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Silver Breastplate
SilverBreastplate T2.png
Item Type: Defensive, Utility
Item Tier: Tier 2
Item Tier:
Cost: 450
Total Cost: 1050
Stats: +35 Physical Protection
+200 Mana
+10 MP5
Active Effect:
Passive Effect:
Active Cooldown:
Passive Cooldown:

Silver Breastplate is one of the Items in SMITE.


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Glyphs
Breastplate T1.png Breastplate SilverBreastplate T2.png Silver Breastplate BreastPlateofValor T3.png Breastplate of Valor BreastplateofDetermination.png Breastplate of Determination
BreastplateofVigilance.png Breastplate of Vigilance
HideoftheNemeanLion T3.png Hide of the Nemean Lion
SpectralArmor T3.png Spectral Armor
Contagion T3.png Contagion