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Voice actor: Chris Tergliafera
God's Page: Set
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God Selection[]


  • ▶️ "Do you feel that? The sands stirring chaos and rage. My rage! The age of Set has begun."
  • ▶️ "To stand against me is to stand against the sands itself. Ask the forgotten kingdoms buried beneath the dunes how honor fared them!"


(1) Skewer[]

(2) Spawn of Set[]

(4) Kingslayer[]

Low Health[]

  • ▶️ "They actually hurt me. Killing them is now all the more exciting!"
  • ▶️ "My rage cannot be stopped. Spawns, tear them apart!"


When placing Wards[]

  • ▶️ "I see the path before me!"
  • ▶️ "I know too well that kings must watch their back!"

When buying Consumables[]

When buying Offensive Items[]

When buying Defensive Items[]

  • ▶️ "I embrace this power and wield it as my own!"
  • ▶️ "Don't order me around. You don't want to be on my bad side!"


When in a Killstreak[]

  • ▶️ "My power is unbounded! All hail Set!"
  • ▶️ "So, how did resisting my rule play out for you?"

When killing a Jungle Boss[]

  • ▶️ "Ah, yes! I can feel the power!"
  • ▶️ "Through chaos and strife, the strong survive!"

When destroying a Tower[]



  • ▶️ "What makes me a ruler? My spear running through the hearts of those who dare ask."
  • ▶️ "I am never outnumbered. I can always rely on me, myself and I."
  • ▶️ "The sands of time bend to my whim. Kneel or be crushed beneath inevitability!"
  • ▶️ "There is no fun in taking from a weak enemy!"
  • ▶️ "Keep your eyes on me! No need to worry for the spear at your back!"

Directed Taunts[]

  • ▶️ "Son, if you hadn't protected Osiris this silly struggle would not exist! In the coming storm, the lives lost are on your head!" (Anubis)
  • ▶️ "Father, your time as king is long past. Why don't you roll yourself somewhere else and leave this to a proper king!" (Geb)
  • ▶️ "Let's see if you'll put up more of a fight than Osiris!" (Horus)
  • ▶️ "You may rule over your mortal kingdom, but stay out of divine matters! It's for your own good." (King Arthur)
  • ▶️ "I can see that chaos has molded you. Your strength comes from that struggle!" (Thanatos)
  • ▶️ "Hello, arbiter. Your services will soon not be needed. When Horus is dead, there won't be a time for much discussion!" (Thoth)


  • ▶️ "My first decree will be to outlaw salads. Why? I don't have to explain myself!"
  • ▶️ "I don't like change. You could say I am set in my ways!"
  • ▶️ "I may look like a donkey, but at least I am not an ass!"


Special Interaction with Horus[]

  • ▶️ "Horus: You could've been a friend to our kingdom, Set!"
  • ▶️ "Set: I don't befriend the weak. Your father couldn't even defend himself. How could he defend his kingdom?"
  • ▶️ "Horus: No king can rule through might alone!"
  • ▶️ "Set: That was true. Until I arrived!"

  • ▶️ "Set: Your father was too soft for the throne and you, you bear the same weakness!"
  • ▶️ "Horus: His only weakness was trusting in family. Trusting that they would put the kingdom before themselves!"
  • ▶️ "Set: You think I am the only selfish member of our family? You are somehow weaker than Osiris!"
  • ▶️ "Horus: Remember how weak I am when you are forced to call me king!"

  • ▶️ "Set: Horus, my king! A word of advice."
  • ▶️ "Horus: Silence! Your words are like poison!"
  • ▶️ "Set: Oh, don't be like that. I was just offering caution. Beware of your council. My spawns can make very convincing copies of your friends!"
  • ▶️ "Horus: To sink to sowing doubt in my mind rather than actually fighting. Who is showing a lack of strength now?!"


VGS Outcome
A Attack
B Enemy
C Careful
D Defend
E Emote
G Gank
H Help
I Incoming
Q Ward
R Retreat
S Self
T Returned
V Other

VA - Attack[]

VGS Outcome
T Tower
1 "Attack left lane!" ▶️
2 "Attack middle lane!" ▶️
3 "Attack right lane!" ▶️
A "Attack!" ▶️
F "Attack Fire Giant!" ▶️
G "Attack the Gold Fury!" ▶️
M "Attack the Titan!" ▶️
M "Attack the Minions!" (Arena Only) ▶️

VAT - Tower[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Attack the left tower!"
"Attack the left phoenix!"
2 "Attack the middle tower!"
"Attack the middle phoenix!"
3 "Attack the right tower!"
"Attack the right phoenix!"

VB - Enemy[]

VGS Outcome
J Jungle
1 "Enemies in the left lane!" ▶️
2 "Enemies in the middle lane!" ▶️
3 "Enemies in the right lane!" ▶️
A "Enemy ultimate incoming!" ▶️
B "Enemies have returned to base." ▶️
D "Enemy ultimate down!" ▶️
E "Enemies behind us!" ▶️
F "Enemies at the Fire Giant!" ▶️
G "Enemies at the Gold Fury!" ▶️
M "Enemies at the Titan!" ▶️
S "Enemy spotted!" ▶️

VBJ - Jungle[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Enemies in the left jungle!" ▶️
2 "Enemies in the right jungle!" ▶️
J "Enemies in the jungle!" ▶️

