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SMITE World Championship
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Tournament Information 

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Hi-Rez Studios

Location: Atlanta, Georgia (USA)
Prize Pool: $2.6+ million (USD)  
Website: Hi-Rez Worlds Page
Start Date: January 9, 2015
End Date: January 11, 2015

The Smite World Championship is a tournament hosted by Hi-Rez Studios and sponsored by Curse Voice being held in Atlanta, Georgia. The venue is Atlanta's Cobb Energy Performing Art Center, where tickets are being sold to view the games live. Every game will also be view-able on the SmiteGame channel. Those attending the event should check out Hi-Rez's FAQ here.


On January 9th, 2015, eight of world's most elite professional Smite teams converge on Atlanta, Georgia to crown the best team on the planet. With over 2.4 million dollars worth of prize money currently being offered (as a result of their Odyssey crowd-sourcing campaign) Hi-Rez Studios is now officially offering the third largest prize pool in history for esports. For three days these teams will duke it out, with the finals culminating in a best-of-five series. The games will be view-able live via the SmiteGame channel. The event is sponsored by Curse Voice, a partnership celebrated by the release of a brand new Curse Voice Apollo skin, available for free to those who download and use Curse Voice.

Prize Pool[]

Place Prize Team
Gold.png 1st $1,306,000 ?????
Silver.png 2nd $522,452 ?????
SF.png 3rd $391,839 ?????
Copper.png 4th $261,226 ?????
5th-8th $32,653 ?????

Place Prize Team
Gold.png 1st $1,306,130 COGnitive Prime
Silver.png 2nd $522,452 Titan
SF.png 3rd $391,839 COGnitive Red
Copper.png 4th $261,226 SK Gaming
5th-8th $32,653 OMG
We Love Bacon
Name Not Found


COGnitive Prime[]

IGN Name Role
Usa.png Andinster Andrew Woodward Jungler; Captain
Usa.png BaRRaCCuDDa John Salter ADC
Usa.png JeffHindla Rosario Villardi Support
Usa.png MLCSt3alth Brett Felley Mid
Usa.png Omega (Omegatron) Ryan Johnson Solo

COGnitive Red[]

IGN Name Role
Ca.png Snoopy Evan Jones ADC; Captain
Ca.png Eonic Sinjin Thorpe Support
Usa.png TheBoosh Nich Lewis Mid
Ca.png Divios Nicklaus Neumeyer Solo
Usa.png DaGarz Peter Gary Jungle


IGN Role
CHN.png Abing Jungle
CHN.png aZhuan Hunter
CHN.png IF Support
CHN.png Seensei Solo
CHN.png Night Mid

Name Not Found[]

IGN Name Role
VENE.jpg Martin Martin Espina Jungle
CHILE.jpg Oxiledeon Ferenc Saavedra Hunter
AR.png Zethsu Martín Fritd Support
VENE.jpg VKTRON Victor Espina Solo
CHILE.jpg NicerChile Sebastian Vargas Mid


Name IGN Role
CHN.png 周宇 NiFeng Jungle
CHN.png 黄胜 Maker Hunter
CHN.png 于晧量 ShiMmer Support
CHN.png 颜斌 FenMi Solo
CHN.png 魏会嵩 Myth丶 Mid

SK Gaming[]

IGN Name Role
EU.jpg Zyrhoes Joakim Verngren Midlane
EU.jpg Realzx Marcus Vining Hunter
EU.jpg CaptainTwig Ben Knight Jungler
EU.jpg maniaKK João Ferreira Solo
EU.jpg Badgah Bo Katzenmaier Guardian


IGN Name Role
EU.jpg Repikas Thomas Skallebaek Jungler
EU.jpg Ataraxia Nate Mark ADC ; Captain
EU.jpg KanyeLife Andreas Christmansson Support
EU.jpg PrettyPriMe Emil Edström Mid
EU.jpg Confrey Kevin Confrey Solo

We Love Bacon[]

Name IGN Role
BR.png Nathan Broca Nann Jungle
BR.png Gianlucca Severo qe3q Hunter
BR.png Carlos Ibarra PIBE Support
BR.png Gabriel Farias OReiTroll Solo
BR.png Ferreira aimlesss Mid


  Round 1 Round 3 Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Finals
  Match 1                                  
  COGnitive Red 1
Match 7
  DID 0
  COGnitive Red 0
Match 2
  SK Gaming 1
  SK Gaming 1
Quarter-Final 1
  We Love Bacon 0
  We Love Bacon 0
Match 3 Semi-Final 1
  Titan 2
  Titan 1   SK Gaming 0
Match 8 Grand-Final
  OMG 0   Titan 2
  Titan 0   Titan 2
Match 4 Semi-Final 2
  COGnitive Prime 1   COGnitive Prime 3
  COGnitive Prime 1   COGnitive Prime 2
Quarter-Final 2
  Name Not Found 0   COGnitive Red 1
  OMG 0
  COGnitive Red 2 Consolation Match
Round 2
  SK Gaming 0
Match 5
  COGnitive Red 2
  DID 0
  We Love Bacon 1
Match 6
  OMG 1
  Name Not Found 0

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