirely remove the damage reduction and replacing it with a protection reduction. This will make the item a more powerful choice for Mages who want to trade off some stats for more CDR, and will make this item a heavier tradeoff for tanks. We are taking the most cautious route with this item in the tree because of its ability to potentially warp the entire meta, we will continue to buff it as needed but incrementally over time.

  • Decreased Physical Power from 55 to 45
  • Decreased Magical Power from 80 to 70
  • This Item no longer has any damage output debuff (still has healing decrease)
  • This item now Decreases your Magical and Physical Protections by 15% (This applies to all protections including base, items, auras, player buffs, and jungle buffs)

GriffonwingEarrings T3 GriffonwingEarrings T3 Griffonwing Earrings

The Griffonwing Earrings passive effect was generally undervalued by players. To better balance that out we are removing the downside entirely. Building this item already comes at a significant cost in that you do not get another strong Hunter item passive that is available to you. We are also buffing the Magical Power on this item to ensure its a reasonable option for Mage ADCs in addition to Hunters.

  • Increased Magical Power from 60 to 70
  • This Item no longer has any damage output debuff

RoseSpikeEarrings T2 RoseSpikeEarrings T2 Rose Spike Earrings

  • Increased Health from 200 to 250
  • Removed 15 HP5
  • Added 25 Magical Protections

Fae-BlessedHoops T3 Fae-BlessedHoops T3 Fae-Blessed Hoops

The “pickups” side of the tree is seeing a big stat shift toward protections, so the Tier 2 item is also being adjusted to flow into those stats. Fae Blessed Hoops will now provide Magical Protections and CDR to make it a better option for healing guardians or healing mages flexing their build paths in more casual modes. Overall these two stats should be a significant increase in total value compared to the lost HP5.

  • Increased Health from 300 to 350
  • Removed 20 HP5
  • Added 10% CDR
  • Added 60 Magical Protections

ManticoresSpikes T3 ManticoresSpikes T3 Manticore's Spikes

Manticore’s Spike is seeing a similar shift as the Fae Blessed Hoops, gaining both types of protections to hopefully be a true contender in Support Builds. We are also buffing the item’s passive in multiple ways to increase the items usability and potency.

  • Removed 30 HP5
  • Removed 20% CCR
  • Added 40 Physical Protections
  • Added 40 Magical Protections
  • Increased the duration of the self buff after pickup from 5s to 15s
  • Increased the damage dealt from 3% to 4% of their max HP
  • Increased the damage dealt by the item owner from 6% to 8% of their max HP

Mages have slowly been working their way back into the meta, although Hunters are still overshadowing them in many ways, sometimes even in the Mid Lane. This update is bringing a few different changes to boost Mage itemization across the board. First, flat penetration items are seeing a cost decrease to make sure they can be effective in the early game. Next, Rod of Tahuti and its upgrades is getting back some more Magical Power to help it better compete with the other top end mage items. As a treat, we are also making a small change to Polynomicon to make this fringe item a bit more powerful, although it would still be expected to remain as a fringe item.

DivineRuin T3 DivineRuin T3 Divine Ruin

  • Decreased Cost from 2300 to 2200

SpearoftheMagus T3 SpearoftheMagus T3 Spear of the Magus

  • Decreased Cost from 2550 to 2450

SpearofDesolation T3 SpearofDesolation T3 Spear of Desolation

  • Decreased Cost from 2600 to 2500

RodofTahuti T3 RodofTahuti T3 Rod of Tahuti

  • Increased Magical Power from 120 to 135

CalamitousRodofTahuti CalamitousRodofTahuti Calamitous Rod of Tahuti

  • Increased Magical Power from 120 to 135

PerfectedRodofTahuti PerfectedRodofTahuti Perfected Rod of Tahuti

  • Increased Magical Power from 120 to 135
  • This item’s passive effect can now affect Ultimate Ability Cooldown
  • Decreased passive internal cooldown from 10s to 8s

Polynomicon T3 Polynomicon T3 Polynomicon

  • Decreased passive internal cooldown from 3s to 2s

Another Archetype that needs some help right now is the traditional ability based Assassin. Basic attack builds haven proven to be especially powerful post 9.5 because of their sustained damage output. This same effect makes burst less effective so we are buffing the Physical Power and passive effects across a variety of Jungle items including Bumba’s Hammer, and multiple items in the Mace tree.

