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Shmexy Chest
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Cost: 400 Gems.png
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Release Date: November 2, 2021

The Shmexy Chest is one of the treasure chests in SMITE.


Each Shmexy Chest has a chance of unlocking a skin or an exclusive skin. Chests never unlock duplicate items. Unlocking an item from this chest unlocks the same item in another chest.


Candy Shop Achilles Senpai Slayer Serqet Playful Bunny Nu Wa Deadly Desire Da Ji Midnight Glamour Neith Dashing Deceiver Loki Elegant Nemesis Hunkules Hercules Midnight Raven Eset Pink Lotus Pele Dragon Priestess Nox Riptide Poseidon SPF 666 The Morrigan Spell Slinger Sol Temptress Aphrodite Vigilante Susano Hello Shmexy Bundle

  • Hello Shmexy Bundle:
Oh Baby! Global Emote "Oh Baby!" Global Emote
Sweetness Fountain Skin "Sweetness" Fountain Skin


Final Boss Thanatos Moon's Groom Hou Yi Pop Punk Hel