VC - Careful[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Be careful left!" ▶️
2 "Be careful middle!" ▶️
3 "Be careful right!" ▶️
B "Return to base!" ▶️
C "Be careful!" ▶️
J "Be careful in the jungle!" ▶️

VD - Defend[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Defend left lane!" ▶️
2 "Defend middle lane!" ▶️
3 "Defend right lane!" ▶️
D "Defend!" ▶️
F "Defend the Fire Giant!" ▶️
G "Defend the Gold Fury!" ▶️
M "Defend the Titan!" ▶️
M "Defend the Portal!" (Arena Only) ▶️

VE - Emote[]

VGS Outcome
A "Amazing!" ▶️
G "I am king!" ▶️
J Jokes
L Laughs
R "You are adequate!" ▶️
T Taunts
W "Hahahaha, yes!" ▶️

VF - MIA[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Enemy missing left!" ▶️
2 "Enemy missing middle!" ▶️
3 "Enemy missing right!" ▶️
F "Enemy missing!" ▶️

VG - Gank[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Gank left lane!" ▶️
2 "Gank middle lane!" ▶️
3 "Gank right lane!" ▶️
G "Gank!" ▶️

VH - Help[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Help left lane!" ▶️
2 "Help middle lane!" ▶️
3 "Help right lane!" ▶️
H "Help!" ▶️
S "Need Healing!" ▶️

VI - Incoming[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Enemies incoming left!" ▶️
2 "Enemies incoming middle!" ▶️
3 "Enemies incoming right!" ▶️
I "Enemies incoming!" ▶️

VQ - Ward[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Ward Left!" ▶️
2 "Ward middle!" ▶️
3 "Ward Right!" ▶️
F "Ward the Fire Giant!" ▶️
G "Ward the Gold Fury!" ▶️
N "We need Wards!" ▶️
Q "Ward Here!" ▶️

VR - Retreat[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Retreat left lane!" ▶️
2 "Retreat middle lane!" ▶️
3 "Retreat right lane!" ▶️
J "Retreat from the Jungle!" ▶️
R "Retreat!" ▶️
S "Save yourself!" ▶️

VS - Self[]

VGS Outcome
A Attack
B Buff
D Defend
Q Ward
G Gank
T Returned
O "I'm on it!" ▶️
R "Falling back!" ▶️
S "I'm building Stacks!" ▶️

VSA - Attack[]

VGS Outcome
1 "I'll Attack left lane!" ▶️
2 "I'll Attack middle lane!" ▶️
3 "I'll Attack right lane!" ▶️
A "I'll Attack!" ▶️
F "I'll Attack the Fire Giant!" ▶️
G "I'll Attack the Gold Fury!" ▶️
M "I'll Attack the Titan!" ▶️

VSB - Buff[]

VGS Outcome
B "I'm going for jungle buff!" ▶️
N "I need the jungle buff." ▶️
T "Take this jungle buff." ▶️

VSD - Defend[]

VGS Outcome
1 "I'll defend left lane!" ▶️
2 "I'll defend middle lane!" ▶️
3 "I'll defend right lane!" ▶️
D "I'll defend!" ▶️
F "I'll defend the Fire Giant!" ▶️
G "I'll defend the Gold Fury!" ▶️
M "I'll defend the Titan!" ▶️

VSG - Gank[]

VGS Outcome
1 "I'll gank left lane!" ▶️
2 "I'll gank middle lane!" ▶️
3 "I'll gank right lane!" ▶️
G "I'll gank!" ▶️

VSQ - Ward[]

VGS Outcome
1 "I will ward left!" ▶️
2 "I will ward middle!" ▶️
3 "I will ward right!" ▶️
Q "I will ward!" ▶️

VST - Returned[]

VGS Outcome
1 "I'm returning left lane!" ▶️
2 "I'm returning middle lane!" ▶️
3 "I'm returning right lane!" ▶️
B "I'm returning to base!" ▶️
T "I have returned!" ▶️

VT - Returned[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Enemies have returned left!" ▶️
2 "Enemies have returned middle!" ▶️
3 "Enemies have returned right!" ▶️
T "Enemies have returned!" ▶️

VV - Other[]

VGS Outcome
G General
V Position
A "Ok!" ▶️
B "Be right back!" ▶️
C "Completed!" ▶️
K "Stepping away for a moment." ▶️
M "Out of mana!" ▶️
N "No!" ▶️
P "Please?" ▶️
S "Apologies." ▶️
T "Thanks!" ▶️
W "Wait!" ▶️
X "Cancel that!" ▶️
Y "Yes!" ▶️

VVG - General[]

VGS Outcome
B "Goodbye!" ▶️
F "Watch your back!" ▶️
G "Well fought!" ▶️
H "Hello!" ▶️
L "Good luck!" ▶️
N "Nice." ▶️
O "Woops!" ▶️
Q "Silence!" ▶️
R "Not a problem, yet." ▶️
S "Curses!" ▶️
T "Unfortunate!" ▶️
W "You're welcome!" ▶️

VVV - Position[]

VGS Outcome
A "Set up an ambush here!" ▶️
B "Behind us!" ▶️
C "Chase the enemy!" ▶️
D "Ultimate is down!" ▶️
E "On my way!" ▶️
F "Follow me!" ▶️
G "Group up!" ▶️
J "Going into the jungle!" ▶️
P "Split push!" ▶️
R "Ultimate is ready!" ▶️
S "Stay here!" ▶️
T "It's a trap!" ▶️
W "Place a Ward for teleport!" ▶️
X "Spread Out!" ▶️