Starter BumbasHammer T2 Starter BumbasHammer T2 Bumba's Hammer

  • This item’s passive effect can now affect Ultimate Ability Cooldowns again

JotunnsWrath T3 JotunnsWrath T3 Jotunn's Wrath

  • Increased Physical Power from 40 to 45

JotunnsCunning JotunnsCunning Jotunn's Cunning

  • Increased Physical Power from 40 to 45

JotunnsVigor JotunnsVigor Jotunn's Vigor

  • Increased Physical Power from 40 to 45

BrawlersBeatStick T3 BrawlersBeatStick T3 Brawler's Beat Stick

  • Increased Physical Power from 50 to 55

TheCrusher T3 TheCrusher T3 The Crusher

  • Increased Physical Power from 40 to 45

TitansBane T3 TitansBane T3 Titan's Bane

  • Decreased Cost from 2550 to 2450
  • Decreased Passive Internal Cooldown from 8s to 6s

We are doing another pass across items and gods on the duration of anti-healing effects. This was adjusted on a few key items in the Mid Season Update to better work with the Brawling mechanic, we are completing this pass in this update as well as adding some buffs to these underperforming items.

ShadowsteelShuriken T3 Shadowsteel Shuriken

  • Increased Attack Speed from 20% to 25%
  • Decreased Healing Debuff Duration from 10s to 5s

Starter TaintedSteel T1 Starter TaintedSteel T1 Tainted Steel

  • Decreased Cost from 650 to 600
  • Decreased Healing Debuff Duration from 6s to 5s

Starter TaintedBreastplate T2 Starter TaintedBreastplate T2 Tainted Breastplate

  • Increased Physical Protection from 70 to 80
  • Decreased Healing Debuff Duration from 8s to 5s

Starter TaintedAmulet T2 Starter TaintedAmulet T2 Tainted Amulet

  • Increased Magical Protection from 80 to 90
  • Decreased Healing Debuff Duration from 6s to 5s

The Reworked Mask items have shown a lot of promise since their debut. These items have the potential to be game changers but they needed a bit more tuning and a key fix to help them realize that potential. These items will now properly track bonuses gained from other item passives, and also will be slightly easier to stack and mitigate their downsides. Lono’s mask also gains Gold per 5s but with the necessary restrictions to prevent abuse, more on that in the next dev notes section.

RangdasMask T3 RangdasMask T3 Rangda's Mask

  • Decreased Physical Power Requirement from 325 to 275 (from 65 to 55 per stack)
  • This item now properly checks stacking items and item passives for power gained from them
  • This item no longer check god abilities for power gained

LonosMask T3 LonosMask T3 Lono's Mask

  • Now provides 6 Gp5, only if you’re the lowest gold on the team
  • Decreased Protection Requirement from 300 to 275 (from 60 to 55 per stack)
  • This item now properly checks stacking items and item passives for protections gained from them
  • This item no longer check god abilities for protections gained

Starter Compassion T2 Starter Compassion T2 Compassion

  • Gp5 Now only applies if you have the lowest total gold on your team
  • This item’s passive aura no longer stacks with other players using the same item

Starter SentinelsEmbrace T2 Starter SentinelsEmbrace T2 Sentinel's Embrace

  • Gp5 Now only applies if you have the lowest total gold on your team

Starter SentinelsBoon T2 Starter SentinelsBoon T2 Sentinel's Boon

  • 15 Bonus gold per assist now only applies if you have the lowest total gold on your team

God Balance

T Ares Default Icon Ares

The god of war received a nerf in 9.4, which now has proven to be less necessary after the major TTK changes of 9.5. Ares god damage is being reverted on his chains, and we are also buffing his cooldown for conquest while nerfing it non-conquest to use our new tech to the fullest. This should give Ares a bit of more of an edge in conquest over the other modes where he already thrives.

  • Icons Ares A01Shackles
  • Increased God damage from 20/40/60/80/100 to 25/45/65/85/105 per tick
  • Icons Ares A04No Escape
  • Decreased Cooldown from 100s to 90s
  • Non-Conquest
  • Increased Ultimate Cooldown from 15% to 30%
  • (from 115s to 117s)

T Bacchus Default Icon Bacchus

Its time to party. Bacchus has made a few rare appearances but still lives slightly outside the meta. We are making his mana costs a little less restrictive, while also increasing the strength of his Belch in multiple ways. This will now be a better ability for lane clear as well as CC, making it an easy first priority to rank.

Additionally, Bacchus is the first of multiple gods who are going to be getting a slight buff to the duration of their anti-heal effects. This will complete the consistent pass on the durations of these effects and ensure they all work intuitively with the Brawling mechanic.

