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Season 6 Chest
TreasureRoll Season6.png
Cost: 400 Gems.png
Cost: {{{costfavor}}} Favor.png
Cost: {{{costhonor}}} NewUI Clan Honor.png
Release Date: March 23, 2021

The Season 6 Chest is one of the treasure chests in SMITE.


Each Season 6 chest has a chance of unlocking one of the items displayed or a normal or exclusive skin.


Home Run Heimdallr Labyrinth Keeper Heimdallr Lord Bifrost Heimdallr Dragonguard Horus Seraph Horus Shadow Specter Horus Living Alloy Jormungandr Plushie Jormungandr The Mighty Storm Jormungandr Wise Wizard Merlin Interstellar Olorun Merciless Monarch Olorun Cute Cultivator Persephone Oblivion Ruler Persephone NecRomancer Persephone Oblivion Ruler Persephone Jade Dragon Set Unichrome Set Mastermind Yemoja Toxic Current Yemoja


World Kitty Jormungandr Demon's Bane Merlin

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