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9.9 - Houses at War Bonus | October 4, 2022


New God Skins

New Voice Packs

Bug Fixes

  • Conquest Scorpions
  • Fixed an issue where these did not regen HP once leashed


Item Balance

Starter BluestoneBrooch T2 Starter BluestoneBrooch T2 Bluestone Brooch

In this bonus update we have three changes that are closely tied together. Warriors (and sometimes Guardians) have an especially high damage output. The items contributing to this are all seeing decreases to the bonus damage that their passives can deal out. We wanted to make sure to hit all three of these items, which affect different classes and different phases of the game.

  • Decreased the Bonus Damage Scaling on the Item’s Passive from 7.5% to 6% of the target’s current health.

GladiatorsShield T2 GladiatorsShield T2 Gladiator's Shield

  • Decreased the Bonus Damage Scaling on the Item’s Passive from 35% to 30% of your Protections from items and abilities

ManticoresSpikes T3 ManticoresSpikes T3 Manticore's Spikes

  • Decreased Damage on this item’s Passive from 4%/8% to 3%/6% of the allies/item’s owner max HP

Transcendence T3 Transcendence T3 Transcendence

This item is dominating physical builds and has been for a while now, but we want to be careful about Hunter and Assassin balance overall, so we are opting for a smaller nerf here. This should open up more build options to compete with Transcendence without nerfing those classes too heavily. We plan to introduce some newly buffed items in the next main update to continue to shift builds across all of SMITE’s classes.

  • Decreased Physical Power from 40 to 35

God Balance

T Cabrakan Default Icon Cabrakan

This larger version of Loki is crushing the competition. Showing up in multiple roles and being especially favored by the current items, Cabrakan has risen to perhaps the highest position in the meta he has ever seen. In addition to the Manticore’s Spikes nerf, which will certainly affect him, we are also nerfing two of his damaging abilities to bring him into line with the rest of his class. At this time he just provides too much pressure, and kill security.

  • Icons Cabrakan A02Refraction Shield
  • Decreased Base Damage from 100/155/210/265/320 to 80/135/190/245/300
  • Icons Cabrakan A03Tremors
  • Decrease Base Damage per tick from 22/32/42/52/62 to to 18/28/38/48/58

T KingArthur Default Icon King Arthur

Long live the king. The item changes will certainly be hitting this god too, so we are looking to only a small additional nerf to this top of the line Warrior. Arthur is incredibly evasive, while also outputting nonstop damage, which can overwhelm even the most coordinated of teams. We are decreasing his kill potential by taking down the Max HP based damage on his ultimate. We are also aware of a bug he currently has that causes his basic attack to move erratically. We are working on a fix for that in a future update.

  • Icons KingArthur B A04Excalibur's Wrath
  • Decreased Max HP Damage from 5/6.5/8/9.5/11% to 5/6/7/8/9% on the Landing Hit

T YuHuang Default Icon Yu Huang

The newest Mage is quite the priority pick lately, sporting the highest ban count for a Mage in Ranked, and yet still has quite a high play count. We have seen him be equally highly prioritized in SPL as well. The Jade Emperor’s Ultimate has huge potential for damage, especially with the current itemization, so we are placing our focus there for his damage nerf.

  • Icons YuHuang A04Dueling Dragons
  • Decreased the Magical Power Scaling on the Push Damage from 60% to 50%


  • Tacosura Bakasura: Luis Bermudez
  • Neco Fumes Agni: Timothy Banfield
  • Bioslicer Tsukuyomi: Michael Kovach
  • King of Hearts Zeus: Craig Lee Thomas