  • Icons Bachus A02Belly Flop
  • Decreased Mana Cost from 70/75/80/85/90 mana to 60/65/70/75/80
  • Icons Bachus A03Belch of the Gods
  • Added Damage to Lane Minions 3/4/5/6/7 per tick (12/16/20/24/28 total)
  • Increased Stun Duration from 1s to 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5s
  • Decreased Mana Cost from 70/75/80/85/90 mana to 60/65/70/75/80
  • Increased Healing Reduction Debuff Duration from 4s to 5s

T Cerberus Default Icon Cerberus

Cerberus is a similar situation to Ares, his high damage output was a big concern before 9.5, but after a few months of data and feedback we can safely buff him back. We are returning a bit of damage to him in his leap, but mostly focusing on his utility for these buffs, which should help him when played as a Support.

  • Icons Cerberus PassiveSpirit of Death
  • Increased Passive Healing Reduction Aura from 25% to 30%
  • Icons Cerberus A03Soul Expulsion
  • Increased Base Damage from 60/100/140/180/220 to 80/120/160/200/240
  • Icons Cerberus A04Stygian Torment
  • Decreased Cooldown from 100s to 90s

T ChangE Default Icon Chang'e

  • Icons ChangE A03Moonflower Dance
  • Increased Healing Reduction Debuff Duration from 4s to 5s

T CuChulainn Default Icon Cu Chulainn

  • Icons CuChulainn A01Barbed Spear
  • Increased Healing Reduction Debuff Duration from 4s to 5s

T GuanYu Default Icon Guan Yu

One god we haven’t seen in the Solo Lane in a while is Guan Yu. He was hit with some heavy nerfs after his last stint at the top of the drafts, and it now feels to start safely moving him up. His damage output can already be very high, so we were careful about buffing back the top end damage of those channeled abilities, and instead we leaned into his low cooldown playstyle by taking a second of each of his utility abilities.

  • Icons GuanYu A01Conviction
  • Decreased Cooldown from 14s to 13s
  • Icons GuanYu A02Warrior's Will
  • Decreased Cooldown from 14s to 13s

T Janus Default Icon Janus

This one is sure to turn heads! Janus is a difficult to master god and the recent meta has not been doing him any favors. He has some of the lowest base stats in the game, even after the 9.5 buffs, so we are bringing these up to match the usual mage. We are also giving his primary damage ability a small buff to improve his clear and poke.

  • General
  • Increased Base Physical Protections from 11.2 to 14
  • Increased Physical Protections from 2.8 per level to 3 per level
  • Icons Janus A02Unstable Vortex
  • Increased Base Damage from 100/165/230/295/360 to 110/175/240/305/370

T Kumbhakarna Default Icon Kumbhakarna

Its time to wake up! Kumba relies heavily on a root, which was nerfed, and he was struggling plenty before that change. Buffs are clearly in order, so he is getting multiple changes across various forms of his kit. His passive is now going to be considerably better, his dash/damage ability will scale down in cooldown for more impact lategame, and his Ult gets a damage increase to help his team focus down a specific enemy god.

  • Icons Kumbhakarna PassiveSleepy
  • Increased Health and Mana he awakens with from 25% to 35%
  • Decreased Cooldown from 240s to 180s
  • Icons Kumbhakarna A01Throw Back
  • Decreased Cooldown from 13 to 13/12.5/12/11.5/11s
  • Icons Kumbhakarna A04Epic Uppercut
  • Increased Landing Damage from 200/290/380/470/560 to 240/330/420/510/600

T Medusa Default Icon Medusa

  • Icons Medusa A02Acid Spray
  • Increased Healing Reduction Debuff Duration from 4s to 5s

T Neith Default Icon Neith

This Huntress especially relies on roots, and has some new competition in this update, so its certainly a fitting time for a buff. Spirit Arrow has a pretty long cooldown at Rank 1 for a primary damage ability, so this buff should be quite impactful. We are also decreasing the Mana Cost as an extra quality of life buff so that Neith can utilize this ability as often as possible.

  • Icons Neith A01Spirit Arrow
  • Decreased Cooldown from 15/14.5/14/13.5/13s to 13s at all ranks
  • Decreased Mana Cost from 60/65/70/75/80 mana to 40/45/50/55/60

T Nox Default Icon Nox

Mage items got some buffs but we also want to target a few specific mages. In this case, its pretty much a support we are looking at, as thats where Nox primarily shines in higher skill tiers. We are continuing to improve her lane clear from Shadow Lock so that she can focus on using her other abilities in pvp situations. Along with this buff we are also implementing a Non-Conquest cooldown nerf to her. Nox is often seen as a fringe support in Conquest but she is a top tier mage in Arena and other similar modes. This nerf should ease a lot of frustration there while we continue to evaluate her conquest performance.

  • Icons Nox A01Shadow Lock
  • Increased Base Damage to Minions from 70/110/150/190/230 to 80/125/170/215/260
  • Increased Minion Damage Magical Power Scaling from 50% to 60%
  • Non-Conquest
  • +10% longer non-Ultimate cooldowns
  • +10% longer Ultimate cooldown

T Raijin Default Icon Raijin

Lets try not to get any noise complaints, but its time for Raijin’s drum solo. This god tends to swing heavily with small buffs. Not long ago he was at the top of the pro meta and only some small nerfs brought him down to obscurity. Similarly to janus, we are buffing his primary damage ability to improve his clear and poke.

  • Icons Raijin A01Percussive Storm
  • Increased Base Damage from 30/45/60/75/90 to 35/50/65/80/95 per shot
  • (from 120/180/240/300/360 to 140/200/260/320/380 for all 4 hits)

T Set Default Icon Set

This god can be unstoppable in the right hands, but is difficult to master and has fallen off more and more throughout the season. We are making Set a bit less of a glass cannon by allowing his sandstorm to mitigate damage of all types, instead of just physical.

  • Icons Set A03Sandstorm
  • This ability now reduces damage from all sources instead of just Physical Damage by 10%
  • Decreased Cooldown from 16s to 15s

T Skadi Default Icon Skadi

There certainly are some Skadi specialists out there, but in general she is not considered a top tier Hunter. Skadi had some surprisingly low numbers on her ranged poke ability as well as her Ultimate, likely because of the power Kaldr has brought to her kit over the years. After many other adjustments it seems fitting to bring these numbers back up to modern standards.

  • Icons Skadi A01Piercing Cold
  • Increased Base Damage from 90/140/190/240/290 to 90/145/200/255/310
  • Icons Skadi A04Winter's Grasp
  • Increased Physical Power Scaling per tick from 5% per tick to 7.5% per tick on both Kaldr and Skadi’s snowstoms
  • Increased from 40% to 60% scaling per snowstorm total

T Sobek Default Icon Sobek

  • Icons Sobek SickeningStrikeSickening Strike
  • Increased Healing Reduction Debuff Duration from 4s to 5s

T Sylvanus Default Icon Sylvanus

When you think of roots, I’m sure you think of Sylvanus. This is one the rare case where we want to increase root duration. This felt appropriate here for a few reasons. This ability virtually single target, having a very small AoE, and this root is key to helping Sylvanus hit his follow-up grab.

  • Icons Sylvanus A01Verdant Growth
  • Increased Root Duration from 1.25s to 1.5s
  • Icons Sylvanus A03Nature's Grasp
  • Decreased Cooldown from 18/17/16/15/14s to 17/16/15/14/13s

T Terra Default Icon Terra

This guardian also got a bit weaker with the root nerf. Terra seems to always have the potential to be SPL viable, so we focused on making her kit feel better and leaning into her flexibility. With lower cooldowns she will be able to more easily execute her combos, and Monolith dealing more damage will help her flex into the Solo Lane.

  • Icons Terra A01Force of Nature
  • Decreased Cooldown from 13s to 11s
  • Icons Terra A03Monolith
  • Increased amount of hits it takes to destroy Monolith from 3 to 5
  • Increased Shatter Damage from 70/100/130/160/190 to 90/120/150/180/210

T Thoth Default Icon Thoth

As with the other mages on this list, the meta has not been friendly to Thoth, but he has also lost some potency through the changes that makes roots considered hard CC. A few gods in today’s update will be buffed for similar reasons. We think the reduction of chain CC was a big positive for the game overall, but it did cause a subset of root users to fall in win% slightly. We will be making that up through other buffs to their damage and utility, and will only increase CC durations in rare instances. In this update we are making Thoth’s passive come online a faster, and increasing the early game damage of his Ult to him help make an impact immediately at level 5.

  • Icons Thoth PassiveDead Reckoning
  • Decreased the number of kills per stack from 30 to 20
  • Icons Thoth A04Final Judgement
  • Increased Damage 360/430/500/570/640 from 400/460/520/580/640

New Skin Voice Actors

  • Ishtar: Dalia Ramahi
  • Crow of Torment Hades: Matt Curtis
  • Bun Hatz Hun Batz: Sean Chiplock
  • Fairy Dust Nu Wa: Lauren Mayfield
  • Shadow Dancer Shiva: Edward Bosco
  • Kuku Puffs Kukulkan: Frank Todaro
  • Bad Apple Discordia: Cristina Vee
  • Cthuwu Cthulhu: Daman Mills
  • Searing Seductress Sol: Melissa Medina